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Best Slugs for Deer Hunting

For many, a shotgun was the weapon we used for our first big game hunting experience. Hunters today have everything from A-Z to pick from to use to hunt with. Archery, rifle, handgun, shotguns or even zombie type guns can be used in many areas around the country. Despite the trend towards using fancy tricked-out tactical guns or lean, mean high-powered rifles, or even souped-up elite compound bows, a good shotgun outfitted with a slug barrel is still a very popular weapon of choice. Here are a few shotgun slug choices worth considering.

two Lightfield Home defense rounds


Lightfield’s Rubber Ball Loads

Don’t scoff too quickly at adding a less-than-lethal shotgun round to your arsenal. It may give piece of mind when taking that first shot. It may also be the perfect solution to ward off scavengers when defending your preps in a shorter-term emergency. Bob Campbell makes a case for rubber ball shotgun ammunition you can’t afford to miss.