New Year, New Democratic Push for Assault Weapons Ban

Second Amendment document

It is the time of year where most of us are planning for 2016 and committing to our resolutions for the New Year—Democrats are planning more gun control.

Perhaps you are planning to run a marathon, lose a few extra pounds, or cut your tactical reload times to up your performance at a 3-gun match. If you are a Democrat in Congress, you want to once again beat the Assault Weapons Ban drum. I understand that it is election season, but do they really think they will have any more success than they have in the past?

Second Amendment document

That is a hard question to answer. On the surface, there is little chance of this bill going a further than the previous attempts. The democrats supporting the bill will likely get a few donations from the regular donors and free airtime from the gun control media to bolster their reelection chances.

The danger is timing. Sure the bill does not stand a chance today, but it looms as threat. It is a hidden dagger waiting to be drawn at an opportune moment. Imagine a 9/11-type scenario or mass-shooting event that shocks the conscious of the nation. That moment of shock is the most dangerous. That is the time they could strike and slip their dagger into the ribs of the Second Amendment, effectively gutting it forever.

Make no mistake; Cheaper Than Dirt! is in the business of selling guns, ammunition, and other hunting, fishing, camping and survival supplies. Although I am sure I will be accused of it, this is not an appeal to run out and buy a new cache of guns or a pallet of ammunition—although I assure you, the boss will not stop you if that is your pleasure and you are in compliance with all local laws…

I ask, Sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few politicians.” – George Mason, co-author of the Second Amendment.

This is an appeal to get involved in the political process at all levels. The next President will have a strong influence on the direction of the Supreme Court for years, perhaps even decades. If we lose the battle for the Second Amendment, our chance of ever getting our rights back is next to nil.

The danger is also present at much more than just the federal level. States and local governments are chipping away at our rights as well. California will be able to walk in and seize a person’s guns on nothing more than what amounts to hearsay as of January 1, 2016. Virginia is cancelling all of its reciprocity agreements in February 2016, and Chicago is imposing taxes on each firearm sold and every bullet sold within its jurisdiction.

Americans have the right and advantage of being armed, unlike the people of other countries, whose leaders are afraid to trust them with arms.” – James Madison.

Even the liberal leaning New York Times had to admit its polling results in December 2015 (page 23) showed the majority of Americans are against an Assault Weapons Ban, but the will of the people is least of the gun control lawmakers’ concern.

The Assault Weapons Ban of 2015

Let me step down off my soapbox and get to the subject of this article, H.R. 4269, “To regulate assault weapons, to ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited, and for other purposes.”

Other purposes…?

The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere restrains evil interference – they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good.” – George Washington.

H.R. 4269 directly counters the wording of the Second Amendment. Its only purpose is to infringe on your rights by outlawing the majority of the top selling handguns, shotguns, and rifles being sold today—and it does not stop there.

Magazine, Accessory Ban?

The bill uses vague language that could be interpreted in even more sinister ways. H.R. 4269 would ban any device or part that could “accelerate the rate of fire of a semiautomatic rifle. What does that mean? Could a magazine accelerate the rate of fire? How about a single- versus two-stage trigger? Every part would be subject to the whim and will of the BATFE to decide based on vague language in the bill. If H.R. 4269 was passed, the will of the people would be in the hands of a few bureaucrats and political appointees.

No Transfers

The Assault Weapons Ban of 2015 differs from the 1994 version in that they are seeking to ensure a complete elimination of the firearms subjected either immediately or over time. The 2015 version purposes to do this by making it “unlawful for a person to import, sell, manufacture, transfer, or possess, in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce, a semiautomatic assault weapon.”

No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.” – Thomas Jefferson.

That means the intent of this bill to grab all of the guns. Perhaps they would not get the guns today, but in time without the ability to sell or pass them down to heirs, they would get the guns through attrition over time. This is not as simple as you can keep yours; this is a threat to the future of firearm ownership for our future generations. Quite simply, in time, H.R. 4269 would be the complete demise of the Second Amendment.

The Future

The Democrats have shown their hand. Their plan is simple: make 2016 an election about gun control. If they have their way, we will lose some of our rights immediately, others over time. Either way, the Second Amendment would be feckless.

I am a bill cartoon
While the defenders of the Second Amendment have seen significant victories over the past year a couple of recent losses are troubling.

The sponsors of the Assault Weapons Ban of 2015 (including Debbie Wasserman Shultz, the head of the Democratic National Committee) fail to acknowledge that firearm homicide rates are the lowest in recorded history. During the last debate, Hillary stated there were 33,000 gun deaths in an attempt to bolster the numbers. However, she was less than honest about the breakdown of those numbers.

Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed, as they are in almost every country in Europe.” – Noah Webster.

In 2013 there were 33,636 gun deaths. Over 21,000 of those were suicides. Over 3,000 were the result of confrontations with law enforcement. Other deaths were attributed to self-defense situations, accidents, and unknown causes that could have been suicide or something more nefarious. Once you go through all of the numbers, only about 25% of the 33k+ that Clinton cited were homicides. That’s about a maximum of 8,000 of the estimated 270 million firearms privately owned in the United States—with only a small percentage of the firearms used in the homicides having been legally purchased in the first place.

Act Now

You have a choice. Make gun control politicians forfeit their positions at the ballot box or risk losing your Second Amendment rights forever. The will of the people and the crime statistics both show there is no reason to infringe on the Second Amendment. Guns are not the problem. Guns never have been the problem and only threaten the power of those who would prevent private citizens from ownership.

How will you vote? What can you do in addition to voting to ensure the defeat of future gun legislation? Share your suggestions in the comment section.

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  1. I appreciate all the views and ideas being The great thing about the internet, is it allows you to communicate with other people you would never otherwise come across in your normal life. The bad thing is, you are faceless while doing so creating a new dynamic in communication. My parents always taught me to be respectful of other people, including those with different ideas. Borrowing a movie quote from Top Gun, ” Remember, at the end of the day we’re all on the same team”. If we want to keep our second amendment rights we must find a way to work together. Please stay informed, stock up and VOTE. Long live the Republic.

    1. Texas AR, your comments are well spoken. Unfortunately, some people use the the ‘faceless’ aspect of such blogs to attack others with impunity.
      We should all be respectful of others opinions. An old quote goes:”Everyone is entitled to their opinion, no matter how stupid.” I cannot ascribe this quote to any one person, though I have heard it most of my life. There are those, who’s opinions are ill-though out, uninformed and yes, stupid. They are still entitled to those opinions and to be free of being slandered, cursed at and such. Too, many times in this blog and others, people’s character has been called into doubt without the slightest evidence that person is indeed who or what he claims to be. I have always taken a person’s claims at face value until I have evidence to refute their claims.

  2. This is some very dangerous stuff proposed by some very uneducated individuals (they still claim the asshole in Sandy Hook used an AR, this is not true! He had his mothers AR in the trunk, but only used semi-automatic handgun in the assault).. If you live in Georgia you should start writing letters, sending faxes and e-mails and making phone calls to get this thing shut down now…. Semper Fi..

    Read the Gun ‘Seizure’ Bill Introduced by Democrats That Will Likely Send a Chill Down the Spines of Georgia Gun Owners
    Jan. 14, 2016 11:29am Billy Hallowell
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    Six Democrats in Georgia’s state House of Representatives unveiled a bill on Jan. 11 that would “require seizure” of “certain weaponry and ammunition” that is deemed as contraband, effectively banning “assault weapons” and “large-capacity magazines.”

    In this photo illustration, a Rock River Arms AR-15 rifle is seen with ammunition on December 18, 2012 in Miami, Florida. The weapon is similar in style to the Bushmaster AR-15 rifle that was used during a massacre at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. Firearm sales have surged recently as speculation of stricter gun laws and a re-instatement of the assault weapons ban following the mass shooting. (Credit: Getty Images)
    Getty Images
    HB 731, which is sponsored by Mary Margaret Oliver, Carolyn Hugley, Pat Gardiner, Stacey Abrams, Dar’shun Kendrick and Dee Dawkins-Haigler, would amend current law to “prohibit the possession, sale, transport, distribution or use of certain assault weapons, large capacity magazines, armor-piercing bullets, and incendiary .50 caliber bullets.”

    The text of the bill goes on to say that certain weapons would be required to be seized by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, with increased penalties for use and possession of machine guns, among other related regulations.

    Information posted to sponsor Oliver’s website clearly notes that HB 731, which was introduced on the first day of the 2016 session, would “ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.”

    In the same statement, the Democratic representative made her stance on the sale of certain guns more than clear.

    “Georgia needs debate about these weapons which are only used for rapidly killing people,” the statement read. “Assault weapons are not necessary for deer hunting.”

    The text of HB 731 proclaims that the sale, possession or distribution of “any assault weapon” will come at a profound cost.

    “No person shall possess, distribute, transport, transfer, or sell any assault weapon,” it reads. “Any person who distributes, transports, or imports an assault weapon into this state shall be guilty of a felony and, upon conviction thereof, shall be punished by imprisonment for not less than two nor more than ten years.”
    (They even want non-citizens of the State of Georgia, locked up if they have one of these guns on board just passing through)

    The proposed bill goes on for almost two pages, explaining and specifically naming the types of guns that are included in the sponsors’ definition of an “assault weapon.” Here’s just a portion of that section of the bill:

    (A number of specific guns and manufacturers was listed here by name and weapon type….

    The proposed measure also defines a “large-capacity magazine” to be “any firearm magazine, belt, drum, feed strip, or similar device that has the capacity of, or can be readily restored or converted to accept, more than ten rounds of ammunition.”

    The text gets very specific when it comes to how large-capacity magazines will be handled under the law, if, indeed, HB 731 is passed, detailing the imposed punishments for those who still have them in their possession after Jan. 1, 2017.

    “Any person who possesses a large capacity magazine on or after January 1, 2017, that was obtained by such person prior to July 1, 2016, shall be fined not more than $100.00 for a first offense and shall be guilty of a felony for any subsequent offense,” it reads. “Any person who possesses a large capacity magazine on or after January 1, 2017, that was obtained by such person on or after July 1, 2016, shall be guilty of a felony.”

    Those who do possess either an assault weapon or a large-capacity magazine, as defined in the text of the bill, on July 1, 2016, will need to either modify the weapon to magazine to “render it permanently inoperable or such that it is no longer an assault weapon or large capacity magazine” or give the firearm over to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to be destroyed; gun owners will have an Oct. 31, 2016 deadline to do so.

    Read the text of HB 731 for yourself here. And find out more about “assault rifles” here.

    (H/T: Breitbart)

  3. this is for damien & dark angel, with those names no wonder you don’t get what my message is about. i’m trying to get people to wake up, get off their duffs, and vote. it is OUR responsibility as citizens of what use to be a great country. i stated some reasons why a lot of people don’t vote. it doesn’t matter if you believe in our FATHER or not, HE is still there, and we will ALL have to answer for what we did & didn’t do to protect what HE has given us. i don’t appreciate being cursed at, i didn’t curse at you. you both can carry on your arguement if you want too, i believe you both like argueing, but don’t include me in your disrespectful war. PLEASE, don’t respond to this statement.

    1. Lady and I use that term in it’s broadest possible meaning. I do not use profanity or curse at anyone. My comments were to stop people from going on rants against those they do not know. Also, I am a Jew. We Jews are about 8,000 years closer to G-d than anyone else. Furthermore, do not paint me with the broad strokes that you use in placing blame for cursing at you. I DID NOT DO IT, I DO NOT NEED TO DO IT!! And, finally, Dark Angel is a name I picked up as a mercenary and if you knew anything at all, you would Know that Michael, an Arcangel is at times referred to as ‘Dark Angel’.

  4. @Damian, indeed, you know what goes on in the White House and State Department innermost offices, huh?

    I ain’t voting for her. If she gets the nomination, I’ll write in Mickey Mouse. I said it several times, I’m voting for Sanders.
    Both parties can limit any damage from him, but also send a message about what I think of their candidates.

    I’m being honest, your reading comprehension is horrendous, take a remedial reading course so that you can comprehend what others are writing to you, rather than inventing nonsense.
    I mean, yeah, I have my moments of miscomprehension, but I have dyslexia and it creeps out when I’m tired.

  5. @Dark Angel, I guess calling someone a caca poopy pants is totally out then, huh? 😉

    Sorry about the keyboards, folks, but you know you shouldn’t be drinking around a computer.

  6. @Damian, for once, we agree fully!!!
    My wife, when we first married, identified as a democrat, but utterly refused to vote, “or I’ll be called to jury duty”.
    Duty is something important, it isn’t a pleasure cruise, it isn’t watering the flowers, it’s a duty to one’s community, county/parish, state and nation.
    In the military, we had a fine sense of duty. To this day, 34+ years later, I still can’t understand her view. I sat on every jury I was appointed to and lost serious money, but it was a *duty*.
    As is voting.
    She calls herself a democrat, I tell her, “You ain’t schmidt, you don’t vote”.
    OK, the spelling wasn’t precise, but we have a profanity filter and all. 😉
    Gonna hit the hay now, as I’m mid-shift.

  7. @Damian, do take a remedial reading course at your local community college, you are utterly incompetent at reading! You put words out as a quote that I’ve never typed, proving your illiteracy!
    But, if you want what I am smoking, go to the store and pick up a pack of Luckies. That’s Lucky Strike, if you haven’t figured that out, with your lack of reading comprehension.
    Whatinhell are you going on about Libya (you’re so illiterate that you can’t even spell the place’s name correctly)? So, Clinton, as Secretary of State was supposed to grave an M4 and defend an embassy that she had no clue, per 20 GOP lead hearings on the matter, was under attack? Dude, you’re seriously off your meds!
    I would really love to hear how Sanders is going to give Louisiana to Clinton, I guess it’s something that you came up with after you forgot to take your meds again.
    I see that you failed sex education as well, as he put the cigar up a different hole. Then, gave it to Arafat.
    Go take your lithium, you’re off the deep end and can’t comprehend plain English.

    1. Dude i am 100% gun toting god fearing conservative republican please just stfu man you are getting insulting now for no reason .

    2. @ Wzrd ,
      ok liberal hillary lover we are done typing to each other seek therapy she was watching it go down on cc tv at state dept and lied how many times now it was over a vid among her many many other lies? Go vote for the gun grabbing liberal hag ok i will never .

  8. @Damian, I can see that reading comprehension is not your forte. Otherwise, you’d know what a corporate democrat is and who pays all of those billions for election campaigns – the same people.
    BTW, you do realize who “was in control” of Congress when Obama was elected, right? Odd that they didn’t do a single thing you said they’d do when “in control”.
    But, I can tell that you hate this nation and our Constitution, as you’re as bad as the Islamic extremists in wanting to deny US citizens their right to free speech, regardless of how unpopular it is or how much they make a fool of themselves, it’s an enumerated right.
    So, what other enumerated rights do you want to strip from your fellow citizens? Perhaps, anyone who disagrees with you loses the right to keep and bear arms?

  9. Something to think about, one day we will ALL stand before THE FATHER, and we will be held accountable for our decisions, this also means if we voted, didn’t vote, and who we let, or put into office. A lot of people don’t vote, because they don’t feel like it does any good, and because of the electoral votes of each state is all that matters in an election, but we really can’t complain when evil shows up, when we (good people) stand by and do nothing. We shouldn’t vote for someone who gives us what we want, we should vote for the man that does what THE FATHER wants, and stands for.

    1. Not into religion do not buy into any of it but may i ask what is the point of that post have to do with the subject we are discussing? NOTHINGGG. If you do not vote do not complain i say become part of the process or stfu i say .How can you moan if you never vote on policy?

    2. First of all, I doubt very seriously if G-d is concerned about those who vote or don’t vote.
      2ndly, people do jump the rail and go off on some wild tangents. The subject of this discussion is the Democratic push to ban ‘assault weapons’, of which there are none. Not even the military calls them that and they should know. 3rdly, Insulting and calling complete strangers names only debases yourself. They don’t know you and do not or should not care about your deranged rantings. PLEASE stay with and opine about the subject at hand and say something constructive or informative. PLEASE FOLKS, a little decorum, professionalism and courtesy here!

  10. Well sais sir ,
    You are correct due to the liberal agenda of this admin wTHE dDEomocratic socilalists party care more about getting new voters in the future by giving them free everything including school and giving them the right to vote when not even a citizen of the US? while our natural born citizen children get denied and need to come from a rich family. I just finished raising a teenage boy on my own from a previous marriage .and learned just how bad they brainwash our children in the public school system to be socialists liberal spoiled brats and how powerless we are as parents here in America now when it comes to our own children .The dems will spare no means to get complete power over the US citizens and do not caR if the American people are even safe .And they let people like that foul mouthed tarantino and micheal moore spout total bs on killing cops and how bad they are but have armed body guards surrounding them 24/7 on national tv that adds more brainwashing of our youth to the socialists idea of total gov control over our lives. Then you have people like Wzrd down there think the repubs love clinton lol.

  11. I will never vote for someone who would remove a well thought out right of the people from the U.S. Constitution. Erosion of freedom is the result of abuse by those who are unwilling to stand for something.

  12. Get past the gun control,…… $18 trillion in the whole, Saudis hate us after being dissed by “0” for Iran, allowing 11 million in to work when we are at 10%+ unemployment. …. the quality of American work is dropping while the young millennials only care about social media and the 8 hrs a week at the Gym. Yes Obama shut down the last lead plant in the USA in 2014 and now he can block or tax the crap out of it.
    We started allowing illegals entitlement for k-12 and I think it was correct, but now they want free community college for all. Colorado and other states now allow illegals to get in state tuition breaks even though they did pay taxes, wait till ur son-daughter get denied access at a university when that chair is fill by an illegal with in state discount. Keep working hard as the liberals need ur tax dollars and or a xerox machine to keep printing money.

  13. @Damian, Clinton is a republican-lite, corporate all the way. There are three chances I’ll vote for the current insane GOP candidates, slim, fat and none. The frontrunner is an outright fascist and we had enough of fascists in WWII. The rest show the intelligence of a gnat, with comments from them being so brain dead as to make one wonder as to their opinion of the intelligence of the voters.
    More importantly, I will never, ever vote against my own self-interest, in favor of those who bought Clinton and the entire GOP.

    1. @Wzrd,
      Dude send me some of what you are smoiking that must be the best stuff ever or seek therapy you are craZY my man clintonis a repub plant now lol?you need a dr quickly .and some serious wtf up meds.You are in fantasy land .i cannot believe you just wrote that lol.You go vote for the lying hag and murderer that let our guys be butchered in Lybia i will vote for repub as i always have .Or go vote for the crazy white man sanders who is a total nutcase and just gives the state you live in to clinton.You may be bill clinton way you talk she DID NOT let those men die as i DID not plant my cigar in lewinsky’s butt. Ok Bill clinton hagd .lol smfh.

  14. @Damian, I didn’t realize that you were so pro-rich motherlovers and against the majority of the populace enough that you’d vote for a mandman, a religious maniac or weak tea.
    At least I vote for someone to disrupt the outright prostitution of our national leadership, to at least send a message.

    1. @Wzrd1,
      what the hell are you talking about lol? Sanders is a deff nutcase and hillary is by far the worst person to be put into WH but Obama so what is the alternative?Give hillary my vote by voting sanders who cannot possibly win the electoralwhich sanders will run as 3rd party before he quits there is no diff between a oicialist and the new socilialst democratic party . or voting for the Repub nominee who ever it may be over either of those two .You sir sound like a liberal . And there is no way i vote for either 1 when both sanders and clinton have nothing but full support for gun control over us all?. So seems you live in an alternative universe or watched too many reruns of the twilight zone marathon on new yrs dude it fried you”re way of thinking .

  15. @Damian, quite true, Obama and Clinton are both chasing votes away from Clinton. That’s good, as Trump’s chasing republican voters away with his off the wall nonsense.
    That adds votes for Sanders.
    Whose damage would be strictly limited by Congress. 😉

    1. Sander? he could never win it all hopefully trump will not either i do not trust trump but any repub beats both sanders and clinton we all win. i say vote Ted Cruz or Rubio but anyone beats what we have now and 4 more yrs of the same .If trump were the nominee i vote trump anyone that is not a damn DEMOCRAT gets my vote ., period

  16. Can’t believe my eyes, in reading much of the recent comments on this blog. The article speaks of an overweening Democratic Party and it Moslem, America hating leader starting a process to strip law abiding citizens of their firearms and people are arguing nomenclature. The debate should be, is this legal and can it be stopped. Has the U.S., Moslem and Thief overstepped his power or not. In recent years Dems., have displayed their disdain of The Constitution. Better get your act together during the coming election for Prez, or you will find yourselves with a bigger hater of The Constitution than Moslem, Barak Hussein Obama, Hillary, my husband didn’t inhale, Clinton.

    1. Wake up man , obuma is alomg with hillary are pretty much handing the repubs the election with all the new gun owners and ccw holders they have help enlist with all their lets ban guns talk .Keep babbling democratic liberals you are making more n more gun owners daily and giving us more pro gun voters to defeat you with .This admin has been the best gun salesmen in this countries last 35 yrs and gop based voter numbers rise .We have the house (us repubs) senate ,and 32 n counting repub state goveerners in America @ this time that will continue to grow as the liberals continue to spout gun control as the problem in America as he said himslf happens in Chicago everyday .Yes it does mr potus and they have the harshest and strictects gun laws do they not? Along with you n Holder shipping who only knows how many weapons to the Mexican cartels that killed 2 border agents that we know of why is someone not up on charges for those two agents deaths? The voter numbers for the GOP keeps growing and the disdain of true American people grows for you l;iberal azzholes daily, t/y you stupid idiots.

  17. @Pappy, treason is one taking up arms against one’s own government.
    Treason is conspiring to overthrow one’s own government.
    Using the wrong terms undermines any attempt to have a reasoned and intelligent discussion and hence, removes the ability for all to find an appropriate solution to any problem.

  18. @Frank, the AR10 was actually built first, but the Army decided that they wanted lighter, smaller ammunition, so the 5.56mm round was developed from the .223 round.
    The AR7 was a .22LR take down rifle that the military never adopted, but has been popular in the civilian market and is currently manufactured by Henry. I had an original Armalite, but unfortunately, I had gotten rid of it years ago. Now, I own a Henry model.
    The AR5 was developed and accepted in 1956 by the Air Force as an air crew survival rifle.

    As for the AR10, I never got the opportunity to fire one, wouldn’t mind trying it out, just to compare it with my M1A.

  19. what i meant when i said the Constitution has been changed is, everything that this country has stood for, what it was founded on is being changed. parents rights are being stripped from them, citizens rights are being stripped from them. maybe these things aren’t written law, but they are enforced by the government anyway.

  20. Once again, I apologize for my second posting. What was I thinking, I found all the correct intel from Wikipedia instead of getting a smurky line or two from within your corrected statements. Anyway, thanks.
    May God bless us all.

    1. The AR-10 was built in 308. The gov’t wanted a smaller caliber so the AR-15 in 5.56 was born around 1959. In 1963 give or take the military adopted the AR-15. But the AR-10 is a 308 in a larger AR platform

  21. Actually, “AR”stood for Armalite Rifle, Eugene Stoner designed what became to be known as the ar15 And at the time he worked for a company called Armite, hence the name “Armalite rifle”. The Ar 15 was adopted by the us military and named M16

  22. @Frank, close. AR was Armalite Rifle, each brand choosing their own model number.
    The M16 was adopted by the military as the AR15, named M16. The M4 being initially, a carbine of rare adoption and re-embraced during the urban combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    Please stop re-inventing firearms history that is incredibly well documented since the Cold War was middle aged! Unless you’re going to say that Stoner had no involvement with the rifle. That would be odd, as he died in 1997 of old age.
    Colt bought the AR15 from Aramlite and then sold it to the military.

    1. @Wzrd1: I would like to complement you for a very polite, measured, and educational response to one of the absolutely dumbest posts I have ever seen on the internet; and that is a very low bar indeed! We should all follow your example to educate those who often act (and vote) out of fear and misunderstanding.

    2. The AR-10 came first in 308. But the gov’t wanted a smaller caliber and the AR-15 was born in 5.56. Eugene Stoner was the developer. The AR-15 came out around 1959. Adopted by the military around 1963. Yes Colt bought the AR from Armalite.

  23. I agree. The term AR means “Army Rifle” in which the Army label it when they invented and introduce the newest rifle at that time for military which was the U.S. Army (Army Rifle) AR10 series. Then that lead to the (Army Rifle) AR15 series of the A1 and A2 then the M4.

  24. Damien I read your post and think it’s a great idea we just need to put it together somehow the protest that is

    1. @anthony ,
      t/y but it is Damian lol no e np happens a lot .The only way our voices will be heard is to all decide too and organize a peaceful not out of hand idiot type march lets just get as near as the 100 mill and more legal gunowners to march into dc and use outr right to assemble and peacefully protest the gon grabbing Dems .We can talk on herew till our pc’s quit working wont matter our VOICES need to be heard on the steps of the supreme court and houes and senate buildings as well as in front of the white house .But at the same time we must let cooler smarter heads prevail and do it in an orderly manner or they fire back with legal gunowners are a threat to the gov .No we are no threat to the govg until you start to stomp on our constitution and do as you feel Mr POTUS and tell us to give up our long standing freedoms we left england for and fought them with next to nothing to win these freedoms .Just letting this happen is as good as walking up to the founding fathers graves and just spitting on them .And removing the constitution from its protective case and stomping on it which this potus would if he colud i think TIME TO MARCH IN AN ORDERLY AND PEACEFUL MANNER AND SAY LOUDLY AND FIRMLY WE ARE NOT GIVING UP OUR GUNS OR ANY OTHER RIGHT given to us by our countries which is the greatest in the worlds founding fathers to your liberal socialist political correct bs all the time beaurocrats because YOU SAY we are better off if you protect us .bs,

  25. @rickcad, the ACA “you have to pass it to see what’s in it” tells me that the idiot speaking that was incapable of reading.
    Seriously, I managed to read it when illiteracy was proclaimed by a legislator.

    That said, our political system has been corrupted via endless dark money paying billions for all political campaigns of both parties.
    We The People aren’t heard, only We The Corporations are heard via their nearly endless deep pockets.
    That said, big money wasn’t always in control. That began during the Gilded Age, when “Robber Barons” literally bought the Presidency. We then invaded nations for cheap fruit and sugar. That reigned back a bit after the Great Depression, but has since steamrollered a democracy into an oligarchy.
    Still, we can combat that. Vote for the SOB that you never heard of, the one who came to your door. That one doesn’t have corporate sponsorship.

  26. @rickcad, look-alike with the civilian m4gery being 1.5 inches longer and many of the components being in common.
    The difference being the military has three round burst or semiautomatic, our civilian models are semiautomatic only.

    That said, in the Army, we didn’t fire in burst, too wasteful of ammunition. We stayed in semi. It’s not like we carried thousands of rounds into any engagement.
    Where we should address it is via FBI statistics, 4% of firearms related crimes, counting mass shootings (4 or more victims) are committed with an assault rifle. That ignores 96% of all crime.
    Are we next to address blackpowder firearm crime, which is far, far, far lower a number of crimes and ignore 95+% of all crimes?
    That’s legislating by fear and emotion and we had more than enough of that with the Patriot Act.

  27. @Roy, assault rifles are used in a massive 4% of violent crimes.
    That means that 96% of other firearm related crimes are irrelevant to them.

    1. Thanks, got my stats wrong. Still, when you think about it, the use of ‘assault’ weapons in most criminal activities is so low as to be insignificant. BUT!, you will never hear uberliberal gun-grabbing, piece of s**t Obama admit to this. Like Hitler, he believes that if you tell a lie, loud enough and long enough, people will begin to believe the lie.

  28. Folks, the present sidestepping of Congress and the Constitution to impose stricter regulations on gun shows and even private sales between individuals is not about guns. The Powers-That-Be, have seen all the studies about gun violence. They know that AR style rifles and 20-30 round magazines have been used in 1% or less of shootings. It is all about population control. An unarmed citizenry is easier to control than one that is armed. Obama and his ilk fear an armed up-rising and want as few weapons out there as possible. Like Bill Clinton during his presidency considered declaring Martial Law to remain in office, you must consider he possibility that Obama is considering it. During Martial Law a President can maintain control, long after his elected term is over. His excuse will be to stop gun violence and oversee the confiscation of all weapons, much as Hitler and Moussilini(?), did during WW 2. No guns, no one to stop his ambitions to remake the U.S. in the image of his Moslem handlers.

  29. Being from Australia, people who support gun control are out of their minds.. Unless you feel a woman’s chance at getting raped 300% higher some sort of acceptable side effect..

  30. It’s amazing to me how these liberals want to infringe on our Constitution rights! The founders set that up so this could not happen! 70 percent of the American people don’t want Obama to act on a policy that will do nothing! I thought majority ruled in this country and the last time I looked he isn’t a dictator or King?

  31. I hope there is a Congressman (or woman) that has the backbone to file impeachment proceedings within 5 minutes of any such executive order.
    I will gladly turn in my gun collection when you convince me that every criminal and terrorist in the world has turned in theirs and can’t get any more of any kind of weapon. Guess I will have mine for a long time.
    I have a CCL in Texas. The background check and fingerprinting would make me very stupid to even consider a criminal life.

  32. After the last terror attack in CA and higher crime rates home invasion ect.The shelves have been emptied putting fire arms on back order so I don’t think the people are against guns.The problem is drugs and a poorly ran country with increasing bs laws or just a law book that’s aimed at ripping the American people off for money they don’t have.Law has turned into a profitable business.We have not seen war on American soil and there is a reason for that and its because americans will protect what is theres.The land does not belong to the rich or those that are so rich now they are looking for power to rule over people.We are not sheep this is our land.We settled here for a chance of freedom if they don’t like it move the fu#% out.Our second amendment is not a democracy its our right its written in stone and for those trying to banish it is an act of tyranny and its an act of war.They have no right to infringe the decloration of indipendance we are the people and this is our land.It does not belong to rich polititians there supposed to work for us not the other way around?

  33. The argument about what our Founding Father’s “thought” is complete horse manure. Some of the quotes above, plus the many others available in the aforementioned Founders as well as many others, tell EXACTLY what the mindset behind the 2nd Amendment was-defense against tyranny, especially that of our own Gov’t. Not only were the framers of the Constitution smart, they also seemed to be psychic, considering the direction of our Gov’t today.

  34. According to Obama’s own CDC study done after Sandy Hook, banning ‘assault weapons’ would have no effect on gun violence.

  35. The Government has tried to screw everyone over with the 5 year ammo Hault. That is finally over, Now Obama wants to continue screwing with everyone’s second amendment right. Because he,s the worst Liberal that you could imagine. I just hope we can make-it until 2017 when he will be Gone.. from trying to screw everyone over All the time.. Jimmy Carter actually Looks like a Good President, compared to this ——- CLOWN..

  36. According to the FBI, less than 1% of all crimes use an AR. According to the DOJ, the AWB in the ’90s had no noticeable impact on gun crime. What are they expecting to accomplish this time?

    1. They are little by little trying to persuade the majority against the second amendment so they can pave the way for total gun confiscation. They don’t care about my facts or your facts or the FBI’s facts and as a matter of fact they are totally deaf to what any pro gunner has to say period, so save your breath and fingertips on trying to reason with them period.
      They are accomplishing this through lies and word games. They use words phrases like “assult weapon”, there is actually no such thing. How about “gun violence” that personifies guns as evil living things. Another is “high capacity”, why would anybody need more than x cartridges. Have you noticed news programs only refers to “gun violence” , instead of violence committed by a evil person with the use of a gun. You see how this works, the gun is evil therefore we must destroy guns and what could be more evil than a high capacity assult weapon?
      As I said they are slowly accomplishing their goal. Folks commenting on this blog routinely use this same identical jargon. Heck I’ve even read folks argue about “assult weapons”. You see, words are powerful things and they are the master in trapping unsuspecting people.
      We need to push back, we need to be aware of their tactics. We need to get out the VOTE!!
      Guns are inatimate objects, people are evil. An AR15 is an Armalite Rifle. And guns only have the capacity to fire 1 cartridge with each trigger pull regardless of the amount of ammo available.

  37. These idiot liberals should be careful what they wish for. Actions have consequences. Pass some irrational, unconstitutional law and, We the People may decide we’ve had enough.

  38. All gun laws are obviously infringing on the right to bear arms. The 2nd amendment could not have been made any clearer than it is. Top priority is a free state and therefore the right to bear arms can not be interfered with. So, simple, but our corrupt POTUS and SCOTUS put all kinds of possibilities into the simple meaning to make it appear to be complex. The SCOTUS needs to declare all gun laws to be unconstitutional – done! If you don’t like the constitution then try and change it. Having weapons for self defense is just common sense. The real purpose for weapons it to defend the state, so outlawing meaningful guns, so we just have pea shooters renders us useless against criminals that take over like ISIS who have military type weapons.

  39. I have said it over and over again. The Democratic Party is Anti-Gun. Always has been always will. Their agenda is to remove ALL guns from Americans. They talk about expanded background checks on gun buyers but let 19 terrorist who flew 2 jets into the Twin Towers into this country with NO background checks. The lady who entered with NO background check with her husband killed how many in Ca? The Democrats are behind this. Every bit of it. Who refuses to close our borders on the South to illegal immigrant’s? Democrat’s that’s who! Who is releasing 6500 prisoners back in to society? Obama that’s who. What is Political Correctness if it’s NOT and infringement on our 1st Amendment? Say something politically incorrect and see how you are criticized. Hillary Clinton is one of the biggest liars in government and yet running for president. She’s planning on leading this country and she couldn’t even SAVE the American’s at Benghgazi. This is what the people want? American’s better wake up and realize that the BIGGEST THREAT to OUR DEMOCRACY is The Democratic Party. The Constitution does not mean one damn thing to Democrat’s. Just look at the laws the Democrat’s try to push through in the name of the people. It’s all hog wash. All of it. They want POWER and MONEY. That’s it. The Democrat’s would turn America in to a Socialist country is a minute if they could. Wake the hell up. Our enemies are right here and they’re called Democrat’s.

  40. A problem I see in a articles like this is they are informing the those of us that already know this. This information should be printed in every news paper and on every TV station. This will require buying the space as an add. Get this information out to the general public as well as those of us that already know the facts behind the numbers the gun control people put out. As far as march, they should start in every city then move to Washington. We all should tell the politicians all the time vote against us, you will need a new job. We need to get out and vote for those who stand for us. Make our stand known. We need to educate the public about the truth, all they hear is the propaganda put out by the gun control groups.

  41. Yeh…they want to make this an election issue. Americans, REAL Americans, have already answered this issue buying so many new firearms, including all new AR-15 platform rifles produced, that gun and ammo manufacturers have had to add extra shifts and expand production capability just to not fall too far behind demand. Americans go out and clear the store shelves every time liberals get louder about gun restrictions.

  42. I greatly appreciate these insights sponsored by Cheaper than Dirt – but I RESPESCTFULLY once again plead with the policy makers at Cheaper to PLEASE adapt your corporate policies to fit your public position against the gun controllers in our nation’s leadership.
    I am a Gunsmith, NY State Firearms Dealer, and an FFL holder. I can LEGALLY purchase, and receive shipments, of ammo for my customers, as an FFL holder in this state. Yet Cheaper than Dirt (among other large corporations in this industry) has adopted corporate policies to NOT ship to NY State while the existing laws are as messed up as they are.
    AGAIN – please reconsider corporate policies — you only support the egos of our demented lawmakers. PLEASE.

  43. he FBI already indicated that after the last Assault Weapons ban it was totally ineffective since few homicides are committed with rifles compared to handguns and even fewer with military style look alike rifles. This is all about control and has nothing to do with the facts. Always remember the fact confuse the liberals and democrats so they generally ignore them and just spout whatever they are feeling at the moment. Its why they have made such a mess of this Country in the last 7 years. Totally devoid of common sense.

    1. I think i was the first person to comment on this thread first day and i say TIME TO MARCH and PROTEST in a legal and ruly fashion and not another million man or woman march we need 100 million gun owners need to get together this spring and go to the steps of the caiptol and PROTEST THIS TYRANNANICAL GOVS ATTEMPTS TO DISARM US .We need to organize it save up and all go to D.C. this spring and demand the new POTUS repeal anything this anti american freedoms this potus has put into place and let them know we are NOT GIVING UP OUR GUNS to tyrannical dems looking to make us into sheeple . I will go and stand with my brothers (fellow vets ) and my fellow american LEGAL gun owners and stay long as it takes it is OUR TURN TO PROTEST IN RECORD NUMBERS just how much we value this freedom and all others but if they get our guns there is nothing to stop them from taking them all after and then we are back living under a tyrannical leadership like whaqt we fled in 1492 England and fought the revolutionary war ever .DID those real hero’s just die for nothing now ands defeat the most powerful nation at the time? WE CAN DO IT AGAIN but we must do it right and not give them anymore ammo to use against us I SAY LETS PUT IT TOGETHER CTD.We are running out of time and options and for gods sake if you never voted in ya life please vote this election it is the biggest in the last 100 yrs of our great nation vote republican and stay free vote dem and become sheeple of the gov.That is the true 2 choices we have .And all that are not NRA members this is the time to join reinforce the ranks make it swell to it largest numbers ever then let them help us fight this tyranny. GOD BLESS FREE AMERICA.GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS.MOLON LABE .

  44. Oh yes I am adding more to my collection ! B.T.W. you guys missed a sale yesterday . I order my O-PAP . Better stock up!

  45. Give those democrats enough rope and they will hang themselves. They aren’t hearing what the majority of people are saying, and they obviously can’t read when it comes to the 2nd amendment and more people are noticing that every day. The liberal agenda to destroy the second amendment will fail.

  46. First, as admitted in the posting, the bill has one of three chances of passing, slim, fat and none.
    Second, such a bill can and should bite the politicians supporting it, as a massive 4% of all firearm related crimes are conducted with an assault rifle. They ignore 96% in order to attack what they fear.
    Finally, no vaguely worded law survives a court challenge, they’re struck down as “unconstitutionally vague”. Always.

    1. There will be no Congressional action taken about more gun control. Obama has said that he will take Executive Action and sign more gun control into law with or without the approval of Congress. Short of ousting the Democrats and electing a Republican President, or taking it to the Supreme Court, little can be done, despite the fact that such Executive Actions violate the Constitution. Armed Rebellion is the other alternative and despite the rhetoric, few people have the stomach, anymore to attempt an overthrow of the Government. OR, do as I have done, expatriate yourself to a country that is still gun friendly. Still love America, but as I and others like myself have said, ‘America is no longer the country that I fought in Vietnam for.

  47. Anyone who makes any laws against the 2nd Amendment, in any way, should be imprisoned, tried for treason, and sentenced to the maximum penalty if found guilty. And these “sensible gun owners”, the ones who cuck out and agree that “some laws are good…” need a real good thrashing too. There is no room in this fight for weak-kneed bulldung. It’s us or them. I would prefer us.

  48. someone we recently talked to said she will be voting for hillary, but after we told her what hillary stands for, and what she has done, this lady had no clue about any of it. we need to get informed about the people we put into office, you shouldn’t vote for someone just because of their gender.

  49. WE THE PEOPLE must act! this is our country, our rights that are be taken away, and yes the Constitution has changed, they have taken GOD out of everything, our schools, government buildings, etc.. traditional marriage, people are being bullied to provide services for homosexuals, you can’t uphold to your beliefs, or conscience. i have recently heard that obama has lifted the 30 year ban on homosexuals giving blood, WHY? our 2nd amendment rights are being violated, you can’t make your own decisions in some states about home schooling your children, or when it comes to their health, parents should be able to decide what they want put into their children’s bodies, all of this poison, vaccinations, chemo, etc., they can actually face jail time. there are better ways to keep our children healthy, but for the most part, every body wants a pill, or a shot to fix everything, because we are too lazy to research, or voice our opinions, just let the government give us a quick fix on everything! we need to get up off of our duffs, and make our voices heard!

    1. Cheri – The constitution has not been changed by any of these recent actions. The second ammendment is still there and no subsequent ammendment has replaced it. The mention of God in the constitution is still there, and ammendment removing that reference has been passed by the states. Changing the constitution requires an actual ammendment be passed by the state legislatures, OR a Constitutional convention be called it cannot be chnaged by a simple vote in the congress.

      The things you refer to are laws passed by the congress that stand in violation of the Constitution. Moreover, these represent failures of the three branches of government to follow their dutis under the constitution to prevent other branches from creating such violations.

      Strickly speaking Obams should have been impeached by the Congress a long time ago for failing to enforce the laws of the United States in good faith. He should have been challenged for overstepping his authority on immigration and treaties amoung other things. The congress should have been challenged by the Courts on gun laws, health care and a lot of other things. But the courts have become more political than judicial.

      Biut not one of the things you have mentioned represents an actual change in the constitution of any of the Ammendments to it. All of them represent failures of the three branches of government to perform their duties and/or those branches exceeding their authorities under the constitution. These are important distinctions because if you think these actions HAVE chnaged the Constitution, then they become lawful; and they are not.

  50. So true. Obama’s plan of making everyone dependent on the gov. Is working and the liberals don’t see it. We are approaching a time when more are taking from Gov. That putting in, and that means “they” will always vote for more free stuff. That is the end of this republic.

  51. I would definitely go to a march in Washington. I agree that letters, emails, phone calls, etc., are less than effective. A gigantic march
    would, I think, tell the politicians to leave us alone and go after the
    criminals and the mentally ill (a Pandora’s box possibily).

    You know, that, eventually, they are going to get us!!!! They are
    relentless!!! Let’;s get the NRA to oirganize a march in Washington
    to xhow these politicians we are not going to stand for their attacks on
    the 2nd amendment.

  52. What about the rest of the Constitution? If they get away with this, then I suspect the search and seizure and freedom of speech will be in there cross hairs next. Then what next after that on there list.
    If we don’t crush this now, all of our freedoms, rights, and way of life with be gone and own future will be change forever.
    The coming to this land and constitution was done for the same reason why we already live the way we live today as a whole. And if the constitution is jeopardize and CHANGE then all of the men and women that has sacrifice and died will be in vein!
    I for one am not willing to stand by and let this happen. We need a list of politicians that is trying to take away our rights so when election time comes we can vote them out.
    I for one didn’t fight 8 years in the U.S. Army just to get out and have this countries heritage destroyed from within itself.

    1. I applaud your service. We have an administration that has been trying for 7 years to destroy us, and now we have a more satanic vindictive candidate trying to follow in the steps of the first non-American president ever. When small has-been politicians such as the ones in DC pull this type of unconstitutional action, what do you expect? They are following the lead of Obama who would have the entire US at his knees so he can promote Islam freely. Don’t forget, he does all of this with the help of the people most Americans voted for. Americans today are ignorant of what is going on right under their noses.

    2. I got your list.
      At the end of the polititians name, if there is a (D) then they are all about trashing the Constitution and transforming our country into the likes of the socialist euopean model!!
      Get informed get registered and VOTE!! Thats the battle cry for saving our Republic. By the way this is a Republic and NOT a democracy!!! There is a fifference and it all about We The People and not them the government.

    3. You are right about them taking more and more rights from us, but that is already underway. Unconstitutional search and seizure, being detained without charges or trial, “hate speech” laws, the assault on the Christian religion, the right to a speedy trial, the lack of enforcement of federal laws by our government; these are all violations of our Constitution.
      “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.”
      Thomas Jefferson in his letter to James Madison, January 30, 1787

      “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
      – Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759

    4. Aardvark – You are correct. And the problem of lost rights goes far deeper than the average citizen realizes. No matter if you think Snowden is a Patriot or a Traitor, the information he released is just the tip of the iceberg.

  53. We, true patriots, will not succumb to irrational power hungry tyrants. There is no way we will roll over like those people in CT. Obama is doing this purposely to create chaos and rebellion, so he can use martial law to continue his presidency. He is evil to the core, but what is worse is our representatives who are cheerfully going along with his policies. Americans must awake from their welfare stupor and realize they are becoming slaves to a satanic regime.

    1. 4269 is the most poorly written piece of dog doo-doo and has about as much chance of passing as I do winning the power ball (I don’t ever play the lottery). “IF” and I must emphasize “IF” by some unholy action this thing should survive the most incredible odds to ever exist, it would make every firearm I own illegal, every magazine, and 99% of the ammo. This would also be true of most people I know. It would put every firearms manufacturer in the U.S. and a few International companies out-of-business, killing thousands of jobs, putting a big dent in the major delivery services and putting the finishing touches on the destruction of the U.S. economy and making about half of the U.S. population Felons as we would refuse to turn in our firearms and the only way they will get my ammo is one used round at a time. There is no way in hell I am going to give up my guns while the impostor in the White House continues to import his Muslim brothers and the Muslim Brotherhood continues to proclaim that the U.S. will be a Muslim Country…. Everyone needs to read this piece of crap and every name on there as co-sponsors and every dumb ass Congressman brain dead enough to say aye when the vote is taken (if it survives committee) needs to be fired….

  54. From 2013 FBI Statistics, here are the actual numbers.
    Murders nationwide by firearms of all types: 8,855
    Murders nationwide by handguns of any type: 6,371
    Murders nationwide by rifles of any type: 322
    Murders nationwide by Shotguns of any type: 303
    Murders by firearms per 100,000 population: 2.8

    Estimated that less than 100 of the murders by Rifle were by so called Assault Rifles.

    1. Everyone should know by now, truth and statistics mean nothing to those that want to impose their on idea of America on other people. The 2nd Amendment means nothing to them and once they have done away with firearms, they are free to ignore the rest of The Bill of Rights. Hide and watch, unless these people are defeated a gun free, except for political correctness police and religious police will be armed in America. Sharia Law will be the law of the land and Moslems will have their dream of having the flag Islam flying over The White House come true.

  55. A free People ought not only be armed and disciplined but They should have sufficent arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include Their own government. George Washington

  56. I would like to know what year the statistics came from? If you are going to look at the death rate, you must factor in all avenues that lead to death. With the exception of natural causes.. So what was the total number of deaths in that year, and what’s the percentage of each cause? Dividing them up by the means that caused that death. For example. How many deaths by drunk drivers committed that year? Is there any push to ban automobiles, or alcohol? In which neither of them killed anybody, it was the person that decided to consume the alcoholic beverage and then get in the automobile and drive……

  57. If we were to enforce the laws which are already on the books, those numbers you spoke of would be reduced by over half. Without a severe consequence for unlawful behavior, there is no deterrent! And taking away the firearms of Law Abiding Citizens only leaves us in a weak condition that would be easily overcome by any terrorist organization (foreign or domestic) or Government with bad intentions. This is exactly why our forefathers created the Second Amendment in the constitution! I and I hope We will fight to the death to preserve what our forefathers did in the Constitution! It is the only way we can insure that we remain free!

  58. Do you have any more details on the sources for those quotes (dates, document, etc), especially from George Mason? Great information when trying to educate the people who believe the distorted facts the media keep throwing at us.

    1. I’m all for educating the people with quotes, but most of the quotes used in the article are edited – and in most cases taken so far out of context as to completely change the intention. People are easily fooled that all one need do is post or say something that is false and it’s guaranteed to be repeated.

      Let me give you just one example from above –

      The quote from this blog – “Americans have the right and advantage of being armed, unlike the people of other countries, whose leaders are afraid to trust them with arms.” – James Madison

      Madison’s actual quote – “Besides the advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation, the existence of subordinate governments, to which the people are attached, and by which the militia officers are appointed, forms a barrier against the enterprises of ambition, more insurmountable than any which a simple government of any form can admit of. Notwithstanding the military establishments in the several kingdoms of Europe, which are carried as far as the public resources will bear, the governments are afraid to trust the people with arms.”

      Now this is very different in intent. Is the writer being intentionally deceptive? I don’t know. But I do know that at the very least, the writer is lazy. And anyone who believes what writers like this write are just as lazy.

  59. Liberals do not care about people as proven by. The lack of law enforcement in the bad parts of major cities. They know all of their proposed gun laws will do nothing to reduce gun violence, nor do they seem to care about criminals (except to give them more “rights”.

    The question is: Why do liberals want to prevent law abiding citizens from having guns?

  60. I have said this many time and I will say it again. Emails don’t work, letters don’t work and phone calls don’t work. We cannot depend on the people we elect. What will wake people up is showing Washington we are not screwing around. We need to put a million armed Patriots on the Mall in DC to demon-straight that we are not going to put-up with anymore interference with our rights. AND it need to happen now.

    1. I Love America. I’m a loyal American but we need to take our Country back. Tha Constitution reads “We The People” not we the Government. I’m ready to March.

    2. While it is unfortunate, it has actually reached the point that this is almost the last course of action available. I really dont know where all the patriots have gone, but if there are a million left now is the time for them to assemble. But, they need to recognize that a few will be arrested as they enter the no gun zone in DC. Many more will be persued after they leave. Part of this movement should be to remove the armed security personnel that guard our politicians at taxpayer expense. IF you want to be anti rights that is fine but stop taking my right while standing behind an armed may who I am paying for while your doing it. I live just outside DC, just let me know the date and time to show up.

  61. In my opion it’s a shame that America is not standing firm anymore, we’re getting hit on our own soil and it’s to the point now that we’re not even fighting back, I mean come on guys REALLY is this really what it’s come to? Now your trying to take away our rights to bare arms, So sad The Political Correctness of America why would you want to disarm the Honest Hard Working American Person? Just in case these Political Correct Folks Forgot, THE IDIOT CRIMALS WILL ALWAYS FIND A WAY TO CONTINUE WITH THERE WRONG DOING,SO SO SAD THAT THE GOOD PEOPLE HAVE IT SO HARD FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT.

    1. Here Here. There needs to be many more speaking up like you. Take the guns away from us and the only ones with guns will be the criminals!

  62. Criminals and mentally disturbed people don’t follow laws. This bill is just one more slice up your 2nd amendment. This is how things began with Hitler and the Nazis party in Germany in the 1930’s.

    1. Started earlier than Hitler. According to this chart, for the 20th century, it started in Ottoman Turkey in 1915 and kept going until Rwanda 80 year later.
      I’m sure it’s still going on in several other places and if we’re not vigilant, the rogue government here will be successful regardless of how the ’16 election turns out…if there is an election.

  63. It will be a losing battle on both fronts. The Dems will use whatever means available to accomplish what they want. They distort facts, fabricate actions, and if all else fails, Obama will push this through, unconstitutionally with an executive order. If they believe that once passed, people will come forward willing and hand over what is rightfully theirs by law and not modifications, they are sadly mistaken. Even heads of various states are coming forward against what this administration is trying to accomplish. They are flirting with another civil war!!

    1. If this was 150 years ago, I would agree that they are flirting with armed insurection. Not that it couldnt happen now, but it is less likely because people think that writing letters and responding in forums like this will somehow magically change all this. The fact is that what would get attention is if Gun owners organized, and began to have large protests. While this in and of itself would not stop politicians, it would make them pause.

      But at its core the real problem is US; We the People are alowing this to happen by doing nothing effective to stop it. Less that 20% of the population is paying attention at all, and half of that 20% are unwilling to step out of their comfort zone to become modern day patriots. We are almost beyond the time when mailing in a little money to the NRA and feeling satisfied that you are a true patriot is enough. People need to get out from in front of the Sunday football game and get to the strees to activly protest. Unless we do that and do it soon, then you might just as well have some of the coolade yourself.

  64. Sure, we [who blog here] all know that homicides are way down but for third world enclaves like Baltimore and Chicago; that so called “assault” rifles [or all long guns, for that matter] are, by admission of the Justice Department, so seldom used to kill in this country that their complete elimination would be “statistically immeasurable.” Yes, some of the mass shooters have used these weapons, but have more often used things like handguns Cho, VA Tech] and shotguns [Aaron Alexis, Washington Navy Yard] with which they have exacted the same if not greater carnage upon their chosen targets.

    What we gun owners need to realize is that the AR 15 and its like are symbols to the gun ban crowd; they are easily demonized before an electorate that knows nothing about them, except that they are designed to “military specifications” to “kill as many people as possible” an other such inflammatory rhetoric. They are easily convinced that “nobody needs them for legitimate purposes like hunting” [which has nothing to do with the Second Amendment of course] and it is only “common sense and reasonable” that such “weapons of war” [BHO’s favorite meme] should be taken off our streets.

    If this were ever allowed to happen, and the drug fueled ghetto homicides continue [primarily with illegally obtained and sold handguns] and the next “mass” or “school” shooters use shotguns, an AWB would serve as a precedent and a template to effect a much broader and compulsory confiscations, as is the case in Australia, which is truly their holy grail of public policy.

    They don’t call it progressivism for nothing. There are many politicians whose bread and butter seems to be to harp on this issue and make it their platform to appease their particular electorate, any and all facts be damned. It invariably comes down to responsible and law abiding gun owners like you and me who are “the problem” by obstructing their vision for a make believe dystopia. We who value our rights can never take it easy in this country of ours; if we do they’ll be gone for good.

  65. Since obama took office so much of our Constitution has changed, this is what this country was founded on. someone needs to tell these people, “If you don’t like this country, go some where else! You don’t want to live by GOD’S LAWS, then move some where where they believe like you do, and stop changing our country!” Is everyone ready for the government take over? WE THE PEOPLE are no more, we have a bunch of BALL-LESS people in our government. How did this happen? This is what happened, EVIL PREVAILS WHEN GOOD MEN STAND BY AND DO NOTHING! TO TAKE DOWN A COUNTRY, YOU MUST FIRST DISARM THEM. May GOD have MERCY on us all!

    1. Cheri, I don’t really disagree with what you are trying to say, but the way you have said it is illistrative of the problem we have today and why we can’t seem to get our act together to fix it. You say the constitution has chnaged; that is not the case. The constitution is in fact unchanged, what HAS changed is that we are allowing law makers and politicians to ignore what it says and do those things that it specifically prohibits.

      The Governmennt has already takien over. Using a distortion of the interstate commerce clause in the constitution, the Federal Government is activly and massivle involved in every aspect of the daily lives of every one in this country. While that started a long time ago, it really got going during the Roosevelt administration as a response to the great depression. Roosevelt threatened to stack the Supreme Court by expanding it to whatever size it took to force his agenda. The Connstitution does not limit the size of the court. Small but important crack in the wall of the constitution.

      In addition to this; we allow our politioions to pass laws that all contain wording that clearly provides that the laws do not apply to them. Read any law that has passed the congress and you will see that same boiler plate language that says the law does not apply to member of the house and senate. Moreover, almost every law has language that freely allows federal agencies to enact whatever regulations may be necesay to implement the new law. These regulation have the same effect as new laws, yet they were never writttne or voteed on in congress or agreet to by the people.

      So in effect the People lost control of the Government a long time ago. This cannot be fixed by letting someone else fix it. It cannot be fixed by praying that the same politicians that are causing the problem can be convinced to fix it. and lastly it cannot be fixed until and unless every day people, like you and me, are willing to stand up and take the country back. While we certainly do want God on our side, his mercy must be earned by first helping ourselves, by using our free will to act.

    2. Although your idea to take the country back is noble, it can’t happen. The establishment elite and international bankers have taken over and almost every part of the gov is corrupt in some way. Certainly, the congress is owned by the establishment – that is how Obozocare got passed. “you have to pass it to see what’s in it” had to be the most telling comment ever. Blatantly corrupt! The big money has always been in control except for the short time our founders did the right thing. Hopefully, Trump will be elected and clean up some of the bad stuff, but the system is intrinsically corrupt, so after Trump it will likely go back to chit.

  66. I’m all for my second amendment’s rights, keeping my weapons & no one is going to take them from me. I have No Problem having required background checks at gun shows for all the vendors & also put a stop to private citizens selling weapons to ea other in the building or anywhere on the property. If one can’t agree on that, then they are stupid. I waited 7 days for my 1st weapon & did not cry. Now I can walk in & leave in 30 mins. or so w/ a new gun & it is done legally. That is just frigging common sense people. If you go to a dealer, you need to have a background check so what’s the big deal w/ Gun Shows? Yea, I know that these schmucks in congress people are always coming up w/ some stupid ass bill having to do w/ guns & ammo & that is what we need to stop, not a background check @ a gun show. Fine & lock those crooked ass dealers up. That’s my story & I’m sticking to it.

    1. Marc, Thanks for playing, but your facts are not accurate. what the anti-rights crowd wants is to end ALL private transactions. ALL dealers at gun shows already have to use the so called instant check system; its the law. No federally licensed dealer would even think of not doing the check.

      Where you go wrong is that the system is designed so that ONLY a licensed dealer is ALLOWED to use the check system. You and I as private citizens are prevented by law from accessing the system. If you don’t believe me give them a call and try to use the system yourself. They won’t let you. SO the so called gun show loophle is a fraud establied in law to build the foundations for new laws to end private transactions.

      I also have to disagree with the term “common Sense” in your comments. First off I hear that term a lot from the anti-rights crowd. Common sense can only arrise out of situations where everyone agrees that the facts on which action is about to be taken are all correct. In this instance you and many ant-rights people think that private transactions should be prohibited because they are not subject to background checks, but in fact those transaction would be covered already if the law allowed it.

      There is a far larger agenda at play here that you realize. The goal is to gather sufficient data to get a lits of all gun owners in the hands of the government. Once that is achieved, then all the guns that the antis don’t can be rounded up at the will of the government. If you think I am wrong because the government is not keeping this information, ask your self what happens to all those forms you filled out last time you bought a gun, when the dealer youy bought it from goes out of bussiness. ALL those forms are send to the government. Unless you are gullible enough to believe that they are then shredded (which they are not) then yoyu would have to see that this increasing data base is being complied to for a list of every gun and where it is located. But there is a gap in the data cause by lawfull private transactions.

      You see if you can sell or gift a gun to someone without filling out the forms, then the governent cannot track where it went. Now of course you cant run the background check or someone without having all that paperwork in place first.

      SO what you are really saying is that you have no problem with the government building a complete list of every gun, who owns it, and where it is kept. Well you may be comfortable with that. I know Adolf liked the idea back in the 1930s; but I for one am not comfortable with that. Especially when I know for certain (second generation Law Enforcement) that reason the government put forth for wanting this is to solve crimes, and I know that being able to track a gun has NEVER solved a crime with certainty.

  67. Frankly the whole gun control issue is out of hand. I too think it is another attack on our freedoms. I sure that all the gun control advocates out there are just thinking, “hey guys and gals we need to get rid of ‘assault weapons’ so we can be one big happy nation again”, right? Wrong!!! These people have agendas that include taking away more of our people’s freedoms than they already have. Knowing that there is an armed militia made of the people here in the United States keeps them seizing control right now.

    What exactly is their view of an assault weapon? Well my idea of an assault weapon is one that can continue to fire multiple round with just one squeeze of the trigger, aka the full-automatic. However, their idea of an assault weapon is one that automatically discharges and reloads the weapon to be fired again. In simple terms the semi-automatic.

    I don’t know about you people, but to me this would include any 9 mm, .45’s, or any other weapon that is not hand loaded each time it’s fired. Have you ever fired a musket? Some have. Have you ever had to fired a musket or some other flint gun in battle. I am almost positive that no one is left alive who has. These types weapons are antiquated for modern battle as with any firearm that has to be reloaded after each shot.

    I hate to say this, and I am going to be quite blunt about it. If the sh#$ really hits the fan and some opposing force does try to take over our country, do we want our people to be unable to defend themselves? And when you have 5 to a couple billion people armed to the teeth with real assault weapons and other weapons of war, do you want to be the one trying to reload your firearm after each round while they are advancing on you. I say oh hell no!!!!

    To stop the idiots in our government wanting to take away our sovereign right to defend ourselves from any enemy is crucial to the survival of the United States. To save our country from either idiot politicians or someone who does have some other hidden agenda from destroying the ideas our forefathers had for this nation; to be strong enough to be able to repel an opposing force demands that we the people use our right to vote on the issue of gun control by carefully electing the people who are opposed to gun control. If they are already in your local offices, you need to let them know your views. Write them letters, sign petitions, or whatever else you have at your disposal to let them know your views. If they still do not listen, and if it were me and my family; I’d move away from that district, county, or state. Let them be the “soft targets” that get mowed over first, I do not be there to witness their mistake.

    I hate to say this, but we have to see the lesser of two evils here on this one. I for one am not for big business, or for the rich to just get richer; but I am not about to let these idiot politicians take away the only thing that keeps us from conquered; whether it is from a hostile country, a zealous religious group, or from people who work within our own government that want to rule us unopposed. Again, I say get out there and use your right to vote!!!!

    Our government is supposed to defend our people, not oppress us or make us weaker as a nation. Our federal military and some state forces are just spread too thin to protect our borders and defend all of our citizens. Our forefathers knew back then our Army and Navy could not protect us alone; and so, some of our politicians need to be reminded of it now.

    Read the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They were enacted to guide us, help protect our citizen’s rights, and protect our freedoms. Let our state governments run the their states, and our federal government protect the our people…the way it was supposed to be.

    1. The stupid anti gun people keep using the term “assault weapon” to scare other anti gun people out of fear. Assault weapon sounds scary to them, so semi automatic rifles are mislabeled on purpose. To the fairy, if it looks like an M4 then it must be an assault weapon and people should not have that because it is used by the military. So, just be sure who ever reads this is clear in their writing that AR15 or AR10 are not assault rifles, but simply semi automatic look a likes.

  68. The only way we can combat this is to do what the left has done. However, rather than perverting an education system we need to truly educate our children about firearms. Education and exposure will teach them safe handling habits, take the mystery out of the equation and make future advocates of a citizen’s right to defend him/herself. Education is where it needs to start.

    1. Unfortunatly; No. while the trustees and beneficiaries of the trust can access and use the firearms, ownership would not pass to any of them. But more to your point, the BATFE is preparing to rule on what gun trusts will and will not be allowed to do. In part this is because of the use of Trusts to aquire and hold NFA items. While trusts are used to prevent overreaching prosecutions by zellous regulators, the BATFE has decided that they are somehow circumventing their regulations (which they are not).

      So look for some changes in the role of Trusts; probably very soon as i am sure this will be part of the larger Obama anti-rights agenda.

  69. I’m beginning to feel we should have all elected and running candidates
    given a background check and IRS audit before being allowed to take office. The politician today is more dangerous than the gun. They seem to do as they please, not always what the people want. Let’s change that a bit. If they fail a background check or owe IRS money, no chance of getting into office. Might as well air their dirty linen before they take office.

  70. may we ‘reprint’ this page?
    may we sent to editors for “printing” ?
    may we site the ‘article’ on the internet while refuting anti-gun posts, editorials, ‘news’ broadcasts, and the like?

  71. I happened to have saved my life in the restroom of a large retailer one night at about midnight when I had a knife wielding drug addict come at me with a large knife. I immediately pulled my licensed to carry pistol and shoved it in his face which immediately caused the guy to turn and run out of the restroom leaving me and him unharmed. Do you think any of these types of thousands of self defense episodes ever catch the news headlines? Well, I will never surrender my weapons and I would hope tens of millions of other citizens will not as well.

  72. The term “Gun Control” was first seen written by the Communists for the purpose of overthrowing America. In places like the Communist manifesto and the 45 planks “or steps” needed to install Communism in a country.
    America being the hardest to achieve because of the Constitution because of the Second amendment that meant that the population itself is armed. Any form of regulation or control over this should be looked at as a form of tyranny.

    1. I think Thomas Payne had that only half right for our Government system is a good system it is just that the politicians who the people have elected in these Government offices are the ones corrupting it and perverting the bill of rights to the US Constitution and WE THE PEOPLE need to be more vigilant in removing any and all would be tyrants the moment these “elected government officials” violate their oath of office for that was built in our constitution for the people to have power over any corrupt politician who would go against the US Constitution and the will of the people he/she was elected to represent for it becomes misrepresentation of the will of the people which is nothing short of treason IMHO.

  73. Supposing we give all the moaning and kvetching a rest and encourage the NRA, GOC, GOA, and other like minded organizations and citizens to start NOW and widely publish a reference slate of federal candidates who will reliably do the right thing; this result should then be widely disseminated in a timely manner. That means BEFORE THE PRIMARIES START!

  74. What is an assault rifle? Why haven’t the libs defined it ? Defining it makes it too restrictive. Libs need flexibility. ATF says “certain semi-auto” rifles, which is moronic in terms specificity. Remember the first assault weapons ban? Lib socialist Feinstein didn’t know what an assault weapon was, had no idea, just that they had to go and she had to do sumthin! So what did her staff do? They got a gun catalog and she picked out the most menacing looking weapons and listed those. Did you know she owns a number of weapons and has a conceal carry license??? Things that she would like to deny you. Libs won’t define assault weapons because to them EVERY firearm is an assault weapon and they ALL must go. A word of warning – watch for Obama to create some wag the dog scenario that results in martial law and than voluntary turn in becomes confiscation.

  75. How do we stop it and how can we help word of mouth is all I know how can we be a bigger help to protect our rights

    1. VOTE. There is way too many people on the sidelines that have let this thing get way too far out of hand for at least for the last 2 election cycles.
      We cannot let another slip by and then ask ourselves what can we do to stop this anti American nonsense.
      The answer is for all of is to get registered, get informed and get to the polls and Vote!! Its time to forget about the establishment, conservative, religion, race or gender. We need to just get to the polls and vote All American and that means American values and principles. I can count to at least 10, the first 10 amendments to the constitution, correctly refered to as The Bill of Rights!! Thats who we are!!
      So lets get together and get to the polls and VOTE!


    3. @Scarface,Spot on,so very true!,question is is there any Real Men left in this country that have not been BrainWashed!

  76. Chicago is a perfect example of the effectiveness of gun control. By the way, one can use a dull butter knife as an “assault weapon”. Perhaps we should ban those as well.

  77. I live in CT.and we have 2 of the biggest antis as senators. On last nights news Murphy claimed there was 371 +/- (I am not sure of his exact number but it is grossly inaccurate) MASS SHOOTINGS in the U.S. last year, which translates into more than 1 per day . REALLY!!!!!!
    Problem is misinformed people believe all these COMMIE assholes and don’t have a clue on the true political agenda that’s heading our way. It is my right and duty to protect my family and others around me .
    In reply to ss1 my local senator stated that a gun is nothing but a paper weight if you don’t have or cant get ammo. Nothing to think about.

    1. That argument always amazes me… What are we brain dead fools? They must believe that we are brainwashed useful idiots as they are. I can rattle off at least a dozen other ways to make something go 1200 FPS! And do it quietly too in some cases and not break the law!

  78. Interesting that some people think it is an overreaction to the politics – let me refresh peoples memory with a little tidbit locally.

    Last year, I ran into a fellow sportsman at the range with his ruger 10/22. It was a basic stock gun. I own one of the same guns, but it has a nice fingerhole stock and scope and it is really fun to take to the range. I commented on the other fellow’s ability to “fix it up”. He told me his town, just 18 miles away ban’s magazines over 10 rounds and anything that looks like an “assault rifle”. He told me that includes fingerhole stocks, scopes, etc.

    I wrote a letter to the mayor of that town. I got a response, but not from the mayor. US Senator, Dick Durbin personally wrote back to me to convince me that that town was one of the safest towns around because of their limits on guns. I informed him that it was one of the few Chicago suburbs, if not only one that had a fatal shooting in their hospital, in the ER. Sure the guy killed was the bad guy, shot at by severaly nearby town police that happened to be in the area. But my wife works at that hospital. The bad guy had a criminal history of armed robbery and he had a stolen gun and was at that hospital due to an auto accedent. But he went off on the nurses and doctors when he was informed he must change his clothes.

    My point is that the politicians will only tell us what suits them. They will not disclose the true facts. They will try to scare us with modified statistics. This will never end and we must always continue to fight the ignorance.

  79. Stock up on ammo. As u know the Dems will keep submitting bills like they did on many Minority positions like the change in definition of marriage (an example) and every time it went to vote, the media hyped it as “everyone wants it” and it slowly gained 2% every time till it passed, this happens on many bills, ….k-12 for illegals and now pushing free college. It doesn’t stop…stay active and stop this with ur vote or we’ll all be cowering in the corner as big gov. Takes over. Lead is most precious metal of 2016

  80. If the supreme court would do its job, it wouldnt matter what some idiotic congressmen pass.

    The greatest danger in this country is the ongoing collapse of our system of checks and balances.

    We have a judicial branch which makes decisions based on popular image and political bias. ALL 9 ARE GUILTY

    We have an executive branch that will attempt to bypass congress and getinvolved in lawmaking. THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR GENERATIONS ON BOTH SIDES OF THE ISLE! Even if this is done for some misguided maciavellian sense of overall good, it is still EVIL.

    And weve got an out of control bunch of children who have no concept of fiscal responsibility, who pay little to no attention to the views of their constituents, and will use subversive tactics to ensure things that they dont want dont get voted on, making one or a few men dictate what everyone does.


    And on that note, the bill of rights as a whole is under attack. The 2nd amendment is the one way we can combat tyranny when peace and logic fail. And that being said, im from Texas and we have a historic battlecry that has been said before in other states as well. COME AND TAKE IT!

  81. It’s time to let all those in the house and senate know that unless they shut down any attempt to pass gun control laws that they will pay for it in the next election. They also need to get off their collective seats and figure out how to completely gut any executive actions. There needs to be some laws passed that once and for all stop the gun grabbers–I don’t know what could be passed but research needs to be done to find the vechile to stop them.As for me I will not vote for any Democrat noe GOP member who does not stand up for the 2nd Amendment without question and unequivably.

  82. Saw this on Yahoo News, this morning. Obama has threatened to sidestep Congress, with Executive Action, if it doesn’t pass meaningful gun control legislation. Good luck, U.S.. This half breed Moslem is determined to disarm the U.S., that is except for his pet Moslems that he is letting in by the 1,000s. You can bet the farm that they will allowed to have weapons, after all it is part of their culture. Time someone with cajones step up and end this Obama ‘Reign of Terror’ on U.S. gun-owners.

  83. Yet another reason everyone needs to put aside their individual issues with which ever Republican candidate gets picked and simply vote NOT Democrat this year – everywhere, NOT the Democrat needs to be the chant – if you don’t vote for the Republican, whatever the reason, you ARE voting for the Dem and you can sit back all high and mighty in your self-righteousness as the Dems systematically dismantle our collective liberties (that you will have helped them do)

    1. We need to get the word out to WOMEN that Hillary is NOT their savior. She is a PATHETIC model of a woman who let her husband embarrass her in front of the entire world. If she actually was a strong leader she would have divorced Bill IN THE WHITE HOUSE. But she didn’t.

      Then when Trump said she got “schlonged” by Obama (which is the truth), I saw the TV clip where SHE SLIGHLTY GOT CHOKED UP. OMG this woman is a DISASTER and a BASKET CASE. She’s only high in the polls because all the powerful insiders know they can USE HER just like Bill did!!!!

      If women want to rally around a woman, we have Carly Fiorina.

      Either way, we have to deal with whatever Obama has in mind during all of 2016.

  84. It is time to ban Democrats and and anyone who aids them in their destruction of America and our heritage!

  85. Hey guys, I just now heard about Obama’s plans to enact his own gun control laws next week (per his radio address today). Frankly, I’m kinda worried.

    Should I buy a bunch of ammo? I’ve got enough weapons already. I’m just hoping he doesn’t make a ruling that makes certain types of ammo illegal.

    I went to Cabelas today to use a gift card, and there was ZERO AK-47 ammo, no Federal XM80C 7.62×51 ammo either. Other .308 FMJ boxes were there but the shelves definitely needed some restocking. There was lots of 5.56 ammo though, but who knows how long that will last now that the cat is out of the bag.

    Anyways, it’s kinda weird sitting back and waiting for his ruling, and seeing what IMMEDIATE ramifications it has.

    Lastly, I just wish CTD would stop all this message approval. We need to react to each other’s comments in REAL TIME!! The world didn’t end when we used to get our messages posted INSTANTLY!!

  86. Everyone needs to get involved with the political process. Perhaps a more problematic land mine for the second amendment will be the future make up of the supreme court. The next president will probably be appointing two, maybe even three judges and it could be lights out if everything goes the wrong way. This bill H.R. 4269 makes you wonder if the sponsors have ever picked up a history book that included 1930’s Germany, unless they have and they’re trying to repeat history. Stay informed, stock up and please vote. Happy New Year and God bless the Republic.

    1. Let’s don’t take our eyes off the ball. It’s NOT just about firearms. It’s about total control. If they can regulate and dole out health care, more banking controls (some regs you’re probably not familiar with), investing, religion or lack of etc, then what else are We The People going to allow them to grab. How much more of our lives and livlyhood are we going allow them to infringe? Yes, I said We The People because, ultimately, We are responsible. Liberals, Progressives, or what ever group complains, these changes apply to all. Democrats and Republicans are neither. They have changed over the years and do not share the same beliefs or morals as their/our forefathers. Want change? Get involved and create it. Politicians will move in what ever direction the continuous loudest voices take them. Just my thoughts.

  87. All I can think of after reading this is all the people that get on this forum and ridiculously go out of their way to tell us we are paranoid, and overreacting, and that no one is really out to kill the Second Amendment or take our guns.

    1. Gun owners in the U.S. have a right to be paranoid. Obama and his ilk is out to take your guns. Not only that, if Hillary is the next prez, she will go after your guns. So, when some liberal, leftist, tree hugging, Bambi lover, tells you that your are paranoid, just say; “HELL YEA!”.

    2. I think the most appropriate response is the one from the old WWII poster.

      Obviously, one may substitute their choice of weapon, but it’s still the same thing that Spartan King Leonidas said to Persian King Xerxes at Thermopylae, “Molon Labe, MoFo!”

      Desiccant in your ammo cans and happy, healthful and prosperous New Year.

    3. It’s a media cancer that slowly eats away at this countries foundation. We have 11-15 mil illegals here and the liberals want to add a pile of Muslims while Euro has about 1 mil,….they should not call us till they take their 10m. Maybe just provide food and transport for refugees to the other 10 muslim nations, Egypt, Jordan, Morroco etc
      The media keeps selling us down the road

  88. These are the same guys who enjoy security details. As I’ve said in other posts; they can have my guns when they walk unarmed, and unprotected, on the same streets that my family and I walk on. Until then, I will continue to carry my .45 to protect myself and those I love, as well as those around me. I challenged Michael Bloomberg, when he was Mayor of New York, to meet late at night at one end of Central Park. He had to give up any and all police/security detail protection and I will be armed. The challenge was to see who survived to morning and the other end of Central Park. Needless to say, the gun ban liberal did not reply. Could it be he gave thought as to who would make it through the park and who would, in all likely hood not. Great to speak tough when your safety is assured. I will rely on my military training: two to the chest, one to the head.

  89. To respond to this article is superfluous. Not to to respond is irresponsible. What can be said of the selfishness of these politicians who are not personally concerned about the Second Amendment? Gun owners and those who believe in the Second Amendment should without exception, vote out their representatives in either the U.S. House of Senate as well as the state legislatures that sponsor or support any bill that diminishes the literal meaning and intent of the Second Amendment. People should have a gun, knife, stick, bat, or any other implement of a defensive nature for individual protection or protection of the Constitution and it’s original intent.The fools who believe in this nonsense know not what it means to give up their right of self defense. How can there be so many ignorant people?

  90. The number of guns in the hands of the citizenry and or the number of new gun owners means little in the fight to keep the gun-grabbers at bay unless “ALL” of these individuals are not only properly educated as to the intentions of those whom would see the demise of the 2nd amendment but also convinced to exercise their right to vote and vote to remove those whom would first disarm then silence us…

  91. Except for the fact that “assault weapon” (the only weapon to which that name applies being the German SturmGewehr 44 or StG-44), is only a political term meaning anything the anti-civil rights hoplophobes want it to mean. They would have the uninformed think that “semi-automatic” means sometimes the weapon fires single shot and other times has full auto capability or some such nonsense. It’s pretty much a moot point though as there are over 300 million *known* firearms in this country and that doesn’t even begin to address the exotic, home shop manufactured/modified, IEDs, booby traps, explosives, etc. that I’m sure exist.

    Molon Labe!

  92. When is one of the basic underlying causes of this violence, violent video games, internet content, movies, and TV for youths, going to be addressed? When is it even going to be mentioned?
    Are video game arcades required to ask for proof of age?

    1. Your kidding right? Some of the biggest funding efforts for anti-rights legislation and movements to remove your right to self defense are people who make their living making those movies and games.

  93. I have been in total non-compliance since 1994. I certainly won’t become compliant now. Neither will the hundreds of thousands (most likely more) of other Patriots that participate in Armed Civil Disobedience. Every federal and state gun control law should be repealed, the BATFE abolished, just leaving us only The Second Amendment and it’s intended purpose….TO RESTRAIN GOVERNMENT!

  94. They really should have called the article The “Latest” Democratic Push for Assault Weapons ban, because this is nothing new. these idiots try this every year. We will stand and fight as always.

  95. More Democratic socialist push for total gov control over the PEOPLE they fear us simply because if they disarm us we are at the mercy of them and law breaking thugs along with possible terrorist attacks. Why do they always hit the soft targets first? Because they know it will have the most victims and just help their cause to disarm us and make the downfall of America much much easier for them I say we should all have the 100 million gun owner march into dc and protest in a legal matter which is our right as americans to do. When do the white or any other race incite riots, walk around screaming kill the police which I feel is an “on the spot arrestable offense” in any place I have ever lived in America.

    They are the racists with kill whitey signs, burning and looting of places like Baltimore and Ferguson. It is starting to be apparent to me this is the plan disarm the “so called” evil white people or anyone else does not bow to their racist agendas which this pres has pushed into total racial divide on a scale not seen since the late ’60s – stop acting like thugs. Stop killing each other. More blacks kill blacks than any other people in America. I am half native american. I do not riot when I see the red man trounced on in America for the last 200 yrs or more it is you, the thugs, who do this, not the rest of us. Legal gun owners DO NOT GO ON KILLING SPREES. It is the politically brainwashed criminals that do seems to look like a democrat-induced conspiracy to disarm law abiding citizens from protecting ourselves and using our 2nd Amendment right to arm and defend ourselves and our country. Ask yourself. If America were invaded, how many of these thugs would rush to defend america and our way of life? I will tell you who will it will be; the law abiding legal gun owners will rush to the front line to defend our nation and our way of life will not be the racists thugs who go out and kill each other over dope money and so called turf that will run and hide they are cowards and prove it daily. Wake up America.

    1. Damien and I feel the same way we should get together and do a rally protest. We just need to somehow get it organized because if we don’t stand up for our rights no one will.

  96. Now they are out in the open with what they have wanted all along.

    Anyone who has signed on to sponsor this bill should be impeached for violating their oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

  97. Look its really quite simple. There are more people of both sexes and more new gun owners than ever before. The majority in this Country are against any further attempts at gun control. So let them try to pass those laws and there will be fewer and fewer liberal politicians around after the the next series of elections. Furthermore, if anyone tries to confiscate your firearms just make sure you shoot them so they get the message that they will not get them without a fight. Its time these politicians followed the will of the people and not that of Emperor Obama.

  98. It should be defeated by an overwhelming majority in Congress. Whom ever votes for it should be immediately remove from office. We must take a stand NOW. Is this going to be “THE” event that starts Martial Law????

    1. > Robert

      It takes 269 votes to Kill a Bill, Republicans only have 234. It can go either way.

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