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A harvest of ducks hanging with a shotgun and camouflage pack

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Waterfowl: Take the Advantage

Have ever put your heart and soul into setting up the perfect duck blind and decoy spread only to find the that the ducks had ‘flown the coop’ just before you started hunting them? Did you make a mistake or was it something more innate to the ducks? Perhaps it is time to switch to rapid-strike special-ops mode.

A hunter blowing a duck call


Live Ducks: The Only Judges That Matter

Practical ways to consistently call ducks are increasingly becoming lost in our modern teachings. As ducks in the wild never perform machine-gun feed chatter or ear-piercing hail calls, it stands to reason that our calling shouldn’t either. To consistently be successful in the field, hunters should first master the basics of calling, and then learn when to further expand their auditory offerings.