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AK-47 Rated E for Everyone


Elena Kalashnikova “Bewildered” By American-Made AKs

RWC Group, exclusive distributors of Kalashnikov AK-47s and Izmash and Saiga rifles and shotguns made waves at SHOT 2015 after announcing the opening of Kalashnikov USA in order to make AK-47 rifles in the United States. When asked about the news, Mikhail Kalashnikov’s daughter, Elena said she was “bewildered.” Read an update on RWC’s new company Kalashnikov USA and when we will start to expect production on 100 percent made-in-the-USA AKs in this news story.

AK-47 with camo finish, barrel pointed to the right, lying on a log.


Obama Signs Executive Order Banning AK-47s

President Obama quietly signed an executive order targeting Russian oil, natural gas, finance and defense companies. Hidden in the details, is a section effectively banning AK-47s. As always, the devil is in the details, so read on for the straight scoop.

Poly Technologies Legend Series AK-47/S


Top 10 AK Posts

If you are into AKs, so are we. Here are the most-read AK-themed articles in the Shooter’s Log, including “AK-47 Receiver Identification: Milled vs. Stamped,” “AK-12: Russia Unveils Newest Incarnation of the Kalashnikov Assault Rifle,” and “10 Stock, Grip and Handguard Upgrades for Your AK.”