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Crimson Trace Laser for Ruger LC9

Well that didn’t take long. Crimson trace announced its LG-412 Laserguard for the Ruger LC9 and the new laserguard is expected to hit dealer shelves at the same time as the LC9. From their press release:Black Ruger LC9, barrel pointed to the right, on a black background

“Wilsonville, OR -Crimson Trace is proud to announce the introduction of its LG-412 Laserguard, which will hit dealers’ shelves to coincide with the ship date of the Ruger LC9.”

Incorporating all the lessons learned from the LCP and SR9 models, the laserguard fits seamlessly to the trigger guard of Ruger’s latest polymer-framed carry gun and features the classic Crimson Trace instinctive activation system.

Pre-zeroed from the factory, the Laserguard, you can finetune the settings and it runs continuously for four hours on one 1/3N battery.

As with all Crimson Trace products, the LG-412 is proudly designed, engineered and manufactured in the United States.

Features and Specifications

  • Fits Ruger LCP
  • Beam Intensity: 5mw peak, 633 nm, Class 3R laser
  • Dot Size: Approximately 0.5″ diameter at 50 feet
  • Batteries: One 1/3N 3V lithium or two 357 silver oxide batteries; over four hours of illumination
  • Activation: Front-located integrated momentary pressure switch
  • Warranty: Three-year full warranty
  • Polymer Housing With Rubber Overmolded
  • Activation Pad
  • Front Activation Pressure Switch
  • Ultra-Compact 3.3mm Diode
  • Precise Windage And Elevation Adjustments
  • Three-Screw, Tab Lock Attachment
  • Complies with 21 CFR 1040.10

Have you added the LG-412 Laserguard to your Ruger LCP? Do you like it? Share your experience in the comments below.

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