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SunJack 14W +8000mAh Battery

Boating and Water Sports

Quick Prepper Tip: Solar Power When and Where You Need it

It does not matter whether you are a prepper, survivalist, hunter, student, commuter, boater, or parent. The world we live in depends on power. Recently, I discovered a product that has finally matured to point that it is worthy of cracking open your wallet and parting with a few hard-earned greenbacks. Portable solar panels and battery packs, have finally progressed to level of durability, size, and most importantly, longevity that make them a must-have item.

Picture shows a safety sign on the dock next to a rocky beach on the lake.

Boating and Water Sports

30 Days of Preparing for Spring Storms and the Stinging Heat of Summer Day 30: Water Safety—Being Prepared for a Day at the Lake

There are an estimated 3 to 4 million lakes in the United States. One study even found that lake destinations were the number one spot for travel in 2012. This does not surprise me. Lakes offer plenty of recreational activities at an extremely low price. These natural bodies of water come with risks. Most drownings are due to unexpected exposure to the water. For children ages 1 to 4, drowning is the leading cause of death. Even adults who know how to swim are at risk for drowning. Most drownings are preventable. A day at the lake can be fun, safe and accident-free if you always follow these 15 safety tips.

Will you commit to taking a boating safety course this summer?

Boating and Water Sports

Boating Safety Equipment

In 2010, The U.S. Coast Guard reported 4,604 boating accidents, which resulted in 672 deaths. Even though the U.S. Coast Guard requires a life jacket for everyone on board a boat, 88 percent of those who drowned in 2010 from a boating accident were not wearing a life jacket. All boats require safety equipment. Different boats and locations require different safety preparations. However, basic boating safety is universal.