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Picture shows a man standing at a barbeque grill in the rain with a large umbrella. A tent with a pop up sun shade is in the background.

Camping & Survival

Quick Camping Tip: 10 Camping Hacks and Shortcuts

Camping is supposed to be simple, right? Getting back to nature, turning off the electronics and cooking over an open fire. Do you find yourself packing in more stuff than you should for a weekend in the woods? These 10 camping tips, hacks and shortcuts will help you save time, space and money. Read on for some great ideas, including a foolproof plan to prevent rain from ruining your weekend to a creative new spin on S’mores.

Picture shows a camp cup full of milk on a camp stove.

Camping & Survival

30 Days of Preparing for Severe Winter Weather Day 22: The Best Hot Chocolate Recipe

Hot chocolate is not only yummy and comforting; it actually warms your up. You don’t have to forgo this delicious treat when the power goes out—severe winter weather is the perfect time to enjoy a mug of hot chocolate using a few ingredients from your long-term food storage and a gel fuel camp or survival stove. I whipped up my own ultra chocolaty version in about 20 minutes. Here is my favorite single-serving hot chocolate recipe using a Swiss military surplus gel fuel M1 stove kit.

Camping & Survival

Squirrel, It’s Not the Other White Meat

Hunting squirrels in the summer is much more difficult than in the winter, as they have a ton of lush green foliage to hide behind. Many people dismiss squirrels as edible game, referring to them as tree rats that are unfit on which to dine. I obviously disagree. Some people claim they taste like chicken but, while I can see the resemblance, squirrel is actually a bit darker and more tasty than chicken.