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Bersa Thunder 9 Ultra Compact Pro


Bersa’s 9mm Pistol—A Great Buy

The Bersa is a well-kept secret, a world-class 9mm at a fair price. Read this review to learn more about this pistol that serves law enforcement as well as civilians well in defensive situations.

Crimson Trace’s grip is soft, smooth and comfortable.


Pink Pistols: Bersa Thunder .380 with Pink Crimson Trace Lasergrips

Before shooting a gun I have never shot before, I read reviews to get a general idea of what problems I could encounter while shooting it. Generally, this means I get a preconceived notion of what the gun is going to be like. Sometimes reviews are right and sometimes I find in my opinion reviews are really off the mark. Often, guns surprise me. Everyone raved about the S&W Shield, but I personally don’t like it. Sometimes I think I am going to hate a gun, but end up falling for it. As is the case in the Bersa Thunder .380. Reviews are mixed. Many said it was a cheap gun, malfunctioned, heavy with a bad trigger. Other reviews mentioned zero malfunctions, reliability and a great grip. However, all reviewers mentioned the accuracy of the Bersa Thunder .380 and I agree. The Bersa Thunder .380 is by far the most accurate gun I have reviewed in a long time. I achieved less than 3” groups from 20 feet consistently. As it stands, would I recommend the Bersa Thunder as your number one concealed carry gun? Probably not, but I would be more than happy to take this accurately pink number off my friend’s hands.

Taurus 85PFS


Protect Your Home for Less

Most individuals who buy firearms from us intend to use them for home or personal defense. More and more Americans have crossed the invisible line and decided to exercise their Second Amendment rights and own a firearm.

man drawing a concealed weapon from his pants pocket


Pocket .380 Pistols

As more and more states pass laws allowing concealed carry, millions have turned to the lightweight and easily concealed pocket .380 pistol for personal defense. But which are the best pocket pistols and why? Check out this article for details on the options.