What’s in This Box?, Round 2

We appreciate the well-informed—and hilarious—sleuthing the Cheaper Than Dirt! Community put into deciphering what might be in the shipping box pictured in the July 15 Chronicle e-newsletter. We agree wholeheartedly with comment #125, by Thunder Tom: “I want to thank all of you for making my evening. I was never so informed and so entertained by the responses to the question: ‘What’s in the box?’ OK CTD, what’s in the box? If you need a forklift driver, call me. ROFL”

Sadly, it wasn’t a crateful of 105mm sabot anti-tank rounds. When we opened the box, we found Browning M1919 barrels. Apparently, the shipping container had been repurposed at some point, and it no longer contained what the external markings denoted.

So the Winners of the ‘Partially Right’ Award include…

#32, by Gutter: What the box says and what it still contains may be two entirely separate things so I’m going to go with: Old brown wax paper, a useless instruction manual, 3 spiders and some foam. [Note: The M1919 barrels were wrapped in wax paper.] #44, by terry: Definitely the box label describes anti-tank rounds. What’s inside, I am guessing air and dust since you probably shouldn’t have the contents in your warehouse.

#111, by Armando: I think the box has been repurposed… We also want to recognize some other comments as being “unique” — and we would expect nothing less from the diverse commenters who contribute to the Shooter’s Log. Among our favorites:

 Winner of the ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’ Award

#103, by Major Nusence: I’m pretty sure it’s the box Pandora kept her stuff in. Let’s open it quick.

Winner of the ‘Star Trek Remote Tie-in’ Award

#17, by Squirrel_Assassin: It is a transmutating hypergolic neutron infused un-obtainium generator. And from the size of the case it is most likely the Mark VII Mod 0 Spockterian Model, and not the Oglefield III unit. I am sure of it.

Winner of ‘The Terminator Wish List’ Award

#19, by Sarah Connor: “Perfect for home defense…” Winner of the ‘Handy Spouse’ Award #101, by B P: My wife stated the top line says 2 — bullets 105 mm. The next lines had military codes and a catalog number. The last line stated 60 kilograms.

Winner of the ‘TEOTWAWKI’ Award

#55, by That Guy: It’s the Ark of The Covenant.

Winners of the ‘Old College Try’ Award

#26, by b bishop: Holiday decorations. I store mine in a used ammo crate under a bunch of other crap.

#27, by Steve: 87 opossums #42, by Tom Hargrave: Ship it to me – I’ll unpack the box and let you know… #67, by Joe: 920,000 individually wrapped sanitary napkins #73, by Wayne: Jimmy Hoffa #77, by Auld Ted: Men’s undershorts, size large #116, by Eric Tull: It’s full of the most badass dreidels ever made

 Winner of the ‘Clenched You-Know-What’ Award

#31, by Tim: ATF just called. They want to know where you got a couple of Israeli made 105mm armor-piercing sabot rounds. I told them I’ve never seen you before in my life.

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  1. Actually this is a true award. Allow me to share another hand spouse story. My wife did serve in the IDF after graduating from high school. about 3 years ago I purchased a UZI smg. After I received my tax stamp I also received the Bolt. I gift wrap it, gave it to my wife, and wished her a happy birthday. She opened it, started laughing, and told me it looked like an uzi smg bolt. I told her she was correct and then asked her if she could install it for me. three to five seconds later the uzi was field stripped, the semi bolt was replaced with the auto bolt, and it was handed back to me with the bolt open for inspection. How is that for a Wife.

    So, I have never won any contests. I called my wife and told her we won the “Handy Spouse” award. She said great what did we win. This is a great answer because it now gives me permission to purchase anything I want from your store and claim that is our prize.

    Thanks again, B P

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