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jewerly case repurposed as gun storage

Safety and Training

Hiding Guns in Plain Sight

Daniel McNamara and his wife returned to their Detroit home last month around 6 p.m. As the McNamara’s entered their home, two men approached them from behind and ordered them inside the home at gunpoint. The suspects told the McNamara’s to turn around so they wouldn’t remember their faces while they stole jewelry, cash, cell phones, and other valuables.

Picture shows a row of SWAT team holding riot shields standing in front of a fire

Camping & Survival

The First 5 Things To Do After a Crisis

In the majority of crisis situations, no matter what the crisis is, you want to do the exact opposite of the mob of people. In other words, instead of running to the bank or the ATM machine, you want to check in with your family and make sure they’re safe. Check out these and other tips for surviving a crisis.

Forest green Coleman PerfectFlow 1-Burner Stove.

Camping & Survival

Winter Survival Prep

As folks in Buffalo are finding out, Farmer’s Almanac has forecast that this going to be an especially cold winter. Are you ready? Check out this article to make sure you have essentials on hand to get you through a tough winter.

Safety and Training

What I Carry When I Fly

When I fly, I try to stay protected, as always, but I’m obviously limited in what I can bring. The thing is, most people don’t realize there are still a lot of self-defense items you can legally carry onto a plane.

Concealed Carry

Lessons from The Farm: Choosing a Carry Holster

In Chapter 9 of The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry, former CIA officer Jason R. Hanson covers various holsters and carry solutions and offers advice on what he prefers and why. Chapter 9 is reprinted below, with permission. — Cheaper Than Dirt! Chronicle staff