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Colt 1991A1 pistol left profile with Celtic cross grip


Review: Colt 1991A1 — The Modern Colt

A couple of decades ago, Colt needed a price beater. The company was losing market share to Springfield’s GI and Mil Spec pistols, not to mention the imports. Initially, the 1991A1 featured cheap plastic grips and a matte finish. However, the grips did not support the plunger tube and were soon replaced by superior rubber stocks. Today’s 1991A1 pistols feature a blue finish, nice wooden grips, and all of the features of a top-performing modern 1911.

1911 pistol with 3 boxes of ammunition and two empty magazines


The Rock Island 1911 and a History of the .38 Super Cartridge

The .38 Super is dimensionally identical to the .38 ACP of 1900. The .38 ACP fired a 130-grain bullet at 1,100 fps. The .38 Super was a sensation, noted for its high velocity of 1300 fps and nine fast shots. Colt upped the power of the cartridge but used the same length cartridge case and chambered the .38 Super in the 1911 when it dropped production of the .38 ACP pistols. At the time, you had to know not to fire a .38 Super in older Colt 1903 pistols.


Cheaper Than Dirt! at the Range: Tristar Arms S-120 9mm

In this economy, shooters are looking for a reliable, affordable pistol. One such item might be the $439 Canik 55 S-120, a full-size 9mm CZ-75 clone with a 4.7-inch barrel, a 17-round capacity, and a dry weight of 2.26 pounds. Made in Turkey, the S-120 line is imported by TriStar Sporting Arms, long recognized for its quality shotguns at value prices. Cheaper Than Dirt! recently had a chance to shoot a loaner S-120 the company provided on a test-and-evaluation basis.

Taurus 8-Round Magazine


1911 Magazines

Picking the right magazine for your 1911 improves your shot. Read this post to find out the best ones on the market.