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Saturn M4 feed ramp for AR-15 rifle


Figuring Out Feed Ramps

Given that most of us don’t always have perfect access to truly “genuine” mil-spec, mil-standard parts (those actually used in issued fighting tools), we’re shopping based on a little part trust and a bigger part knowledge. The trust part is accepting claims of “USGI-spec” parts actually being done to not only blueprint dimensions, but also made from the correct materials treated to the same processes. That’s receivers, bolts, and on down the list of the 100 or so parts that can make up an AR-15.

ar-15 chambers


Throwback Thursday: AR-15 .223 vs Mil-Spec 5.56mm Chambers

Get the right chamber for your AR15 to be successful Even though many manufacturers and specifications say you can use the SAAMI .223 and Mil-Spec 5.56 mm in the same barrel, there are some pros and considers to consider before you plunk down that hard earned cash. Read this article to learn the pros & cons of the SAAMI .223 and Mil-Spec 5.56mm.

Colt_LE6920MP AR-15 rifle with brown Magpul furniture


SHOT 2014 — Colt’s LE6920MP-B — Your Next Must Have AR-15!

The LE6920MP-B shares many of the same features of its combat proven brother. In fact, the heart of this new carbine is its 16.1” chrome lined barrel. Thanks to Colt’s decision to design and build the LE6920MP-B’s barrel with a 1 in 7” twist, your ammo choices will be virtually unlimited, but that’s not the big news.

Picture shows the left side of a black, AR-15 rifle with a Christmas gift tag attached.


On The Second Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me—an AR-15

One of the hottest names in the black rifle business may be one you haven’t heard yet. Windham Weaponry, started by previous Bushmaster’s previous owner, Richard Dyke has gathered an experienced group of ex-Bushmaster employees to continue to build and improve the AR-15 platform. If someone on your list or even for yourself, Windham Weaponry’s MPC (Military Preferred Carbine) M4 rifle does not cut any corners on quality. The Windham looks exactly like a standard AR, but you will be hard-pressed to find other rifles under $1,000 with so many features.

Pictures shows a black AR-15 rifle made by Windham Weaponry


Attention to Detail and Meticulous Craftsmanship: Windham Weaponry MPC M4

Windham Weaponry’s attention to detail and the care that goes into each rifle pays off at the range in accuracy and dependability. It also pays off in the pocketbook because it does not come with a hefty price tag like other manufacturer’s offerings. Externally, there are no surprises on the MPC (Military Preferred Carbine) M4 rifle—it looks like it should and all controls are traditionally placed. Underneath the MPC’s hood—if you will—is where the rifle’s quality really shines. For example, you will not find other companies producing rifles under $1,000 that use stronger parts, such as the pressure-tested bolt and 4150 chrome-lined, chrome moly vanadium steel barrel on the Windham Weaponry MPC M4.