Zombie Olympics, Anyone?

It has recently come to my attention that some of the others haven’t just been counting, but are competing for the largest number of zombie kills. I haven’t told them yet, but I’ve only been counting multiple kill engagements. Single kills are just too easy. They do, however, provide for great opportunities to test out different ammunition loads.

My favorite .308 loads so far have been the new BVAC 130 gr. OTMRP, the Federal Gold Medal Match 168 gr. BTHP and 175 gr. BTHP, and the Hornady Superformance Match 178 gr. BTHP. For 5.56 loads, my favorites have been the Federal Gold Medal Match 69 gr. BTHP, the BVAC 64 gr. PSP, and the awesome Federal MK318 Mod 0 62 gr. OTM.

Last week, when rummaging through a local sporting goods store, I found several bottles of the FP-10 Lubricant Elite by Shooter’s Choice, which has really helped me keep my rifles running properly. I was also able to find a few more Magpul 20-LR PMAGs for my LaRue OBR and a couple dozen more regular PMAGs for my SBR.

Tomorrow, I’m going to create the Zombie Olympics. The hardest part will be pitching the idea to the others in our group. I know they’re going to be a bit apprehensive about getting so close to the zombies, but when they move as slowly as they have been, it shouldn’t be much harder than teaching little kids how to play t-ball. It will be EPIC! – Tac

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