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12 and 20 gauge shotshells


Throwback Thursday: The 20 Gauge for Defense

If you do not have a problem using the 12 gauge, by all means, feel free to do so. After all with the proper technique, most folks can handle the 12 gauge. However, no matter how good you are, the 12 gauge shotgun kicks and kicks hard with some loads. The question is not whether the 12 gauge is viable for self-defense, but instead an examination of why the 20 gauge may outperform the 12 gauge is a self-defense scenario.

Side-by-side shotgun with action open and loaded


Throwback Thursday: Coach Guns — Double Barreled Defense

For personal defense, the double barrel handles quickly and points well. It isn’t well suited for tactical use by special teams, but for home defense the double barrel, particularly a short barrel coach gun, is ideal. The double barrel is also easy to train with. Another advantage is that with two loads, you can stage the load. A lighter load first and then buckshot for problems inside the home, but that’s not the only advantage…

Father and son sitting in a pickup truck after hunting in forest. Dad showing boy mechanism of a shotgun rifle

Consumer Information

4 Best Youth Shotguns

In many households across the country, there will be a new hunter ready to go afield this season. Before that happens, your youngster will need his or her own shotgun that has been selected and properly fit to ensure their best chances for success. Here is your how to guide of tips and tops picks.

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Choosing a First Shotgun

A shotgun is the most versatile firearm you’ll ever own. Contrary to what you might see on TV, shotguns do not magically hit every target, and the recoil is not so brutal that it will knock you off your feet. Likewise, not every shotgun is equally suited to every shooter or situation. With a little research and forethought, you’ll be ready to choose a shotgun that will perform when needed and be comfortable to shoot.

Mossberg 500 Turkey shotgun mossy oak camo right side


6 Shotguns Under $500 to Tackle Tommy Three Toes

Turkeys have the best eyes in the woods bar none. In fact, if a turkey could smell I doubt we would ever be able to kill one. However, with the right gear and gun we can! Here’s our top picks to terrorize turkeys while protecting your wallet.


The World According to Guns & Ammo: 2014’s Best of the Best Awards

Guns and Ammo magazine recently released its 2104 Best of the Best of the year awards to the best firearm, rifle, shotgun, optic, ammunition and suppressor. The editors of the leading rag of the firearms industry chose their top picks according to performance, durability and value. Some of the winners, The Shooter’s Log editors agreed with, like the H&K VP9 9mm handguns. However, other winners from the Best of the Best 2014 firearm awards are not Cheaper Than Dirt’s picks. Read on to find out who won and why.