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FN semiautomatic SAW rifle behind a glass case at the NRA Meetings & Exhibits


FN-USA Announces Civilian SAW at NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits

The news broke the night before the 144th NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits held in Nashville—FN is releasing a semiautomatic model of the iconic belt-fed SAW rifle. Displayed behind a glass case at the FNH booth—there it was, in all its glory. You might not be able to find a reason for owning one, but that doesn’t make it any less cool. Check out the FN M249S here.

Black Noveske-built Gen III AR-15 rifle with many upgrades


The Best AR-15s for All Budgets

Many readers and customers ask us “what is the best AR-15?” Ask 5, 10, 20 people and you will get that many different answers. There really are no true criteria for defining what “the best” truly means. However, here at Cheaper Than Dirt! we are shooters and we are shooters who shoot a lot and love the AR-15. In this article, I highlight what we think are some of the best AR-15s on the market for all budgets.

Holographic sight used by a cross-eye dominant shooter.


Top 10 Gun Posts

This is our top 10 articles—shotguns, rifles and pistols—in which we’ve reviewed a specific firearm model that you want to know more about.


Top 10 Single-Gun Posts (April 27, 2013)

Here are the top-10 articles in which we’ve reviewed a single firearm make and model (and associated variations, where applicable) that the Chronicle community obviously wanted to know more about. Some of the choices surprised us:

Competitive Shooting

All-Time Top 10 Pistol Posts for March 30, 2013

Pistol articles are a hands-down favorite of readers who visit The Shooter’s Log. It’s easy to see that shooters want to know more about handguns of all types and sizes — carry guns, competitive models, high-cost pieces, budget items — it doesn’t really matter. Here our Top-Ten most-read items about sidearms.


ISSC MK22 — The Tac-ti-Cool .22

I’m not exactly sure when video games such as MW3 (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare® 3) replaced a Red Ryder under the tree on Christmas morning, but if you want to trigger the shooting spirit of a new shooter, the ISSC MK22 is the ticket.