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Black, partially-serrated blade folding knife with assisted opening

Blades and Knives

UZI Responder I Partially Serrated Folding Knife

Spring-assisted opening, nylon cord lanyard, lightweight and a partially serrated blade are all appealing features on an EDC knife. Even more appealing is a less than $20 price tag. Cheaper Than Dirt! dropped prices on UZI folding knives and I couldn’t resist taking it to task. Read my review to find out if the UZI Responder I knife is worth shelling out a few bucks.

Black fixed blade knife with Tanto plain-edged blade

Blades and Knives

New Pocket Knives and Fixed Blades

The gear we choose for our everyday carry is just as important and varied as the guns we chose for self-defense. Be it a small, folding tradition pocketknife you inherited to a fixed blade partially serrated boot knife made for thrusting, a knife is usually carried every day. Not only for backup self-defense, but a knife can also save our life. If you like edged weapons, survival tool and tactical knives, check out these six new blades at on The Shooter’s Log.