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Women Afield — ‘Tis the Season A Holiday Wish List for Outdoor Chicks

Seems like just yesterday when the days were long and hot, and the fish were biting. It is hard to believe the holidays are here and the aisles are already decked with stockings, shiny ornaments, twinkling lights, and rolls of colorful wrapping paper. Within the following list, you are bound to hit the mark and pinpoint the ideal gift for the sportswomen in your life.

Warm and Toasty

Women love accessories and outdoorswomen are no exception; why not give her accessories to keep her toes warm and toasty? Regardless of whether she spends her free time sitting in a treestand, enjoys ice fishing on a frozen lake, or sits in a chilly office all day, she will love these wireless remote-controlled Heated Sole inserts from a name you can trust, ThermaCell. These inserts make a great gift for anyone who suffers from cold feet. We have all struggled at one time or another to keep our feet warm especially outdoor enthusiasts. ThermaCell’s Heated Soles inserts are the perfect solution because they maintain a steady temperature inside your shoes or boots helping keep the temperature of your feet around normal body temperature, plus they are rechargeable and lightweight.

Bushnell BackTrack G2

The outdoor-loving lady on your list will love this handy, easy-to-use BackTracker G2 unit from Bushnell. It will quickly become a staple in her backpack as she heads out of camp for a day of hiking or deep into the woods to mark a new hunting location. This unit is small enough to hang around her neck or tuck away in a pocket. The BackTracker G2 is easy to use and can mark up to three waypoints—a parking spot at the mall, a campsite on the trail or the perfect fishing spot.

The Eyes Have It

Mrs. Claus will look stylish on the shooting range sporting a pair of Wiley X polarized safety sunglasses. The Wiley X Abby model will make her forget all the other boring, run-of-the-mill, useless shades. Give her quality and style that is functional. The Abby model offers good-looking glasses with shatterproof polarized lens in a virtually unbreakable Triloid nylon frame. She will thank you for a thoughtful gift she can use year-round.

One Hot Mama

Does your Mrs. Claus enjoy kicking back in a pair of jeans and a hoodie? If so, consider giving Santa’s better half a hot-looking uber-comfy camo hoodie from Browning. Nothing says comfort like a cozy hoodie, especially if it is a camo hoodie sporting the Browning logo. The Browning Wasatch two-tone hoodie is made of 100% polyester fleece with soft fleece lining. She will love unwrapping one of these Browning hoodies and it will most likely end up being one of her favorite all-around-go-to favorites.

Although Christmas is quickly approaching there is no need to worry. Thanks to Cheaper Than Dirt! you can knock out some of your holiday shopping early.

Do you have a favorite gift suggestion for an outdoor sportswoman? Tell us about it in the comment section.

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Comments (3)

  1. A very Merry to you and yours too, Lisa!
    She is GPS’ed up and I have learned that buying sunglasses is like buying perfume for a gal . . . I.e., you better know what she likes, right this moment, before you spend the money on it! The hoodies and inserts are always a good idea, keep um warm and the feets comphy and your in a good place on that back country winter hunting, fishing or camping trip! It’s a pleasure to have been caught by a gal who grew up here and enjoys this life style too. Its normal cold up here this year an been that way since Moose season. In the minus double digets now and thinking its gonna be like that all winter this year. Had some nice Northern Lights lately too. Saw Santa up near the Haul Road the other day getting the boys in shape for Christmas Eve, Don and Blitz are getting on in years now but still have their stuff tight. They were practicing “touch-n-goes”. . . .
    With the exception of ice fishing, an maybe a bit of winter trapping, the great white north is in for its winter hibernation. Now its snow machines, skiing and snowshoes for fun.
    You keep writing, l look forward to your blogs,
    Best wishes, Pete sends . . .

  2. Thanks for the chuckle Pete! Sounds like you are doing a few things right without my help. But here is a thought for you. Give her the ThermaCell sole inserts and Browning hoodie to keep her warm while in Alaska and give her the Wiley X glasses and Bushnell Backtracker for your trip to Figi. On second thought…all four of these items can be used in the great state called Alaska!
    Thanks for reading and for your lighthearted comments. I enjoy them!
    Merry Christmas to you and ALL Cheaper Than Dirt readers!

  3. So, what are you saying . . . .the early Febuary, two week trip that I planned, scheduled an paid for, for myself and the girlfriend to Figi is now out of the question??? I buy her all this other stuff all the time, what am I doing wrong now? I’m getting to really dislike relationships and the Holidays! Maybe I need some alone time just for myself this year.
    Said no man out loud . . . Ever!

    Bur, really, should I turn in the tickets and cancel the reservations and just get her more camo stuff?

    And a Merry to all, Pete sends . . .

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