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Zombie Defense: New Items, Easier Shopping

Birchwood Casey Darkotic Bug Targets

Birchwood Casey recently added icky, creepy crawly zombies to their line of Darkotic™ zombie targets. Just like their Darkotic zombie targets the bug targets splatter a white halo around each shot placement. There are four to choose from: a spider (Crawl Space), a fly (Buzz Kill), a cockroach (House Guest), and a mosquito (Blood Drive). Each target measures 12 by 18 inches on heavy-duty card stock that stands up to plenty of rounds. You get eight targets per package.

Blood Drive Buzz Kill Crawl Space House Guest

Anderson Manufacturing M4 Carbine Zombie Certified Special Edition

Zombie Certified Anderson Manufacturing M4 Carbine Rifle
Zombie Certified Anderson Manufacturing M4 Carbine Rifle

The Anderson Manufacturing M4 Carbine Zombie Certified Special Edition is an M4 AR-15 rifle decked out in zombie green with a Magpul MOE® stock, grip, quad rail, and 30-round PMAG®. It has a 16-inch M4 heavy 4140 barrel with an Anderson Phantom flash suppressor. Along with the biohazard sign is the words “Zombie Outbreak Strike Force” engraved in the magwell. Due to Anderson Manufacturing’s proprietary RF85 treatment, Anderson rifles do not need lubrication to function reliably and accurately. Just simply wash the parts in a small amount of dish soap and water. No solvents necessary. No joke. This makes Anderson Manufacturing rifles cycle faster, stay cleaner, and burn cooler. Anderson Manufacturing makes their own receivers 100% to MIL-SPEC out of 7075-T6 aluminum to match-grade tolerances and finish them with a hard-anodized 8625F coating.

 Cheaper Than Dirt! Exclusive Magpul/Black Dawn Zombie AR-15 Furniture

Black Dawn Zombie Rifle AR-15 Magpul Furniture Kit
Black Dawn Zombie Rifle AR-15 Magpul Furniture Kit

A Cheaper Than Dirt! exclusive is our AR-15 zombie Magpul furniture kit brought to us by Black Dawn. Cheaper Than Dirt! is the only place you will find it. We have had this MOE Magpul stock, handguards, grip, and PMAG hydro printed with zombies! The furniture is available in rifle-length, mid-length, or carbine versions in either grey or green. Included is the Magpul MOE grip, Magpul MOE collapsible buttstock, Magpul MOE handguards, and a Magpul 30-round PAMG for .223 Remington/5.56 NATO. Designed for tight quarters, the kit comes in a special zombie package. Magpul’s MOE stock is one of the lightest stocks you can buy. It is also perfect for smaller-framed shooters.

We now have an all new category specifically for all your zombie eradication needs. Go check it out and feel free to offer any suggestions on things you would like us to add.

And no, we don’t sell chainsaws!

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