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SKS rifle top, AR-15 rifle bottom


The All-Around Soviet Rifle — The SKS

Not long ago conversation around the fireplace drifted toward the subject of all-around rifles. I like these moments because my grandson is old enough to shoot, and he is interested in firearms but hasn’t heard it all before. I enjoy a number of interesting rifles including the M1A1 and the AR-15. A certain place in my heart belongs to the Winchester 1895. But if you are on a strict budget but need an all around pest, deer, hog and defense rifle it is difficult to beat the SKS rifle.

(Left to Right) A .45 Auto Rim with a heavy-cast 255 grain SWC, the .45 Colt with a 260-grain bullet and the .45 ACP with a 230-grain JHP. The .45 AR is easily among the most versatile of all cartridges.


The .45 Auto Rim

The .45 ACP loading has a long history, starting in WW1, and with the addition of the auto rim, it is a clean burning load for personal defense or target practice. Enjoy this post with both the history and recommendations for the best options today.

Two boxes of CORBON ammunition


COR®BON 9mm High-Velocity Loads

COR®BON was the first company to offer 9mm 115-grain 1300 fps loads to the public. Arguably, COR®BON was first with the most and remains at the top of the heap. COR®BON is powerful, high-velocity ammunition with excellent quality control. Read this post to learn more.

GLOCK G42, CORBON DPX Ammunition and ProChrono


Glock G42: A Remarkable Handgun

The GLOCK G42 is a slim, light and reliable .380 ACP pistol which is comfortable to fire and performs well. Made in America, the pistol features a six-round magazine and is supplied with two magazines to make continuous shooting much easier. Discover all the details about this powerful gun in this post.

Young man in blue t-shirt, green ear protection and sunglasses practices shooting a black Beretta 9mm

Concealed Carry

Is the High-Capacity 9mm the Right Gun for You?

The 9mm handgun is easy to fire and use, light enough, and features a good reserve of ammunition. The question has been, is the 9mm enough? The author finds the high capacity 9mm just may be the right choice for many shooters. You’ll find a lot of options in this post so you can choose the best solution.