Why the Mossberg 464 SPX Doesn’t Suck

Mossberg 464 SPX

I know what most of you are thinking, why in the name of Zeus’ derriere would anyone want a tactical lever action rifle? We mentioned this strange little lever action during SHOT Show a few weeks ago, and it received exactly the response we thought it would. I have to admit, when I first looked at this rifle, I squinted in agony. I looked at the Mossberg sticker on my cubicle wall and sighed, and then I walked outside, put my hands up, and yelled, “Why Mossberg? Why!” When I came back to my senses however, I began to see the rifle as something different. My immediate disgust and hatred slowly turned to mild tolerance. I began to look at the rifle like an ugly little stray dog, chambered in .30-30.

Mossberg 464 SPX
Mossberg 464 SPX

I have always applied strange criteria when selecting firearms for ownership. I typically try to justify the purchasing of a gun by tying to a specific purpose. I have a bird hunting 12-gauge shotgun, an excellent .270 deer rifle, I have a home defense shotgun, a home defense pistol, varminter rifles, and bug out rifles, the list goes on. When I looked at the Mossberg 464 SPX something strange crossed my mind for the first time. Does a gun have to have a specific purpose? While pondering this thought, I realized that just shooting that silly looking thing might actually be kind of fun. I love lever action rifles; I also love tactical rifles; so why not combine them? Who cares if it’s goofy. I have a gun for virtually every purpose I can think of, so why not buy a gun, just to buy a gun.

Mossberg 464 SPX Hammer
Mossberg 464 SPX Hammer

Some people have complained that Mossberg has lost focus. They ask what the point and purpose is to taking an existing product, and making it tacticool. They say that Mossberg should put their time and money into perfecting current issues in some of their designs, instead of coming out with simple money-making products that are nothing more than tactical versions of the same old guns. Those naysayers should remember that Mossberg is a company whose very purpose of existing is to generate money, not perfect every gun design on earth. Their first priority is their bottom line, and you can’t blame them for making sure the numbers hit where they are supposed to. I think it’s an intelligent move in the current economy, to take a tried and true gun, make it modern, and sell the crud out of it.

Mossberg 464 SPX Receiver
Mossberg 464 SPX Receiver

As far as my intentions for the rifle go, I really don’t intend to use it as anything more than a range toy. It could be mildly useful as a hog gun. I could hand it to one of my non-gun buddies who decided tag along on a hunting trip. I would feel more comfortable with a novice shooting something that wasn’t semi-automatic anyway. It will most definitely use it as a conversation piece when showing off the gun safe. I could even call it my zombie apocalypse lever action. Why not have a ridiculous gun for an equally ridiculous scenario. It will be nice to have something in the safe that few other people have, since most of my guns are quite common.

So at the end of the day, I suspect that some shooters who can’t find a role for this little tactical saddle gun will scoff at it. I will most likely just smile and think about how much fun it will be mounting a cheap laser sights, vertical grips, red dots, and flashlights on Mossberg’s lever action SPX.

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  1. Im 20 years old and i own one and love it. I also have my dads winchester 94 and i love it as well. Until i got my spx 464 I thought the model 94 was the best brush gun or saddle gun in the world, but now my spx is giving it a run for its money. With a laser sight, a flashlight, and a foregrip this gun is faster, has better accuracy, and the collapsible stock makes it far more maneuverable it tight spaces. The only thing is the the 94 has a far smoother action but its has been 3 generations of my family and been shot frequently. And yes its ugly as sin, but who cares it’s a brush gun. The only thing that matters as far a the look is it durable and will it work after a rough day and yes it will. So when it comes down to it the mossberg spx 464 is the start of a new world of brush guns. The only thing it come down when i pick one to use is do i want to go with the old school traditional 30-30 or new school tactical 30-30.

  2. I picked one up last night, and put almost 100 rounds through it this morning. And my shoulder is a-HURTIN’. Typical break-in stuff; a lever action is like a schoolyard full of insolent children, it takes patience to get them all playing together nicely.

  3. Egh, you people. Mossberg made a great gun here. It’s a workhorse, an all’rounder. I’m sorry if you girls need your guns to be “pretty,” but appearance really shouldn’t matter when it comes to a utilitarian tool.

    The adjustable buttstock makes this gun more portable and more versatile. You want to teach your pint-sized kids to shoot a rifle or take them deer hunting? This rifle is one size fits all. The rail system? again, it only adds versatility and gives you options. My forward wrist has always suffered strain after the end of a long day of carrying a traditional firearm in the field and I’ve talked to many people who report the same. A vertical forearm grip is the cure. I’m more accurate, quicker on the draw, and far more comfortable while carrying. Got animals to protect from predators or need to occasionally shoot at night? Stick a flashlight on and go.

    There’s other solutions to these problems. Sure you can “carry” a flashlight… or you can own a practical rather than pretty gun that eliminates the need for you to try to aim a flashlight and rifle at the same time. Sure you can carry an AR but an AR is pretty useless if deer and bear are what you hunt. This gun fills a major void. It is a jack of all trades it will work for home/land defense, hunting, combat in a pinch, and you won’t need to worry about dinging up your pretty finish.

  4. I don’t see why you all are screaming I own one and I can use at as a pistol or rifle and does not kick at all I love this rifle and is my favorite I can shoot 300 yards and hit the target with its iron sights.

  5. I was rather put off by the gun at first sight. But the more I looked at it and researched it the better I started liking it. So much so that I am trying to find one for purchase. Yea I know, “good luck with that these days”. But I have my feelers out in a lot of places. I had a 30-30 Marlin lever action years ago and loved it. Got hard up for money when first married and sold it for $40.00. That was a lot more money back then.

    I was ready to buy the traditional Marlin 30-30 until I saw thisnew one. Hopefully I can see one in the flesh before having to buy it online sight unseen.

  6. I am looking for one of these but can’t find one. My goal is to scope it and add a 100 yard green light to use for night hunting hogs from a box blind.

  7. I have the 464 spx it, is accurate with a modern twist. People have different opinions on the rifle but response stays the same accurate, adjustable stock for shorter arms . Same as my dad lever action but has a third switch safety all-around dependable, can’t ask for much more.

  8. I think that the mossberg 464 done in the tactical style looks cool. If shoot guns and bolt action rifles can be done up in that style, why not a lever action? Also all of you saying if it was in a different caliber then maybe you would like it more, maybe they would do it if more people showed enough interest in it.

  9. Mossberg, are you listening? Notice all these folks mentioning .357? I will not buy one in 30-30 as I already have a perfectly adequate Win 94. But in a pistol caliber I might well take the plunge if the trigger was decent. But for god’s sake, give us a half cock notch!

  10. I haven’t read all the postings on here but I don’t understand why there so much hate the caliber may not be the best but I have a wife that is 5 foot tall in order for her to fire anything that I own have to cut the stock thereby making it unusable by me because I’m 6 foot tall I think having
    a collapsible stock on just about everything I own would be kinda nice that way my wife and I could use it if you can think about how you could use it and not why it’s so ugly or what the hell t he problem with the company and think of the usefulness of having a collapsible stock that anybody can pick up in use it’s actually really nice idea im just waiting for one in. 357 mag

  11. We’ve got gun shops with shelves full of nostalgia 30-30’s. I’ve got mine. I’d be proud to strut this ugly date at any party. Hell, yeah! And no, I’m not saggy-butt nation, I’m just south of fifty. This ain’t Fonzie in a leather jacket and nobby knees over water skis, this is just flat-black rat-rod cool.

  12. listen most of you are discusted by the tactical 30 30 . I got hurt in Iraq so I go on a lot of wounded warior hunts. I recently went on a dove/pig hunt up in Red Bluff, CA. We had 19 wounded warriors and everyone got their limit everyday and I and a couple people got pig tags.I brought my 270 wsm whih is a hella of a cartridge ive taken elk, mule deer, black tail deer , and pigs. My bud bought this rifle I looked at it and said what the heck is that(Mossberg 464 tactical) We were goin pig hunting in the morning around 5 am or so and we zeroed his acog 4X magnification, we were using hornandy lever evolution rounds, after we zeroed @ 100 yrds we were shooting steel targets 300 350 and 400 yrds easily. The terrain was rough when we went out in the morning and thick that 30 30 was a brute we managed to get up onto a hill over looking a water hole where 8 pigs were feeding form. I ranged the hogs @ 315 yards. I picked the big boy and shot just 1 1/2 inches high of the shoulder and it locked it up and droped. All in all its tough, accurate with the right ammo(or shooter) and I think its a great brush gun, I would take it out any time to the blind or hog hunting or the range

  13. I love it. Most people have forgotten the advantages to firearms that store their ammunition inside the weapon. This becomes important in an “end of the world” scenario that thing thing is being marketed for. Magazines can break, get lost, etc. All this thing needs is a sexy ammo bandolier to go with it so you can load from that.

  14. I agree with most comments here…..What the heck Mossberg. However, I have an 11 daughter, who is too big for “YOUTH” deer rifles and not quite big enough to handle my Model 99 .300 Savage. This firearm is perfect for her. The stock collapses to fit her perfectly, is 30-30, arguably one of the best whitetail rounds ever, and the firearm grows with her. She’ll never need another 30-30 again. I don’t see whats wrong with it and if Mossberg make a billion off it…GREAT. Good idea Mossberg, not very traditional but may pan out in the end.

  15. I think it’s funny how many people lashed out against this for no other reason than you think it’s not necessary. Fine it it’s not for you then don’t buy it and for some to say it should be discontinued or pulled because it offends your personal sensibilities is just silly. It’s all good.

  16. I know there are a lot of people out there that complain about this gun but I love it. It is just cool and different. I have a red dot and a light one and it just looks great. I took it to the range and people when crazy, they all wanted to shoot it.

  17. Its different? I like different! But how about a folding stock on it and make it in .44 magnum or .357 and AR style rails on top for more optic options.
    Its about time for a Tacti-Cool Lever Action!

  18. I own one. I admit it.

    I was talking to a buddy the other day stating I’d never owned a lever action .30-.30, which is a sin as it’s one of the best West Texas brush guns there is. I have a pretty practical collection of guns a bit like the author but also have 3 M4 variants, one a .300 Blackout, M500A with some goodies, plenty of tricked out 1911 and XD types, etc so I’ve got all the ‘tactical’ I really need, or so I thought.

    I mean, come one, the ultimate Red Neck Assault Rife, RNAR!

    Ok, it was like a train wreck, I just couldn’t look away, came across one on GunBroker’s with a few minutes left and no bids…so WTF, in an act of utter brilliance I bid, 15 minutes later I owned it.

    It’s kind of sleeping with a big girl, you won’t admit it but you’ve probably done it… but I bet you wont whip her out at the ranch. Nope. But this thing, well… I can’t wait to see the looks on my buddies faces.. “WTF is that?!” “Stand back, it fires a 30 megawatt laser, I can kill and cook all at the same time”…they’ll buy it, for a minute.

    Yep, mount a good light and a red dot, the pigs won’t have a chance. How about some night vision? I think the barrel is threaded, anyone load subsonic .30-.30 before?

    Hey, it’s not always about buying the prettiest, most sought after, collectible or even the best shooting gun. Sometimes it just about the fun.

    Hold my beer and watch this!

  19. I honestly can’t make up my mind about this gun. I find it to be disgraceful to the original lever action design, which is supposed to be simple, but at the same time I find this deep desire to own this. If you think about it, they’re trying to advance the style of the lever action. Just as combat rifles have changed from the classical M1 Garand to the Colt M4, this is their attempt to push the lever action platform to the next level. Is it attractive? No. I like the gun from the receiver to the end of the barrel, but that stock is hideous and pretty much spoils it, and why .30-30? I would expect them to come out with .44, .45, etc before coming out with a bigger round chambering. Geez Mossberg, you’re confusing.

  20. This gun has more than enough reasons to be like this. Guarantee it’s more durable than it’s predecessor as far as how roughly you can handle it and how the finish takes the damage. Also, a good flashlight and laser light would be optimal when hog hunting in the night time when you don’t have all the time in the world to take aim. Furthermore a this would make a good youth gun as the length of pull is adjustable and the finish can take anything a irresponsible youth can throw at it as well as appeal to the “tacticool” youth. I for one love appealing firearms to the youth and keeping them interested in all forms of shooting. The youth is the future and the future needs to be fortified to love and respect their second amendment rights.

  21. You know, I would actually buy this thing if it wasn’t for the stock. I’ve actually been looking for an all black lever gun that I was going to mount a red dot on and call it my “tactical” lever action. I just think the stock on this thing makes it ugly, if it was a traditional lever stock just in synthetic instead of wood, with the picitinny rail at the end, I’d take it.

  22. Maybe they will make a .357 version.

    Then it could be the ‘companion gun’ to that under-barrel Rhino .357!

    Seriously! LOL

    put some ammo storage in the butt and tube.

    make a red dot sight that slaps onto either gun

  23. I wanna be a cowboy baby…..hell yea i cant wait to get my hands on this respect the past it makes us who we are today…i want to get as good with this as the rifleman. Space cowboy out

  24. Maybe this was primarily intended for the California market, where people are not allowed to have modern rifles.

  25. 30-30? Damn that’s for shooting freakin elephants! Ok I’m exaggerating, but recoil wise that’s pretty big. I will admit it’s nice to see a change in the lineup of lever-action rifles, who says you can’t be a modern cowboy?

  26. I personally think it is a pretty awesome idea. I know many of you don’t and thats fine. I can’t tell you how many times i fantasized about having my 30-30 in Afghanistan. Sure it might serve much purpose but not many tactical weapons do to the average home owner. IF you think you need an AR for home defense you’re high. I mentioned that I had seen this gun in a magazine to my buddies at work, I am a U.S. Marine in 3rd BN 6th Marines, and they all thought it was an awesome idea. I wish every day that I had my .30-30 in Marjah. Heavier hitter than 5.56 and doesn’t kick. What more do you want? Assuming the price isn’t to crazy I would consider getting one myself regardless of the fact I have an old Winchester 94.

  27. Well I have short arms, and by short I mean I’m a dwarf, I like shooting, but rifle stocks are too long, the rifles I own have modified stocks so I can shoot them, I have a Winchester 30-30, when I saw this mossberg I was excited to have see a 30-30 that I can shoot hand to a friend and he can shoot too. I know its only my perspective, but I like the gun and am planning on getting one

  28. I see so many here, and else where, that cry about nostalgia and old-fashion…”I hate this POS”, “People should loose jobs over this” If you do all of the crying then what will the baby do?! So get over yourself.

    I too like the wood in the weapons, when I’m looking into grandpa’s gun cabinet!! Mossy’s only mistake with this one is that they slapped the “tactical” on there. They did that because they know that just by labeling something as “tactical” it will sell, and right they are.

    I’m not a cowboy…(even though I’m Texan)…I’m a soldier, and I love this weapon! They took Great Grand Pa’s old west rifle and modernized it. Its as simple as that.

  29. As an owner of a mossberg 464 Ive gotta say that they need to concentrate on the quality of whats already out on the market rather than making this monstrosity. The 464 is at best mediocre and the one I have has been back to the factory no less than three times and still has issues. How about a little customer service for the folks that have already spent hard earned dollars on your products instead of trying to re-market something that you couldn’t do right to begin with??

  30. “I will most likely just smile and think about how much fun it will be mounting a cheap laser sights, vertical grips, red dots, and flashlights on Mossberg’s lever action SPX.”

    You forgot to mention a bayonet, silencer and tracer rounds.


  31. Missing the point of this weapon.
    This is a great weapon. If I already owned a 3030 lever action I would not buy this.
    Since I don’t own a lever action this would be great.
    3030 is a great universal round.
    Everyone knows this design weapon has outlasted many newer style weapons.
    Not having to deal with magazines that can be lost or damaged over time this is a great last weapon. Just saying I would not mind keeping this piece locked up In my RV or Boat or truck. True I would have loved to see a synthetic stock with some sort of speed feed option like the shotguns instead of the AR stock but everything else is a win in my book. I am sure everyone here would make similar changes but to completely toss out the weapon? Na I belive there is a market place for it. True I would rather have a .306 but to kick the .3030 to the curb?? come on. That round has killed so many animals,enemies over its time it is deffenietly tried and true. Would I pull it out against people shooting at me with ak\ar 100 yards out? hell no. Would I use it for all around survival or like the auther of this artical said something to hand an inexperienced shooter in a defensive or hunting scenario this is a awesome weapon that you can teach anyone to use in 2 min.

  32. I personaly like the colapsable stock. Ive been trying to figure out a way to make a folding synthetic or light duty metal or aluminum butt stock for my winchester model 94 for a couple years now. I bear hunt with dogs and like to carry a rifle over a pistol most of the time. Its hard to lead 4 to 8 dogs through the bushes and rock piles on a steep mountain side covered in snow with a rifle hanging over you catching every limb or bush you pass. I dont know if theyll interchange but if there was a folding stock for a mossberg that would fit my 94 trapper i would definently buy it. Im sure it wouldnt be a collectable but it would be usefull.

  33. A good concept, but I have to agree that the execution is a bit off. What I’d like to see (and have suggested for a long while) is a true takedown lever action in .44 Magnum that can easily be carried in regular luggage or a back pack and quickly assembled for business. I think that such a rifle would be better off with a synthetic version of a conventional stock. I’m not sure if the present version would be legal in Canada. And if I’m traveling anywhere where I’m not known and pulled over or scrutinized by the police I’d rather have something that looks more like a “cowboy” gun. Folding, or even telescoping stocks, no matter how legal or however unjustifiably, ring the “psycho alarm” for some oficers.

  34. Mossberg defiantly missed the mark on this rifle. The idea has great potential, but their execution was way off. I think they just went too far overboard.

    I would like to have seen a composite version of the standard 30-30 stock, a picatinny rail that mounted on the receiver and ran up the barrel ~6″ or so. On the for-end, get rid of that tri-rail mess, and use a standard style composite for-end with removable 3-4′” rail sections that can be added as needed along the sides and bottom.

    These two are some of the best “Tactical 30-30s I’ve seen:, and

  35. Mossberg has missed the mark with this product. It does not improve the lever action for the homeowner. My needs are defend against (1) violent crime, and (2) disaster, specifically the possible civil unrest and probable lack of resource, (3) hunting & overnight hiking. I want something that I can easily carry, safely put away, but have quick access. It cannot attract too much attention that cause undue alarm and problems. I guess what I am saying, I want a 16 inch barrel (.44 Mag and up), with a folding stock to meet my needs. If Mossberg can make a lever action work in this configuration, then they will have a product.

  36. Seriously, if they wanted to make a “tactical” 30-30, I’d have imagined a detachable box mag and composite stocks that imitate the original, not simply a supremely ugly stock. This gun will compete with the SKS variants as a deer rifle, and loose if it can’t beat the snot out of it on price. I hunt deer in my back acreage (Maine) with a 303 Savage (ammo costs $75 a box) for the joy of hunting with an antique (octagon barrel and the brass cartridge counter). The lever-action brush-gun reigns supreme here BECAUSE ITS OLD-FASHIONED. Can anyone ‘splain the nostalgia or value or any actual benefit of this gun? Otherwise, its a waste of R&D dollars.

    I’ve bought ugly guns gambling on collector value and won. I don’t foresee a collector even wanting this rare hunk of junk. People need to lose their jobs over this.

  37. I kinda like butt-ugly guns…….NOT! Synthetic stock on a stainless 30-30 would be an interesting package, but to AR-ize an 1890s format is akin to putting a ‘Vette body over a Beetle chassis and expecting it to do a whole new range of tasks never before attainable.

    In my area there are a number of shops retailing bobbed stock, short barreled lever actions in 44 Mag and other calibers. For the citizen militia that to me seems to be a wonderful home and urban tactical piece capable of any necessary work even beyond 25yd. Let’s face it, using a firearm to reach to the other side of your property or beyond (assuming a 1/4 acre lot) is likely less than a 25 or 30 yard proposition.

    As a deer camp standard, the 30-30 can be counted on to show up, do it’s duty and go home with happy campers. To stock it as such asks it to carry a flashlight (hunter has pockets), to don a scope (hunter has eyes, did he bring glasses?), to wear folding legs (hunter has his own, if he needs a bipod he should practice more and/or get a different hunting stand), and to generally encumber a light useful package with features not at all suited to the 30-30’s utilitarian existence. But, I too have exercised poor judgement in life.

    I agree, boot the BOD and bring in some innovators who actually communicate with the mktg and product research departments. Robo-carbines are for the movies!

  38. It’s a piece of junk that mossburg pick up off the floor of a workshop. May have had a use as a .444 or 45-70 but .30-30???? why

  39. Agree with Big Fat Dave. It may be a slick marketing tool to slap an M-4 stock and Picatinney rails on a 30-30, but come on, it is plenty tactical as is. Maybe add a scope of some type, but that is really not necessary – being “tactical” is really <100yds., and decent iron sights will do the job, even with old eyes, at ranges up to that. Now people will slap on scopes, lasers, lights, and god knows what else, and like the AR-15, take a 6-8 pound rifle and turn it into an unwiedly, too heavy to carry clunker…

  40. Ugliest gun on the planet? Winner! Seriously, it does look like it would make a good truck gun. Something that would survive getting banged around. It has fallen out of favor in recent years, but the 30-30 is still a good all-round cartridge.

  41. It’s a solution looking for a problem. If I was a shareholder, I’d be pushing to oust the BOD over this poc.

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