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Women Afield — Outside the Comfort Zone

NRA Women's Wilderness Escape

Regardless of whether they are homemakers, teachers, nurses, district judges, commercial pilots, veterinarians or even a doctor of physics; they all have a shared common desire and longing.

NRA Women's Wilderness Escape
Women from all walks of life learn new skills and make new friends at the NRA Women’s Wilderness Escape.

They all want to experience something unique, unexpected and challenging; something that forces them to step outside their comfort zone. Many receive an encouraging nudge from a supportive spouse. Others make the decision entirely on their own to venture to the Land of Enchantment for the National Rifle Association’s Women’s Wilderness Escape (WWE) adventure camp.

Every day women wake to a new day and a new adventure in New Mexico at the NRA Whittington Center. As the week progresses, you might expect to see fatigue, frustration and maybe even boredom setting in. Instead, a spirit builds within this group of women, a spirit of sisterhood and an appreciation for our freedom and our country, plus a spirit of self-confidence.

It is easy to sum up the underlying theme of the event in three little words: “You Go Girl!” Each day, one participant after another steps up to various shooting lines and challenges herself. While over at the next range, a group of women experience blackpowder shooting and get a feel for steel. Even over in the quieter sport of archery there are repeated outbursts of applause as self-confidence grows with each and every bull’s-eye.

Many of  these women have never had the opportunity to shoot blackpowder, a high-power rifle, a pistol, a shotgun or archery. They are way outside their comfort zone and that does not slow anyone down. And, as predicted, the participants flourish in this new environment.

NRA Women's Wilderness Experience
No experience necessary is the motto for NRA’s WWE but all women walk away from this fun-filled week with a newfound interest in shooting.

It is no secret that men and women are different on every level, especially when it comes to learning new skills. Developing a program that embraces those differences, instead of downplaying them, is one of the keys to the success of WWE. Women stay in comfortable lodgings and have plenty of time to build new relationships, making for an all-around pleasant experience. Add in fantastic vistas in every direction of this world-class shooting complex, plus the bountiful wildlife and you quickly figure out why WWE has quickly become a “must-do” for many women.

The NRA’s WWE program is now in its sixth year and has rapidly become a bucket-list event for women. The women leave with newfound abilities in shooting and survival; more importantly they leave with new friends who share common interests and goals as well as a new sense of self-confidence. They also leave with a renewed sense of patriotism for our country, strong appreciation for the Second Amendment and a better understanding of what the NRA truly stands for.

Women are a powerful and energetic force and they know a good thing when they see it and do not hesitate to share with other women what they have learned.

Have you ever attended the NRA Women’s Wilderness Escape? Tell us about your experience in the comment section.

For more information, visit the NRA’s WWE at [lisa]

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