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ATN X-Sight II scope on a rifle

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ATN X-Sight II Rifle Scope — Memorialize the Moment

Just like the original X-Sight, the X-Sight II takes pictures and videos, which can be uploaded to social media via Wi-Fi so that family and friends won’t miss out on the latest adventure. The X-Sight II of course still comes with a day / night vision mode, allowing the user to hunt deer during the day and hogs or predators at night. Read the full review here.


Gear, Parts and Accessories

SHOT 2013 Preview: THOR Series Thermal Sights

ATN designed the Thor thermal weapons sight series to meet the needs of individuals who aid in ground-based night operations at an affordable price. The THOR is a multi-purpose system using the latest in miniature thermal sensor technology combined with the new OLED display providing a superior stable image in the smallest package available on the market today.

LaserLyte Kryptonyte Center Mass Laser


SHOT 2013 Preview: Vendor Sneak Peek

Laura Burgess Marketing, a leader marketing and communications for the firearms and shooting sports industries invites SHOT Show 2013 attendees to visit their premiere client’s booths.

ATN Odin-14 Helmet Mount


SHOT 2013 Preview: ATN Odin-14 Thermal Monocular

American Technologies Network Corp., is no secret among members of the military, law enforcement and security professionals for its outdoor night vision and thermal applications. For 2013, ATN introduces the Odin-14 Thermal Monocular, one of the smallest thermal imaging monocular systems currently on the market.