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HK VP9 pistol left side


Pistols — The Magnificent 7 (For Beginners and Beyond)

Most shooters are introduced to shooting on .22 LR pistols for good reason. They have a low recoil and offer an easy initial introduction. But what about a “first gun” for new shooters? There will be plenty of dissension and additions to the list, but here are 7 pistols perfect for any new or experienced shooter.

Heckler & Koch Competition Model AR-15 black rifle


H&K Introduces New Competition AR-15 for 2015

Built for competition and 3 gunners, Heckler & Koch’s latest foray into the competition world, the HK MR556A1 features a HK/OSS compensator, 30-round polymer magazine, keyhole attachment, two-stage MR556A1 trigger, 14-inch MRS (Modular Rail System), MAGPUL CTR buttstock, and ambidextrous safety/selector lever.