Wounded Warrior Project Draws a Line in the Sand Against Guns and Knives

Author’s note: Please read through the entire article BEFORE passing judgment or choosing to comment.

A coworker once described me as so patriotic that all I lacked was a trail of fireworks shooting out of my bum. I served six years on active duty, three tours during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. I can give a firsthand account of the sight and smells during the aftermath of the Turkey Shoot or the feeling of being on the first ship to enter the Gulf after Saddam invaded Kuwait. Today, I am a bit longer in the tooth, but no less patriotic.

In the past, I have championed hiring veterans over others because I understood their dedication and work ethic to have survived boot camp and the military structure. I’ve held back well-meaning, but uneducated, “sillyvilians” when a Navy SEAL explained the folly of claiming to have been a Navy SEAL when you had not.

The discussion did not last long, but at least the wannabe could then honestly claim he had been in a skirmish with one of the best warfighters in the world and shed some of his own blood (albeit from the nose and lip and not the breast) in the process. He did not win the Purple Heart for his efforts, but I suspect he was rewarded with a purple eye by the next morning…

I love America and have more respect for those who made the sacrifice—be it the ultimate, lasting injury or simply being away from family and loved ones—than I can express in words…And I look for ways to show that respect every day, not simply on Memorial and Veteran’s Day.

To support our fighting men and women, I have worked behind the scenes as a contractor in the intelligence arena, solicited money to buy supplies, packed care packages and attended the funerals of friends who sacrificed all. I have also had the honor and pleasure of participating in hunts with our wounded heroes in conjunction with the Wounded Warrior Project.

Veterans who wear the scars—internal or external—and prosthetics from war injuries deserve the highest amount of respect and support we can offer, which has led me to this dilemma.

Although the controversy is just making its way to the mainstream radar, the Wounded Warrior Project has been disassociating itself with firearms and knives for the past couple of years. References on its website have changed from “firearms” to “weapons.” Corporate sponsors such as Savage Arms are now replaced with Acosta Sales and Marketing and UHAUL.

Listening to a recent interview with Wounded Warrior Project’s CEO Steve Nardizzi, well, you would have thought it was ‘ol Slick Willy dodging the question. He started off by saying the WWP supported the Second Amendment and was happy to participate in hunting adventures and shoots as fundraisers—yet it prohibits using the WWP logo at such events.

Nardizzi went on to explain that the Wounded Warrior Project would not co-brand with firearm or knife manufacturers and retailers. He explained, “The return on investment just wasn’t there.” Return on investment? How much investment is WWP putting into the pot? It has no problem taking the firearm industry’s money; it just doesn’t want to be seen in public with us. So, essentially, the Wounded Warrior Project’s stance is that it does not want to be seen kissing us after it is done poking us?

What a great message this sends to our wounded heroes: “You were trusted with assault weapons (real ones, not what politician’s term ‘assault weapons’ when seeking reelection) until you were injured in service to our country.” Then…well, you might decide to hurt yourself so—in defense of the WWP’s reputation, not your future well being—we cannot be seen as partnering with ‘those companies’ in public.”

This was brought out in Leslie A. Coleman’s—public relations director for WWP—response to an e-mail message asking for a clarification to its stance, “Our position regarding firearms and alcohol is in response to the struggles that many injured service members face with substance abuse and suicide and the roles those items often play in those issues.” I wonder if WWP even considered the fact that the extra money could go toward additional support and treatment. Sweeping it under the carpet by playing politics sure as hell isn’t going to prevent a tragedy, but funds and support might!

If WWP does not want to play with the firearms industry, and it is all about the money, well WWP picked which side of the fence it wanted to be on, not me. And let’s go a step further in seeking the truth. It is not about the money. While being interviewed Nardizzi explained that co-branding requires significant internal coordination with lawyers, PR people and others to manage it and finished by stating that we wouldn’t understand it. Really? I certainly do.

Nardizzi was then countered with the suggestion of an offer to cover all WWP internal expenses, then co-brand (use WWP’s logo on guns and knives) as a way to contribute to WWP. Nardizzi refused to give a straight answer. So if it is all about the money and you offer to cover all costs, why wouldn’t WWP jump at the opportunity? Because it is not now, nor has it ever been about the money—it’s about the politics.

During the interview, Nardizzi took the offensive, saying, he “can’t believe donors would withhold donations from wounded vets because we don’t get anything out of it” (use of the logo). Yet, WWP would risk losing donations by playing politics instead of focusing on raising the funds to help our vets.

And this is where my dilemma really begins. Wounded Warrior Project does help a significant number of vets, and a call to action against it could negatively impact those vets. Would the onus of withholding support because of WWP’s position be on me, or WWP who made the decision? Either way it is the vets who could feel the pain from WWP’s politics and that has kept me up at night.

So I have a choice to make; after significant thought and soul searching (I would say prayer, but WWP bans any religiously affiliated organization as well—WWP lumps it in the same category as, guns, knives, sex and alcohol; although WWP has held fundraisers at the Playboy Mansion in the past), I have decided to drop my support of the Wounded Warrior Project, but NOT for those it serves.

In that regard, I plan to do quite the opposite.

I am pledging to double my efforts—both financially and physically—over the next year to one (or several) of the other great organizations dedicated to helping our wounded vets and challenge you to do the same.

Now, some have suggested that there is pressure from the board, from big donors or from elsewhere to take this position and it really is not Wounded Warrior Project’s fault. Who knows, and who cares? I will vet other organizations before offering my support. Quite honestly, I do not care if it takes money from the anti-gun crowd as well as the pro-gun groups. Apolitical is just fine with me. My priority is to help our wounded veterans any way I can, but I will not deal with those organizations bent on taking a stance firmly against organizations, groups or beliefs that I strongly relate with. An organization does not have to endorse my beliefs, but it certainly cannot sweep it under the carpet as the Wounded Warrior Project has done. “Oh, you are with who? Guns? Please leave your money at the back door, WWP does not want to be seen accepting it at the front!”

A call to action has been started by other industry leaders and I am going to follow in those footsteps.

  • We need to start speaking out.
  • Whenever the media airs a distorted report about guns, we have to be vocal in our opposition.
  • When a business or politician makes an outrageous statement that is disparaging toward gun owners, we need speak out.
  • Businesses that label firearm manufacturers, retailers and gun owners as ‘undesirable’ must understand the act will result in the loss of our support. We have rights and alternatives—we will exercise both!

To do any less is tantamount to passive acknowledgement and agreement to the policies that seeks to demonize our sport.

This is my list of organizations at which I am looking to move my support:

Operation Homefront

National Military Family Association

Fisher House Foundation

Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors – T.A.P.S.

Let’s Bring ‘Em Home

Special Operations Warriors Foundation

Navy Seal Foundation

The Semper Fi Fund

(A highly-rated charity that helps wounded vets of all branches)

I am sure there are as many opinions in support, as against, the Wounded Warrior Project’s stance of excluding certain groups. So please, feel free to express your comments and let everyone know of your favorite charities for veterans.

The opinions and statements contained within this article are solely those of the author and in no way should be construed to be reflective of Cheaper Than Dirt, its management or employees or any other commercial or non-profit entity mentioned in this article.

The Mission of Cheaper Than Dirt!'s blog, The Shooter's Log, is to provide information—not opinions—to our customers and the shooting community. We want you, our readers, to be able to make informed decisions. The information provided here does not represent the views of Cheaper Than Dirt!

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  1. With all the graft, skimming and political game-playing going in so many of the organizations that claim to be charitable and apolitical, this really comes as no surprise. Sad, but not surprising.

    I would like to personally endorse the Special Operations Warriors Foundation. This is the real deal and is endorsed by many of the SOCOM folks down at McDill in Tampa. When my good friend Thomas Smith, who I worked with for several years in Afghanistan, passed away a couple of years ago, his family asked that rather than send flowers or cards people should make a contribution to the Special Operations Warriors Foundation.

  2. Kudos Mr. Dolbee on addressing a very sensitive issue whereby avoidance of potentially offending someone is virtually impossible. I couldn’t agree more and while I have not had the distinct pleasure of serving my Country in this capacity, I know many Servicemen that wholeheartedly agree with you here. The good news as you pontificate is that we are not confined to any one measure and or organization to be sure…Quite the opposite in that we are fortunate to have many alternatives readily available to Help our Proud Vets…As a life-long civilian, I feel obligated to do what I can in other capacities to say thanks and give back to the very Servicemen that protect us and the freedoms we all enjoy. God Bless Our Troops and God Bless America on this Solemn Veterans Day.

  3. Another anti-gun organization using our soldiers to make /steal money on their behalf. Sad’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I join others in not giving anymore. I find an org that supports our GOD,U S values,troops and constitution.

  4. Dave:
    Please add Texas based Operation Military Embrace, Inc., “OME”, (EIN: 56-2656711) to your list of great military support charities. We are a Christ-centered 501c3 that supports injured and ill from all of America’s combat arms and we enjoy sponsoring hunting trips for our Warriors. OME is the only organization in the nation to run a free P-X for injured and ill and their family members. To date, OME has served and supported 11,835 injured and family members and we have no paid staff and do not use our injured Warriors as walking billboards advertising our organization nor do we exploit them for fundraising purposes … we work hard to do our work as Christ would have us do it. Our website is and you can see our tax returns and audited financials on the website. Semper Fidelis,
    Jerry P. Reed, President/Executive Director (USMC – Chu Lai, RVN Oct ’67 – Nov ’68)

  5. CVMA Dredd – I bounced between commands. I started out on the USS Antietam CG-54 which was one of the first ships to enter the Gulf after Kuwait was invaded. I transferred just before the start of hostilities to another ship when (TAD). We she was ready to rotate home, I was put on staff duty in the region. A typical naval deployment would be six months, which of course I did not complete with two of the three commands. However, each of the ships I rode out of the Gulf region for at least one day and was then transferred back into the region which reset the clock for awards and time in theatre etc. ~ Dave Dolbee

  6. Sidebar: How does one do “three tours” in a six month war? It took me 39 months to complete three tours in Iraq.

  7. @ThankYouVets – that wasn’t from me…that was from CSM (R) Tim. I will not contribute to WWP because of what I found out when visiting and talking with my fellow veterans. I will support DAV, MCL, USO, etc. since most of the money contributed to those organizations go to actually helping veterans, not providing someone who has never served a six figure salary.

  8. For all the people viewing this, I support an organization known as Camp Patriot. I performed my Eagle Scout project for this group, I personally know the founder and several board members. This organization puts virtually all funds towards taking veterans, wounded in combat, on outdoor adventures. This includes amputees on hikes on Mt. Rainier, a blinded navy seal on an elk hunt, and a wide variety of other activities. They fully support the second amendment and are just a great bunch of guys.

    Just giving you all an alternative to check out. God Bless

  9. As to StenUSMC who said, “I think your numbers a little off with how much goes back to the warriors. 82% goes back into programs, 4% administrative and 12% fund raising,” with all due respect, your 3-second perusal of a pie chart doesn’t count for research.

    Read the “Audited Financial Report.” Most of the expenses under “Program” do NOT go directly to service veterans…most of it is things like printing, media, and many other things. And also read their IRS filing.

    As others have said, never give to a charity without visiting and reading their financial reports. I gave to WWP once, and I will never do so again!

    I don’t have much money, but I give to Marine Corps League and I will check out the others.

    Thanks to our our vets and currently serving for your sacrifices! I never forget!

  10. I have long smelled a rat in this WWP setup. After having made some contributions in the past, I have become wary of a group that has unbelievable administrative expenses that detract from helping the vets they claim to help. Every single taxpayer in America automatically contributes to the VA. Isn’t this where the vets should be getting all the help they need? This is why we have hospitals and doctors around the country working at VA centers. This help is our responsibility as a nation. If it is not enough, then we need to hound the legislators in Washington to do a better job of helping our vets with more aid. It’s already paid for. If our vets are lacking all the support they need, it should be increased by the government and military that threw them into harm’s ways to begin with. Doesn’t that make sense?

  11. I have heard some things about the Wounded Warrior Project that at 1st I wouldn’t believe but I kept hearing more and more bad comments. I looked into it with vets who supposedly been helped by WWP. Apalling and now this. Stay away from them folks, many other great organizations could use the help.

  12. I knew it. I something was not quite right… Thank you SO MUCH for figuring it out and articulating it.

    Each time I saw a Wounded Warriors advertisement, something just struck me as odd. I felt as though there was something “progressive” about the message. Then… when they just came out with the “support a Wounder Warrior for 19.95 per month” it became very creepy.

    I honor and respect our Warriors so much, and am so grateful for their sacrifices and devotion to our Country and to Liberty. I have been supporting our active duty and veterans in other ways, such as with (where I send personal care items, or letters, or anything) directly to our troops. And also our local Veterans group who supports the soldier and his/her family called (in the New Orleans area)

    I would bet a years salary that the WWP is probably going to come out for the simmering legislation that denies Veterans the right to keep arms, after they return, if they are injured with PTSD.

    Thank you again, for this important information. I understand how you are torn about this, and am glad that you have posted other organizations to support.

    The big problem I was feeling about WWP, was the fear that they are indoctrinating the Warriors that they are helping, with anti-war propaganda.

  13. StenUSMC

    I think your numbers a little off with how much goes back to the warriors. 82% goes back into programs, 4% administrative and 12% fund raising.

    I have seen first hand how some of the 18 programs WWP has work so I know it is well worth it.

    As for your comment about co-branding. What Veterans service organization co-brands with firearm makers? Where did you get your information about the WWP Policy? did you reach out to anyone at WWP HQs in Jacksonville or did you read about it in this article and based your position on reading what others say? I think we owe it to any Organization to reach out and get it from the them before we decide how we are going to donate.

    Just seems to me a lot of people read an article and believe what it says, does no research themselves. In the end, it don’t matter where anyone gives, as long as there helping a Warrior.

    Thank you for your service.

  14. SgtMaj – the head of WWP earns a six-figure salary. Only 55% or less of donations go to those veterans who needs it. Your donations would be better spent with the American Legion, VFW, Disabled American Veterans (DAV) and others. A comment on here contained a link to a Charity Navigator website which lays out where your donations are going, and more importantly, lists some similar organizations at the bottom.

    If the WWP wants to pick and chose who they’ll co-brand with but take gun and knife manufacturers donations and not even give them a shout-out, then it is a little hypocritical. They stated their position. I state mine when I refuse to donate to them. I’ll give my money to an organization that will actually use the majority of the donation to give to or help those in need.

  15. overwhelmingly seems to the facts? guess i missed those facts. but thank you for giving to our warriors who served. God Bless!

  16. It is not slandering. It is stating what overwhelmingly seem to be the facts. I don’t want to pay salaries and contribute to lavish life styles. I want the money to go where it was designated. I am a non veteran who sincerely cares. My comfortable life style and the rest of America would not be available if not for the people who serve.

  17. Your right MCK, as long as your giving to any program that supports our veterans is all that matters.

    But for him to talk about an Veterans program like Wounded Warrior Project and he is very misinformed about what there policy and who they co brand with, that slandering an organization that helps our veterans and it isn’t fair to the warriors that are part of that program.


  18. The author may not have seen the worst of things across the ocean, and if he decides to drop wwp that’s his call. It still sounds like he is going to bend over backwards to help veterans that took a hit, so good on him. I served in OIF and OEF with USMC infantry. We lost 21 marines and plenty more wounded. I could care less if somebody served as a cook in Antarctica, a green beret, or never served at all. If they will help my brothers in arms and there families, God bless them. Agree or disagree with which program he supports and why, just as long as he supports i give him a thumbs up!


  19. Some of you suprise me, you really think WWP is against the seconded addmendment? Just attended an Hunting event with 20 warriors this weekend, all WWP Alumni and all open carrying!

    There is more to it then just the politics. So an article by a guy that served in the Navy! shot skeet off an ship and he knows it all? really, never had a chance to shoot skeet in my 62 months of ground combat. I buried 47 of my soldiers over the past 10 years and I will continue to support WWP because I seen first hand how well there programs work…


  20. Next time I donate the dollar at the grocery store I will just put the donor name on their little flyers as Smith & Wesson, Browning, Colt, etc. Come on WWP!

  21. Have come close to sending a check but knowing their present anti position they are now off the list. I do an annual giving program that includes church and charity at a significant percent of earnings as I have been blessed with success. I appreciate this research as it has saved me time and points to just another group doing the trendy politically correct thing instead of the “right” thing. I will work to get this word out and discourage support by any of my gun clubs or civic organizations. We all need to put our money where our mouths are and we need to stop being to damn lazy to vote and then complaining when we don’t like the results.

  22. First off let me tell you I am an veteran of 30 years in the United States Army, 6 combat tours between Afghanistan and Iraq in the last 10 years. Awarded 3 Purple hearts for being wounded (GSW,Shrapnel), and 5 Bronze Stars, one with valor. Not to mention combat service in Panama, Desert Storm and Haiti.

    I personally think your way off base! WWP is a great organization that helps veterans and to be honest I don’t know any other Veteran Service Organization(VSO)that does strategic partnership with Gun makers? WWP takes an program approach to helping warriors, 18 different programs in all and has helped me through my recovery process, as well as when i was in a very dark place with my PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

    Over my past 30 years in the Army I couldn’t partner with Gun Makers, attend Religious or Political events in uniform while on active duty, so what is the difference with what WWP is saying what they support and don’t support?

    I will tell you I open carry everyday, its my right and I am not 100% convinced at this time that WWP is anti-gun, or pro-gun. They are a charity organization and they help wounded warriors – that should be their focus, and perhaps they just want to stay outside of the politics of pro/anti any issue. My money will still go to WWP because i know there programs work, bottom line!

    As for there Director of Public relationship who everyone is beating up on facebook and in these type of articles for her comments about the WWP Policy. Did you know she is a mother of an Wounded Warrior, her son was wounded during combat operations in Afghanistan while serving in the 10th Mountain Division. Also almost 80% of the employee’s at WWP are veterans, wounded warriors them self who served there country and have taken on the job to be able to help fellow warriors.

    Take some time and look at the link below, its is to the Wounded Warrior Project website that explains some of the programs and financials.

    The best thing about all this is we are in American, the greatest country on earth and we all have freedom of speech and a right to our own beliefs. So each of you make your own decision on your continued support to the Wounded Warrior Project or any other great Veterans Service Organization that is committed to helping warriors. I know my money will continue to support WWP!



  23. I have found MANY once good and worthy organizations have become nothing more than money pimps keeping their administrators pockets lined. IMHO, these include BSA, GSA, 4-H, and others including now WWP. I prefer to locally to the American Legion, VFW or to Veterans in need and their families. I would rather pay $100 for a holiday meal for a Veteran, than give that same money to any organization,. Why? Because I KNOW that 100% of my money goes to that family’s needs, not 80% to admin and advertizing and 20% to those that need it. This is my choice and I know where my donation goes. I’m sorry, but these groups are supported at all but the uppermost levels by volunteers, that receive nothing for all the time and effort they put in, usually in excess of 40 hours per week. So why do some of these “caring” smucks with a nice comfy office make a high 6 figure salary? i guess they’ve lost track of their own message.

  24. Dave,
    Blessings to you for all you have done and are doing. I don’t have time to read through all the comments to see if this group has been recommended to you, but please check out Team Rubicon – I have been so impressed with what I have seen so far from this group.
    Thank you for your eye opening article.

  25. Like many things in life that are started to help the less fortunate (who deserve help)as soon as certain types of people notice the money being generated they step in and line their pockets and send the organization in the wrong direction, fortunately the silver lining is that there are many great veteran charities and organizations out there. My Company helps a non-profit advocacy group that can outflank Govt. driftwood to get Vets and their spouces the services and benefits they need when they need them. Always do some intel prior to donating money and remember the smaller organizations appreciate your volunteer efforts just as much as cash.

  26. Called and cancelled my monthly donations. There are plenty of other non-political vet organizations. Contribute money to them.

  27. I agree with Abram,

    I’m sorry Cheaper Than Dirt but I’ve got to call you on this one. This article appeared on your company-sponsored blog which is aimed at promoting your business through search engine optimization. Or in other words this article was paid for by CTD and is one of your marketing tools. In this article you’ve allowed the author to criticize the Wounded Warrior Project a for “playing politics” and recommended your readers stop donating to this organization. I find it to be extremely hypocritical that you’ve required the below disclaimer be posted at the end of the article. After reviewing other posts written by Mr. Dolbee I couldn’t find it anywhere else so It’s not your company’s standard practice.
    “The opinions and statements contained within this article are solely those of the author and in no way should be construed to be reflective of Cheaper Than Dirt, its management or employees or any other commercial or non-profit entity mentioned in this article.”
    Looks to me that you’ve “drawn the line in the sand” but don’t want to publicly state what side your on. Funny now you sound a lot like the organization you just bashed for similar practices… So before I can continue to support your organization I’d like a few questions publicly answered by the CTD senior management staff. What side of the line is your company on? Will your organization be contributing to the WWP and if not where will you donate and why? I feel your customers deserve an answer to these questions after allowing such an article to be posted.
    Comment by Abram Barley — November 23, 2012 @ 11:17 am

    1. Please reread the article. I stated my position and expressed my opinion. I even wrote about my intentions. Never did I ask anyone else to stop donating to the WWP. I firmly believe that is a decision that each individual person needs to make based on their own beliefs and convictions.

      Because it was a piece that I wrote about myself and without consultation of senior management, I decided to add the disclaimer at the end. I felt it was only fair because the piece was about this affected me and not CTD’s policy. Cheaper Than Dirt is a privately owned. I do not know the owner’s politics or donation policy.

  28. Dave, you have opened my eyes to yet another problem afflicting our Vets. I too, am a proud veteran, having been the Platoon Sergeant of the first platoon of U.S. & Coalition tanks into Iraq during Desert Storm.

    I THOUGHT the WWP was a worthy organization worth my support. Economically, I can contribute little, so I want what I CAN contribute to be well used by and for the Veterans who need that support, NOT simply used to promote the organization and to raise more money.

    Thanks Dave, as well as ALL Vets, for your service and keep up the great work; and God Bless!

    1. Thank you for your support and more importantly you service! It is always good to hear from a vet who chewed some of the same sand. I too was very saddened by what the WWP has become.

  29. Thanks for the heads-up. I support Paralyzed Vets, a local Rescue Mission, DAV, Marine Toys for Tots, etc. Wounded Warriors is now off the list.

  30. If you’re in the Orlando area and you’d like to support a true wounded warrior individually, as well as exercise your 2nd Amendment rights, drop by Vet Arms. I had the pleasure of briefly serving with the owner, SGT Cope, in Baghdad in 2006, before he was wounded. He was a great NCO and definitely knew his weapon systems, so I’d love to see him get some support!

    1. What a great idea. I have family down that way. I’ll stop in next time I am in the area.

      ~ Dave Dolbee

  31. The Elks (Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks) has been helping veterans since starting the first VA hospital. Could add the to your list of charitable organizations.

  32. I buy from your site because you provide what I am looking for, at a good price, and good service.

    I contribute to the Fisher House Foundation. Less than 4% for overhead. The rest for the military families. The biggest bang for my buck. I have seen the really good work at BAMC in San Antonio.

    If you really want to find a reason to get bent about Fisher House you could focus on the proceeds they receive from “Of Thee I Sing. A Letter to My Daughters” written by President Barack Obama. If you look hard, you can find it. I just ignore it. The military and vets are getting a big boost from this with little overhead and that is my goal for giving.

    It does sour me a bit when a charitable organization picks political sides. It seems that is a liberal bent on forcing people to take positions because they hold a media gun to their head. Just do your homework.

    Best of luck to everyone. Proud to have served with these brave men and women.



    1. As I said in my article, I do not care where they get their money from as long as they stay apolitical and help those they are supposed to. I will put it on the list.

      ~ Dave Dolbee

  33. I would hope that you, Dave, and all others, would add the American Legion to those veterans groups worthy of your giving. This fine organization (I have been a member for many, many years, is operated by volunteers and all money donated goes to programs we support, not to individuals within the management of the group. Check us out at

    1. I have had a few people call out the American Legion, and my wife has paid my dues every year since we have been married as a Christmas gift. It will be high on my list.

      ~ Dave Dolbee

  34. What is this world coming to. Is everyone forgetting the veterans and what they and their families have been through. God bless the veterans and the America we all love. And my God help us from where it seems to be headed. Thank you for the information.

  35. At first read I was saddened by the thought that these people had strayed away from helping those who had sacrificed so much to protect our way of life. Then it occured to me that they never were about helping, it was the money. Call them what they are parasites or con men. None of them were worth even a small fraction of the salaries these vile little cretins stole from the fine Americans who donated money and those that paid the price.
    How much lower will the progressive libtard sink than using the generosity of a grateful nation to line their pockets and continue to ask for more donations

  36. Thanks for the update.I’m sad at how much the Left has influenced organizations that had a clear focus in the beginning.

  37. This clinches what I suspected, so if we support them we defeat what the military
    oath we took when we went into the service and the constitution it stands for!!!
    May God protect this country!!!

  38. Anti gun? A gun is tool and I don’t want to be without one. Being the victim of an armed robbery and shot full of holes I don’t want to give anybody the chance to do that to me again. I don’t like being pronounced DOA or severely hurt and maimed. Being anti gun does not protect you from violent uncaring people. The world is filled with people who will hurt you without remorse and they are not going to disappear. Personally I would rather have a flame thrower except it ruins the furniture and stinks up the house.

  39. Good article and thanks for the info. I find myself having to examine the politics behind many charities these days. While their politics may not matter to many, to me I can’t justify donating to an organization I don’t agree with politically. Too many others are out there that can use the dollars and get help to the same group that I can agree with. I’m also finding myself having to really dig into their financials and see if my dollars are actually doing good or just spent for advertising and “administrative” costs. I can’t justify donating to a huge salery either, too much is lost in the administration. This is the time of year I normally donate and won’t be donating to WWP even though I do want to donate to an organization which helps our returning vets. I will do the same as I do with animal rescue charities and examine the smaller organizations. I quit giving to the Humane Society of the Us and ASPCA years ago. Thanks also for the tips on others to check into. I’m sure I’ll find a worthy organization to be able to help our Vets out.

  40. Wounded93 – WWP doesn’t endorse gun or knife manufacturers, but sure takes their money. As has been pointed out numerous times in the comments – check the other organizations out there. If you want to compromise your beliefs, fine. I do not donate to organizations who spend most of my donation on ‘administrative costs’ rather than giving to or directly helping those who the organization says it is helping. There is no reason for the head of WWP to receive a six figure salary. The folks that run donate their time and money and don’t receive anything in return.

  41. “Those who do not support our right to own firearms are immediately suspect.”

    Fair enough. Is that what Wounded Warrior is doing by not endorsing gun companies?

  42. Thanks so much for your excellent article, Dave. It is sad that many formerly great charities have fallen by the wayside through corrupt, political activities that seem to occur at an alarming rate. Once the money starts to become significant, greed rears it’s ugly head and the great cause is forgotten in lieu of personal profit. I thank you for the research on other, more honest outfits to which I can switch my donations. My litmus test for many things in life has become the support of the 2nd Amendment. Those who do not support our right to own firearms are immediately suspect.

  43. DR JMF — Really? You can’t spend 3 minutes reading an article without making a comment criticizing it’s length? Wow.

    Great article Dave! I was unaware of the WWF’s position and have since followed up myself. Everything you said was true. Others will be getting my support from here on out. Thanks for the head-up.

  44. I feel bad about this because there are so many charities out there asking for money that once a charity, such as WWP, starts playing politics, catering to political correctness activists, they offend the very people who are their biggest donors, who then move on to an organization that appreciates their support, and the vets are the ones who are hurt … again. Do they really believe that a vet who intends to commit suicide will be influenced one way or the other by WWP co-branding with Smith & Wesson? How dare WWP take this outrageous, anti-American-liberty position? Have they no common sense, no awareness that it is the conservatives on the political right who are the most generous donors to charities? Do they not understand that it is the conservatives, including gun owners and manufacturers, who are the most supportive of our military? Amazing! Well, it’s ironic that I saw this today because I am sitting at my desk paying bills and one of my chores is to write my annual checks to charity (I typically give to the Salvation Army, Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Boy Scouts, and the WWP). This year, WWP’s donation will go to The Semper Fi Fund. This is probably a better choice for me, anyway, as I am a Marine Corps combat vet, myself (Vietnam).
    Semper Fi,
    “People sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” – George Orwell

  45. Your article is far too lengthy to keep one’s attention!
    Condense the article and make a summary that a
    person has the time to read.
    I guarantee less than ten percent have read the entire
    article. Better condensed and read, than not at all.

    DR JMF

  46. I’m both shocked and not at the same time. Greed will always get the better of weak men like the ones in charge of WWP. I’m stunned that they would take a public stance against firearms and their affiliates. I’d venture to say that north of 75% of veterans are legal gun owners and lovers of the sport. I belong to a sportsman’s club that raised over $5000 for WWP this year at a high dollar per person charity skeet shoot. They never once told us that they didn’t appreciate our means, but graciously took the money. Our club just voted last week to sponsor another fundraiser next year but you can be sure that I will be aggressively opposing that and instead recommend another charity. Thank you Dave for exposing the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  47. You want a warrior nation you got it but cut out this malarky of defending our. Freedoms; for other than protecting our asses from other warriors that is all our military does.
    Let not one hand know what the other does when giving is charity and give to all in need of relief no matter the cause of that need.
    YOou cannot fart in this nation today without seeing or hearing you must support your warriors and of course everyone who can knows cammy today means bucks in hand.

    We make war to make war that is the lay of the land and while its nice others fight they may deserve thanks for protecting our butts as we make the bucks that is what they are paid to do.
    That others make a buck off of the memes and hype that too has long been the lay of the land.
    The warrior cult grows as our Constitutional freedoms disapear but we wanted a militarized land so dig deep for those who keep your butts safe while you make a buck.

  48. Thank you for the article. I have wondered, like others have already mentioned, where exactly the money donated to WWP goes. There is also an ugly rumor that a good part of the donations is going towards paying the upper echelon of WWP. Wonder if they’d publish the annual salaries of their executives?

    Disabled American Veterans has been around for awhile, and deserve a look for all their hard work on behalf of veterans. (

    Battling Bare is doing good work for getting help for PTSD for their husbands. (

    Wounded93 – don’t blame the tool, fool. If someone is that depressed, and everyone who should care is not paying attention, then they will use whatever means are at hand. It’s up to us to listen, be observant, and help those that need it.

  49. Kudos to CTD for allowing the post, you have now earned my respect which means you will not only continue to receive my business but more of it as I tend spend the majority of my money with businesses I believe in and trust. I am disappointed with myself for not looking into WWP more thoroughly before placing my own hard earned money there. Thankfully we have media to help educate people with sometimes “unpopular” information so intelligent decisions can be made. On the surface how could you go wrong with support for an organization titled “the Wounded Warrior Project”? Far too often we are misled due to a lack of information. For me it was not a waste of hard earned funds, just that it could/should have been allocated more wisely and will be in the future. Dave Dolbee, thank you for making me all the wiser.

  50. I don’t now why Wounded Soldiers position on guns would surprise anyone. When the number of soldiers who have died as a result of suicide has surpassed the number of soldiers killed in action, the idea that they should support gun manufacturing is insulting and repugnant.

    This is what has your panties all up in a wad? Seriously? You guys need to get out more often.

  51. I am very thankful to have read this article. I am fully in agreement with the writer and will carefully consider the other organizations listed at the end of the article so that I can be confident that my contributions are going to a support group that IS apolitical. Very enlightening! Thanks for writing it!

  52. I am alumni to the WWP since 2008. I love the organization, it helped me more than any one thing has in my life. I love guns, I love keeping my firearms, and I see why the WWP would space itself away from firearms and knives, a lot of my late associates have taken their lives from PTSD, depression, or what have you. It is their decision to make that call on to turn away from weapons, but I will still support them. As I went from being a child to an dult, I learned I am not going to agree 100% to anything, so I will compromise. I will support an organization that helped me and thousands of others, and they will keep doing the right thing.

  53. Vet & 100% disabled. We donate anonymously not wanting to be on anyone’s contribution list trying to suck up our limited resources. If it involves money there are politics. The question is whether they are acceptable. I too have my CHL, Oregon, Utah, and Arizona. I also teach it. I also teach Citizen Rights, and Constitutional Rights; Federal and Oregon. Lots to say but this is not my forum. Should be enough to say my wife and I are exploring alternative for donating and have removed WWP from our list.

    1. What else can I add, but my thanks to you for your service — both in the military and your efforts afterwards…

      ~ Dave Dolbee

  54. I am a WWP Alumni and very happy with WWP. I am also a NRA.member and a CCL holder and medical retired with 15 yrs of service in the army with two combat tours in iraq. I love how company’s like to call out others. So if you say that you support the men and women of the military. Why does cheaper then dirt not do military discounts. I was going to buy somethings for your company I called and asked if you do a discount for military and was told no. That is why I get all my gun parts from brownell’s. And I use your ads to do my price checking. So a little bit of advice take a look at what you are doing before you start saying things about what other company’s are doing. Thank you. WWP does care for there warriors I am very happy to be able to be a part of them.

    1. Congratulations on your successful relationship with the WWP and other accomplishments and affiliations. As I stated in my article, I experienced a lot of turmoil over the decision to withdraw my support from the WWP and whether or not I wanted to express that publicly.

      As the disclaimer at the bottom of the article stated, this was solely my opinion. Any counsel I sought in making this decision was my own. And this is what I wrote:

      So I have a choice to make; after significant thought and soul searching (I would say prayer, but WWP bans any religiously affiliated organization as well—WWP lumps it in the same category as, guns, knives, sex and alcohol; although WWP has held fundraisers at the Playboy Mansion in the past), I have decided to drop my support of the Wounded Warrior Project, but NOT for those it serves.

      That is all “I” (i.e. me personally), not Cheaper Than Dirt, my wife, priest, neighbor, third cousin twice-removed or anyone else. Additionally, I never called for, or asked, others to stop their support. I believe that is a personal decision each of us need to make and respect. The WWP drew a lot of support from the gun and knife industries. It used that support to grow and has not been upfront about its efforts to disassociate the WWP from those industries. That is something people need to know. I have received many emails and phone calls from people who feel they have been duped by the WWP. Charities have no business taking sides in politics. The WWP needs to get out of the political arena and refocus it efforts to helping our Wounded Warriors.

      I do not care if the WWP takes money from the anti-gun crowd. Any dollar it can get for the vets is great, but I am withdrawing my support to an organization that is picking and choosing the industries will associate with in public. Stay apolitical or accept the repercussions of alienating significant numbers of your donors. There are many other fine organizations, with lower administration costs — WWP is using something along the lines of 45 percent of all donations for admin costs — which do not feel the need to inject personal politics. “I” will research and channel my support to one or more of those organizations.

      ~ Dave Dolbee

  55. After reading this, I am very saddened and a bit upset. I have been donating to WWP thru CFC, for the past few years. I just renewed my CFC donations and now I can’t pull it…. Sucks. Just like the article says, We were entrusted with million dollar equipment, including ” Real Assault” weapons, weapons capable of high amounts of devastation and destruction. Yet now, can’t even get support from WWP in regards to the firearms industry. Rediculous, in my opinion. Although Suicide is high among the returning Vets, hunting, target shooting and the like are still great avenues of familarity for us as well as stress relief and oppourtunities for vet to vet bonding interests. I’m am now ashamed to say I donate to the WWP. I know when my CFC donations are due next year, I will be finding another Veteran based charity, that supports these ideals and activities… God bless our Troops, our Vets and their families…

  56. I have worked quite a bit with Wounded Warriors over the years from when they were just a band of Vietnam Vets, to when Iraq War vets started trickling in. Now they have fresh meat rolling in all the time bearing the scars and missing limbs of IED’s. A lot of these guys have been through dozens of surgeries, months in hospital and have bouts with depression. It is understandable that weapons may be a sore spot for them and we should respect that. Our Wounded Warriors always inspire me. You may think you are having a bad day and you look at these guys overcoming insurmountable odds with positive attitudes. We need to back off and give them their space.

  57. Thank you Dave for taking the flack to publish your note. I have contributed to WWP for several years. I must say, they are persistent fundraisers, and their efforts were successful with me. The extensive fundraising mail, pins, calendars, etc., from WWP should have raised a red flag, but I wasn’t paying attention. When I donate for disaster relief, e.g., Sandy, I make it a point to do the research to choose a highly efficient charity. I want to maximize the benefits from my donations. Thank you for raising this exact issue regarding aid for our wounded vets. I just sent my donation to Semper Fi, though any of the other organizations you listed would be equally worthy. I’m taking WWP off my personal list today. I do not have the resources to make huge gifts, so I prefer to choose my charities carefully.

  58. This is disgusting coming from Cheaper Than Dirt! I won’t support any company or any organization connected with the WWP that doesn’t support our 2nd Amendment. I don’t care what kind of liberal baloney you put out to sugar coat it…This is anti-gun and you know it!

  59. I served on active duty from ’87-’04,I have my share of cuts and boo boos,not to mention that damn PTSD that affects so many of us,all adding up to a VA rating of 100%. I have been donating to a couple of organizations…mainly the Paralyzed Veterans and Blind Veterans. I have been suspicious of WWP since it began.Too many T.V. commercials showing the same things over and over. I am deeply hurt as I expect all of us are after reading this. I plan to bring this issue up at my next PTSD meeting at the Calcutta,Ohio arm of the Louis Stokes VA Hospital.So many of our Brothers and Sisters who have served/are serving have a hard enough time without being screwed by a Organization that is supposed to be helping.

  60. I have I have also have dedicated myself to informing as many as I can of my decision and why. I am a memember of the Marine Corp League and the American Legion Family. Due to my considerable involvement with these organizations I have placed my support American Legion National Commanders project-“Operation Comfort Warrior”. See the following link “”. A very worthy cause, all “100%” of donations go to the program. Please and this to your list. It just so happens that the National Commander is from my American Legion District and he is a most Honorable man. Thank you for allowing to express my feelings and opinions.

  61. The Achilles Freedom Team of Wounded Vets ( help veterans of of all branches as well as periods. WWP would only help those veterans injured from the inception of said organization. I was injured during Desert Storm and the turned me away quite bluntly, then after removing the boot from my six, had the nerve to ask for money.
    Achilles is a not for profit that advertises primarily by word of mouth and by being seen at various sporting events-such as the Marine Corps Marathon. They work with the veterans to help develop the skills and confidence to participate in mainstream athletics-like basketball, running, and hand crank wheelchairs. They helped train me to use a hand crank wheelchair and at 52 did my first marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon, in Washington D.C. That’s 26.2 miles using just my arms.
    My money goes to Achilles. I’ve seen them help double amputees RUN the half and full marathon. Like I said my money goes to them, and the monies donated to the Freedom Team goes to the Freedom Team-nothing else.

  62. The WWP runs some powerful ads on TV. They often leave me with tears in my eyes and great respect for our wounded heros. The ads also caused me to realize that there are some special women, the wives, who stand with and support their men. They have my admiration.

    I am now curious to learn where the WWP donations are going. What are the adminidtrative costs compared to what helps the soldiers and families.

    It never occurred to me that the WWP might in some way be a political organization. Your article is an eye opener. Although not overtly political, they seem to be political by ommision.

    I look on this time in our history as the greatest assault on the Constitution that has ever taken place. The sad part is that the progressives are a formidable enemy of the Constitution and they have been organizing massive blocks of ill informed citizens for years.

    I agree with your idea, We must increase our support for our returning military heros but show that support through organizations that support the Constitution and our American way of life, That does not include progressive, democrat, liberal, marxist,or communist friendly organizations.

  63. If you want to futher understand the depth of the lies from WWP, listen to that interview again, then view their tax returns, they are public record on the WWP website, it will be rather shocking. There are plenty of other organizations where more of your donation will be spent on serving vets, and not on six figure salaries and huge bonus for the CEO and his family/friends

  64. WWP has sold its soul. I was involved with them for several years. I took part in their programs and I saw firsthand the greed and hypocrisy that is at the heart of the project. I could go on for hours about what I saw and learned, but I just want everyone to know that their executives are crooks and their hiring practices are disgusting. When I learned and saw executives flying first class and enjoying their catered lunches and driving their Mercedes, and walking around like their hot shot with with their suits and not giving two shits about the actual veterans while they enjoy fat salaries and benefits makes me sick. They spend so much money on stupid objects that they can put their label on and they make their offices seam like they are some cold, business, corporate machine, and that’s exactly what they have become. It is because of the New York hot shot lawyer named Steve Nardizi. Everything changed when he took over. I saw this charity literally leave wounded vets to hang. They have turned their back on those who are supposed to be the beneficiaries and they promote themselves and give themselves raises when they find ways to strip warriors of benefits. They are all about the brand and about fattening up their salaries. Such a sad thing really. These crooks are all part of the war machine and thrive off of others’ suffering. They should be promoting an end to our aggressive foreign policy in Washington, instead they do everything they can to ensure they have fresh wounds to supposedly heal.

  65. I think it’s discrimination to preferentially hire veterans over civilians for civilian jobs. In fact, you just publicly admitted that you stood behind hiring not based on merit or qualifications, but on previous affiliation with the armed forces. That’s bullspit in my estimation. a lot of military guys are just plain dull, dumb or stupid and I’ve seen the same bullspit you spoke of and then watched that person who got hired stab others including myself in the back….

    Being ex-military doesn’t mean spit when you are evaluating ethics and social values. I suppose because you would discriminate against a non-veteran that you would also just dispense with the types of questions during an interview that would reveal if the person was a poor fit for the position. We need more people that are un-biased doing the hiring in this country. F#@$k all the discrimination bullspit that goes on. SICK OF IT!

  66. I agree mostly with Cliff Downing’s comment. I’m a veteran, an NRA member, and trained to carry a gun. I am cynical, too. I don’t think that WWP should be obligated to support any organization that their organization’s leaders, feel opposed to supporting. My concern with this organization is the amount of my donation that goes where I sent it. I look to those individuals who are making the decisions on how money is spent to be responsible. I’m not a supporter of -all- gun lobby either, but if you want take a stand I’ll respect your right to do so whether I agree with it to any degree or not. This is one of the greatest things about my country.
    Politicizing the service of our wounded veterans is what puts a knot in my stomach, but both sides are going to do it; it’s the right of the individuals who are responsible for guiding these organizations. My hope is that more people become less susceptible to the rhetoric aimed at appealing to our demographics for establishing revenue or political gain and start to focus on what we can do. WWP doesn’t get help to our veterans as well as other charities do. Our veterans need our help – that’s the point. Trying to ply the 2nd amendment or guns sales into this scenario is not the point, either. I already want to support the 2nd amendment and our right to bear arms, I also want to give to other veterans the need help. These issues are important enough on their own, I don’t need to combine them. I take no offense at the author’s opinion and I think I’m very close to his point of view, but I am compelled to speak out when I believe that veterans are used to make a point for any “side” other than the welfare of veterans.

  67. Thanks for the info, my friend. Having a son on active duty in the Army, I have frequently donated to WWP and other organizations dedicated to helping those who have sacrificed so much for our fast-diminishing freedom. It breaks my heart to learn that WWP has caved to political correctness, which is the antithesis of freedom, in the areas of both the Second Amendment and the First (rejection of religion). From now on most of my donations to our servicemembers and veterans will be through the Campus Crusade for Christ’s Military Ministry. Yes, they do share the gospel with our warriors, but they do so much more, in terms of rehabilitation for wounded warriors suffering both PTSD and physical losses. They also do a lot to help our military families adjust to the sacrifices in which they share. May God bless you for sharing this.

  68. I can understand Dave Dolbee’s disappointment but branding is a complicated thing. We live in times were mere affiliation can expose an organization to criminal and civil liabilities. Branding a firearm with the WWP logo (for whatever reason) is an endorsement and caries with it (sadly) responsibility. WWP can not allow itself to be drawn into that scenario. I can’t speak from facts but I believe WWP does not co-brand, and I see that as a good position to take.
    In their refusal to co-brand, I think, WWP is not taking a position against the 2nd Amendment, firearms, gun owners or gun-right activists. I think they are simply avoiding exposure to product liability issues, criminal use, negligence, on-and-on….
    The more important benchmark is a public and transparent record of performance -measured against monies collected and number of veterans helped. The results of that assessment is what should define WWP.

  69. Just like the Politicians, they see $$$$Millions, and can’t wait to spend it, put it in their pockets, etc. Use it to advertise for more money, more money…Yes, Yes.. Greed!!! It’s all about the Money, not about Charity, Volunteering.. Sad, so few people with real integrity anymore.. Just look at Main stream media. All crooked Libs, Not unbiased reporting..

  70. Thank You for such an informative and well researched article. I have had the opportunity to enter similar fund raising offices of another organization and see first hand the amount of money being spent in the name of raising money. It is shamefull that these well meaning organizations become corrupted by the very money they wish to obtain to support good causes. It is America and we support free enterprise so it is on us to do the research as in this article in order to prevent our donations from being turned into executive salaries. Shame on any of us who just “write the check” with out checking out the charities pay out numbers and statistics. I agree that sending notes to Bill Orielly is a good idea to out what WWP has become. If he is genuine he will also be appalled. Charities are regulated and perhaps tweeking that legislation to prevent the boards of directors from being all one family’s members is in order. Shame on any person who allows themself to be corrupted and at other’s expense. God Bless our Troops, past and present and Merry Christmas to all. Thank You veterans for your service so we can have this discussion.

  71. It’s not uncommon in the evolution of a charity for the organization to become more important than the mission, though it’s always sad to see it happen.

    There are plenty of other charities that still concentrate on the mission and there is no shame in shifting your support to any of them so that more of your dollars go towards the mission rather than administration and politics.

    With so many worthy causes needing funding, it’s imperative one takes the time to ensure he’s donating to organizations that concentrate on the their mission. Last thing you want to do is fund an organization that may end up taking away your rights later on, so political stances DO matter when making the decision on who to donate to.

    And since it can be difficult to vet every organization, you have to thank people like the author of this piece for doing it for us!


  72. This is Just another example of the liberal correctness, I did 21 Years and retired
    in 2003 Ive done my time in more than just the Middle East. If the WWP caved in to the pressure of the corporate idiots, whats next taking the Warrior out of the name.
    It’s obvious the leadership of the Project have never been Wounded nor served and can call themselves Warrior’s if they have then I tell you this. “It is time to dust off the foot locker pull (them) out, by (them) you know what I mean and get down to bussiness. becouse I can think of many meanings for WWP.

  73. Good for you and WWP will no longer get any of my money either. It was not much trust me but I will not be sending them anymore of that pissy amount. Like you said they don’t have to endorse your beliefs but to treat you and then to read they treat religious groups this way is just a bit too much. WOW! I should have known when I saw some of Hollywood’s finest speaking for them hu?

  74. There are hundreds of local wounded warrior groups who directly help veterans without taking a salary. Grass roots men and women who sell tickets and fundraise to raise money every day. These org are the place to donate your money to, it all goes to the veterans, nothing political…. I belong to the Western Pa Wounded Warriors and they are a great group!

  75. There are some days, when I really wonder where we are going as a nation, and have we made a choice to say “thank you for your service, but what you were serving to protect, we don’t want”. I have lived my entire life constantly facing the politicization of issues surrounding veterans and using veteran’s service for some political agenda or money grab. I guess I have been hardened by it all since I had to face it early on as a young troop coming back home to a country torn by the Vietnam conflict and having those I went to school with shunning me at best, and denigrating me in their weaker mental moments. That this is yet another situation where an organization chooses to politicize things and play games on the backs of veterans like so many have done before, makes me grieve so deep inside for those that never made it home, or were severely physically and emotionally scarred by war. On my worse days, I still question as I did 4 decades ago, “was it worth it”. But one thing does bring me back to reality. While many may play cruel games using veterans for their particular cause, it is that just as was the case 4 decades ago, we can only rely on each other. Veterans only have each other and just as in the service, we have to rely on each other. There will always be those groups that choose to use veterans for cannon fodder for their personal political agenda. I have developed a deep cynicism for virtually all organizations who claim allegiance to veterans, and may actually do some good, that there is an ulterior motive behind it all. WWP really disappointed me.

    1. Cliff,
      Thank you for your service. It is due to Vets such as yourself and what you endured that made it much easier for soldiers, sailors and airman such as myself. I remember our first days in the Gulf back in 1990. The outpouring of support via letters addressed to any serviceman was incredible. Upon returning home, there were parties and special deals to thank us. This pendulum swung in our favor because of the way vets like you were treated.

      That was proof that vets do not have be cannon fodder as long as we stand up and speak for ourselves and pave the way for those who are picking up the guns and serving in our wake. I believe this is happening given the number of organizations dedicated to supporting our veterans; the number of people who start out conversations by thanking the veteran for his or her service. And again, I thank you for your service and recognize how your sacrifice blazed a wide path that made it much easier for vets in following years.

      Was it worth it? For me, it certainly was.

      And for that, you have my most sincere and eternal thanks,

      ~ Dave Dolbee

    1. Excellent idea. Please make sure to keep supporting our Heroes through another cause!
      ~ Dave Dolbee

  76. Another fine effort is the Military Order of the Purple Heart (North Carolina. Every year they raise money to send wounded warriors home for Christmas. These are outpatients at camp LeJeune and Fort Bragg that can travel but can’t afford to go home. Last year 350 got tickets. Please consider helping.

  77. thanks, i dropped my support for USO for similar reasons (they spend a lot on raising money and their CEO makes a huge paycheck-and people seem to hate working their). I’ll start donating to the organizations above where giving a dollar means someone (or group) is likely to get close to that. As too not understanding stuff, I don’t like groups run by people who guide their organization by their own limited POV.

  78. I can say I will not be financially supporting the WWP after reading this. I will continue to support our Heroes and WW by other means. Why is it that being politically correct is of prime importance. Shame on the firearm manufacturers and the managers of the WWP for not being able to resolve this. After all, what got our troops in this condition in the first place.

  79. I am a wounded soldier currently in the Warrior Transition Unit at Ft. Benning, GA. I can tell you, there has been little support from the WWP for myself or the other 500 soldiers here. One organization who has been very helpful is Outdoors Without Limits, if you are looking for an organization to support please look into them. The founder, Kirk Thomas has the right idea and gives his all for Wounded Warriors.
    SFC Percy Clements

    1. SFC Clements,
      First, let me give you big bro hug and say, “Thank you for your service and putting it all on the line.” You have our eternal respect and gratitude for your bravery. As you are exactly who, and what, this article is meant to benefit — our recovering Wounded Warriors — I’ll contact Outdoors Without Limits and check it out. If everything looks good, I’ll move it to the top of the list for my next review and get the good word out to generate support for you.

      ~ Dave Dolbee

  80. I have a question for all – perhaps the WWP is not truly a charitable organization but really a shell company designed to make a comfortable living for it”s principals? Shouldn”t the FBI be investigating? Despite their previous and current good deeds, could this be a massive fraud hiding under the cover of “helping wounded vets”?

    1. In an ideal world, yes. Unfortunately, very little of the money raised must go to the intended purpose to remain legal as a nonprofit charity. Start searching the web and look to sites such as to see how much of your donation is being eaten up by administrative and other expenses versus actually being used to help those you intended.

      ~ Dave Dolbee

  81. Let us not forget, it is the warriors we support, AND there is nothing more important. PC can be stretched only so far, there is nothing wrong with corp sponsors getting something in return for their assistance. I am more loyal to those companies who help with projects that are near and dear to me like American Cancer Society or TAPS. They bear no responsibility to contribute to those org. BUT when they do contribute they are doing so with “their profits” and I strongly feel they should look closely at their recipients and report back when they find issues such as this author has found. Don’t attack CTD for disclaimers after all lawyers have to be paid somehow And have to do something to make a living if they aren’t serving in congress—– LOL. Good job reporting!

  82. Interesting all this stuff. I’m a Red Cross Volunteer who wanted to do something to directly help wounded Vets – be directly invloved with target populations the way the RC does. When I looked up WWC with an eye to working with Vets through them I found that WWC volunteers do NOT INTERACT DIRECTLY WITH VETS but are accepted only to support organized WWC projects and programs. For example to give out water at a WCC race. Well then who is interacting directly with Vets? By definition if it is not volunteers (unpaid)it must be people who are not volunteers (paid). Seems inefficient to me. So my research would seem to support the idea that there is indeed something to the idea that WWC is not really dedicated to working for and with Vets but something else.

  83. Thank you for the article I was getting ready to send another check(I’m a 100% Disabled, Enlisted, Vietnam Combat vet)I wrote on the empty envelope SHAME ON YOU for decieving Americans!

  84. Well written piece and thank you for your service to this country! When I found out about WWP, I very much wanted to support them. That is until I researched them on and They do a lot for wounded vets, but it could be much more. WWP, Susan B Komen and many others, I believe start as good hearted grass roots efforts to do good, but I think once upper management sees just how profitable a non-profit org can be, they get greedy. Nardizzi makes $319,000 a year. Nancy Brinker, CEO of Susan B Komen – $417,000 a year. Who am I to say what a CEO of a non-profit should make? But that’s OUR money as contributors to their organizations and 300,000-400,000 is a good chunk of yearly change that could be helping wounded vets or breast cancer patients. What little desire I had to support WWP just went away after reading your piece. Thanks for researching other alternatives.

    1. Stay tuned. I am certainly not letting this one go. Here is a way to ensure 100% of your effort goes to the right place.

      Send a card or letter to:
      A Recovering American Hero
      C/O Walter Reed Army Medical Center
      6900 Georgia Avenue
      NW Washington, DC 20307-5001

      It is cheap and can really make a difference, but it is also the LEAST we can and should do. Don’t forget to look at other organizations and lend them your support as well.

      ~ Dave Dolbee

  85. Appears WWP is taking the same stance as ANY US government building or office-no weapons of any sort, EXCEPT by the armed guards in each building, including the VA hospitals. All they need is the government Gestapo in their corporate offices!! I will also discontinue my support for this organization(ten year veteran, all full active duty, 69-78,87-89).

  86. This is most distressing that some jerks are now making a living off the suffering of our veterans. That is what happens to a good idea when there is money involved. The bottom feeders always try to move in, and the Vets get squeezed out.

  87. I suggest everyone write an email to WWP’s biggest promotor, Bill O’reilly at Fox News. I realize O’reilly is no friend of gun ours but he might be swayed by the WWP’S politically correct games and high 6 figure salaries (we should verify this). Ask him to pressure his group to stop playing games against the largest group of pro vet people around, us the shooters and hunters!

    1. Great idea. I am sending my email right away. We really need to get his word out to as people as possible. I would support and organization that is apolitical and equally supports and accepts donations from both sides, but not one that chooses to align against my beliefs.

      ~ Dave Dolbee

  88. It is so regretable that these leftwing partisan politics have invaded a once proud and worthy organization.I agree that our efforts of support should continue through alternative channels, but heavy pressure should also be kept to bear upon WWP to change their ludicrous attitude.

  89. To John (12/1/12)…..Thank you for your service and the service of both your son and daughter. My choice is to support people and organizations who support the same things as I do, and I certainly support helping our wounded warriors. My objections to WWP center around their opposition to all weapons and their spending so much of their revenue on administration, investing and fund raising, while spending so little on actually helping wounded warriors. Check out the WWP financials and you’ll see for yourself.

  90. If one is truely interested in donation to the WWP, if one is truely interested in donating to the brave men and woment the WWP serves and represents, that donation should not be contingent upon political or sponsorship or agenda or what else someone else does or does not do. The donation should be focused on one thing and one thing only, the brave men and women.

    My son served four tours between Afghanistan and Iraq, my daughter served one tour in Iraq. I served two tours between Kuwait and Afghanistan before retiring. My son was lightly wounded once with shrapnel, my daughter was wounded twice by grazing bullet wound and then shrapnel, I was wounded by knife while engaging in hand to hand combat while clearing a building. Thankfully, all of these wounds did not cost us our lives, and we don’t avail ourselves of the WWP srvices and all is well and we are fully recovered physically. We did not lose limbs or sustain permanent physical injury.

    I am a gun owner, a 26 year vetran myself, and strong supporter of the second amendment. I certainly understand the vetrans viewpoint and the need for support for wounded vetrans. I also understand the article author’s viewpoint in the article so don;t think that i don’t. However, I think it to be somewhat small minded to choose to withhold donations and publically in print basically denounce the WWP as something unsavory simply because they, as any organization has a right to do, have chosen a path away from being visibly associated with the gun/weapons industry. I’m not afiliated with the WWP but I have donated to them, as i have to other organizations that have assisted vetrans wounded or not.

    It is small minded and selfish, it is insulting, to base any form of support for these brave men and women who have given their lives and paid the price for doing so, and will continue to pay the price physically and mentally for the rest of their lives, upon such a concept as the WWP shying away from the weapons industry. The support is about the vetrans, not the weapons industry, and support for those vetrans either through the WWP or elsewhere should be, and continue, every day free of political reasons or agenda.

    If you drop support for the WWP, don’t say you are dropping support for the WWP but not for the vetrans as you are being disengenous. You say you are patriotic, the last time I looked, and in my experiences and my childrens experiences and in the experieces of the majority of vetrans i’d venture to say, being patriotic did not include selfish small minded agenda and denouncing groups that helped vetrans. The last time I looked being patriotic included not being selfish and willing to give freely without reservation. The last time I looked being patriotic included a lot of things not portrayed in this article. Although being patriotic does not necessarily extend to just serving in the military, it does not denounce either directly or indirectly those who choose to serve and sacrifice and this article although claiming to support vetrans denounces these vetrans by placing self centered small minded agenda above the importance of supporting those vetrans through an organization that serves them, how petty and cheap and insulting.

    However, the article writer has a right to free speech. A right guranteed under our Constitution, the same Constitution I and my children and those other vetrans wounded or not and those still on patrol and those still serving, have pledged our lives to and given freely to protect and defend without reservation, and would willing lay down our lives if necessary to protect and defend. Is it too much to ask that we vetrans at least not be insulted by articles such as this? Is it too much to ask that the focus be on the vetrans needing support instead of on the gun industry or groups or personal agenda wrapped in the guise of free speech right exercise in this article? Is it too much to ask that our vetrans are not denounced? If its too much to ask, thats ok, we understand because we defended your right to do so.

    1. Thank you for your lengthy service. I am glad to your see your family following in your footsteps and thank them for their service as well.

      I think you have missed the point of my article. I am not against the WWP. And I certainly support our Wounded Veterans. The WWP took a stance against thing are near and dear to me. The WWP needs to come back to the center, take an apolitical position and get back to business of helping our Wounded Warriors, not making political decisions for them.

      In an effort to make lemonade from lemons, I have pledged to double my efforts to support our Wounded Heroes, both physically through donations of my time and monetarily through organizations dedicated to helping our wounded veterans — sadly, the Wounded Warrior Project has taken the actions that make in necessary to removed from my list.

      I supported the WWP and participated in raising funds for it. I was honored to be aligned with the WWP and enjoyed serving the veterans, but that was before the WWP changed and took a political position. I will continue to support our veterans as I have in the past, but there is no rule or law that says I must do it through the WWP.

      At no time did I EVER denounce our veterans or suggest that anyone should! And I served and defended our Constitution as well. Please take more care to read and understand the entire post, before making baseless accusations and casting insults from your perch above us…

      You may want to read my follow up and first call to support our veterans as well…

      ~ Dave Dolbee

  91. ALCON,

    Review the web site and see how WWP stacks up. It is by far the number one most searched charity in their database by about 45% over Susan B Komen, another brand recognition charity.

    They did not do very well. They only spend 55 cents of every dollar collected and yet the CEO Steve Nardizzi banks $320,000.00 in compensation.

    Here is the link, take the time to learn all of the facts before you decide.

  92. I have always had a policy of not doing business with any business that does not adhere to the Constitution. People have the right to associate or not associate themselves with whomever they want. I and have the right not to associate with them. Any organization or business that limits religion, the 2nd amendment, participates in robbing people of their 4th amendment, etc, does not get my money or attention.

    Honestly, it’s not hard at all to do this. There are dozens of alternatives in any field. I did not shop at several big box stores because they put up a no firearms sign. Yes they have their right to do so, and I have the right not to shop there.

    The problem is not finding alternatives. (there are always many) the problem is finding the inner beliefs of companies. Some are proud progressives (Levi’s, Ben & Jerry’s etc.) They are easy to find and avoid. Others are less hard to pin down. I also will not go see a movie that flaunts it’s anti-Constitutional actors. (Matt Damon, Sean Penn, Stallon, etc.) I won’t buy the DVD either. I won’t buy any music from an anti-Constitution group (No Doubt, Madonna, etc comes to mind.) I’ll listen on the radio if I like the song, but I don’t financially support them.

    If EVERY American did the same, this cancer known as progressivism would die in a generation w/o a single shot being fired.

    By supporting WWP you give them credibility and power. Giving people who oppose the Constitution either is not the way to go.

  93. I agree with the author, Dave Dolbee. Wounded Warrior Project, has decided to go political. In so doing, they have disrespected those of us who donate. I don’t have trust in the organization to fulfill it’s mission and I’ve decided to pull my support from Wounded Warrior Project.

    As indicated in the article, the CEO of WWP, Steve Nardizzi, sounds like your typical politician, he can’t answer the question honestly so he tries to justify his position with talking points. Mr. Nardizzi, isn’t a politician, he’s the CEO but by putting politics into his organization, it’s hard to tell the difference.

    Our warriors from all branches of the service are coming home and if they do seek emotional or psychological services, they end up being restricted from gun ownership by simply reaching out for the help. Once it’s on paper, now your a head case. I know this is true, because a good friend of mine, who spent 20 years in the Navy, can’t own a gun right now, because she asked for support and her gun rights are now sacrificed.

    Thanks to the author for the list of alternative organizations we can support. I already donate to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. Among other things, they send the children of killed soldiers to college and pay every dime! This year, I will double my support for this great organization in lieu of a donation to Wounded Warrior Foundation.

    Chad H.
    Biloxi, MS

  94. The WWP is doing what politicians and the media do. Treating millions of decent, law-abiding gun owners like mutant from another planet. That gun companies and owners are some unfortunate swine of society that can barely be tolerated. Another charity organization bites the dust. Not a dime of my money will they get.

  95. I have had a problem with WWP for a while now. I was very unhappy a few years ago when UFC sponsored an event for them. What pissed me off the most was all the left wing anti war POS’s on there pretending they supported or cared about vets. Hollywood liberal scum are the last people on earth I want supporting us vets. These people hate everything vets stand for and I’ll be damned if I accept their fake Bull Schietz concern. JO, SSG/USARMY, All The Way!

  96. I’m with you Dave. The WWP isn’t the only way our troops can be helped. They don’t deserve our money for aligning themselves with the same pompous, freedom hating, anti-gun crowd that looks at all law-abiding gun owners with scorn and contempt. The very right that ensures our freedom in America, and one of the rights our warriors get wounded fighting for in the first place, the WWP has a problem associating themselves with. You DON’T support the 2nd Amendment if you are embarrassed to associate yourself with the companies and the very people that promote and support exercising it. What a slap in the face to the very people they claim to be concerned about.

  97. I’d heard about this a week or so ago when the story broke about the radio gun show being turned down by WWP. Then I saw a purported list of the salaries the top personnel in WWP are getting – most of them over six figures! After reading that my decision was immediate. No more support for WWP.

    It’s bad enough our leaders in Washington DC are trying as hard as they can to gut the Second Ammendment in conjunction with the UN. As has been stated, it’s too bad WWP has chosen political correctness over the benefit to the wounded veterans they’re supposed to be helping.

    My money and energy are now directed to the Green Beret Foundation (no more Tough Mudder runs, now it will be Goruck Challenges), and the Marsoc Foundation.

    Attention all gun owners: It is time to stand up and be heard!

  98. Wounded Warriors might WANT TO CHECK OUT IRONWOODSPRINGS.COM OR MIRACLELODGE.COM as the Owner does a lot for vets.

  99. Woun ded Warriors might WANT TO CHECK OUT IRONWOODSPRINGS.COM OR MIREACLELODGE.COM as the Owner does a lot for vets.

  100. For the past two years I have put on a bike ride in Bandera Texas in support of the Navy SEAL Foundation, supporting the widows and children of fallen warriors. The Navy SEAL Foundation gets 97% of the funds to where it is needed.

    The WWP is having money thrown at it from every direction—–how much is being taken off the top for expenses? You will be supprised at the pay some people at WWP are getting.

    F M COX

  101. Sad to see an organization lose its focus…… can we best serve the wounded warriors…….and move into politics. Interesting comment about the obvious nepotism in the organization.

    When you’re looking for ways to help the whole crop of wounded warriors, both physically and emotionally, please consider supporting the efforts of Eric Christiansen (director) and Anthony Edwards (executive producer) to finish their documentary “Searching for Home: Coming Back From War” which they are hoping to show on PBS and in theaters nationwide. They’re attempting to raise funds at
    to complete the project, and need financial help to close the deal. I have seen a 20-minute “teaser” of their work, and it definitely tugs on your heartstrings and tearducts to learn, to see, in very emotional terms what war has done to those who were willing to serve and, if necessary, give their lives for our freedom.

    Eric’s last documentary “Homecoming: A Vietnam Vets Journey” is, in large part, responsible for the start of my healing, and I know this present effort by Eric will touch a lot of our young warriors right now instead of them waiting 40 years like I did to seek help. Remember Not All Wounds are Visible!!

    John McKee
    Odessa, TX

  102. Great article! It’s sad that so many charity organizations evolve into corrupt money streams for the management team. The Salvation Army is probably the best overall charity organization out there. While they don’t specifically target wounded warriors they provide more assistance to the needy per dollar received than any other national or international charity. I look forward to reading more when you review other charities.

  103. Thanks for the headsup on this one; not unlike other advocacy/assistance groups (some of which started/run by tbose that cause the problems in the first place), They are a kind of business we are better off w/o because they don’t want the ‘problem’ to go away.
    Just like the govt. as a charitable corporation that keeps 80% for itself, we must look elsewhere or aim our own efforts at doing the most good in our own way. They won’t be missed if they go out of ‘business.’
    Thank you again, as I must thank each day all those who help to keep us whole and together.

  104. I have privately wondered about wounded Warriors for a while now, in light of the near constant barrage of advertising they sponsor on TV. That costs lots of money and one starts to wonder, like other charities that spend lots of their donation monies on getting more money, how much is left over for the Warriors? Unfortunately this is an all too common problem in many charities, Humane Society (HSUS) comes to mind right away. I appreciate your posting this information and urge all donors to all charities to take the time and look up how much does your charity actually get to the person in need verses how much is spent internally in overhead administrative fees. Thanks for posting the other charities,I’ll check them out. It’s important to me to make sure my dollars do the most amount of good and the amount of administrative fees. Secondarily, if one charity provides the same services as the others and supports my beliefs, all the better. And I support the 2nd Amendment.

  105. Thanks for the post and the heads up about Operation Comfort Warriors mh buchanan! I will get it on the list and featured in an upcoming article.
    ~Dave Dolbee

  106. About OCW


    Operation Comfort Warriors
    The American Legion
    PO Box 1055
    Indianapolis, IN 46206.

    As the war in Afghanistan winds down, U.S. military personnel are coming home where they join other recent veterans who served in Iraq. Many of these servicemembers have left the battlefield only to be faced with a new fight: a struggle to overcome the mental and physical wounds suffered during deployment. Those with traumatic brain injury (TBI) or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are returning home in unprecedented numbers. In fact, the Army has said that up to 20 percent of the men and women who served in Afghanistan or Iraq have suffered TBI.

    Even as the wars conclude, those in the military still face inherent dangers while fighting the global war on terrorism, during training exercises and while performing other dangerous duties.

    While the care at many military hospitals and warrior transition units is extraordinary, The American Legion’s Operation Comfort Warriors (OCW) program was created to provide “nonessentials” – items that help wounded warriors’ recovery but don’t usually show up as a budget line on government spreadsheets.

  107. An apology to “Slugnutty” I read the WRONG NAME. My previous post should have been directed to Abram Barley. Again, my apologies Slugnutty.

  108. In reply to “Slugnutty” I believe their disclaimer is simply a means to avoid suit. I don`t see how a company that supports the sales of guns and ammunition could be behind a group, even a group that helps our wounded vets that publicly denounce their association with companies that associate themselves with guns and ammo. It seems as if you can`t see past your upitty nose. If you are so BEHIND that organization that refuses to stand behind companies that are involved with guns and ammo, like Cheaper than Dirt, I suggest you blog elsewhere.

    1. Actually in writing the piece, I did not have time to run it up the chain for approval. I also mentioned other manufacturers and did not have time to ask them for approval or a statement of their position. That is why I chose to add the disclaimer at the end. It truth, it had everything to do with time management and nothing else.

  109. To the Author; I am in complete agreement on your stance against the politics being played by the WWP. It`s truely an unfortunate situation because of whom it effects is in fact the soldiers themselves; fortunately, there are (as you listed) many other worthwhile organizations to give our dollars to thereby helping those that are in need of our trust, loyalty and financial assistance. It takes some brass balls to say, and do what you have done and I think many of your readers will side with you on this matter. Thanks for pointing this out and you have my gratitude as well as I`m sure MANY of our Wounded Warriors also.

    1. Thanks Bigmag47! I appreciate hearing the support. Taking this position is much closer to the edge than I am used to venturing, but this one really affected me and I thought it was worth the risk. It is great to hear support such as yours… ~ Dave

    1. I’ll add them to the list. As part of my increased efforts. I am going to feature one organization a month and write a piece about its efforts. ~ CTD Dave

  110. I had a WWP t-shirt until last week… I tore it in to strips – cleaned my pistol with it then threw it in the trash.

  111. I’m sorry Cheaper Than Dirt but I’ve got to call you on this one. This article appeared on your company-sponsored blog which is aimed at promoting your business through search engine optimization. Or in other words this article was paid for by CTD and is one of your marketing tools. In this article you’ve allowed the author to criticize the Wounded Warrior Project a for “playing politics” and recommended your readers stop donating to this organization. I find it to be extremely hypocritical that you’ve required the below disclaimer be posted at the end of the article. After reviewing other posts written by Mr. Dolbee I couldn’t find it anywhere else so It’s not your company’s standard practice.

    “The opinions and statements contained within this article are solely those of the author and in no way should be construed to be reflective of Cheaper Than Dirt, its management or employees or any other commercial or non-profit entity mentioned in this article.”

    Looks to me that you’ve “drawn the line in the sand” but don’t want to publicly state what side your on. Funny now you sound a lot like the organization you just bashed for similar practices… So before I can continue to support your organization I’d like a few questions publicly answered by the CTD senior management staff. What side of the line is your company on? Will your organization be contributing to the WWP and if not where will you donate and why? I feel your customers deserve an answer to these questions after allowing such an article to be posted.

    1. Actually you could not be further from the X-ring. I have been mulling the subject for a time quietly and it hit out collective radar a week or so. Then I heard the interview with the CEO of WWP and that got stirred up. I wrote the piece and did not have time to run it by the all of the necessary senior management nor I did I have a chance to contact other manufacturers or organizations that I mentioned in the article to properly cite their opinion/stance. That is the reason I chose to add the disclaimer at the end. It was a courtesy to others and nothing more.

  112. Very sad that WWP has chosen the “politically correct” path. I will never again support them, unless they will somehow be able to remember where they came from.
    Thanks for the list of alternate places to donate.

  113. Damn! My wife and I have been donating to WWP for a long time. This puts a knot in my stomach to know this. How low can this liberal political poison go? I guess we need to appoint a “czar” to watch over these groups! Isn’t that what it’s come to? We did often wonder why they would spend money for the package items they’ed send us on a regular basis with a request for more money. Those advertising dollars could have gone to the Vets. Good post. I thought these issues had all been addressed. I only wish we could send our contributions directly to the Vets. I was actually warned about this. Now we will change where we send our money “for the WW”. I wonder what the wounded soldiers think about this.

    1. I can’t say what the the wounded warrior’s think, but I would imagine any help they can get is appreciated. That is why I pledged to double my efforts to their relief, albeit through other organizations. As I had stated, I have participated in a few hunts and shoots with Wounded Warriors. We certainly made each a star of the event and each one received a free a gun and other swag by the sponsor(s). To be certain, I never met one who was anti-gun. There were always plenty of vets in camp from various branches of service. We enjoyed jovial cross-service rivalry, sea stories and shared a tear or two, both of sadness and PRIDE, at hearing how a particular warrior was injured and the friends who did not make it back. Politics never existed in those gatherings, it was giving back to the Wounded Warrior for his or her service and sacrifice. Wounded Warrior Project should take a page from one of these camps… ~ Dave Dolbee

  114. Dave – in my opinion your are doing the right thing, thought it over and made a reasonable decision. Its time we as gun owners STAND UP and not be walked on. The coming years will be tough for us, but we’ve been there before and will be (as it appears) here for ever…

    The only thing I would add to your article is to give Tom Gresham of Gun Talk Radio the credit for bringing this to light and I’m assuming that is the interview you are talking about.

    Here is the email string from Gun Talk Radio and WWP PR person

    And as far as the audio interview – go to and listen to the 2012-11-18 Part A interview for the commentary Dave is referring to.

    We need to stand up and not be walked on… we also need to give credit where credit is due – and list the sources so we all can hear and/or read for our selves what is going on and not just take it on hand because some one tells it it happened.

    Good post. Thank you for doing what your doing…. don’t stop supporting our troops, just the put our support in to the groups that will do the most good.

  115. This is just another reason for not supporting this organization any longer. I was a regular donor until several issues surfaced about WWP: as JiminGA states, WWP spends a disproportionate share of their donations on raising more funds – – it seems to have abandoned its core purpose to become a fundraising machine (check this out on Charity Navigator,, or Further, note that several of the (well paid) staff of the WWP are Nardizzi family members. Now that they have become political as well, theyhave fallen off my radar altogether.

    I donate regularly to several charitable causes (Salvation Army, NW North Carolina Food Bank, Toys for Tots, Direct Relief Int’l, etc.) and as a 26 year USAF vet, I still believe strongly in helping these folks who have sacrificed so much — in so many ways – – in support of their country. I have switched my support for the warriors to Hope for the Warriors – – a much smaller charity in Fayetteville, NC that has one of the highest scores achievable by the charity rating organizations. Charity Navigator gives them 4 (out of 4) stars for Financial management as well as for Accountability and Transparency. 92.9% of all donations go to program expenses (core mission) as opposed to 55% for WWP. At the same time, WWP spends 36.8% on additional fundraising, while Hope for the Warriors only spends 1%. Yet Hope’s ability to support additional program expenses grew at a rate of 6.3% last year. That is efficient money management!

    When I donate, I want to see my money used to support the cause I believe in, in an efficient and effective manner, versus having the charity become a “for profit” charity for the managers and a few select donors. Add to that now, that I also don’t want the charities to which I donate becoming political in their views at the expense of Constitutionally protected rights, or the supposed ultimate recipients 9the heroes and Warriors)of my donations. I couldn’t agree more (and for even more reasons) with Dave’s article.

  116. I am in full agreement with the author. Going a step further I looked up WWP’s financials and found the majority of funds raised are invested or spent on advertising, not spent on vets. Could it be that WWP has gone the way of the ASPCA and become a fund raising machine that does little real good? The ASPCA has only ONE SHELTER in NY and does not provide any funds to your local animal shelters.

    Like the author, I also will seek another organization that actually spends its money on vets, and actually respects the 2nd Amendment.

  117. It’s unfortunate that WWP has chosen this path. Once a supporter, now I am not. Thank you for the list and thank you for your dedication to the troops.

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