Weekly Wrap Up, October 4-10, 2015

Due to the current political climate, many major anti-gun political players are not only calling for, but also promising to further their gun-control agendas. President Obama said in a statement last week, “…this is something we should politize,” which is exactly what Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid and others are doing. Many of this week’s 2A headlines center on a renewed push for “universal background checks.”


Hillary Clinton Rolls Out Gun Control Plan Through Executive Action

In a series of town hall meetings in New Hampshire last week, Presidential Candidate Contender Hillary Clinton declared her stance on pushing for stricter gun control laws through executive power if she is elected President. In the meetings that were broadcast live, Clinton said she would:

  • Overturn the law that prohibits people from holding gun manufacturers liable for shootings.
  • Ban the selling of a firearm until a background check is completed.
  • Change the definition of who is considered a firearms dealer by including “high-volume sellers.”
  • Enact universal background checks.
  • Reinstate the “assault-weapons” ban.

Democrats Expected to Introduce Universal Background Check Bill Soon

Even though attempts in the past to pass a universal background check law has failed, Minority Leader Harry Reid refuses to quit. He is currently speaking with other Democratic Senators to support a universal background check legislation. Reid said that if Congress does not do something about it “we are equally responsible for innocent deaths as the sick individuals who plot and carry out these horrific measures. One thing is clear—to pass background checks, we need Republicans to stop acting as puppets of the NRA.

Over half of the Democratic Senators joined a press conference early Thursday to unveil their intent to support universal background checks, “close the gun show loophole” and create stricter punishments for illegal gun trafficking. Hesitant to answer when asked if they will move to push legislation during this session, Senator Charles Schumer said, “at the right time we will make sure there is a vote on the floor, using all the procedural means we can. We have the ability to get a vote on this, and we will.”

However, Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT.) will introduce a universal background check before the end of next week.

Iowa State Representative Supports Gun Confiscations

Bruce Hunter (D-Des Moines), an Iowa State Representative, supports universal background checks, improving mental health care and gun confiscations. He said, “I agree with President Obama. If what we’ve done in the past hasn’t gotten anything done it’s time to make a political issue out of it. Either put up or shut up but we need to do something.”

Even the U.N. is Putting in its Two Cents

According to Reuters, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon has asked President Obama “to take action to reduce gun violence.” A spokesperson for the U.N. said, “The Secretary-General expresses his strong hope that the United States, through the robust democratic process that characterizes it, will be able to take the necessary action to reduce the appalling toll in human life that gun violence is taking on American society.”

Presidential Candidate Contender Ben Carson Defends the Second Amendment

Presidential Candidate Contender for the Republican nominee, Dr. Ben Carson made the media rounds last week, standing up for American’s Constitutional protections to own a firearm. He appeared on CBS News, ABC News, Fox News and daytime talk show, The View. Unfailing in his belief in the 2A, Dr. Carson reiterated his experience as a medical doctor and called for arming and training teachers. He said, “…But, you know, these incidents continue to occur. I doubt that this will be the last one. I want to plant the seed in people’s minds so that if this happens again, you know, they don’t all get killed.” He is referring to a previous comment he made about standing up to a gunman, “Of course, you know, if everybody attacks that gunman, he’s not going to be able to kill everybody. But if you sit there and let him shoot you one by one, you’re all going to be dead.” He also criticized President Obama’s plan to visit the families of the victims in Oregon, disagreeing with Obama’s call to “politize” the tragedy.

Now, that sounds like true common sense

Florida Open Carry Bill Moves Forward

HB 163 passed Florida’s House Criminal Justice Subcommittee 8-4. The bill allows concealed carry permit holders to open carry if they chose. SB 300, the same open carry bill introduced into the Senate was referred to three committees the same day HB 163 moved forward. Representative Matt Gaetz, (R-Fort Walton Beach) who leads HB 163 said, “While we will certainly hear from shrill voices on the left that open carry will lead to the wild, wild west, that is not borne out by any of the data we have.”

Changes to the NICS Include Private Transfers of Firearms

Dan Zimmerman at The Truth About Guns reports that the newest change to the NICS system includes multiple check boxes for the private transfer of firearms. Zimmerman writes, “An FFL friend noticed something new on the ATF’s NICS portal. Under the Purpose ID section, there are now a variety of classifications for private sales of firearms.”

When logging into the NICS system, FFL dealers now see this message:

Message Regarding Private Sales
The purpose of this message is to assist Federal Firearms Licensees (FFL) who facilitate the transfer of firearms between unlicensed individuals. On January 16, 2013, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) issued an open letter to all FFLs regarding the transfer of firearms between unlicensed individuals. This message provides guidance with respect to private sale transfers facilitated by FFLs as unlicensed individuals do not have the ability to use the National Instant Criminal background Check System (NICS) to conduct a background check on a prospective transferee. In addition, several states have state laws which prohibit the transfer of firearms between individuals unless a NICS background check is completed. To obtain a copy of the open letter or obtain more information regarding the transfer of firearms between unlicensed individuals, please copy and paste the link provided into your browser or visit the ATF website at

To see a screenshot of the changes, visit Zimmerman’s blog here.

The Firearms Policy Coalition Delivers 40,000 Letters from 2A Supporters

Members of the Firearms Policy Coalition delivered 40,000 letters to California Governor Jerry Brown asking him to veto SB 707. SB 707 prohibits licensed concealed carriers from carrying on school grounds and increases the criminal charge for possessing even a single round of ammo while on school grounds. The controversy surrounding the bill includes a flip-flop in support of law enforcement interest groups. SB 707 excludes any members of law enforcement.

The Firearms Policy Coalition President, Brandon Combs says:

“The Ninth Circuit has already ruled that retired law enforcement employees can’t have any special firearms privileges that other law-abiding people don’t have access to. SB 707 blatantly disregards longstanding Fourteenth Amendment principles, the fundamental, individual Second Amendment right to bear arms, and common sense. If SB 707 is not vetoed, this bill will put thousands of innocent lives at risk. Criminals will know that their intended victims are totally vulnerable when they’re on California school grounds because SB 707 will ensure that they’re defenseless against a violent attack. We hope that the Governor follows the will of the people and listens to the over forty thousand law-abiding Californians who weighed in to request a veto of SB 707. SB 707 is bad for public safety and it’s clearly unconstitutional under his own legal opinion. We’re cautiously optimistic that he’ll do the right thing and veto the bill.”

Read more coverage on California SB 707 here.

Product News

New Daniel Defense .308 Rifle Coming Oct. 23

Daniel Defense announced the release of the DD5V1 7.62/.308 Winchester semiautomatic rifle called the DD5V1. It will ship beginning October 23, 2015. The DD5V1 has a four-bolt connection system, improved BCG, ambidextrous control, modular charging handle, Geissele SSA two-stage trigger, Daniel Defense flash suppressor and 15-inch Picatinny rail. Daniel Defense President and CEO Marty Daniel says, “Our engineers utilized existing technology where appropriate and developed entirely new designs when necessary to optimize the performance of this gold-standard rifle. Those who demand legendary Daniel Defense quality and the increased range and terminal ballistics of 7.62mm ammo are going to be very pleased with this rifle.”

GSG-522 Discontinued

Steve Johnson, writing for The Firearm Blog reveals that American Tactical Import is going to cease importing the .22 LR GSG-522 rifle. ATI’s notice says that the GSG-522 will no longer be for sale as of December 31, 2016 or when existing stock is gone. Warranties on the rifle will still be honored. Johnson writes, “ATI said they would not be making any further statements regarding this at this time.”

See ATI’s official statement here.

Two New Magpul Products Released

Magpul enlarged mag release button
Magpul’s two-piece AR-15 Enhanced Magazine Release is machined from MIL-SPEC anodized aluminum and provides a larger surface for you to reload quickly.

Magpul announced that is now shipping two brand new products—the AR Enhanced Magazine Release and the M-LOK Rail Covers, Type 1. The rail covers are 9.5-inches long and cover six M-LOK slots. They sit close to the rail, are constructed of a flexible, heat-resistant material and provide an enhanced gripping surface. Magpul’s two-piece AR-15 Enhanced Magazine Release is machined from MIL-SPEC anodized aluminum and provides a larger surface for you to reload quickly. It will fit most 5.56 and 7.62 rifles. Both products are made in the U.S.A.

Ruger Enters Ammo Market

Ruger announced this past week its intentions to enter the ammunition market. Partnering with PolyCase Ammunition, Ruger will have its own branded line of self-defense ARX ammo. The Ruger ARX bullet is non-expanding, penetrates barriers without deforming or losing its terminal performance. The ARX bullet is made from injected-molded copper and polymer matrix and will fragment when it hits a solid surface, making the Ruger ARX ammo gun range friendly. Ruger’s CEO Mike Fifer says, “We were impressed by the innovations PolyCase has developed and incorporated into the ARX bullet technology. Ruger prides itself on being an industry leader in innovation, so matching up the Ruger brand with cutting-edge PolyCase bullet technology seemed a perfect fit.”

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  1. Da*mn that Hilary Clinton gun control plan looks pretty horrible and foreboding. I sure hope a Republican gets elected.

    I was not so heavily into guns during the last assault weapons ban, so can someone remind me what that really means. Is it just a ban on purchasing them, or is it also a ban on possessing and using them at the shooting range? Could 30 round mags still be possessed?

  2. On the Daniel Defense DD5V1 .308/7.62×51.

    To expensive for my BLOOD, I’ll wait a couple years. If prices remain High, I’ll do without. I STILL have iPhone 4, I can live without iPhone 6 Features…

    1. @Secundius:

      Just think, if Hilary gets elected, we may be playing with Daniel Defense Mattel Toys 🙂

    2. @ ss1.

      Slamm’n, HOW is Hilary going to do That. Even if she were Elected President and Sign’s an Executive Order DOING Exactly what she Promises. Al it Takes is a 2/3rd House and Senate Vote to NULLIFY IT. Or a US. Supreme Court Vote to NULLIFY IT. If NEITHER the House, Senate, or the Court, does anything about it. It tells you WHERE THEY STAND ON THE ISSUE. The “ACA” passed because 162 Republican’s Voted In Favor of It…

    3. @Secundius:

      Thanks for explaining and I hope you’re correct on that outcome. Have a good night buddy.

    4. @ ss1.

      You know there’s STILL a chance that Bernie Sanders, might WIN. And for the Last Couple Hours, I’ve looking a his Stance on Gun Control. He might HURT Gun Control, but he’s NOT going to GUT Gun Control. You or I Might Not Like it, but in the Long-Run it’s Livable…

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