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Bob Campbell cycling the bolt of the Ruger American rifle


Range Report: Ruger American — Ruger’s Go Anywhere Do Anything Rifle

Ruger’s recently released 7.62x39mm American is a smart choice. The 7.62x39mm cartridge is the most popular and well distributed, mid-range caliber in the world. Ammunition is plentiful and inexpensive. Modern loadings, such as the Hornady SST, offer good game taking ability. Handloads put the 7.62x39mm right at .30-30 WCF power. In short, the new Ruger American should prove to be a capable, go anywhere, do anything rifle.

Remington 783 rifle with Meopta scope right profile


Range Report: Model 783 — Remington’s Budget Tackdriver

There has been a revolution in rifle making. Modern CNC machinery and technology allows the maker to build an inexpensive rifle that shoots well, is durable, and offers excellent strength. Among the most affordable rifles is the middle of the road Remington 783. This rifle is between the price leaders and the more expensive Remington 700 and offers performance that just may make it the best rifle deal on the market.

Savage bolt-action rifle with synthetic stock finished in gator camo


Savage Introduces Landry Signature Series Rifles

Reality TV stars from History Channel’s Swamp People, Troy, Jacob and Chase Landry will be at Savage’s booth No. 1524 at the NRA Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee to sign autographs and introduce the company’s newest rifles, the Landry Signature Series rimfire bolt-action rifles in gator camo.

Picture shows a Ruger American bolt-action rifle with a moss green synthetic stock.


Throwback Thursday—Entry Level Bolt Action Rifles

If you are a beginner hunter or even very experienced, no longer must you pay top dollar for an accurate and reliable bolt-action hunting rifle. There are many affordable bolt-action rifles selling for less than $500 to choose from. From the new Ruger American Rifle to old stand-bys like Marlin, The Shooter’s Log provides a list of the best-performing, best-valued entry-level bolt-action rifles that our experts have tested and approved.

Picture shows a all-black AK-47 rifle.

Gear, Parts and Accessories

7 New Products for Gun Lovers

Hunting season has officially started! Have you geared up yet? This week’s new product spotlight from Cheaper Than Dirt not only includes the SIG Sauer P227 TACOPS and Magpul’s newest AR-15 accessories, but also everything hunters need to be successful in the field. Check out these seven new must-have products for hunters and gun lovers.

Picture shows a bullpup design pump action shotgun in Next G1 camo.


From Range Toys to Long Range: Five Cool New Firearms

From range toys to long range, these five new firearms are undoubtedly cool—no matter your reasoning for purchasing. Daniel Defense’s DDM4v11 is an affordable AR-15, but in no way made just for entry level. Cheaper Than Dirt carries the only AR-15 platform rifle chambered for .30-06 made by Noreen Firearms. JRC makes bugging out by the sea almost fun, Smith & Wesson’s M&P 22 Compact is made right here in America and for bullpup fans who won’t wait for the Kel-Tec KSG, we have the perfect alternative—the UTAS-USA Hunting pump action shotgun in Next G1 camo.