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Throwback Thursday: AR-15 .223 vs Mil-Spec 5.56mm Chambers

Get the right chamber for your AR15 to be successful Even though many manufacturers and specifications say you can use the SAAMI .223 and Mil-Spec 5.56 mm in the same barrel, there are some pros and considers to consider before you plunk down that hard earned cash. Read this article to learn the pros & cons of the SAAMI .223 and Mil-Spec 5.56mm.

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AR-15 Barrels 101

Discover how to pick the right barrel, Chrome Molly Steel or Stainless Steel (Match Grade), by picking the right tool for the job at hand. Whether you’re defending your home or ranch, participating in a CMP match or want extreme accuracy at long ranges, there is an AR-15 barrel that’s just right for you.

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AR-15 Barrel Twist, Explained

AR-15 barrels vary greatly between manufacturers, and even models in some cases, and one of the most common variances is the ‘rate of twist.” Understanding how the rate of twist affects your results and how to find the best ammunition for your AR-15.