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First Look: The DP-12 Double-Barrel Pump Shotgun

The DP-12 incorporates two time-proven systems—the pump shotgun, which we’ve refined since the 1890s, and the single-trigger double-barrel shotgun, which is easily as old. Here’s how a limited test run at the range went.

Michael Bane

Camping & Survival

Michael Bane Builds an Off-Grid House

As we looked out over this amazing property, we both noticed an absence of power lines, telephone poles and the other amenities of the 21st century. “What would you think,” asked my Sweetie, “about building an off-grid house?” Michael Bane shares his experience of building a totally self-sufficient off-grid home.

Mike Seeklander


Cheaper Than Dirt! Signs Industry Leading Writers

Cheaper Than Dirt! has upped its commitment to providing premium content to its audience by adding a host of respected and well-known outdoor writers and shooters as well as industry-leading manufacturers and legal services.