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Tips for New Gun Owners From the Experts—You

Go to any shooting range across this great nation and you will find two types of shooters—new and experts. While that is said with a tongue-and-cheek tone, it rings true. To a degree, we are all learning, and we all have something to share. Here is your chance to show your expertise and pass along your top tips.

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Guns for Beginners: Choosing a Firearm

The wide variety of firearms available can be intimidating for the first timer. This new Shooter’s Log series details everything the first time gun owner needs to know—from which gun to purchase to how to shoot it…Starting with “Choosing a Gun,” learn the basics of the type types of firearms, calibers and in the and outs of the gun store.

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Reactive Targets

Spice up your training or make your time at the range more engaging and exciting with a reactive target. Reactive targets will take a boring range session and transform it for instant feedback during training and more fun than a new shooter ever imagined!

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The Importance of Finding the Right Holster

As important as the handgun you buy, is the holster you carry it. It really doesn’t matter what kind of pistol it is or what you intend to use it for—almost every pistol needs a holster of some kind, but how does one go about finding the right holster? This guide walks you through the different types and suggestions on where to carry your concealed handgun.

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Understanding Parallax

Are you using the focus knob on your riflescope properly? Read “Understanding Parallax” to find out why the focus knob on your scope is much more than what most shooters think.

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New Year, New Gun: Handgun Owner Basics

You did your research, you rented plenty of guns at your local range, saved your money and finally made your first handgun purchase. Now that you have it home, you might feel slightly lost as what to do next. The first thing you must do as a gun owner is learn and follow the four basic rules of gun safety—not only at the gun range, but in your home, as well.

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Gun Store Etiquette

Just like the Golden Rules of Safety when handling a firearm, there are some Golden Rules of how to shop for a gun. With safety being the number one priority, learn how to shop for a gun in your local gun store with advice from real gun store clerks and owners.