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They say all politics are local. Perhaps that is still true, but if you asked Colorado’s Senate president, John Morse, he may tell you otherwise. That’s likely because he could soon make Colorado political history—by being the first lawmaker in the state to be recalled. Donations to support his recall have come from much more than simply local advocates. In fact, they have been attributed to every corner of the nation, from Washington D.C. to Alaska.

Morse was first elected to the Colorado Senate in 2006 and reelected in 2010. He is term-limited after next year and—if he survives the recall—will be the first state lawmaker in Colorado to face a recall election; nationally he is only the fifth to ever face such a vote. Of the first four, three were recalled which bodes well for Second Amendment advocates.

Magpul Free Colorado
Magpul was an industry leading voice in opposition to the newlegislation and based in Colorado while the legislation was being proposed.

The reason for Morse’s recall should not be much of a surprise. He represents a historically conservative district, but has proven to be a staunch advocate of gun control demonstrated by his support of background checks for private and online gun sales and laws that limit magazines to a maximum of 15 rounds. According to the individuals that filed the petition, Morse’s actions do not represent the will of his district.

The entire endeavor has been a huge success for Second Amendment advocates. Recall organizers gathered more than twice the number of signatures necessary to force a special election, which according to at least one report was more than the total number of votes Morse received in the last election.

Morse could resign and his seat would remain in Democratic hands with an appointed successor. However, indications thus far are pointing to Morse fighting to keep his seat. A resignation would be a victory for Second Amendment advocates, but unseating the Senate leader will send a much stronger message that will be heard across the nation and at all levels of political leadership.

Morse is only one of four Democrats being targeted for recall and the chances of success look positive. Robert Harris, one of the individuals responsible for filing the petition was quoted as saying, “We had many Democrats who came up to our volunteers and told them they had voted for Morse, and they needed to rectify that situation by signing the petition.” A recall would reverberate across the nation and show the political will of the people without the damper of the liber media. It may be the best tactic to send a chill up the spines of lawmakers and cause them to consider the ramifications of whimsical and abusive gun control measures such as those recently signed into Colorado law.

With Morse as the pawn in the middle, the real fight is shaping up to be the NRA against New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns. An overstatement perhaps, but it will certainly play that way across mainstream media.

In support of the Second Amendment in Colorado, Magpul introduced a limited run of magazines with custom graphics and the proceeds going to to support the fight.

Morse has two weeks after petition signatures are validated to challenge the results. However, as soon as the secretary of state deems the recall effort valid, residents of the district may file candidate affidavits. Afterward, the special election would likely be held in early September.

The big take away from this effort is that politics are not local. Industries, businesses and citizens beyond Colorado’s borders were all affected by the legislation. As a result they came together pooling money and resources in a united display of indignation. As the recall effort progresses, stay tuned for ways you can become involved. One of the easiest ways is to join or renew your NRA membership or make a donation to one of the organizations involved in protecting your Second Amendment rights.

Remember, the rights this recall saves may be your own—whether or not you live in Colorado. Restrictive legislation such as the laws recently passed in Colorado have a habit of going viral if not quashed early, SO GET INVOLVED!

What have you done in support of the Second Amendment or to aid the recall in Colorado? Let us know in the comment section.


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  1. Dear Norris; — I feel bad saying this, but many in the liberty movement have basically written off your state, California, Maryland, and Illinois, because the urban centers population of sheeple totally counteracts anything the people of those states try to do. The population centers made up of ignorant city dwellers, seem like a lost cause to our movement. We tend not to throw money at lost causes. It is a sad thing to contemplate, but it is just human nature to focus on the problem where their is a chance of winning. You would think the people of California who move away from there would realize why their former home was in collapse, but NOOooo! – they are so brainwashed with Walt Disney liberalism, that they export their stupid ideas to states that know better. Denver Colorado is a good example of that. God help is all!

  2. How about some support for our fight against a similar but more restrictive law in New York that was passed just before Colorado’s. We don’t have the recall option, but we are fighhting to get the law repealed.

    We can use all the help we can get for organizations like SCOPE and NYSRPA that are headinig up the effort with of course some help from the NRA.

  3. This is what I’ve been dreaming of. I live in California and in the last year I have written well over 100 letters and emails with an equal amount of telephone calls. It’s at the point where I’m driving my family nuts. I am limited with my donations and living in California I’m afraid all my work is falling on deaf ears. I would like nothing better than to recall several of our state and federal lawmakers but that’s beyond my ability. Take Charge and I Will Stand With You.

  4. This goes to show that WAY to many people go to the polls and vote just because they like the looks of the candidate! They need to do some research on these people. They can’t go by what they say, you have to go by what they did or said in the past.

  5. Become an activist Tara, and you will find it rewarding. One thing to keep in mind is the wording that the news media foists upon us. This is not a “privacy” issue – it is more serious than that! It is a violation of our 4rth, 5th, and 10th Amendment RIGHTS. So this is a civil rights issue just like the 2nd Amendment, and not particularly something so trivial as ‘privacy’. Thank you for posting!

  6. I worry so much about how our privacy is being constantly invaded. I believe having the right to own firearms is an extension of that right because it means that the populace can take back our rights when the government refuses to protect them.

  7. Will,

    I agree. But Reagan was president – not a dictator or a King. He could only do so much. After he was shot by a mind controlled zombie TPTB visited him in his hospital room telling him “we will let you live if you leave us alone and let us continue”. To show their power TPTB had cleared the floor. Even his trusted Secret Service detail was gone. Hinckley was supposed to kill him then Bush #1 (Bush family being a core family of TPTB) was to become president. If that had happened we would be six years closer to “the end” then we are now. Plus I don’t think Reagan even still understood what he and others read years later in “Agenda 21”. Reading Agenda 21 was probably Reagan’s OMG moment in life. Even Eisenhower knew but did not dare confront them directly. Like his confusing? departure “beware of the military-industrial complex” speech. He should have included the “polticial ruling class”. But his words went over the head of almost everyone. Kennedy was going to “tell all” but he made the fatal mistake of confiding in his VP the night before. He WANTED to talk to his brother but he was elsewhere. So he told LBJ all he was going to expose. He was not aware TPTB had put Johnson in as VP to do one thing – watch Kennedy. He did, unfortunate for us. JFK had a score to settle. Even his father aiding Hitler – the Hitler who killed his beloved brother, Joe. JFK acted like he would carry on the family position in the world power cabal. He secretly had different plans.

    Within eight hours of reading his planned speech to LBJ, LBJ unleashed FIVE (yes, FIVE) groups who all wished to see Kennedy dead. Groups from the mafia to Castro to the CIA, TPTB etc. Oswald was just one of a dozen fall guys they had placed. Oswald really believed he shot JFK! With an old rifle blocks away that couldn’t hit a truck much less four bullets in four seconds. Entering from different directions! Death bed confessions of several of the assassins have told all but no one listened!

    If JFK had given his planned “expose all” speech that night in Dallas the world would be a far different place today. Later presidents knew much of this and were either part of the cabal or allowed to “play president” as long as TPTB was left alone to move us toward One World Government. Another phrase for “one world concentration slave labor camp”. Is it too late for us? IMO – yes. 98% of America and most of the world remains stuck tight in “normalcy bias” (Google this psychiatric term).

    NOTHING will awaken them. A few Jews in WW2 MAYBE woke up when they found themselves naked in a room with gas coming from shower heads. Or digging ditches while watching others before them being shot in the back of their heads with 22 pistols falling into their freshly dug ditches.

    No – I’ll not go to a FEMA camp. I’ll make my stand where I am. I’m ready. All who read this – are you? Think I’m a paranoid wacko? Fine. Have your delusion. Sometimes I wish I could be that way. Read People magazine and watch Oprah on TV mind in neutral. Anyway, Reagan did what he could but after that hospital room visit he did NOTHING to stop TPTB. Notice he did almost NO campaigning for Bush in 1988 and didn’t even endorse him until late in the campaign — with a short terse endorsement. Since then, TPTB have tighter control and they careful select presidents and those in positions of power – both right and left. No more Reagans or JFK loose cannons! At least we DO have a few million “loose cannons”. You, me, others? HOE is our future. No avoiding it.

  8. Gary, as far as liberty goes, Ronald Reagan was a great president. He was though, responsible to sell globalism to a populace that knew (or should have known) better. The stock market did wonderfully but being one of the 15 million Americans whose fortune, future and family were lost to bad economic policies of the day, I find it difficult to have much respect for his presidency. This country may recover from it, but only if the shale gas and tight oil are aggressively harvested and exported. He took a trillion dollar national debt and turned it into three trillion in four years. Big George ran it another trillion in his four. We still pay interest on the pork RR blew on his biggest campaign donors and when the rate on that debt gets back up to 4% the cost will be stifling. Jefferson was adamant that government spending not be higher than than the executive was willing to tax to pay for. Every president since RR has borrowed and spent like a drunken Ronald Reagan (don’t tell me about Clinton, I remember it and it was falling apart as soon as investors realized that there was no money in a business with a web page and no product). Too bad for what used to be the country that every other country OWED money too. Too bad for the American people.

    Good job Coloradoans!

  9. I suppose the Democrats and Republicans, the House and Senate members now know we can come after THEM for a change!

  10. We from the NEW great new 51st state of Weld support the recall. He lied and now he needs to GO!!!!

  11. JCitizen

    thank you. I’ve always believed discovering TRUE history then learning from our mistakes is GOOD – but most of the history we learned in school is WRONG. Written by people with agendas or the victors.

    I wrote the true history of Abraham Lincoln for years getting MANY people angry calling me names, communist, etc. Until Judge Napolitano does a special on Fox and says everything I had said for years! It’s on YouTube. So much of history was written to advance us to a New World Order and place us all in chains. First, ignore EVERYTHING you were taught in school. then go dig for yourself – not easy but thank Heavens for the Internet! True history is now there for all of us to read. Just buried. Lincoln was the turning point that turned us from a free people to where we are today. Jefferson was our best president ever. Yes, Reagan is in the top 5.

  12. Damn Gary; Your history is spot on!! However – I am the incurable optimist, and believe that human history can actually improve – I feel the age of instant communication is actually a better thing – not worse! From what I see on social media – it looks like the anti-gunners are going to make some serious mistakes that will permanently damage their credibility. Also however, all it takes is another Timothy McVeigh to ruin it for all conservative causes! We need to be able to blow the whistle on the nuts in our midst – and a review of the comments here may be one of our responsibilities! We are winning the peaceful argument – we don’t need Timmy Terrorists to ruin it all for us!! This can be solved by next election if cooler heads prevail.

    I think this can happen to the force of good – but then I am in incurable optimist – let us pray our Lord is listening to our side.

  13. What have I done to support the Second Amendment? For starters, I’m a Life Member of NRA, a regular contributor to NAGR and GOA, I have written my Congressmen on 2nd Amendment issues several times, I have bought lots of guns and ammunition since Obama was elected, I published many opinions on Facebook before I abandoned that forum a few months ago, and I continue to support 2nd Amendment-friendly businesses.
    As well, I practice at my local shooting range. And I hunt squirrel and rabbit now, and deer maybe later this year.

  14. We need HELP here in California also. Dianne F. is in my opinion the most EVIL, Anti American Politician Ever Elected./thus far. Even after 420.000 recall votes in January 2013 she still remains. no one should ever, ever serve as long as she has.
    8 terms… that’s a fact. WTF!!! Somebody or people even tried to blow up her house.

    link below to she her lose at her own game:)Thank GOD
    listen hard when she say’s “WE” and not her constituents. and how “THEY” crafted a bill.

  15. Charles,

    I think today’s high-tech new word for “lynching without trial” is “drone missile without trial”. I guess the thought is if nothing remains of the person targeted that can be identified as having been a person did a murder take place? Habeas corpus! Don’t laugh — I fully expect to hear some Obama apologist use that as a reason why drone killing is legal.

  16. To John Anselmo,

    Don’t doubt you but hadn’t heard that before. Local squabbles” did turn to gun fights and hangings but as an across the board law – this is new to me. I do NOT doubt you. But I would appreciate Web sites to refer others to if you have any — or perhaps, like me, you just remember hearing something long ago — my memory is shorter in minutes then how tall I am in feet!

    This would have been a good idea BUT from my reading history that is documented (accurate? – got me?) “history” says only 30% of colonists were in favor of leaving the Crown. Less than 10% actually took up arms. Most wanted to petition the King to him to “back off you big bully” type of “threats”. Well, the petitions turned into British gun boats on the New England coast. The King thought a few dead colonists and burning a village would be enough. The tea tax was the catalyst! But history does show more than half wanted to “compromise”. Not possible with a King who had only known absolute power. Plus it would have shown all of the other English colonies they too could loosen their chains. Those loyal to the King most either moved to Canada or moved back to England. For generations, there was animosity across the border with those who fled America to Canada to remain loyal to the King. People who had never known “governing themselves”. Surely we are not smart enough to govern ourselves. What a CRAZY idea!

    Even Ben Franklin’s son fled to England to remain loyal to the crown. Franklin never spoke to his son again even when visited by him as he lay on his death bed. Skirmishes continued included the Battle of 1812. America was not truly free of its bondage to the King until circa 1820. Even after the war the people BEGGED Washington be the new American King and begin a new monarchy. They knew of no other form of “government”. Wahington was one of the most brilliant and unselfish men in history. He steadfastly refused with inspirational to this day speeches giving the newly free American people some “back bone” after the war. They tried others but there was no one else that had the trust of so many as Washington did.

    As I say, the Revolutionary War continued as skirmishes decades. After the British burned the White House and most of DC there were those who said “I told you so!” and wanted to return to being an English colony. They lost in their bid with America’s victories in New Orleans and the help of France. America probably would have not won the Revolutionary War without France. France almost considered it a proxy war with England which led to the Napoleonic Wars against England about the time as the War of 1812.

    Anyway, bottom line, my reading of history (and I’ve spent many years on this finding it fascinating) it was a minorty of Americans who won our independence. Just as today, most prefer to “not get involved”, think “can’t this be solved with just some friendly negotiation?” and so on. Human nature does not change – we dress and sound different but we are no different of mind than our Roman ancestors. Some always lust for absolute power, some are born cruel but, thank Heavens, some people are inherently good people who knew nothing good comes without sacrifices. Few men of the 20th century (Goldwater, Reagan and a few others but not many) understood this. Here in the 21st century such men have been identified early and kept out of the system witness the massive invasion of privacy going on right now. This is NOT to catch “terrorists” about to do grave damage and taking of life but to identify those who, given time, will rise up, gain followings and then the ears of the 98% who, today, cower in Boston basements as pure evil ransacks their homes against all laws and moral and ehtical standards. Our (I’d like to count myself among the two percent) do NOT cower and will not be “pushed” when the time comes. But to believe American colonists were of one mind and that mind was to overthrow the King’s hold on distant Americans does not agree with history believed to be correct. Except for the beyond brave 10%, leaders like George Washington and a half dozen beyond lucky breaks during certain battles America would still have London as its capital.

    Having written all of this, to open up a “can of controversial words, Google the words United States Corporation 1871. Many truly believe ownership of American returned to an entity that does exist “The City of London” of which most of the stock is owned by the UK Royal Crown, The Rothschild family and the Vatican. Do your own reading to reach your own conclusions. There is MUCH of our history that remains unknown or “known” but is not correct. (IMHO) we not only need to throw off the new chains of the “New World Order” but all other chains (i.e. City of London) of which few even know of! Example: try to get the government to write your name using anything but ALL capital letters. They will NOT! You and I are not a persons – by Maritime Law (nothing to do with the ocean) dating back to before the Magna Carta we are “SUBJECTS”; NOT citizens! Look at EVERYTHING the government has ever sent you – ALL capital letters. Your birth certificate is, technically, 100% of you as an entity – not a living person. You think I’m crazy so do your own reading beginning how I suggested. This will lead you to many Web sites that will tell you, you and your and your ancestors back to 1871 were and are OWNED by a corporation. Beyond the pale type reading but you will soon realize the world is not what you were brought up believing it was!

  17. Zac Morris “I am a proud member of both the ACLU *AND* the NRA.” This demonstates that you tend to believe what both organizations tell you. The actual position of the NRA and the positions claimed by the ACLU are practically identical. You are at least partly aware of this or you would not expect your position to be surprising.

  18. About 240 years ago, people had a choice as to which government they wanted. Those that chose to stay loyal to Great Britain were hanged as traitors.

    Todays legislators in Colorado should face the same repurcussions as the traitors back then. I say, declare their acts as treason and “hang ’em high”!

  19. Just made a modest donation to the fund to recall John Morse, then I went one step further and called up the office of Senate President Morse to tell them so. I also mentioned that I’m not even a resident of Colorado-I’m a citizen of the Free State of Arizona!

  20. It is GREAT to see the “PEOPLE” stand and fight back against the representatives that should be voting the way the “PEOPLE WANT” them to vote; not the way they are told to by the gun-grabber’s and the White House. There is a lot more representatives of the people who should also be taken out of office. They take an oath for the offices that they have won in the election for. Then turn around and violate that oath of office when it comes to voting the way THEY WANT instead of voting the way the people who put them in that office want them to vote. These representatives forget that they are in office to work for the people, not against them.
    An example of this is our President, he took the oath this year and right after taking the oath he stated that he will get his gun control put in place one way or another. He made Presidential orders violating our Constitutional rights given in the 2nd amendment. He should be the biggest office holder who should be recalled, or impeached from his office. He is just one of the people stating that the constitution is out dated and should be done away with.

  21. People in America need to realize that every freedom you have was fought for . And if you want to keep them (what we have left) your going to have to fight to keep them.
    Bikers were tired of people who don’t even ride telling them what was best for them.
    So they started the Coalition Of Clubs the COC as a group we have a strong voice in Washington and state legation. We ride we make the rules and they listen. The NRA is the best voice we have to defend our 2nd amendment rights. Remember the squeaky wheel gets the oil.

  22. The one thing that is the most dangerous to the second amendment is the fact that….
    Americans let this happen to select groups of people already.
    You cant say some have the right to bear arms and some dont.
    It’s either we ALL have the right to bear arms or everyones right is at risk.

    The first convicted Felon that lost his right for LIFE to keep and bear arms, after serving his or her time was the slippery slope and the begining of the end for the 2nd amendment.
    EVERY GUN OWNER should have been at Washington saying NO to this travesty that has opened the door for everyone else to lose their rights.

    BUT NO, Americans said “well they are bad people so they shouldnt have their rights” even though their debt to society was paid, now we arent talking about violent Felons in most cases, a hot check over 500. will get your rights taken away for life in most states.
    Also to the people that say well you can always get a Pardon, in most states that is a joke of a process and 99.9% of people who apply never get expunged.

    Untill Americans understand just because something doesnt affect you personally it STILL will affect you down the road, we have no chance as a society.
    It’s already too late for the 2nd amendment, a door has been opened that can not be closed by allowing even one person to be denied his or her constitutional right to bear arms puts all Americans right in question.
    Make no mistake law makers, and special interest groups will not stop untill we all are disarmed.

    This is the reason why I refuse to support the NRA, GOOA etc….I would if they would fight for everyones right to bear arms but they even today still refuse to do even that… I say you get what you deserve.

  23. My, my. What a difference 4 years makes to show that the Evil Emperor has no clothes, no spine and no real friends. The difference that begs to be made is are we going to talk about it or just talk about it? Discussion should lead to action. I support CTD, donate to the NRA, participate in my state shooters forums, load my own and attend both rallies and training school on a regular schedule.

    Patriots during the American revolution were rare, as passive opportunistic free-loaders watched to see who would win in much larger numbers. Washington, Hamilton, Franklin and other colonists went broke a supporting a tenuous cause. Ask yourself and your neighbors, Can you commit or will you omit?

  24. Hopefully this will show the people of Commiefornia that they don`t need to be a punching bag for Feinstein and Boxer (forgive the pun). I`m getting ready to move from this sold out state just to keep and bear my firearms. I`ve lived here my entire 56 years, and it`s a beautiful place up here in the Sierra Nevada mountain ranges, but it`s not worth the stripping of my Constitutional rights. Not to mention, the overabundance of regulations out here from food to gas! I hope ALL these dirty S.O.B.`s loose their political offices. Then we need to PROSECUTE them for acts of treason, which is exactly what trying to remove our Constitutional rights is, an act of treason. Next, Holder, then Obamonkey!

  25. He should be facing federal charges of sedition and insurrection. Recall is too lenient and sows a disrespect for our laws and people. We don’t want to encourage that. This individual and many others in the CO legislature should be doing federal time for attacks on our nation for that is who they have attacked, not just CO, but America.

  26. To Keith who thinks we don’t need guns … Keith you do not have a clue what the second amendment is about ….. your Democratic nonsense is why we end up sending arms to every country that has a dictator controlling the every move …. once you and the your liberal friends have your way …. get in line for the slaughter because you have just become a sheep and once your give up any right all the others are soon to follow …. look where your liberal King Clown Obama has us today scandal after scandal yet you stand with his ideals …. I feel sorry for you those that feel like wise as you do. I am an American Veteran, NRA Member, Retired Professional, Conservative but not a Republican .. We have to stand for every right we have and I do. I for one am not willing to give up one small piece of the freedom myself and others have fought to maintain …. so before you are ready to give up try to think what the consequences are … sorry about the soap box … but as for Colorado I stand with and support all the free people of Colorado, do the deed and show the country you are not sheep.

  27. @SWAN
    How did we take down Steve Clute?? Between 1988 and 1989 there were six recall endeavors against him and all failed….so what exactly did we do? He’s still around in some political position…somewhere.

  28. Take notice all you politicians who would place their own personal agenda above those of WE THE PEOPLE. Your political career and access to the public coffers are in jeopardy. Your ability to oppose the will of WE THE PEOPLE will be coming to a screeching halt. Out from behind of your publicly funded security force, thrown to the wolves like the rest of the population. Unemployed and with no way to defend your homes or family. Sucks, don’t it? Colorado is the beginning of the end for those who oppose 2nd Amendment rights of WE THE PEOPLE. WE THE PEOPLE should have the independent option and right to chose the capacity of magazine desired to be owned. In a free society, a forced decision on this matter can not be an instrument of Government policy. Stalin, mussolini, Polpot, Mao and of course, Hitler all controlled access to weaponry by the masses, and we see from history how those leaders ended up. The Bloomberg, Feinstein and Pelosi types should take notice. These recalls called upon by WE THE PEOPLE can reach all levels and offices of Government. Even the wealthy or the highest office in the land. God bless all freedom loving men and women.

  29. This is the right movement to start the recall. Hopefully Bloomberg will disappear unless he changes the law to run for mayor again. In my State of Louisiana, the voters passed the “2nd Amendment” to the State Constitution which makes it almost impossible for them to pass more restrictive gun laws. We already allow open carry in this state and more laws were passed to prevent them publishing concealed permit holders information – hell we just passed a lifetime conceleaed permit. The laws are not the problem, it is the people that shouldnt have a gun under current law from having one. How about enforce what is on the books already instead of punish those of us that follow the law?

  30. im in california and all this happens here already, the rest of the country is lucky! fight for your 2nd amendment rights!

  31. Floyd took my message from me. I am interested in railroad history and Colorado leads the nation in that area, especially with the Cumbres & Toltec Railroad which is a historical gem. We were planning to go there again for a longer stay this time, taking our kids, but this is now off the list since I don’t want to contribute any tax money to the state of Colorado, as sick as it has become. I also try to avoid buying products from Colorado businesses if I can find comparable products and prices from vendors in states that aren’t trying to repress our rights and freedoms. I feel sorry for the citizens of Colorado who are stuck there with one of the worst political systems in our country. Hopefully the majority will wake up and realize what is happening to the state and get rid of the imbeciles who currently run it.

  32. PS I think it’s interesting that the recall against Morse is being led by companies, not citizens. Pretty much tells you whose interests are at stake.

  33. I don’t have a problem with what John Morse did. In fact, I support it. There is no need or reason to have a high capacity mag, and if the big mags were gone, or at least scarce, people who can actually shoot would have an advantage.

  34. I wish that things were improving in California, but it isn’t so. We have three new laws being pushed forward by the Liberal Democrats. In the Senate alone we have: SB 47, a ban on semi-auto rifles that use the “bullet button” and a new round of registration for ALL “assault rifles” so that legal possession will be recognized. SB 53 requires gun owners to buy an annual ammunition permit, requires a registration and thumbprint for all future ammunition purchases and a ban on interstate sale of ammunition. SB 374 would ban the sale of all semi-auto firearms that use a detachable magazine, including those chambered for rimfire cartridges, another “assault rifle” registration of ALL semi-automatic rifles to retain legal possession and subjects these firearms to meet the current “assault rifles” regulations. SB 396 would ban the possession of all magazines that will hold more that 10 rounds, including all that were “grandfathered” in large capacity magazines.

    Like all the people I know that are against further insane gun laws, I make my phone calls, send my e-mails and write the letters. The problem is that my Senators are Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, both elected and re-elected by the large number of anti-gun voters in the Bay Area and Los Angeles. The same goes for my State legislators; they are devout anti-gun zealots, that have been elected by anti-gun voters. The result of my efforts and those of people like me are; we might as well be urinating into the wind. The politicians promised they would never ban our firearms, so they are producing more and more restrictive laws until we end up being choked into submission. I live in the conservative Central Valley of California, an area, that along with the Cities in the Sierra Nevada and the “Gold Country”, is very pro-gun. But our Representatives in Sacramento are no match for those elected by the Anti-gun populations of the Bay Area and greater Los Angeles. And, among our ranks, the anti-gun biased media is providing votes for anti-gun Legislators. Pro-gun Republicans pretty much voted Arnold Schwarzenegger into office, with him making the promise that California needed no more gun laws, and that he would not sign any new gun laws. Then, he signed every gun law the Legislature sent to his desk. California is a cautionary example for the rest of the Nation of how the anti-gun forces can take control of a State.

  35. The sad thing is when I moved to Colorado it was clearly a red state. Now, thanks to Denver and the weirdos in Boulder it’s blue. Our community is clearly red, but it’s scary the direction we’re going. Oh, and why don’t “Representatives” represent their constituents, and allow us time to see what they’re voting on?

  36. WATCH YOUR 6!
    A young man who lives not far from me seems to wanted to turn every conversation to guns, but he seemed to know little about the subject, and does not shoot or own any guns.
    He also never seems to have a job, but he does, he’s the local U.S.K.G.B. informer. His job is to find out who is pro 2nd ammendment, who has “guns”, and to keep his nose in everybody else’s business.
    His “cover” was recently blown, so it’s a sure bet he will be moving soon, if for no other reason than that nobody here will give him the time of day anymore.
    So watch your backs folks, there are a lot of people who would take your guns and are such craven cowards they’d still (have their U.N. “blue beanies”) shoot you in the back.
    I know you want to believe your neighbors share your belief in the Constitution, but remember the line from the old Jethro Tull song:
    “He who made kittens, put snakes in the grass.”
    Good luck.

  37. The people saying that the assault on the Second Amendment in Colorado and other States isn’t a Democrat or Republican thing really need to wise up. It’s not a coincidence that all of the gun control legislation that’s being passed is being passed in States controlled entirely or mostly by Democrats.

    I have news for some of you. “We the People” in Colorado gave Democrats total control of the Colorado State government and both US Senate seats from Colorado and 9 electoral votes to Obama. A lot of Colorado voters need to look at themselves in the mirror to see who’s responsible for the new gun control.

    Colorado House of Representatives: 37 Democrats, 28 Republicans
    Colorado Senate: 20 Democrats, 15 Republicans
    Colorado Governorship: Democrat
    Colorado 2012 vote for President of the United States: Obama 51.49%, Romney 46.13%
    Colorado US Senator Mark Udall (Democrat): supports high capacity magazine ban and increased background checks
    Colorado US Senator Michael Bennet (Democrat): supports high capacity magazine ban and increased background checks

    Colorado State Republicans overwhelmingly opposed the gun control laws, but they didn’t have enough votes to stop it. Any Coloradan who is upset about the new gun control laws and who voted Democrat in November or who didn’t vote at all should blame themselves. But hey – at least they got pot legalized with their votes. I hope it was worth it.

    If you want to blame someone, blame “We the People”.

  38. I live in Colorado and have SIGNED the petition. We want to remind the POLITICIANS that they work for WE THE PEOPLE and cannot carry on their own agenda’s without repercussions. Governor Higginlooper is NEXT…

  39. Bouncing Morse out of office is a good start!!! A lot of Colorado Senators, such as Jean Nicholson didn’t listen to her constituents at town hall meetings (I was there/ the school auditorium was packed)…which were overwhelmingly attended by Jefferson County mountain community 2nd Amendment advocates (us, the every day tax paying, law abiding people). She needs to be recalled next!!!

  40. Well done Colorado and hang that dirt bag freak the Colorado maniac who shot everybody at the Batman movie!

  41. Don’t forget TOOMEY the traitor as well in Pennsylvania– he definitely deserves the BOOT as well!

  42. JCitizen

    I hope everyone realized I was making a bit of a joke but not too much. I have a vacation home in the rural mountains of Colorado and would LOVE to sell it (any buyers? it is on a mountaintop with 50 miles views) but have been invaded by Kalyfoornea (is that how Arnold pronounces it?) who took one too many lines up their noses before moving to Colorado.

    BUT I also have some great VERY conservative friends in California – life member NRA type guys. Check out the late Charlton Heston gun collection on YouTube and Google. Wow! Heston was what CA USED to be. Paradise! Paradise to Hell on Earth in 50 years – What happened? CA friends keep saying “I’m leaving!” and a few have. Not many. I tell them to come to Kansas or any of real America. They then ask me “does it still snow out there?”

    Get out! They say “next month”. Oh well. The libs who have left have also ruined Austin. At least they mostly move to just one area in TX. In Colorado it is a dozen areas. Not good. Boulder, Aspen, Colorado Springs, much more. My place is in little town Wolcott but they even demand city services like in LA in Wolcott. We just got a paved road! Happy to buy them bus tickets back to LA! AS I say, NOT talking about all from California – some are fine people. Hey — Ronald Reagan was from California! Surprised he didn’t ask to be buried back in Iowa. EVERY conservative in California lined the highway for his funeral procession. So there ARE some LEFT that are NOT LEFT!! But get out before they lock the gates! LA will be Calcutta 1935 by 2020! Sorry Calcutta — you’re OK. Didn’t mean to insult some fine conservative East Indians!

    Did you know now that FEMA/DHS now PREFERS hiring gang members for “you know who’s” “million man army” (remember that?) the #1 DHS recruiting office has become South Central LA! Having MS-13 tattooed on your forehead gets you a DHS supervisor job.

  43. ALL of these wretched laws and law makers violate the constitution and we NEED to remove BOTH. No law restricting firearms can stand up to SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. Even those already enacted. The federalist papers clear ALL misunderstanding on the topic. ANY law repugnant to the constitution is NO law at all. Even the supreme court can’t LEGALLY excuse infringement.

  44. It is now time to obtain and widely publish the lists of any business who has donated to or assisted in any way, Bloombergs Mayors against illegal guns, Moms Demand Action, and the other various fringe groups that are proposing attacking our 2nd amendment rights. Once published those businesses should be emailed, mailed, called and in all ways made aware that their participation in helping the lunatic fringe shall not be tolerated by the mainstream real Americans that are their true customer base. Any business that still persists in helping any anti gun group should then be publicized and then totally boycotted, so that they, and other business owners are given a clear and proper message that making incorrect decisions always come with a very high cost.

  45. What’s going on in Colorado is great! Lets not loose sight of the fact our Senators this week can cause OUR country to bow before third world nations. As they outlaw our constitution. With the signing of that blasted terrorist treaty. Oblamless will use that as an excuse to further his anti- gun agenda! And what other nations will follow, Mexico? Africa? India? England? Oh they are all disarmed to obey, like the Germans before WWII. If you voice yourself, the NSA, IRS and more from the DC cesspool will “investigate” you. Like the SS hunting down disloyal s. outlawed guns Chicago, violent crime, gang memberships, went way up. Goes to prove, outlaw guns, only outlaws will have them. Prohibition didn’t stop alcoholism. You can go to any high school and you can find some illegal drug, last I checked they are illegal, or do we call them “undocumented drugs” now? Our Declaration of Independence, tells us the governed to rise up against a government that forces it’s will, not that of its governed. As these people try to strip us of our rights in the UN. Third world country’s that we support,with borrowed money from China, are going to dictate to us, OUR constitution is immoral, as their people try to sneak into our country, for the rights we enjoy. This country is still great! We, the governed, just need to re-establish it.Colorado is a great start, let’s keep it going!

  46. This is the beginning phase of voting out the anti gun politicians that sold us down the river. Good riddance.

  47. Because of the influx of hoards of Californians and Ex-Texas liberals invading Colorado in the 1990’s and 2000’s, the state has turned from conservative/libertarian to mostly progressive/liberal in the major metropolitan areas of Denver and Boulder. They have taken control of our government and have no interest in what the majorities of Coloradan’s want. Weld County, where I live, is north of Denver, and has proposed forming a new state consisting of rural Colorado and leaving the original moniker to Denver, Boulder, and any counties that want to stand with them. The idea is growing like wildfire among those of us who hate what our state has become. Calls to the legislature were 95% against the anti-gun bills, but they did not care. They are trying to steal rural monies to fund city schools, and they spend tons of money on failed transportation district projects and Denver area projects.

  48. Morse is not the only one facing recall here in Colorado. Angela Geroin is also on the chopping block in Pueblo County. I met with Angela before the votes in Denver. At the town hall there were well over 1000 people with 2 being for the gun ban. After the town hall a couple of us invited her to come out for some free training at the range. She informed us that she liked the idea of getting better educated on an issue she did not know much about. However a couple of days later she was interviewed by the local paper in which she stated that we were the worst bunch of people she had ever dealt with, we spit at her and cursed her. Those were her words and it never happened. She went on to vote against the people of Pueblo. I am a pastor of a local church and a NRA certified instructor. I have taken my family down to sign the recall petition. We are very close with this weekend being the last chance to get her out. Pueblo Freedom and Rights is the group (two plumber brothers and a neighbor) that is heading up the recall effort. Almost every penny for the effort came from here in Pueblo unlike Angela’s supporters in which 89% according to the local paper came from DC or Denver. Look Pueblo freedom and rights up on facebook and give them a like of support.

  49. I agree we need to also clean out the U S Senate & House, Missouri has a Senator who followes Obama so close (you know what) Clair Mc Caskill she will answer a email and tell you she is all for our FIREARM RIGHTS and turn around and if obama says vote no she votes no, just like a lot of the spineless snakes they are. we need to clean house if they do not get thier act together and vote the way the residents of the state that put them in congress. Get rid of them all.

  50. To Gary in post #38 – I TOTALLY agree, at the risk of offending Californians that believe in the 2nd Amendment, I call them that moves east to muddy up our back yard, Californicators! Seems like an accurate term to me!! HA!

  51. Samantha,

    I completely agree. “Their” plan was to have each of these “flags” turn the American people against all firearms and then disarm the country as occurred in Australia and England circa 1994. What was the major difference. Each “flag” caused MORE people to join the NRA and MORE people to arm themselves. WHY? I believe besides the “American spirit” it is the vast “eyes and ears” of the Internet that did not exist in 1994. No cell phone cameras, no videos, millions could not “talk” to each other. NOW their many “mistakes” WERE caught(!!) on video, cell phones etc. – their trickery was exposed! I believe this is the end of false flags to try to end the 2nd Amendment. They finally accept that each false flag further hardens the American resolve plus exposes them more and more for what they are.

    Boston was done to “test” the personal resolve of Americans to blindly accept criminal authority. Boston “failed”. But Boston is not America! It is mostly (not all) leftist zealots who still worship Ted Kennedy. They cheered when storm troopers busted down doors without warrants then ransacked homes looking for — nothing! Just “testing” Americans. Try shutting down Amarillo or Salt Lake the same way! NOT possible. The “push back” would and will be major! Unfortunately, the bank virus excuse is coming soon – (on a Friday) followed by martial law on Monday. When you hear the announcement of “banks are closed for 72 hours to rid the system of a computer virus” we will all have 72 hours to “prepare”. 72 hours.

  52. J.L. – in case you haven’t realized, the State of California has been overrun by Democrats. It’s over. Get out while the gettin’s still good. We could use you in Texas to fortify our position.

  53. Yes, they are supposed to REPRESENT us, but rarely do they. I think this action in Colorado is great. People are actually doing something besides bitching. I, unfortunately live in California and am appalled and saddened by the actions of our politicians and the low information voters and illegals that support them. I wish we could get a recall effort going to get Feinstein, Boxer and several others out of their seats. This article has given me a couple new ideas. Perhaps if people from here and other states (like in Colorado) joined in we could actually make a change here in California for the better! One can dream……..

  54. The 2nd amendment documents in writing that native born people of these united States of America are an army of self serving unity through singular force unable to be bought and sold into serving another mans will. The reason for this is that Hitler and Mao Zedong would be taken out back behind the woodshed and shot. However, as weapons technology has improved Skill at Arms has become less effective in preventing another Mao Zedong / Hitler genocide. Politicians have murdered more families in the past century than all the drugged or medicated assassins in the entire histoy of man. We need better weapons technology than is available in the gun market currently. Switzerland has at least full automatic capacity but even that is almost ineffective against some of the new HV polarized beam weApons not entering the free market as it should, ref. Ken Shoulders.

  55. Californians: this is where we start:

    These are the rules by which we flex OUR political muscle. Read them, comprehend them, then act accordingly. has a list of all current, pending firearms legislation here:

    Read and comprehend the bills, and make note of each of the Bill’s sponsors. They are the ones who need to be addressed. Add Gov. Jerry Brown (shirt) & Sen. Diane Swinestein to that list, then cry havoc and ‘let slip the dogs of political enfranchisement.’

    It’s time to remind these people whom they work for.

    Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you, by then it will be too late — I know I won’t wait any longer. At he very least contact you state representatives and congressmen and let them know school is in session.

    Some of these bills are coming up for votes THIS WEEK.

    Do. Not. Wait.

    The liberties you save may be your own.

  56. Since Morse will be getting lots of support from Bloomberg’s PAC (“Mayors against illegal guns and for making all gun illegal”), there will need to be out-of-state money. When the pro-recall groups consolidate and the schedule is solid, we need to find out where we might send money to defeat “Keith Obermann’s look-a think-alike in Colorado”.

    I checked the follow-up comments box. If anyone has a recommendation (other than to go f**k myself), let me know.

  57. I live in Colorado, and when the so called powers to be passed these laws I told my wife that we might as well move to Wyoming. Then I heard that the county I live in is planning on in acting a very old and powerful law that would override these rediculous laws, I was excited. County commissioners that were actually for the people. Way to go Weld county commissioners From what I understand they vote on this June 10, but not certain.

    Gun control is using two hands.

  58. Let’s think this thru here… Here’s the scenario- guns are outlawed and there’s three Sherriffs cars in your neighbors driveway to seize his guns. He refuses and a gunfight ensues. Several sherriffs are killed and your neighbor dies defending what he belives in. As they wheel his body out on a guernie what are you going to say? He was just killed by the Government. Do you understand what just happened? Was he a Democrat or Republican? Does it matter? The Constitution or the United States was put into place to make sure this does not happen to you OR your neighbor. NOT just the second amendment, all of it. This is the land of the free and the brave – not the land of Democrats and Republicans. Whether you’re either, you’re still an American. And I will help defend my children, my family, my neighbors and my friends, no matter what their political views, from a Tyrannical Government that tramples their rights – any of their rights. Think about this Americans.

  59. Sorry, but I have little sympathy for voters in a supposedly “historically conservative district” who elected a Democrat as their State Senator not once, but twice. It sounds to me like they got what they voted for. I’m guessing most of them probably voted for Obama twice, too. They made their bed by helping to give Democrats total control of the Colorado State government, and now they can lay in it. Maybe now they’ll realize that elections have real consequences and they’ll put some time into understanding the core platforms of both political parties and the positions of their candidates.

  60. I too recently upgraded to Life membership in the NRA after having been told at a gun show seller in Denver last September that I couldn’t purchase a shotgun for self-defense because I was from California. It turns out that I can’t purchase a firearm anywhere outside the state, including Arizona, Nevada or anywhere else, even if I find a firearm that is cheaper than where I can buy one locally.

    These politicians seem to bend to the wishes of every rogue idea instead of becoming leaders via critical thinking and knowledge of our Constitution. But, it’s not surprising: politicians by their very nature are doing what they do because they can’t function in the private sector. If they could, they wouldn’t be politicians who actually used to SERVE the public. At the present time, they have no idea what “service” means, and instead become career pigs at the public trough while passing laws to ensure their very existence….at taxpayer expense, of course.

    I had better close, lest the IRS or some hack in the NSA sees this post and audits me as a result. Welcome to tyranny.

  61. I’ve seen a few comments about libertarians being for gun control and that is the exact opposite of the truth. Libertarians are some of the loudest voices out there against gun control. Its true that they are for the legalisation of pot but completely separate subject.

    LIBERALS however are for gun control, big difference.

    Liberal = big government restricting freedom controlling every facit of your life.

    Libertarian = small government restricted by the constitution, lots of freedom, allowing you to succeed or fail and reap the rewards of either without government intervention.

    That being said there are plenty of Democrats and Republicans working to stomp on the 2nd amendment, recall them all.

  62. I would love if they would try and start a recall election in my home state of connecticut for Malloy, Blumenthal, and Murphy. Tell me how to do it.

  63. To all Americans, why spoil the greatest country in the world? Freedom, Liberty, and the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS have been part of this country for centuries. We do not have to change that. OVERWHELMING GOVERNMENT CONTROL BREEDS:POVERTY/INSECURITY/LACK OF RESPECT FOR OTHERS OPINION/AND A CRIMINAL STATE OF MIND IN MEMBERS OF SOCIETY. if you don’t believe me look at the longest running communist dictatorship in the West hemisphere just 90 miles from Key West. Or better yet, ask us Cubans why we call “USA HOME”. Please do not make run again. Mother earth is running out of places where common sense is an attribute and people listen to one another.

  64. This is great. Now what can we do about Adolf Cuomo in NY and that socialist demon in the White House?!

  65. Crazies from California fled the state they and those who are staying wrecked, ran to Colorado BUT brought their wacko ideas with them! They turned Colorado into a blue state and are now ruining it! Where next? In the 30’s California put up road blocks keeping out Oklahoma migrants fleeing the Dust Bowl. Only fair to now return the action by fencing IN California. Require three conservative sponsors from another state to be able to move there.

  66. i truly hope the citizens of Colorado can kick-ass and clean house! I’m stuck in New York and you all know how we got screwed by Cuomo last January with the so-called
    “SAFE ACT”. We are working hard together to get that piece of garbage repealed as well! We all need to fight together nationally! We all sink or swim together in this storm cloud of increasing tyranny!

    Surrender is not in our creed! Rick C.

  67. This is a good First Step, and I hope it results in removing said Liberals, but we need to go Farther, and Remove All gun laws. The 2nd Amendment says, “Shall Not be Infringed”.. Does Not say we need a Permit to carry openly, or concealed, or we need Govt permission to buy, or that we can only have so many rounds in the mag, or it can’t be a quiet shooting gun, but says, Shall NOT be Infringed! America needs to Re-gain it’s Liberty, and Remove the Tyranny and suppression govt has been imposing on the Citizens. We can Only do this by getting Strong, Patriotic, God fearing people into Power, not Liberal wimps who want to Weaken and Destroy America the Beautiful, Brave, God Fearing, country our Founders fought and Died for..

  68. “Rick Grimes”… you’re a mouthpiece… a TOOL of the left. You’re convinced that evil corporations are coming to get you, poisoning you, buying and trading the air you breathe.

    Fact is, you are not a slave. You’re as free as you want to be. As long as you are free to speak your (tiny) mind, to write what you see fit (no matter how deranged), and to practice whatever philosophy or religion you can wrap your demented head around.

    I for one fought, and will ALWAYS fight… to make sure you always have these freedoms. Being that you’re anti-second amendment, you probably won’t be much good in that fight, but many of us here possess the ‘fangs’ behind the concept of freedom. Without ‘fangs’ to back it, the concept of freedom is nothing but a silly idea.

    All men are born equal. It is a great and wondrous, but purely theoretical concept.

    The reality is that corrupt men do NOT seek equality. They stand ready to take that which is yours by force or coercion. Those of moral ambivalence may seek to pilfer wealth, but the most vile and dangerous men seek power. They aim to take your most precious gift. They want your freedom.

    An armed man who stands ready to bleed and die for his freedom will never be subjugated. To enslave him, you must first disarm him.

    All throughout history, good men who laid down their arms in the name of peace… were enslaved by the corrupt men who did not.

    Gaze with deep suspicion on those who ASK that you lay down your arms. Act with wrath against those who would FORCE you.

  69. @Gun_nut — Be careful who you call names. You may be insulting our allies. There is a movement toward local sustainable food sourcing among people you would identify as pot smoking hippies. This movement is very pro hunting for food. Also, most pot smokers are libertarian and many dealers have larger gun collections than you do.

  70. Since I will no longer be able to visit my Daughter or Brother in law in Colorado due to their Nazi like law, I have joined the NRA and spent the money I saved on the trips in a manner consistent with my right as an American Citizen (and Veteran) under the Second Amendment to our Constitution. I know of no actual boycott of Colorado, but I have joined it!

  71. Remember the venomous snake behind all of this,shall he be exsposed for the anti- American and anti christian he really is. Mr narcissist.

  72. Politicians are forgetting that they REPRESENT us. We elect them, we pay them, they speak for US, not their “conscience”, not their “intuition”, not their “opinions”. Morse will be the first in this string of dominoes to realize this, too late. BRAVO Magpul for your quality products, and it’s a darn shame you had to leave Colorado. I was thinking for a LONG time about moving there…I’ll have to wait and see how it plays out. I wish you all well.

  73. This is absolutely the greatest country on earth. The freedom of speech has been a building block that has made this country what it is. The problem is all of the special interest groups that represent a minority of the population are standing up getting things changed while the majority average middle class man and women in America is too busy working, supporting a family and keeping this country going. It’s time the majority speaks up and lets America know what made this country so great in the first place and why our men and women are sacrificing their lives every day for our freedoms. Freedoms that include the right to bear arms, the right to free speech. It’s time to let our government know that they can’t run these crusades they are going to have to listen to the people.

  74. This is a great step to protect the rights and freedoms of all Americans. I am proud to say I am from Colorado. Now we need to expand this to D.C.

  75. Most people have no idea why we must keep the right to bear arms intact. Most think it is because it is our right and it is in the Bill of Rights/Constitution/2nd Amendment. While all this is true the real reason is because our founding fathers knew that if the government took away the people’s arms, the people would be left helpless to fight back and thus could be controlled into basic slaves, taxed to death and basically controlled to do anything a tyrannical government decided to do all in the “best interest of the people” or “all for their protection” just as our current government is doing as I write this. Any recent shooting would have actually been avoided if all citizens carried arms and actually KNEW HOW to use them with accuracy, at least fewer would have died but most likely none would have died as a crazed shooter misses more often than not his first targets and by that time he would have been dead. The opposite scenario is what we have, no armed citizens and no way to fight back. We have to “wait for the police” to take care of what citizens should be able to take care of on their own. Thus you get bills for more police until you have a police state and this is what they want. Let’s keep educating and pushing for more arms for more people not less and more training of their proper use and we will win this fight! We can and we must.

  76. Amen, David! I live in NY, and have been asking how come we don’t do that with Cuomo, or shut Bloomberg out of his ill gotten third term? He used his money to buy that too. I actually used some credit to “stockpile” a bit, before and during this cluster f—. Now Schumer and Gilibrand need to hear from us about this UN terrorism they are signing onto! I have called, written, emailed them, all with NO response from their offices, they to think they are above the governed, and know what’s better for us! I am just about in regular contact with some of my local rep.s, state senator, legislators, congressman, etc. at they support our stand. Greg Ball, stood against the safe act, and the way it was brought to be! We the governed need real people in office, not these lifelong politicos. Wish we could get that stone rolling here, there is more to NY then just a city.

  77. I have to respond to Keith’s comment from June 8th, listed as comment number 3. Pot laws are not tyranny. I personally believe pot should be legal as long as tobacco and alcohol are legal. There are good uses for THC as there are good uses for ethanol, however, there are no good uses for tobacco. But the laws limiting pot use are just that. Tyranny is something entirely different! Every time a people fell to tyrannical dictators it was because they had no way to fight for themselves. The US Constitution was written with the full understanding that the people will be able to prevent the federal machine from becoming a dictatorship. No matter what Odumbo or the rest of the libs believe, this Right is what is keeping them from destroying the Constitution and the nation with it.

    All of us need to remember that WE hold the cards in the fight to maintain freedom, not DC. They are OUR servants, not the other way around. The citizen’s right to use deadly force to preserve liberty and protect the Constitution is not a crime or outdated concept. We are critically close to the edge now. The states are standing with the people, well, in most cases anyway. The People’s Republic of KKKalifornia, Illinoize, and a sizable portion of the East Coast continue their march into political suicide while Colorado’s government fell back into the 1960’s, acting like hippies in Boulder, not bathing, having sex with animals, murdering babies, raping boys, all the evil behaviors associated with Nazi-fascist-Marxist-Darwinian behaviors associated with the mental illness known as liberalism or progressivism. The citizens will right the ship by removing the filth like this senator. But, elections will only go so far as each party continues to nominate the same traitors election after election.

    So, Keith, tyranny will not end without a fight. They will bring guns and so will we. To me, the fight is long overdue. It’s time to lock and load, march on DC, and arrest or eliminate the traitors and anyone who stands in our way. Future generations demand it of us! The Constitution demands it of us! The American Dream demands it of us.

  78. @ Keith — June 8, 2013 @ 3:02 am….. So what you’re saying is that the colonists could have won our independence with pot instead of guns? Tyranny PREFERS that you stay high. You’re easier to control that way. The people who passed Colorado’s new marijuana laws are largely the same people who disregard the Constitution as something arcane and irrelevant. They are the same people who elect politicians who want to restrict your freedom of speech. They are the same people who elected a government which uses the IRS to repress political speech; uses the DOJ to repress the freedom of the press; and uses the NSA to spy on ALL of your telephone and Internet communications; and then uses the FISA court to try and hide the FISA court opinion that these actions are unconstitutional.

    Pot activism isn’t a libertarian issue. Libertarians merely believe that government has no business prosecuting a “war on drugs” because it has proven to be a spectacular failure. That is different than advocating FOR drug use. When potheads tell us that we have to choose between supporting the 2nd Amendment, or legalizing pot, but not both, then we know that potheads are enemies of liberty.

    If you haven’t lit up yet this morning and are able to think clearly and follow this faultless reasoning, then what does that say about you? In the end, if pot is to be made legal nationwide, private ownership of militia type firearms are its ultimate defense, as this is what ensures that, in extremis, power remains in the hands of The People. Dope smoking alone preserves nothing. It is merely the taking of a short vacation from reality. But reality marches on and does not care if you’re too high to appreciate it. And when that reality becomes tyranny, dope smoking will do nothing to vanquish that tyranny, except to make you more compliant and easy for the tyrant to control.

    The IMAGINED right to stay high is a self-indulgence that contributes nothing to the social fabric other than temporary “good times.” The DOCUMENTED right to keep and bear arms Is the thing that stands between a tyrannical government and the liberty of the people. Yet you say we can beat tyranny with pot. Is that SERIOUSLY what you want?

  79. There is no compromise to liberty that is not tyranny! And “picking your battles” is nothing but a compromise. Liberty was never won, restored or maintained without the force of arms. A free man will never surrender his right to defend his life, his property and his liberty. Stand strong, Colorado!

  80. I have since this started, the takeover attempt by the Obama bunch, have
    1. Joined the NRA
    2. became a lifetime member
    3. share every anti united nation and anti liberal publication that i run across.
    4. sign many petitions
    5. wrote many congressmen and our governor
    6. wrote our senator, all more than once and have received many replies back.
    7. planted the seeds of whats going on in shopping lines, games, any chance i can and have about 8 folks voting that never did, (against Obama and any one who supports him.
    8. I myself now vote in local, state and federal elections, against the socialist, (Hitler was a socialist)
    9. bought guns and ammo to assert my rights and have became a hunter, can’t wait till fall with my new stevans nail driver!
    10. And much more and the big thing is::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

  81. Comment by Keith “We can beat Tyranny without guns.” I hope you are correct, but once the guns are gone it will be too late to fight. If the gun ban advocates can’t be defeated they will have to be killed. Let’s make it the former!

  82. In several posts I read where it is referenced “those in California” or “people in my State” need to do something and push back. Please remember that YOU can take action and get the process started. Don’t just blog about the passive citizens that do nothing, be someone who gets out and DOES something to change it. If you live in California, start with a recall of Feinstein and Pelosi…

  83. Liberals are now attacking the first amendment, actively trying to shred the second amendment, picking away at the fourth and fifth amendments, and taking a giant dump on the ninth and tenth amendments. Exactly how long will this continue before patriots decide to stand up and be heard?

    I think there are liberals that would probably cheer if Obama dropped his drawers and wiped his behind with the constitution on live broadcast TV. There are those on the left that might even rejoice (however briefly) if we became a third-world nation.

  84. Morse is only a small piece of our problems. A puke if you will. Bloomberg is the cancer that is infecting the Constitution. His group of anti 2nd amendment bullies need to be stopped. A strong message needs to sent to him by holding the other Mayors who support his causes.

  85. We in California have at least as bad and perhaps worse politicians than Colorado and they are doing the same kinds of knee jerk legislation to limit and/or take away our 2nd amendment rights. I think the recall is an effective tool in dealing with them, I hope Coloradans are successful in their efforts. As far as California goes gun owners need to get together and come up with a plan to defeat the state lawmaker’s new gun grabbing bills. Simply calling and writing them has not worked well. Are you hearing me NRA??? In California, the time has come, not just to ask for donations but to “Stand and Fight”. I hope that Colorado’s efforts act as a catalyst to freedom loving people in other states. Let’s remind our politicians who they work for and that the rights of the people shall not be infringed.

  86. LOL! So you think because you have started a recall that means he has paid the price? You wish. You can gather all the signatures you want, but it’s the votes that count, not the signatures. 🙂

  87. I was a life long democrat and sadly voted as such in the last election. At the time I owned one gun and one box of 40 cal. As an American I don’t like to be told what I can and can’t do as long as it doesn’t infringe on others. I now own an AR 15 as well as some other fire arms and plenty of ammo. It seems that to me as long as I was able to purchase firearms freely, as is my right as a law abiding American, I didn’t need to stock pile. DON’T TELL ME I CAN’T or I will. Our current administration is very good at selling fire arms, the fear that they would essentially eliminate our second amendment rights sure worked on me.

    I am very unhappy about the assault on our second amendment and a candidates position or our rights will be, for me, a priority in future elections. They need to get the message. WE ARE WATCHING AND WE VOTE.

  88. can we do a recall vote on obama? that could really change the entire political system for the better. we could get rid of obama and joe biden! that would be the best thing this country has ever seen!!!!!!

  89. I have been involved in this battle since this all started in my home state of NY. I have been a Life Member of the NRA since 1979. I have attended the rallies in Albany and donate money and time to the movement to repeal the NYS SAFE Act. The lack of additional comments in this article is an indication of what part of problem is in this country. A vast majority of people want to whine and complain about the issue but when it comes time for action very few actually take the time to get involved much more than voicing an opinion on a blog or email. We need people to take quantative action and donate money or time to the cause. The people willing to take our rights away count on this and they are more than willing to take action which results in our loss of freedom and rights. They do it effectively in the cloak of darkness with legislation passed in the middle of the night with no oversight or discussion. Then they bank on the knowledge that people won’t get involved and take action. Rather they bitch and complain about the state of affairs. It seems the blood suckers may have underestimated people in Colorado. We can only hope that people in other states will take notice and start doing something.

  90. Both my husband and I upgraded to lifetime members of the NRA. We also contribute, as we can, to individual pro second ammendment candidates or pro gun entities.

  91. Senator Morse is just one of some forty-six Democats that advocate gun cotrol and support selling us out to “The New World Order” by handing our Second Amendment Right to the United Nations. In my opinon, ALL of these individuals should face a GENERAL RECALL election. It is tim for the true Amerian Patrots STAND and BE COUTNED. Show those that would take away our rights ad freedoms th the will of the people, and our vote IS strong enoug to force them OUT OF OFFICE.

  92. Three cheers for the people of Colorado for standing up to out-of-state interests that poured money to elect lefty pols. The voters have a chance to send a strong message to the nation as well as to preserve the jobs in Colorado the gun industry has remaining. Sad to think that the Constitution means so little to those who swear to protect it…shows what their word is worth.

  93. It time to take Colorado back from the pot-smoking hippies in Bolder and the politicians in Denver. When I lived there, we worried more about drought and rattlers. Turns out all the liberal California immigrants were the real snakes. Its time to take the state back.

  94. This is the same action the people of California need to take. Stand and fight these anti-gunners. Take their jobs away and remove their pensions. We need to send a clear message to these power happy lawmakers. There is a penalty for going against the peoples wishes. Remove all California anti-gun politicians now. Start the petitions today. God bless America!

  95. This was a well written article! I am a Liberal, yet unlike every Liberal I know I fully support the Constitution. Not just the parts I like, but the WHOLE Constitution. I am a proud member of both the ACLU *AND* the NRA. It makes me so frustrated that these issues boil down to Democrat versus Republican. I wish we had more viable parties and choices, so a real cross section of American voices could be heard on a range of issues. Wish in one and and s*it in the other?

  96. Inserting a 30 round Pmag into one of my AR-15s used to make me smile. Now it’s more of a smirk. Way to go Magpul. Your high quality components have already made me a loyal customer, otherwise your corporate integrity certainly would have done the trick.

  97. Great motivation to kick my fellow Californians in gear. We have what it takes and we made a difference in taking down Steve Clute in the 80’s we can do it again with the current CA legislature. Do what you can when you can and as often as you can. Help spread the word that “We sleep no more!” Policticians understand one thing…support and keeping power or falling prey to the working class heroes who stand together and fight! Their agenda is a personal attack, do not take it any other way!

  98. Colorado may have passed strict gun laws… even though the 2nd amendment was written when muskets were cutting edge and supermarkets weren’t in existence.. and U.S. Military drones, Jets, and helicopters weren’t even a dream…. But they are also the first US state to legalize recreational use of Marijuana.. so choose you battle Libertarians. We can beat Tyranny without guns.

  99. This is great to hear! It is time that these “representatives” get taken to the woodshed for not listening to the will of the people they represent…but instead some buffoon billionaire from New York City! The 2nd Amendment Rights of the citizens of this country are sacred…and uninfringeable! This embarrassment of an elected official from Colorado would have been wiser to have remembered that. Definitely time to clean house in Colorado.

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