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The author taking aim with the Henry Golden Boy Silver.


Video: Range Report — Henry Golden Boy Silver

I am new to lever action rimfire rifles, having grown up with auto-loading 22 rifles like the Mossberg 702 and the Ruger 10/22. However, I was eager to review my Henry Golden Boy Silver the moment I picked it up at my local dealer, both as a firearm and from a perspective of someone completely new to the platform.

Cimarron Open Top revolver left side


Cimarron’s Open Top Revolver

While I do not recommend the single-action revolver as a front line defensive handgun, it is surprising how often it comes up in my training classes, or in conversation at the gun shop, that folks rely on these handguns. If the gun is reliable and well made, and the shooter is familiar with the action, they could do worse. Bob Campbell goes on to make his case for single actions and .45 Colt cartridge. What’s you opinion?


Cartridge of the Week, the .22 Long Rifle Rimfire

So, you think the .22 Long Rifle is a kids round? Do not bet your life on it. This grand old cartridge predates anything we have previously reviewed. It came about in 1887 and up until 1890; manufacturers loaded it with only black powder. It is one of the oldest self-contained cartridges still in mass production—and it is lethal.