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Bob Campbell cycling the bolt of the Ruger American rifle


Top 10 Rifle Posts of 2017

AR-15s still rule the range when it comes down to a pure numbers race, but that does not mean AKs, bolt guns, and lever actions do not have a place in our collective primer popping heart. Here is a recap of the top 10 rifle related posts on The Shooter’s Log for 2017.

Core Rifle Systems Core 15 AR-15 M4 Scout


Range Report: Core 15 M4 Scout

As an all-around, go-anywhere, do-anything rifle, the Core 15 carbine is a top contender. Accurate and reliable, the rifle is also an affordable AR-15. Does affordable equal accurate? The author puts the Core 15 through its paces and comes up with some surprising conclusions.

Picture shows a man holding an AR-15 rifle, leaning against a Corvette.


I Don’t Need an AR or a Corvette

There are many—even within the shooting community—who seem to turn up their noses at the black rifle. The author does not, and he is as traditional as they come. The AR-15 has done more to energize the shooting community with sales of ammunition, magazines and accessories than any other firearm. The fun quotient is high, and the bottom line is they are great rifles. Read this post to find out why the AR-15 is an essential piece of gear to fight for the right to buy and use.

Dave Dolbee shooting the ARX-100


SHOT 2014 — Beretta ARX-100 Sporting Rifle

The ARX-100 is piston driven, rather than direct impingement for long lasting durability and low maintenance in harsh environments. At the 2014 SHOT Show Media Day, I got the opportunity to fire a few rounds through Beretta’s ARX-100, the civilian version of the ARX-160 rifle developed for the US market.

MSR shot by youngster from a bench

Competitive Shooting

At the Range: A Non-Tactical Guy Goes Tactical, Part 4

I introduced my kids to a tactical gun, and they found it so much fun they beg to shoot it every time we go to my gun club. Finally, I was introduced to and became excited about competing in a different type of competition—3-gun—that was entirely beyond the scope of my experience, practice and passions. If you had told me that I would move into the “tactical side” of shooting as little as three or four years ago, I would have responded with a polite, but firm “not interested.” Today, I say “Come on over, you need to experience what you are missing!”

Rapid Light System on SR-556


At the Range: A Non-Tactical Guy Goes Tactical, Part 3

Today’s modern tactical lights are simply amazing. This light is approximately 3 inches long, is meant to be taken on and off your chosen weapon quickly and easily, yet clearly illuminates a predator-sized target at 100 yards. Therefore, it doubles as a super predator-illuminator! This also means an intruder or suspect across the average-sized home or room is most likely going to be dazzled blind.

The question then bears asking, “Why not use it for home defense on your AR?”

Daniel Defense M4 Extended Trigger Guard


The Daniel Defense Rifle—Good Enough and Then Some

Today there are many opportunities to own a great rifle. There are even high dollar celebrity branded rifles that allow you to pay a premium to get the other guy’s name on your gun. No kidding. And then there are the basic claptrap rifles that work most of the time and are OK for plinking. They are a little loose and tie up on occasion, but hey, we are only shooting rats at the dump, right?