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Beretta A3 with ammunition box pistol case


Review: Is the Beretta A3 Ready to Be the Military’s Next Sidearm?

The military is making noises concerning a new sidearm. There is some controversy. Handguns, for whatever reason, seem to come with more emotional attachment and a sense of history than the rifle. I believe that as a close quarters combat pistol the Beretta 92 is lacking the most important attribute a sidearm should have and that is wound potential. In actuality, the Beretta A3 isn’t a new pistol but a modified Beretta M9/M92. Did it pass the author’s range test? Read the full details here.


Transparent AR-15 Lower? Spinel Might Make It Possible

A special ceramic called spinel {spin-ELL} that the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) has been researching over the last 10 years could be used to make a variety of cool things — such as a transparent lower for AR-15s or other gun parts like pistol frames.

Consumer Information

12 Ammo Cans on the 12th day of Christmas for 12 Lucky Folks

Shooters and preppers know how invaluable the simple military ammo can is. Used for so much more than just storing ammo, Army ammo cans are converted into Faraday cages, burial caches, used in your garage as storage for tools and tire chains, as well as hundreds of other uses. For $13 a piece, order this 12-pack of unissued .50 caliber ammo cans from Cheaper Than Dirt!

Picture shows a worn pair of military surplus ski goggles.


Military Surplus Spotlight: “The Ski Troopers” WWII Ski Goggles

Though you know heroes and freedom fighters of yesteryear used much of the military surplus items you acquire, it is rare to come across a piece with such a specific history. Buried deep in a Swiss bunker, we found original WWII, U.S. Mountain Troop ski goggles manufactured by Foster Grant. These well-worn military surplus goggles are a true piece of history. To know that a member of the “greatest generation” fought so hard in such harsh conditions fighting off the Germans, the well-worn goggles are worth every penny.

British Soldier Wearing Osprey MK4 Armor Carrier


The Real Deal: A True British Operator’s Modular Osprey MK4 Body Armor Carrier

Thankfully arriving pre-assembled for “complete fighting order,” the Osprey MK4 body armor vest set is a smoking deal. It includes nine MOLLE pouches, which alone is worth the price of the entire rig. Incredibly well built, these vests are not Chinese imports made for those who play airsoft. They are the real deal and easily worth $300. However, Cheaper Than Dirt sells the whole unit for less than $100. Read why this is one heck of a deal for this true operator’s armor carrier.

Picture shows a military surplus gas mask with elongated mouth piece with a filter attached.


How to Buy, Collect and Repurpose Military Surplus Gear and Equipment

So, you want to start collecting military surplus gear or maybe you have compared prices with modern hunting and camping equipment prices to surplus prices. Whatever your reason, your curiosity has piqued an interest in purchasing military surplus items. Maybe you have questions and concerns about quality and condition—totally understandable. It can be difficult to judge via a picture online and information can be equally as difficult to find. There are a limited number of resources when you attempt to research a particular piece—especially when it comes to foreign military surplus. Not sure where to start? I hope this quick-start guide will be a good starting point to start your collection.

Around the bottom of the tent are large grommets, some with thick rope knots.


How to Put Up a U.S. Military Surplus Pup Tent (MGR-812)

For a review I wrote on repurposing military-surplus gear for camping, I set up’s U.S. military pup tent—product MGR-812—for a photo shoot. The product does not come with instructions, so I asked our resident surplus expert how to assemble it. With the help of my trusty photographer, it only took us about 15 minutes to set up.