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Man firing a gun out of a car window at a knife wielding attacker

Safety and Training

All Guns are NOT Loaded

If you have heard them once, you have heard them 1000 times: the Three Rules of Gun Safety. In fact, originally there were 10. Written by Col. Cooper, their numbers have been reduced over the years for ease of remembering them. The rule that states, “All guns are loaded.” The concept is that you should treat an unloaded gun the same way that you treat a loaded gun. And you should—but not in all cases!

Man holding a blue gun pointed at another man

Safety and Training

Properties of Survival

In order to survive a threat, three primary elements need to work together. First and foremost, you need to become aware of the threat. You then need to assess the threat. And finally, you must decide upon and carry out the appropriate response. Will you be ready when all hell breaks loose?

David Kenik demonstrating a right angle draw stroke

Safety and Training

To Shoot Faster, Stop Thinking

There are a couple of often-used axioms when it comes to speeding up our draw stroke and shooting: “Slow is smooth, smooth is fast” and “reduce motion to increase speed,” also known as “Conservation of Motion.” Both concepts are valid. It certainly makes sense that the fewer number of movements that you make and the less distance that you cover, the faster your action will be, but many things are easier said then done.

Man shooting a long gun under a blue sky


Tips for Improving #RangeDayFriday Firearm Photography

Share your range and build pics with us, and be entered to win a new firearm! This month’s gun giveaway features the Patriot Ordnance Factory Renegade AR-15. Are you more of a gun fan than a gun photographer? No sweat! We have the tips to handle the photo portion. That way you can just concentrate on the build and boom!