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Loaded for Bear

We have probably all heard the phrase “loaded for bear” but what does that actually mean? It can mean many different things depending upon the situation you may find yourself in. However, if you are an outdoorsman or woman then this phrase probably means exactly what it indicates—and you are indeed “loaded for bear” with suitable gear to protect yourself in case you are suddenly forced into a face-off with a bear.

Federal Premium Trophy Bonded ammo


Semiauto Salvation: Federal 10mm Auto

The Federal Semiauto Salvation 10mm Auto shakes things up for handgun hunters. It regains traction after it being dismissed by the federal agencies for the recoil being too heavy. Discover why Federal’s entry is such a powerful game-changer in this post.

pile of handgun ammunition


Choosing a Handgun Caliber

Although everyone has an opinion as to the “best” caliber, it really depends on your specific needs and abilities. Check out this post for how to pick.