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ProMag’s facility in Phoenix


ProMag Industries Leaves California

ProMag Industries, one of the world’s largest producers of firearm magazines and gun accessories, joins a host of other firearms-related companies leaving states which recently passed more restrictive, 2nd Amendment-infringing laws.

Picture shows the Luth-AR MBA fixed AR-15 stock with adjustable length of pull.

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Seven New Products You Need to Know About

Have you been eagerly awaiting new AR-15 products, rifle and accessories? How about polymer magazines for your Mosin Nagant or the very cool Brunton hydrogen reactor that needs absolutely no outside source to generate energy? We have seven new and exciting products to tell you about. I’m sure after reading you will find at least one you can’t live with out.

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Four Under $40

Aftermarket options for the AR-15 and its variants are legion. I don’t think it’s possible for a single human being to scratch the surface of all the available handguards, optics, mounts, suppressors, and other geegaws out there, some of which can be quite spendy. However, I’ve recently bought a handful of inexpensive items for my AR that have delivered a lot of bang for the buck. Some have been mentioned in previous posts, but they’re worth a few more words to explain why you might consider them for your own rifle. Also, please comment below and tell everyone what inexpensive AR items you have that deliver a lot of utility for not a lot of money.