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Marksmanship Expo Flyer

Dire circumstances require innovative solutions and the Williamsport Area High School is leading the innovation category. The shooting sports have quite simply failed to engage our youth on a significant level. Currently, in Pennsylvania, the student participation is less than one-quarter of one percent of students in public schools. While we can understand the fact that the schools are no introducing the shooting sports to our youth the way they did a few decades ago, we can also understand the effect that is having on the future of the shooting supports.

The Williamsport Area High School is setting the bar. Those who can support their effort need to “get on their horse,” and the rest of us need to follow the trail they are blazing.

The Williamsport Area High School is hosting its 2nd Annual “Marksmanship Expo.” This is not a gun show or a shooting competition. Instead, it is a one-of-a-kind event where members of every imaginable shooting discipline will be on hand to showcase their guns and gear for the students to admire. The hope is that it will ignite an interest sufficient to encourage them to head to the range and experience one or more of the shooting sports for the first time.

Marksmanship Expo Flyer Where: Williamsport Area High School — Williamsport, PA When: Saturday, April 6th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Cost: None, Zero, Nada, Zip  — Admission is free and there will be activities for kids, including live CW cannon fire, exhibition archery, hawk throws and more! More Info:

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  1. Upon reading this post, and understanding the need for the kids of today to get a proper introduction to guns, their history, and even get some familiarization to know if they wish to advance farther in the sport. It would be a larger undertaking today than my own days of youth, and getting the job done in larger cities would be even a bigger job than the smaller towns of the Midwest, my own beginning.
    Most kids were introduced by a program our village had from our local area “Gun Club”. I want to say it was NRA program but I’m not sure. I think it was mentioned to us thru’ the scouting organizations, I don’t know if it was official. The local Vets WWIII) possibly VFW or American Legion, and local hunters & shooters set up an inside range and had several .22s available for training. It would be neat if there were a “Merit Badge” in scouting for shooting, maybe there is now a days, I’m not aware.
    For the attendance ‘draw’, the training was “Free”, we just had to pay for the ammo used. We had to be a certain age and have parents signed permission, of course, and it was set for two nights a week, the second one being a repeat (for less chance of missing one). Then it was much like military training as for knowing the gun, SAFETY, safety, safety, history, cleaning, etc. before ever being qualified for the actual shooting. It was fun, and we all looked forward to those evenings ocamaraderiery. Oh, did I mention we didn’t have TV in those days, and the wildest movies were Roy Rogers or Gene Autry, both obvious “Sharpshooters”. 😉
    This proceeded on to actual field training and dry carry of your own shotguns for the boys that would be going bird hunting in season. And there were many that had their own family training as being from a typical farming community. Wouldn’t it be great if there were such training these days… but I suppose it would raise such a blow-up with all the anti-gun groups these days that it would be impossible to do.

    Speaking of the anti-gun groups and laws these days, someday I’ll relate the story of me modifying an old .22 in high school shop class and getting 65 points, divided up between metal work and woodwork. No fuss was made (or even thought of) then… it just had to fire when I finished. Talk about taking guns to school. ha!

  2. I think this is a great thing. The media has kids so afraid of guns these days and they need to realize it’s not the gun that’s the threat it’s the bad person that is holding it. On the other hand they need to realize that good people hold guns also. I learned at a very young age to respect, take care of, and to use guns and bow and arrows. Then I went on to teach my daughters and hopefully some day I can teach my grand kids. My kids are grown up now but I wish I could get involved and teach the kids of the small town Texas that I live outside of. I am so tired of everything you hear is so negative. It’s about time someone does something positive for a change.

  3. This sounds really neat! It would be great to see functions such as this available to people all over the country. It’s not very often that you find wholesome yet free entertainment that the whole family can enjoy. Kudos to those that put the Expo together and to the participants for giving of their time freely!

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