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Picture shows an OD green military surplus German M65 gas mask with filter.


The 5 Best Military Surplus Items Under $20

Summer is the perfect time to browse through our newest military surplus gear—especially if you are looking for durable, high quality and cheap camping gear. We have been adding a ton more military surplus items to the Cheaper Than Dirt website and more are on the way. In the following post, I highlight five of our newest, in-stock military surplus gear for under $20.

Picture shows a green rubber gas mask with filter and OD green canvas carrying bag.


Yugoslavian JNA Gas Mask: MIL-1206

The Yugoslavian JNA gas masks date from the 1970s to the 1980s, with no choice of year. The one I received was dated 1978. They are exact copies of the extremely popular U.S. M9A1 gas mask. It is one of the most copied designs in the world and is one of the only proven-in-battle gas masks to work against nerve agents and mustard gas. The Yugoslavian gas mask Cheaper Than Dirt! sells is the model M-1. It comes with the gas mask, canvas bag, instruction book (not in English) and one 60mm-threaded filter. Each gas is new and unissued, heat-sealed in a plastic bag. The filter also comes in a separate, sealed plastic bag.