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Steel plate target with AR-15 rifle


Range Report: Diamondback DB15 Rifle

Purchasing an AR-15 rifle was far simpler when the only choice was Colt. Later, we had Armalite and a few others. Today, I cannot count the makers. Some are genuine manufacturers and others are small operators putting together rifles from outsourced parts. As long as the parts are high quality, that is fine. There is a lot of talent in the business. Diamondback’s DB15 exemplifies such talent.

Picture shows Diamondback Firearms new DB FS Nine full-sized 9mm polymer pistol.


New Products: Upgrade Your Ruger 10/22 and a Full-Sized 9mm for Under $400

New products are added to Cheaper Than Dirt’s! website everyday. So much so, I know it’s hard to keep track. No longer on a waiting list, CMMG’s cool Mk3 T is finally here, as well as Diamondback’s brand new full-sized 9mm priced less than competing polymer framed guns. STI International has their semi-custom 9mm 1911 for a surprisingly low price and if you need some range gear the SureFire EP5 Sonic Defender earplugs will fit in the extra pockets of the GPS tactical AR-15 rifle case.

Taurus Firearms Logo


Taurus Acquires Diamondback Firearms

Taurus Holdings, announce the finalization of its exclusive global distribution agreement with Diamondback Firearms LLC. As part of the recent relationship, Taurus will assume all sales and marketing efforts of the Diamondback branded products from its Miami, Florida office.

Diamondback DB-15 rifle


Diamondback Firearms — New Colors and a New AR-15!

Diamondback Firearms is proud to announce its new line of DB-15 rifles. Starting with the tried-and-true, U.S. Military-proven gas-impingement system and using only the highest quality components machined in Diamondback’s CNC facility, the DB-15 raises the bar when it comes to features and performance when compared to others at much higher prices. From the modified Diamondback four-rail free-float handguard, to a variety of color, sight, and stock options, the Diamondback DB-15 represents value and versatility all at a very affordable price.