Gun Running, Corruption, Murder-for-Hire… California Lawmaker?

Disgraced California Senator Leland Yee

Stop me if you have heard this one before, “A leading Democrat makes a career from crusading against guns and the Second Amendment only to be accused of moral turpitude and gun crimes.” They preach against you and me owning guns, claim they have the moral high ground to legislate and restrict our Second Amendment rights and all the while are wearing hypocrisy on their sleeves. California State Sen. Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) was recently arrested for gun running among a laundry list of other major crimes.

Disgraced California Senator Leland Yee
Democratic State Senator Leeland Yee, a staunch proponent of gun control from San Francisco was arrested for gun running among other crimes.

For those outside the umbrella of California’s leftwing-leaning politics, Sen. Yee is well-recognized as one of the state’s strongest advocates for restrictive gun control laws. Yee led many of the campaigns to further restrict California’s assault on detachable magazines and Modern Sporting Rifles. When pro Second Amendment groups protested the move, they were described as racists.

On Wednesday, March 26, 2014, Lee was arrested on charges including scheming to defraud citizens of honest services and conspiracy to illegally traffic firearms. The charges resulted from a lengthy FBI corruption probe, but the depth of the charges against Yee shows a deeper involvement (according to the FBI affidavit) with a criminal enterprise known as the Chee Kung Tong, or CKT.

Sen. Yee made an unsuccessful bid to become mayor in San Francisco in 2011, which left him $70,000 in debt. To be eligible to run for California secretary of state, Yee needed to clear the books. According to the FBI, he attempted to do that through dealings with the CKT and its infamous leader, Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow.

In 2011, while running for mayor, Yee and his political advisor, Keith Jackson, 49, were first officially observed coming in contact with members of the CKT, according to the FBI and U.S. Attorney’s Office. Yee and Jackson solicited FBI agent posing as CKT members for donations in excess of the legal $500 limit. Yee allegedly offered to perform certain “official acts” in exchange for the donations.

During one such exchange, Jackson and Yee took the extraordinary step to arrange a meeting between the undercover FBI agents and an arms dealer. The purpose was to arrange the sale and importation of many weapons. According to the affidavit, the plan was to import the illegal weapons through another bastion of gun control—the Port of Newark in New Jersey. The investigation shows that Yee even discussed the details of the weapons to be illegally imported.

Let’s put that in perspective. Yee is the same Democratic lawmaker who railed on against firearm ownership and touted the need for transparency in government. During the time Yee allegedly solicited donations from members of organized crime, he also introduced legislation banning 3-D printed weapons and detachable-magazine conversion kits for the law-abiding citizens of the Golden State and claimed California needed to set the standard as a model for other states.

Since this article is written for the audience of Cheaper Than Dirt!’s Shooter’s Log, it primarily is focused around guns and the Second Amendment. However, in the interest of fairness, the disgraced Senator faces many more accusations according to the federal criminal complaint, including firearms trafficking, money laundering, murder for hire, drug distribution, accepting bribes, wire fraud related to corruption of a public office and trafficking in contraband cigarettes. Doesn’t California also lead the nation in anti-tobacco laws? If convicted on all charges, Yee faces well more than 100 years behind bars. However, Yee was released late Wednesday on an unsecured bail of $500,000, with the provision that he is not allowed to leave the state. After all, that seems fair; he is a Senator so he did not have to spend a single night in jail. Surely with credentials such as those he must be a man of his word, someone who would not lie, betray the public trust or make promises that he had no intention of honoring. Oh wait—that is exactly what he is charged with doing.

Is there a double standard? Weigh in with your opinions in the comments section.

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  1. Come on guys, don’t you see the logic in this guys actions? Dry up the market with a complete ban on “assault weapons” and then do what, well sell “assault weapons”. Seems perfectly logical to me….if you are a criminal!! This guy thought he could create perfect market conditions by using his powers of law.

    Any way, I think it would be a great idea for us who live in the dictatorship of comifornia to circulate a thank you card and send it to the senator, oops I mean criminal Yee!

  2. Wow this is a perfect example of how normal law abiding citizens are being restricted of our rights and criminals get away with murder and are being allowed to terrorize… I’m glad they got this crook and hope he rots in jail, but knowing CA celebrity justice he’ll get off on parole, or probation. Oh and by the way, this has been given very little to no air time at all in local media. I’m not surprised after all CA is becoming the state for rich and government dependent poor.

  3. Gotta love California! Very high taxes for scarce services. One of the major “players” behind restrictive gun control measures makes extra money running guns for gangs. Yee just doesn’t want armed law abiding citizens interfering with his friends in the gangs. I am a 54 year old native, looking to escape the People’s Republic of California and move back to America, possibly Wyoming or New Mexico. Nevada and Colorado are already infected by liberal Californians trying to turn those states into California East. It should be a crime punishable by public flogging. California is doomed as long as the Democrats are in power in the State Assembly and Senate, giving all that tax money to their friends instead of using it for it’s intended purpose.

    1. @ Andrew – I’m a few years older than you my brother, and live in the West Los Angeles area ! I have a cousin that has a condo in New Mexico. He is retired here in Santa Monica. I’m thinking seriously about relocating too ! Totally fed up with all the bull shit !

    2. Proselfdefense, it’s good to hear from like-minded individuals. The wife and I looked at Cheyenne, WY. It was incredible. It was like the America we used to know, people with pride in their work and family first attitudes. It was definitely a wake-up call to us, the only down side is the cold winters. The wife grew up in Reno, and I spent a few years in Maine and Alaska, but we are older now and not sure how we’ll adjust. We are going to take a trip to NM to check out life at around 5,000 ft. to get weather that won’t completely fry us as we both hate really HOT weather. Best wishes to you in your quest to find America!

    3. Brother Andrew – Yes it is great to meet like minded real Americans for sure ! Yeah, I can feel you about those winters in the great state of Wyoming. I was raised in Chicago and spent half my life back there, In fact I was there for most of 2012 on the South Side taking care of my 96yr. old mother before she passed and trying to keep a lid on the street I grew up in after her house and a elderly neighbors house got hit by gun fire during a random drive by of a rival set from another street due to a turf war going on. It was renamed Chicagostan, but that’s a whole other story Pal !

      I think my cousin might have a Condo in Santa Fe, NM., fairly sure its not @ 5,000ft. However from my past readings about the state I think Albuquerque is at that desired altitude. I was also thinking about relocating there myself. You will experience some weather, like snow, cold, but not to the extreme as Cheyenne. Good luck to you and your wife ! I guess anywhere east of the San Andreus Fault will work for me…lol

  4. Proverbs 16:18 “Pride goes before destruction,
    a haughty spirit before a fall.”

    There’s something for everyone in the Bible! Including for a Senator.

  5. Aside from the delicious hypocrisy, another amusingly predictable move from the media is the absolute lack of coverage.
    A Republican would have been shamed into political exile.
    DemocRats ‘Suspend until further review.’

    Don’t drop the soap, Yee. I hope you get the maximum penalty, Douche.

    1. I know you meant well, but I would like to amend your comment to, hey Yee, I hope you do drop the soap, several times!!

  6. Just another socialist democrat, Who takes away the rights of others and wants to use his postion for personal gain. Letts hope and pray that Feinstein is the next to go down the toilet! Every law abiding citizen of the U.S. should be able to own a gun or guns of choice! It is a right. I’ll never give up my guns, But as is the case YEE will just get a slap on the wrist with maybe a reduced sentence and do a few months at a club fed instead of a real prison, and still get a pay check

  7. As a California Native I am pissed enough about the lean and restrictions of our rights to finally leave my beloved State. The media is controlled by liberals and the State Government is also. This was not always true in California. It is sad the 8th largest economy in the World is also the most mis-managed of 50 States. A legacy brought on by business crushing policies and just plain ….way too much money and Power in Sacramento to be abused. It is also aided by the average Citizen being oblivious to who is elected. Example: our Two State Senators, Feinstein and Boxer.
    Ms. Feinstein’s only political experience was in San Francisco, Ms. Boxer’s was in Brooklyn N.Y. and they seek to impose those experiences as the norm in the entire State of California. I have watched sadly the decline of every public institution here and it is bordering on criminal———-or as in the case of Mr. Yee… criminal.

  8. Not really suprised. Calif. corruption knows no bounds. How is it that all I hear is CRICKETS from the media.? Its 03-31-14—-not one word!! Its as if he did not exsist!! I would think that it would be a BIG story!! Oh, wait! He’s a public official. We’ll let him go on his own recognizance. He will HONOR that I’m sure. REALLY tired of the lies and cover-ups. OH yea, he’s a DEMOCRAT.. LIAR- CHEAT- CORRUPT– DISHONEST to the core.

  9. no double standard just a class society. the super rich run the show and the rules they set are for us servants not them. and there is not dem/rep left\right. when the cameras are off and the doors close they slap each others back and say ‘we sure put on a good show to get those dumbasses divided and fighting amongst themselves’

  10. Typical Dumbocraps! Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barry Soweto (Barack Obama), and the rest of their ilk need to be thrown to the curb. The Obama Muslim bastard needs to be impeached. When the 11 million pieces of illegal crap are thrown out of this country and people get their heads out of their asses. Then maybe we can reclaim our rightful place in this world, at the top.

  11. The REAL shame is if (AND I DO MEAN IF)
    He will not go a regular prison.He will goto the
    Country Club in Lompoc.Tennis,Three course meals,
    satalite tv,.Basicly anything he wants.Just plan wrong!!!
    Put them in a regular prison,so they can a special friend .
    After all the been screwing us for years.Sorry for the vent
    I”m sick of their B** S***.

  12. This is indeed great news that another anti gun corrupt politician has been caught. Hopefully he will suffer. Unfortunately this will not change anything. U.S. citizens are seen as cattle. The only interest politicians have in us is how to make a profit and keep us docile. Nothing will change in our favor unless we act. Various other things you’ve all heard before.

  13. I, live 80 miles east of senator yee,and hope the prevailing winds, awaken the the voting public the damage this democrat representative has done . I recently joined the N.R.A. It was a choice I made, to have a voice against the overwhelming disinformation flowing from our democrat controlled legislature. We are U.S. citizen’s , residents of the most populous state of this union , California does set precedents, of too many anti- American liberal unconstitutional laws. I believe we are first and formost guaranteed, protection by our U.S. constitution. The trend has been to deconstruct our rights one piece of legislation at a time, the old devide and conquer tactic, and with democratic majority in the state legislature, they have , had their way with us far too long. Yee’s recent arrest has changed that,he is the third Democrat, to be arrested , one has been convicted , mr. Calderon, is under indictment on 26 felony charges, with this recent arrest of mr. yee, the remaining Democrats, are scrambling, to keep those three from the voting chambers, yes believe it or not , all three are still receiving $95,000 salary, and have refused to resign. It all appears they were only representing themselves! God, willing this will be the revelation that the voting public needs to see, to effectively understand , that our great state has been hijacked, by these individuals , for their own agendas, yee’s ,aspirations were Secretary of state, that’s the big fortune cookie jar in the state. With this latest democrate, arrest , we are celebrating , it gives the honest hard working over taxed working man a glimmer of hope,one bad elected official, can impose the loss to these constitutional rights made by real americans. Not self serving power mongering, Johnny come lately , to Rob us of our rights, as americans. ky

  14. The funny thing is you don’t see these stories on nbc, cbs, abc, cnn only Fox News will tell people the truth.

    1. OOOHHH ! That would be a dream come true…another hypocrite ! she must have a Teflon coating on her wide behind, plus she might not be as corrupt as Yee is, or if she is, she knows how to cover her tracks because she has been on the scene for decades, and decades……is it possible to get some of the recent laws repealed that Yee authored and helped pass ? My civics is a little rusty these days on ideas like this.

    2. SPOT ON!! She can retire with the $1.3 billion her husband will make selling off USPS property. But she didn’t know anything about the real estate deal, just ask her.

  15. Rats are not solitary. I say that we should clean out nest and reclaim California from the progressives who are bent on enslaving Californians.

  16. California is a land of contradictions. I went to work for a couple of weeks in Bakersfield. I’m from Texas. We had to have classes on all the restrictive labor and safety laws. Ok no problem. We are working in a consulting role – get there – if an hourly employee works more than 8 hour in a day they get OT – wrong… they just have them clock in half a day then pay the rest cash. Safety? That was where it really got strange – bare 440 volt wiring running every where…

  17. Christie is wrongly implicated for knowing about A LANE CLOSURE on a BRIDGE and it is on the air for WEEKS. This guy schemes to give ROCKET LAUNCHERS to Asian gangs, And STILL, Left wing main-stream media ignores this story. Any takers? Diane Sawyer? Rachel Maddow? Anyone? (crickets chirping)

  18. I hope he gets 20 years in divided up between the state and fed pen. If it was any one of us doing these traitor acts, we would be accused of terrorism charges. One of his FBI contacts involved arranging for the terrorists to get guns, rifles, and heavy duty weapons! Wth? He is a traitor to the USA and should be treated as such.

  19. Great article. Can’t wait to see extensive coverage on CNN/msnbc/fFox. Only to be rivaled by some `missing` plane 5000 miles away from usa.

  20. Why did you have to put a disclaimer at the beginning of this article? What are you afraid of? I’m tired of disclaimers. Grow some chest hairs, say what you mean, mean what you say, be an elephant faithful 100%. I skip every ad and every article that has a disclaimer. If I want the truth I’ll get it.

  21. This is exactly the type of shit that needs to be shown to the public. How a person that is in office can be released on such a FAIR BOND, for alleged crimes that a normal person in almost any state (let alone CALIFORNIA the Golden Gulag) would have most likely been denied outright the opportunity for bail or at the least would have been charged an exorbitant and well over the fair amount to bail out. America it is time to open our eyes as a unified entity to the corruption and outright blatant disregard of our rights and freedoms. It is time for Americans to stand up and march on our officials. God Bless a FREE and FAIR AMERICA

  22. I am impressed that you added this story to your web site. Will you now sell ammo to us in New York? AND firearms gain? Too many companies that we have done business with in the past, have surrendered to the Hate America Crowd, and the re-writers of the Constitution. My right to possess legal firearms was ratified on December 15th,1791. Many died for those rights and our freedoms. Stop complying with the liberal, socialist ,marxist ,communist ,fascist, DEMOCRAT hubris.

    1. Even you don’t understand the constitution; “legal firearms” means those that are allowed by law, but most gun laws “infringe” on the right to bear arms.

    2. Yes I do mac buddy. … ALL firearms are allowed by The Law written on December 15th,1791, so therefore ALL ARE LEGAL to have buy, sell, trade, inherit, gift, will, improve, or modify. THAT LAW,The Second Amendment, as written, is sworn on to be upheld. So mac buddy, go parse elsewhere.

  23. I would say this guy is a typical, run of the mill demorat d. b he is probably one of frankensteins and bloombergs a list members because turds of a color float the bowl togerther.

  24. Wow bunch of California hater’s, and unions provide good wages for us poor folk. all over this country.

    1. A couple of anomalies in your comment: You think your paycheck comes from the unions? You call people getting good wages “poor folk?” You think like a Democrat. California is a great land to live in, except for the people administrating it.

  25. this guy should be trided by the people he has hurt with his laws and lies thy should be able to hang him like thy did of old days for the crimes he has commited against them and done in public so the rest of the courpt polit see and will know what will happen to them from now on when thy screw over the american people. thy raise there hands and take and oath to protect and abide by the constitution then once in power thy betray us all the time its time it ends or it will be to late and sorry about the spelling

  26. Thank you, Cheaperthandirt, for keeping us informed. We won’t hear about this scumbag from the mainstream media.

    1. Living in the midwest you don’t hear stories about people like the senator. If it wasn’t for CTD, never would have known. The left coast is a bastion of two faced anti-gunners-Nancy Pelosi with her own cpl voting to prohibit he constituents from having the same rights and contantly railing against gunownwers, Rosie Odonnel crapping all over Tom Selleck for his positive gun views when he was a guest on her show, only to find out she employs several heavily armed body guards for herself, her wife and her children. Where does it end? Do as I say, not as I do? Surveys show guns in the hands of law abiding properly trained Americans have been the driving force behind dropping crime rates in states across the country that follow the constituion. This week the rescue and arrest of a Home Depot security guard who was being stabbed repeatedly by a junkie with dirty used syringes/needles as he was trying to steal a drill was made by a shopper with a CPL who intervened and saved the guard without firing a shot. They are checking for blood born pathogens on the junkies dirty needles. The law abiding Heroic American who saved the guards life in the words of the cheif of police, chose not to be identified. He said he was just glad he was able to help saye the guards life and humbly said no to the suggestion of receiving a life safety award for his heroic actions. Properly trained, properly armed, used his State required training and never fired a shot- Wow Ms. Pelosi and Odonnell, if the same guy was after your purse and went to stick you with a blood filled syringe, maybe you could just ask him to stop and be a nice boy, tell him you know how he feels and if he votes for you he could become a member of the 1 in 7 americans on public assistance. When desperate people can’t get what they want or need, they will just go out and take/steal/rob or even kill to get what they want. There is only one way to stop a person like that, having the means and ability to defend yourself, family or others like the security guard from a person with no respect or value for a human life except his own. People are fed up with crooked two faced politicians enough now that it doesn’t matter what party you are, they want the right person with the right morals in positions of power. Bye bye you lying two faced political hacks, the republicrats are going to be voting for the person not the party as we have already seen accross the country.

  27. Why the surprise? As California goes, so goes the country. It’s a one party state, run by corrupt people bought and paid for by corrupt unions. It used to be a good place to live.

  28. well, there you go. a democrat that knows what is best for us poor u.s. citizens. now that’s a laugh. yeah he will bargain his way out of prison by giving up the rest of the scum he was doing business with. maybe ckt will do the taxpayers of California a favor and make fish food out him. now maybe feds should look into that idiot polsei she’s from California isn’t she.

  29. This is just one more example of the lying cheating government that now Lord over us. Adolf Hitler had the same ambitions. Take the guns away from the upstanding law abiding people so that we are easier victims for the criminals who help put this POS in office. Unfortunately the voters will probably put him back again. Chicago re-elected their governor after he was caught buying crack from undercover DEA . Mr. Marion Barry and Mr. Yee should be sharing a prison cell. Politicians and sports figures can get away with pretty much anything. Unless they are honest like Jimmy Carter. The real question here is what will be done about this corrupt lying piece of trash ???

  30. does anyone else think its time to state to all that our constitutional rights are non – negotiable. i think the time is now before it is to late, with the likes of this senator what else do we have in store for us.

  31. He was willing to sell to Islamic terrorists so why hasn’t been charged as a terrorist??? I say that he should be charged as a TERRORIST, AND TREATED AND PRSPROSECUTED AS SUCH. LOCK HIM UP AND THROW AWAY THE KEY.

  32. I have to say – being in the middle of things – while we all assume this guy is a complete douchebag, and he probably is, I am removing myself from this mailing list as I’m sick of buying from Cheaper Than Dirt who publishes all this polotical mud in the hopes of further lining their own pockets.

    Just sell the freaking guns and ammo – quit polluting the waters further.

    You are only preaching to the converted and the annoyed.

    1. Hey Stupid…Shut Your Mouth! The Rest Of Us Like To Hear The truth! You Should Be with The Other Treasonous idiots!

    2. People like Bill W and their lack of education, lack of common sense and obvious lack of fortitude are the very reason why the socialist democrat party and criminals like Yee are taking over. Keep publishing the “political mud” and hopefully one day we will wash the mud off.

    3. Bill W sounds like such a little crybaby, doesn’t he?

      “I don’t like it when somebody publishes details about corruption, waaaaah!”

      Bill W, if it weren’t for Cheaper Than Dirt “polluting the waters” as you call it, many people on their mailing list would not even be getting the full story on how corrupt and hypocritical about guns this guy Leland Yee has been. So quit being such a crybaby about it, please. The media is slanted heavily to the left in our country. They have not mentioned a word about Leland Yee’s arrest on their national news broadcasts yet, simply because Leland Yee is a Democrat. Instead, they want to keep doing stories about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and whether he knew about some lanes of traffic getting closed down unnecessarily, because Chris Christie is a Republican. Leland Yee was arrested less than a week ago, and the bridge story with Chris Christie is over five months old. Leland Yee’s story involves illegal arms trafficking and organized crime gangs, and Chris Christie’s story involves a traffic jam over a bridge. And here you are making your whiny comments about Cheaper Than Dirt like a little crybaby. Of course Cheaper Than Dirt is going to publish stories about political corruption like this one when they happen – because the leftist media sure won’t, and what you call “lining their own pockets” is really nothing more than running a business that stays in business by making profits, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. So take all of your crybaby comments about Cheaper Than Dirt and put them where the sun don’t shine. You are probably some kind of professional leftist paid internet troll or whatever anyway. You are the one who is throwing the mud in here too, not Cheaper Than Dirt.

    4. I’m smiling. Bunch of bitter, scared, dried up old white guys frothing at the mouth if someone doesn’t drink their brand of Kool Aid.

      D4U – “Treasonous”? You are one insightful, articulate individual. Glad you have the vote sir. You’re not much of an American though. Not when you spit on all the soldiers who have fought and died to protect all Americans right to free speech. You need to look hard in a mirror sir. Or think before you post – you are being unamerican.

      Darryll – Way to argue an intelligent point without being insulting – someone has a different point of view than you and Rush Limbaugh! GASP! I need to be strung up as too! Wow, you must be right – I’m the uneducated one here…….

      Youdon’tknowme – my favorite! Your whole post is a shining example of hypocrisy and ignorance.

      1) “You are probably some kind of professional leftist paid internet troll or whatever anyway.”

      – Nah, I’m a middle of the road, middle aged, white guy in his 50’s who just wants to buy guns and ammo without all the BS from Both Sides! Of course, guys like you can’t hear that – I have to be demonized if I don’t spew forth from your playbook.

      2) “So take all of your crybaby comments” “You are the one who is throwing the mud in here.”

      – This is the best! On one hand you accuse me of mud slinging (you might want to Google the term and reread my post bucko), yet you sling mud at me throughout your post! So either you are a hypocrite or just plain stupid……. You can choose.

      3) “many people on their mailing list would not even be getting the full story”

      – You’re kidding yourself man.

      – Contradictory though it may be, at least your post tried, between your frothing and gnashing teeth no doubt, between your insults and combination of preaching and pleading, to speak to my point – which I thought was clear enough –

      I am sick of retailers using a political bully pulpit to SELL THEIR PRODUCTS.

      CTD posts these articles to (correct or not – I make no claims on the twit Yee’s guilt or innocence – these guys are all corrupt in my book) keep their customers fearful, distracted and BUYING MORE GUNS AND AMMO. Just LIKE CNN, FOX NEWS and all the rest do to SELL THEIR PRODUCTS

      I’ll say one last thing to fall on deaf ears. I”ve been a Chris Christie fan for a long time. I hope the guy is innocent, I like direct, tough, git’r done people. But Yee is 1 of 120 state congressmen in CA and 1 of 435 state senators in the country while Christie is a Governor with presidential aspirations. Of course politicians and the press are going to have a field day. Why should anything change when everyone blindly follows where the the Media and Marketing consultant money leads us?

      Why use your brain when you can just regurgitate what CNN and FOX tell us in 30 second sound bites.

      Just look at all the vitriol in these comments.

  33. If I could add anything to this discussion, it would be that Yee’s partner in crime, Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow, has been publicly praised for changing his evil ways by none other than Diane “Nobody should be allow to carry a gun except me” Feinstein.

  34. It is interesting to note that Yee’s rabid anti-gun agenda was supported by an arm of the Tong, a viciously violent criminal organization. Why would violent criminals FAVOR gun control? Because such laws serve to render helpless their intended victims! An epiphany for me– I well knew that gun control benefits criminals, but it hadn’t occurred to me that they would support it through political means. It makes perfect sense. I had previously thought of the real forces in the gun-ban movement, behind all the deluded dupes and the simply power-crazed (the same people who want to tell you that you can’t buy a 20-ounce diet coke because it’s “too sugary”) only as those who have any agenda that they want to force on their fellow citizens through the power of government and that they believe to be so heinous to those other citizens as to engender mass armed resistance. It has been true since the beginning of history that the first step by any would-be tyrant is to disarm his subjects.

  35. Is there any difference between this clown and say, John McCain? I don’t see any. Whose toes did he step on?

  36. would this open up a challenge to help repeal all the crap laws against the 2nd amendmant and freedom that he signed off on or championed. conflict of interest?

  37. On another subject: Solar panels. I have my own setup, which works quite well. I make more power than I use, but there is a problem. The system I have has an inverter under each panel. The output on each inverter is 220v, and each feeds into a common trunk line. The problem I wish to overcome is that the inverters require a back feed from the electric co to tickle them into sending power back into the electric grid. Therefor when the grid power is off, the panels are still producing, but their production can not get past the inverter for me to use. Anyone have an idea on how to tickle the inverters so that I can use the solar panel production, when the electric grid is down?

  38. You got it right, Dave. My local NRA chapter has me hooked into the latest legislation, and the amount of bills in the California state legislature that had to do with curtailing legal gun and ammunition ownership has been outrageous. Yee’s name was stamped on most of those bills.

    Yee seemed to make outlawing the means to shoot a firearm his own vendetta against legal, law-abiding gun owners. I had been following his idiotic bills for several years and would have excoriated him; however, he is not my representative in Sacramento, and as such, my rants against him would have fallen on his deaf ears or those of his office staff.

    Needless to say, it was a pleasant surprise to see that the man’s hypocrisy re gun ownership has finally been unmasked. I hope he snares a long prison sentence, but knowing how much corruption there is in Sacramento, I am not holding my breath.

    What galls me is the thought that old Leland will still probably gather his monthly pay checks while in prison and his retirement checks when he gets out. I hope this doesn’t happen, but if it does, it is yet another slap in the face for us taxpayers.

  39. Its funny I have never heard of any of these charges in any local news stories or shows…Could it be because he is a Democrat

  40. Yee perfectly fits the old adage of; those who shout the loudest or protest to much are usually the worst offender. Anyone remember Liberal Democrat Alan Cranston? He had to resign from the CA Senate. He pocketed $850,00 from his involvement in the Keating S&L Scandal. His statement after his conviction went something like this. The public has a short memory, in two years they will forget everything that has happened, and I will run and regain my seat in the CA Senate. I am 80 years old, and yes both parties can have members that are involved in chicanery. My wife and I have been Democrats most of our lives, but we have found, by watching over the years that it is heavenly weighted to the Liberal Democrat side.

    1. I live in this hell whole of California or should I call it the peoples republik of Kalifornia. This guy will get off and run again for office and get re-elected. The thing is we all need to watch the other hand Obama and Holder are doing this for some reason. This needs to be done but there is some distraction also going on here.

    2. Yes, you have got that right, a COMMUNIST. General folks don’t recognize what’s been happening for many decades. I for one, believe McCarthy was correct in the 50’s. No ? Look around –

  41. Nother ‘do as I say, not as I do’ liberal anti-gun politician.

    Reminds me of another liberal California democrat, US Senator Diane Findstein who doesn’t think we as private citizens should have guns and does whatever she can to restrict us from owning and carrying them… of course she herself is responsible enough to have a concealed carry permit for her own protection.

  42. Perhaps when such guns were inevitably and publicly used in crimes, he could then (from a distance) use that as fodder for further gun control laws! Talk about playing both sides, win-win situations! If you look closely, you’ll see that leftists always play things so that they win one way or the other. Only conservatives think in terms of win/lose, and they usually lose.

  43. The only part of this story that surprises me is that the O. administration didn’t make Yee the national gun control Czar, and allowed the FBI to file charges against him.

    Probably just an oversight.

  44. The libs and dems, ( calif. is a one-party state) continues to elect and re-elect corrupt politicians like yee, calderon, wright, boxer, lee, and steinberg,( likely involved too). It is simply amazing how much of this crap the moron voters will accept. yee needs to take a ride on ‘ol sparky. He is the best example why citizens must be armed in today’s wretched society.

  45. This is a prerequisit to an appointment with the Obama administration… Dems are falling dpwn all over the country Yay!

  46. I heard a Leland Yee sound bite played on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show this week. Leland Yee was speaking to the media sometime in the recent past in this sound bite – I think it was on National Public Radio – about how nobody needs to have a “military style” firearm – what the anti-gun libtards have been demonizing as “assault weapons” for years and years now. In reality, these are firearms which those of us who know what we are talking about concerning guns would simply just call semi-automatic firearms.

    Then it turns out that while Leland Yee was publicly railing to the media against California residents being able to legally own “military style” firearms, Leland Yee was telling an undercover FBI agent behind closed doors in San Francisco that he can procure two million bucks worth of actual military grade firearms, specifically select-fire M-16 rifles, fully automatic weapons, that is, and some type of shoulder-fired rocket launchers on top of that. (RPG-7’s maybe? Most of us can only experience a weapon like this in video games.) And we also know that Leland Yee was not bluffing, because he had connections with this arms dealer.

    Wow, talk about a hypocrite with a capital “H” letter there. Anti-gun people used to always want to talk about the so-called “gun show loophole” just a few years ago, but they don’t talk about it as much now, because it has been proven time and time again to be much ado about nothing. I think that we pro-gun people need to start talking about the very real “corrupt Democrat politician machine gun and rocket launcher loophole” every time these anti-gun people try to say that more “sensible” gun laws are needed.

  47. Ah, the hypocrisy of Dem Dems. I did hear it on the news here in Cali but had he been a Republican. OMG, the outrage would have been deafening. As it is the silence is as deafening. Yee is yet another example of professional politicians who care not for the well being of the public they claim to serve. ” I really want to give back to my community” they say while their self serving greed and moral superiority lifts them above accusation. Hopefully he will pay for his crimes however unlikely. At least he’ll be out of the game.

  48. We suffer under these clowns. They create laws to restrict our rights yet break those same laws. The same is being done at the federal level
    Socialism is for the people not the socialist!

  49. It is unlikely that it occurred to this gentleman that his actions were counter to his principles. Don’t lose sight of the fact that Liberal extremist gun grabbers have little interest in stopping the criminal use of guns. Their focus is the prevention of ownership by law-abiding citizens.

    1. Exactly jib quinn! I grew up in PA and have lived in CA for the past 30 years. Although I was in high school in the 70’s it was not uncommon for a student to drive a truck to school with a gun rack in the back window. Usually because they were going hunting right after school. This happened all the time and no one thought twice about it. There was never a problem with it because Dad’s made sure their kids knew gun safety and they were taught to respect firearms. You hit the nail on the head with the intent of the liberal left, these guys are as evil as they come.

    2. The man is not a “gentleman.” He is a corrupt, lying snake who sold his soul just to get more votes.

    3. hey jib, the politicians of today don’t have principles. They only look out for themselves and live on the premis … do as i say, not as i do.
      Time for AMERICA to wake the hell up!

  50. I understand he and his fellow “demoncates” will continue to get paid while they wait to be “cleared of all charges” and be free to walk the streets. If it were you or me we would be in jail or worse. Get system.

  51. This just shows why the people in charge can not be trusted, it also goes with my theory that no one should be allowed to work for the government for more than 5 years and be allowed to be recycled like governors. This would also save millions on retirements.

  52. And i forgot to mention……..Yee had no concerns that the full auto weapons and rocket launchers might fall into the hands of Islamic terrorist groups in Africa. He stated that Africa was a blooming market for international illegal gun runnining…….i think that qualifies as racism.
    That’s what the Democrats would charge if Yee had been a Republican.

  53. Let’s not leave out the fact that the firearms he wanted to traffic into the US and Africa were fully automatic weapons……around 2 million dollars worth initially. Then there is the 2.5 million dollars in ammunition for those full auto military weapons.
    Yee had no concerns about obtaining shoulder-fired rocket launchers as well when undercover FBI agents asked. (Gun show loophole?)
    Yee is of Chinese descent and he felt comfortable dealing directing with the head gangster of the gangs of Chinatown. The sources of the munitions were from mainland Red China,the Ukraine and Russia. (Which suggests that the shoulder-fired rocket launchers were to be RPG’s…..Yee was willing to bring RPG’s into our communities)
    Take note that neither NBC nor CBS national news programs-evening or morning variety- have mentioned the arrest of Yee or the charges.

    1. old dorgunr – You are absolutely right….now that I think about it, none of the major news networks have covered this ! But to MSNBC credit, one of the liberal anti-gun pundits did cover the story in great detail as I recall, by having an independent news writer from the Bay area on the show.

    2. Also what are the chances of getting some of his bills that he wrote, voted on and passed by those Morons in the State Senate repealed on some technicality by being passed would have profited his nefarious scheme to enrich himself, the communist regime In China, and the organized Chinese crime element ? Sorry Senator Yee, if I sound or this might be interpreted as Racist, but you can’t play the poor little immigrate race card anymore……lol…..after he does his time, lets deport him !

  54. I have said it many,many, times AMERIKA, has the best legal system,MONEY can buy. This dirtbag, will probably “Disappear”, very soon.

    1. To JerryJ — I doubt that he will disappear but the charges against him will. Leaving him free to stay in office and purse his political career.

    2. Fruedian slip? “… purse his political career.” If so, very appropriate. Great way to start the day, thanks.

    3. He probably thought he’d never be caught (or investigated for that matter). As I one commenter noted, he conspired with gangsters and terrorists to smuggle illegal machine guns and shoulder fired rockets into our communities. Now that he’s been caught, it should be real interesting to hear what kind of info he volunteers to cut a deal. Like Benghazi, does the gun running rot go to the top?

    4. Don’t count on his disappearing, Jerry. Guys like Leland Yee tend to keep their rotten fingers stuck in the public eye indefinitely because there are far too many voter-morons who keep his kind in office. In Yee’s case, those voters are from the very liberal bay area.

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