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3 WWII vintage rifles with several vintage handguns


The Chiappa 9mm M1-9 Carbine — The Best of Both Worlds

The Chiappa M1-9 Carbine looks like your granddad’s GI Carbine in dim light. However, a glance at the magazine gives notice that something is indeed amiss. The M1-9 is chambered for 9mm and is blowback operated. The M1-9 is fed from standard Beretta handgun magazines, but the similarities do not stop there.

Chiappa 1911-22 pistol with two magazines


Chiappa’s Affordable 1911-22

The Chiappa 1911-12 is a reliabile, inexpensive pistol and a great starter for anyone and a must have for a 1911 fan. It takes less cleaning than most guns in this category and is great for both marksmanship training and recreation.

Chiappa Goes Old School at SHOT


SHOT 2013: Chiappa 1873-22

Chiappa is going back to its roots with the 1873-22 SAA. Unlike the other thing (RHINO) they had last year this one is an ageless classic. Built with the look of the Colt SAA, the gun that one the west.