Is the Washington Post Spreading ISIS Propaganda About Guns?

Selling your guns like this at a local gun show is common.

The Washington Post recently reported on ISIS terrorist propaganda directing how to obtain firearms in the U.S. Reporting is fine, when you are dealing with facts. However, in this case, the Washington Post did not even come close.

Selling your guns like this at a local gun show is common.
About .7% of criminals reported buying the gun used in a crime at a show by the government’s own accounting, but that is not enough to stop it from infringing on your Constitutional rights.

It seems that ISIS, potentially listening to rants by uninformed gun control advocates, believes it is easy to obtain a firearm in the U.S. without an ID or background check. In the Post’s and ISIS’ defense, they do make it clear that this cannot happen at a federally licensed firearm retailer (FFL).

Where the Post failed was in its coverage of ISIS’ assertion that gun shows are an “easier means of arming oneself for an attack.” In truth, whether at a gun show or in the shop, every firearm that is purchased from an FFL—by federal law—requires a background check. On average, about 75 percent of the sellers at a gun show are FFLs. However, that still leaves 25 percent.

Federal law is the basis, but many other restrictions are often in place at a gun show. For example, most gun show promoters require all vendors leasing space at a show, including private parties, to agree to run background checks on all sales—regardless of whether they hold federal licenses or not. This may not be rooted in federal law, but gun owners are some of the most law-abiding citizens and understand what’s at stake. This may not account for 100 percent of sales, but it is darn close.

For the doubters, a Justice Department survey of inmates in state and federal prison that were incarcerated for a crime involving a firearm reported acquiring their firearm from a gun show was about 0.7 percent (less than 1 percent). That same survey found that about 40 percent acquired the firearm through illegal means such as theft.

ISIS later goes on to suggest robbing or ambushing an FFL. I am not sure what they are going use to do this, but it does beg the question, “If it is so easy to buy a gun at a show, why would you need to rob or ambush an FFL?” The Washington Post’s next error is to suggest that banning people on the Terrorist Watch list from purchasing a firearm would somehow prevent ISIS from obtaining firearms. This is such a flawed point; it is hard to sum up. However, the watch list is secret and severely flawed. An unknown number of people would be swept up and their Constitutional rights infringed if the watch list was the litmus test. To be clear though, the watch list does come into play; it is simply not a disqualifier.

When a firearm purchase goes through a FBI NICS check and a name matches the terrorist watch list, federal law enforcement is notified and the transaction automatically goes into a delayed status for three business days. This means no one is walking out with the gun the same day or from a gun show. These extra days give law enforcement the time necessary to do its due diligence and take any action it deems appropriate.

Even during a private party transfer, the seller is responsible for the sale. If it is legal in your state, and you choose to forego a transfer through an FFL, you are on the hook if the buyer was not legally allowed to posses that weapon. And as for the suggestion that “You can go down to a gun show at the local convention center and come away with a fully automatic assault rifle, without a background check…” the terrorists are wrong again. A private party can never do a private party transfer of a class III weapon or any item requiring a tax. With all of the red tape you go through to buy one of the firearms or items, it is hard to imagine anyone just “selling it on the street” without any federal paperwork.

How would you rate the Washington Post’s coverage? What about ISIS’ belief regarding how easy it is to acquire a firearm in the U.S.? Share your answers or thoughts in the comment section.


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  1. You folks have never seen the parking lot sales just outside every So. Florida gun show. More guns sold outside, than inside. People buy accessories inside. I saw 2 AK’s go from Trunk-to-Trunk right next to my truck. On the way out I saw pistol sale in the lot too.

    1. Beau Bennett,

      That must have been a beautiful American sight watching Capitalism and the Second Amendment flourish in action and un-infringed just as it was always intended to be.

  2. The Washington Post is a rag and nothing printed in it is worthy of consideration. That rag is used by the corrupt establishment elite to spread lies and propaganda to maintain the lies already implanted in the dem voting sheep.

  3. Hi. I have a question. What stops terrorist from shipping in or making their own guns or gun parts? You can buy an 80% lower with no check at all. Are we so dumb that we don’t think they can do that. Gun laws stop law abiding citizens from getting and carrying guns. Terrorist are organized and can machine and make stuff just like we can.

  4. “A private party can never do a private party transfer of a class III weapon or any item requiring a tax.” I think you mean NFA or Title II weapon. Class 3 is the dealer type. Aside from state law about them, you absolutely can do private transfer of NFA items within your state on a Form 4 and wait the many months it takes to process. Since all tax stamps include a background check you do not need an FFL unless interstate commerce is involved. C&R eligible items including registered machine guns can be transferred interstate with the right licenses if the item is on the C&R list. Still a lot of red tape and fingerprints but very different from “no private sales ever”.

  5. I have never heard of a gun show requiring non-FFL holders to do background checks. You MUST have an FFL before you can use the NICS system. Having said that, most non-FFL holders DO follow all state and local laws. There may be a bad apple in any bunch, just as with politicians !!!

    1. @ DarryH,

      You obviously don’t sell or buy at many gun shows to “have never heard of a gun show requiring non-FFL holders to do background checks”. Throughout many states there are hundreds of municipally run convention centers and private hosts that do require this of private sellers before a sale is allowed to go through.

      Because non-FFL sellers have no NICS check access, the shows set up a transfer center at each show. It is usually a table or booth manned by a licensed FFL who does it for a small fee between the two private parties. But yes, it does go on more than not these days. So know you have heard of it.

  6. Liberals and Socialists are just one step above Communists. They want to run the world and if we have our guns they can’t. The Washington Post and all the liberal actors are just Soros puppets.

  7. If I had the money I would reprint this article, in full page, in every newpaper in the country. Not that the anti- gunners would ever believe it but folks that might be “on the fence” and uniformed would learn something.

    I get so frustrated with Hollywood and other anti gunners that make outright lies and other outrageous claims and NO ONE calls them on it. What happened to investigating to get the truth in our society?

    Great article. Thanks.

  8. I really don’t know why this is a surprise. The liberal media was behind HRC and did everything they could to help her. They are also anti-Trump and opposing anything that is conservative in nature. It furthers their agenda to hop on anything they can to turn the general public to their idea that all guns are bad, and it’s easy to obtain a firearm legally by terrorists. It almost seems as if they want to encourage ISIS attacks here by opposing the POTUS’s proposed temporary travel ban on the countries deemed hotbeds of terrorism. When Obama wanted to single those same countries out nobody was complaining.

    1. Not staged, just a photo I snapped at a gun show several years ago. ~Dave Dolbee

  9. Art, thanks for the reply. I realize that Ak-47s can be purchased here, and in semi-automatic form. The same with AR-15s being a semi-auto platform. My comment was directed toward the Fast & Furious operation, in which Obamba and Holder wanted to flood Mexico with AMERICAN weapons for use in cartel murders and then the Mexican government could ” recover” these firearms, and announce that a majority of firearms were there from America, which would then get more regulations added to “prevent” the rampant gun smuggling…. The full automatics they use are AK-47S, and from my previous readings, they are bought cheap on the black market, from weapon dealers. I wouldn’t think the cartels would pay 10,000 plus to get their hands on the highly regulated class lol firearms from the US. Plus, unless they are stolen, no one could sell to a Mexican national LEGALLY. Getting a crate of new Russian made rifles at a cost of a couple hundred bucks each is much more cost effective than the thousand dollars for the exact same weapon from the US that would still have to be smuggled there.
    The answer about who informed the enemies on the weakness of the grid? OBAMBA and company sure did advertise it a lot on television. Sort of like he wanted this info to be spread to our enemies. He and most all of his Administration are American hating traitors. And as such, we should charge the families with the cost of the bullet that they receive as justice. Have a blessed day, my friend

  10. Both, WaPo and ISIS are brainless Rubes. They get their information from each other or from other brainless so-called news outlets and anti-gun propaganda. If this is what they were counting on to take down America, we call rest easy.

  11. There is no such thing as the so-called “loophole” as that would indicate an oversight. Instead, Congress fully intended for there to be both licensed dealer transactions and unlicensed private sales.

    That leaves just one conclusion – the “loophole” is but a mere concoction which exists only in the minds of anti-gunners. And when one has to resort to the creation of boogiemen and myths to put fear into people – well, that just shows how pathetically desperate they’ve become.

  12. I’ve held an FFL on 3 occasions. It was clearly stated to me that the only place I can sell anything controlled by the ATF was only at the address stated on my FFL. The was only one exception to that rule. FFL holders could sell or trade to each other at gun shows. I attempted this only once. Even though it was allowed, the FFL dealer about had a cardiac, when I showed my FFL to him. That’s just an example of how they fear the ATF.
    Perhaps the rules have changed since then, but if they have, I suspect they’re more strict now than they used to be.
    I was also personally told by an ATF agent that he could knock on my door 24/7 & walk in without a warrant to search my premises for anything illegal. That was when I obtained my first FFL. I finally gave it up since it was more trouble than it was worth for a very small business.
    Maybe it’s different now.

  13. There is no uncertainty that ISIS has been officially identified as an enemy with whom the U.S. is clearly at war ; and so – during such a known time of war, anything the Washington Post writes which could further the enemy’s cause is known to “aid” the enemy – and thus constitutes a clear act of treason against the U.S.

    While their liberal manifest of self-serving interests convinces them they are merely doing their job as reporters, the reality is the press has a responsibility to exercise caution and use due diligence over the content they elect to print as it pertains to known enemies of our State; especially at times of war.

    Specifically, the Washington Post has offered such “aid” by assisting in the greater distribution of an ISIS publication which contains very specific plans to “levy” war against the U.S.

    There would be little doubt in any grand juror’s mind that the technical precedent for indictment of the Washington Post’s actions constitutes help, support, assistance, countenance, and encouragement – otherwise known in the Constitution as the “aid” portion in the phrase “aid and comfort” to the enemy.

    Cloaking such “aid” in the form of a news article does not abrogate the Washington Post of their culpability for indictment. Likewise, the absence of a prosecutor courageous enough to pursue the Washington Post for such actions does not change the fact that they have in-fact committed such a treasonous act.

  14. Sir, once again you hit the nail on the head with your insightful writing. And, once again, we find an organization (the WaPo in this case) to be less than truthful and hoping to capitalize on scandal by misinformation or plain old Bullsh*t. Story is the same. Same old, same old. Nothing to see here, Citizen, so move along. Move along.
    I have heard and read recent stories about people in gubment having the stones to actually tell various media outlets and reporting hacks how crappy their performance has been and that they need to knock off the shenanigans, but it seems to fall on their deaf ears.
    POTUS Trump said it best (even if he didn’t say it with conviction during the campaigning process) calling out several pundits and telling them they were promoting “False News” and it seemed to resonate with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Public.
    But now WE need to keep the pressure on the various forms of media to tell us the TRUTH, no matter how painful, and the FACTS, and not their brand of home-spun rhetoric as THEY see the “truth” and hope to sway public opinion where they want to story to go.
    But, of course, I’m preaching to the choir, aren’t i?
    And while we all make mistakes based on what data we used to base our decisions, if not given factual information from the outset from which to make our own decision, our potential outcome will be just as flawed, if not more so. As the computing and systems analysts would say: Trash in, Trash out.
    We ALL have an obligation to take the media to task. Especially if they are presenting purely adulterated news and if left unchallenged, we have only ourselves to blame when such information is taken as the Gospel instead of as the fertilizer it really is.

  15. Rob an FFL? Are they out of their minds? FFLs are probably some of the best armed people in the United States! It would be suicide for ISIS to attempt that. Then again, ISIS will commit suicide if they come to the U.S. but not in the way they planned.

  16. More liberal lies ! But what else can we expect ? They wouldn’t have anything to print if not for the LIES and fabrications .

    Disgusting !!

  17. One inaccuracy- a private seller is not automatically “on the hook” for selling a firearm to an individual prohibited from posessing said firearm. The prosecution must show the seller knew, or should have known, the buyer was prohibited from posessing the firearm.

    1. @ Bob,

      I too had considered pointing that out myself. However, even though we’d be 100% correct in doing so, I didn’t want to detract from the overall point of Dave Dolbee’s article – which is to say that despite all of the Washington post’s anti-gun rhetoric over so-called loopholes, there are in-fact adequate laws on the books to cover all aspects of every lawful gun transfer regardless whether it be through an FFL or a private transaction.

      In the end it was an important distinction to inform other readers about, and so I’m glad you did go ahead and bring it up.

  18. Remember, they are Liberals who know not what they speak of, especially when talking about firearms. Every time I have ever purchased a firearm, I had a background check done. Now, I did purchase a nice muzzleloader magnum rifle, which was privately obtained, but it is a single shot gun, and being a muzzleloader, is NOT subject to regulations to do a check.
    I always laugh at the Liberal Left Mental Midgets, when saying Full Auto rifles are easy to obtain. Almost all of those in use in these drug cartels in Mexico, are not American made,or purchased from America. Unless the usurper sent them, they are supplied by….Russian arm dealers on the black market, and usually AK 47s, not our CLASS lll weapons which are highly regulated here in the US of A.
    I just ignore these Liberal media sorces. They are as relevant as Mikey Bloomburger is!!!

    1. i am confused by your statement that an AK are really automatics. yes they sell semi autos to the US, but just as m 16 are auto and ar 15’s are semi auto. all can be bought here in the US, but you need to go through the paper work and pay for the permit. since they also stopped having auto brought in there are only so many of them and the prices are very very high.

      i also wanted to comment on giving the enemy an advantage. WHO was the first to bring up our power grid and tell them how they could turn us into a time with out electricity?? it seems everyone is helping our enemies work on what they need to do to destroy our country, as if we needed any help. it seems we are doing a great job of it by ourselves.

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