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Picture shows the clothing line Under Armour's black and white logo.


High Powered Headlines August 1, 2014

Massachusetts just will not quit. It has been a bad news week for gun owners in Massachusetts—already one of the strictest gun control states in the nation. Now a runner for Attorney General wants to mandate smart guns. In other news, the DOJ is ordered to release all documents related to Fast and Furious, while the women on The View defend their right to own guns. Read August 1, 2014’s top headlines that affect you—the legal gun owner in Cheaper Than Dirt’s The Shooter’s Log.


90 Survival Uses for a Plastic Poncho

What is the most important thing during SHTF? Your brain! To pack your bug-out bag light, you need items that serve multi purposes. One such thing is the rain poncho. In this blog, I have detailed 90 different survival uses for a plastic poncho. However, not just any old cheap poncho will do. I put Cheaper Than Dirt’s Swiss military rubberized poncho finished in bright Alpenflage camo to the test and realized for the price tag, this military surplus poncho is an invaluable addition to any survival gear, preps, emergency vehicle kit, or your bug-out bag.

Picture shows an antique Chinese SKS rifle chest rig made of leather and canvas consisting of eight pouches that hold stripper clips.


The People’s Liberation Army Memorabilia: Type 56 Carbine Leather Chest Rig

SKS chest rigs from China are widely available. However, this canvas and leather one from a country no longer allowing exports of antiques is a rare find. It has eight pockets to hold your Type 56 Carbine’s stripper clips in. The PLA’s star insignia is indistinguishable embossed on its shiny metal belt buckle. Over built and in great shape, you will be surprised to know this is a Vietnam Era piece of memorabilia.

British Soldier Wearing Osprey MK4 Armor Carrier


The Real Deal: A True British Operator’s Modular Osprey MK4 Body Armor Carrier

Thankfully arriving pre-assembled for “complete fighting order,” the Osprey MK4 body armor vest set is a smoking deal. It includes nine MOLLE pouches, which alone is worth the price of the entire rig. Incredibly well built, these vests are not Chinese imports made for those who play airsoft. They are the real deal and easily worth $300. However, Cheaper Than Dirt sells the whole unit for less than $100. Read why this is one heck of a deal for this true operator’s armor carrier.

Military long-sleeve shirt in an experimental blocky urban camo gray

Gear, Parts and Accessories

50 Shades of Gray: The Evolution of Camo and a Throwback to Solid Colors

We have come along way from the days of wiping mud on our faces and wearing twigs in our hair. Now we have digitized transitional camo patterns that work extremely well to camo fashion such as bright pink camo motif rifles and camouflaged prom dresses. You would think that military camo would have an equal amount of history, however; the art of camouflage for wartime has a more modern history. One such solid color has found to be an excellent transitional camo in urban settings. Not too dark and not too light, 5.11 Tactical has developed a shade of gray they call Storm Grey that has proven itself to blend better in urban and naval environments.

Picture shows a herd of deer in the snow.

Hunting and Outdoors

30 Days of Preparing for Severe Winter Weather Day 14: What is the Best Way to Stay Warm During Late Season Hunts?

Didn’t hit your tags quite yet? To bag those late season bucks, you might be facing down some long hours in bittery cold weather. In order to take your shot, you need to be warm and comfortable in your stand or blind. Dress in or pack in strategic layers and pay special attention to staying dry to avoid the shivers, shakes and chatters affecting your aim. Following this short list of do’s and don’ts will help you tough it out when temperatures fall.