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Male shooter on stairs with AR-15 and LaserLyte


LaserLyte and AR Training

Add a LaserLyte to your AR-15 and you have the perfect combination for practice and accurate shooting: it reduces costs and increases safety. A definite win-win. Check out the details in this article.

Kel-Tec CMR-30 with scope by Oleg Volk


Kel-Tec CMR-30 Field Report

Overall, CMR-30 is a lightweight, nearly recoilless carbine with a large magazine, excellent accuracy and good reliability. It was well liked by everyone who shot it and everyone who handled it plans to buy one or two. And Kel-Tec seems to be on track to producing enough of them to make a difference in the market.


At the Range with the Curious AR-57

What does the AR-57 have going for it? Quite a lot. With the top-mounted magazine, it ejects spent rounds down through the magwell allowing left- and right-handed shooters to shoot it comfortably. The muzzle rise and recoil are non-existent, the muzzle blast is mild and relatively small and light. You can use 5.7/.22 Mag-rated sound suppressors instead of the larger 5.56 cans. For firing prone or benched, the top-mounted magazine is also more comfortable than even the shortest box magazine protruding from below. Read to learn if this niche rifle is for you.