New Year and New Firearm Resolutions

Cheaper Than Dirt took an office poll on Friday and asked our staff of gun experts what their firearm New Year’s resolutions are for 2012. We thought we would share a few of the better ones with you. Do you know what your firearm or shooting resolutions are for 2012? Comment below and let us know! CTD David and Mike both said they want to get in fighting shape this year. Mike told me that having thousands of dollars worth of gear to carry around in a SHTF scenario would do him no good if he’s out of breath after 100 yards of running and gunning. They also want the ability to have a strong grip, control recoil, and move faster. This is a resolution that many of us should probably consider. I’ll just tell the wife I’m getting in shape for her, not my guns. CTD Casey says he wants to be as practical as he can be. Each firearm needs to have a purpose, and there is no need for two or three of the same thing. While he is correct, technically, there is no immediate need; but some of us like to have backups for our backups anyway. CTD Ben and Brett say they finally want a suppressor. I hope they get one, that way I can borrow their guns and have a blast at the range. CTD Martin has three resolutions, besides the obvious one, which is to go and shoot more, he wants to buy a new firearm, and take at least one person shooting who has never shot before. This is an excellent idea. I think we all need to take a noob out to shoot at least once this year. CTD Suzanne has a few goals in mind as well. She says she wants to become a better shot with a pistol, build her first .223 AR platform rifle, specifically an SBR, and go hunting for the first time. I think I can help her out with at least two of those. CTD Chris has an awesome list. He wants to buy an M1 Garand (agreed), a .22 suppressor, build an ammo fort, buy a .308 platform rifle, and buy a few more 9×18 pistols. I think CTD Chris must make more than I do.

So tell us what your firearm resolutions are for 2012. We only have 12 months until the Mayans say we are all kaput. You might want to get a few things out of the way before the fall of civilization. Enjoy yourselves this year out there and be safe!

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  1. im thinkin 90 million gun owners mad as hell at this obamanation we have in dc and vote nra keep all of our rights and amen sivispace,obama/holder

  2. My reslolution is to get rid of the Obama-Holder crowd be any legal means available. The destruction of America is over. America is back as of tomorrow.

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