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President Trump with Judge Kavanaugh and family during his Supreme Court nomination


Kavanaugh: Protecting the Second Amendment for the Next Generation

While having another Supreme Court justice with a record of upholding the original intent of the Second Amendment would be a win for gun owners, Judge Kavanaugh is far from being confirmed. Several forces, within the media, political circles, special interest groups, and grass roots efforts are rising up to oppose Kavanaugh. If you are a supporter of the Second Amendment, this is an opportunity to make your voice heard and ensure the confirmation of a new justice that protect the Second Amendment for the next generation.

Gun owners of America red and blue logo with patriot


The Most Anti-Gun, Anti-Veteran Presidential Candidate in History

With the upcoming election, the Second Amendment certainly is in peril. Many have stated that the Second Amendment will never be abolished. While true, that statement is very short sighted. While the antis may never abolish the Second Amendment, they may gut it to a point that it is unrecognizable. Anyone who doubts this need look no further than quarter-million veterans who have already had their rights stripped.


GOA Executive Director Takes on Background Checks—A Must Read

During an interview with Breitbart News, the subject of background checks for gun purchases came up. Gun Owners of America’s Executive Director Larry Pratt was not shy in his answer: “During the last year of record, although the government has done millions upon millions of background checks, they [only] brought 14 prosecutions to court for trial–hardly a crime-fighting tool.” Read more of his interview here.

Outside the United Nations Headquarters in New York.


GOA: Obama Wants More U.N.-Linked Gun Control

Gun Owners of America is warning gun owners: “Imagine dictators around the world—who can control the UN blue helmets (aka, the UN military force)—having your name on record as a gun owner. It’s preposterous! And this is why the senate must kill this toxic agreement.” Read about the U.N. Small Arms Conference and U.N. Small Arms Treaty in this post and how you can stop it.