Why Is Walmart Ending AR-15 Sales?

Red crossed-out AR-15 rifle image

Walmart said recently that it will stop selling semiautomatic rifles, including AR-15s, in what the retail giant says is a decision related to slumping demand — not politics.

In a June 23 interview with CNNMoney (see video at bottom), Walmart CEO Douglas McMillon had indicated he might do this.

“Our focus in terms of firearms should be hunters and people who shoot sporting clays, and things like that,” said McMillon in June. “So the types of rifles we sell, the types of ammunition we sell, should be curated for those things.” When asked if he would discontinue sales of semiautomatic long guns, McMillon said, “Yes.” He added, “We want to serve people who hunt and fish and we want to have a great sporting goods department.” Walmart spokesman Kory Lundberg told Bloomberg Business, “If you have a product customers aren’t buying, you phase it out,” he said. Shoppers “were buying shotguns and rifles, and so we are increasing assortment in that.” AR-15s and other modern sporting rifles were being sold at less than a third of the company’s 4,600 U.S. stores. Lundberg said the decision by Walmart Stores Inc. was not political, and the Bentonville, Arkansas–based retailer would sell down its remaining AR inventory to zero as stores transition from summer to fall merchandise.

The store’s assertion that it is making the change because of business reasons has some credence, because the Third Circuit Court of Appeals recently found for the retailer in an AR-15 related court case, Trinity Wall Street v. Wal-Mart. The court’s unanimous opinion rejected the anti-gun activist church’s efforts to stop Walmart from selling semiauto rifles.

Despite that loss in court, the church is now praising Walmart’s decision to stop selling ARs: “Trinity Church is very pleased to hear that Wal-Mart will no longer sell the kinds of weapons that have caused such devastation and loss in communities across our country,” Rev. William Lupfer, the church’s rector, said in a statement.

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  1. Well I agree with the rest. Now when those freeloading bastards that were dumb enough to have elected Usabama , go and put Hillary in power theñ ßhe will have so many people on welfare voting Democrap that it will insure a 100 yr Reich by the dems and the eventual banning of all firearm ownership in the US!! That will be the start!!!! We will be saying ” Seig heil mein Fraufeurer” as the democrats become the Democratic socialist party. I’m an American emailing from Dresden Germany they got protests for and against the Syrian Refugees kindal looking bad outside and I’m hearing teargas shots going off hope we ßtill keep out rights!!!!!! VOTE REPUBLICAN only DONALD TRUMP CAN SAVE US!!!!!

  2. None of that crap would go over my state. If any retailer tries to pull that BS, there will be a good ol’ fashioned country ass kicking❗️

  3. I’d rather the cops get to keep them than they be destroyed! Of course, selling them to local licensed gun dealers makes too much sense so that will never happen.

  4. I recently bought (almost) ammo for my carry (legal CCW) at Turners Outdoorsman in Chino Hills CA. They charge more but they had what I wanted. The salesman carries your ammo up to the checkout, you don’t get to touch it. The topper was the girl wanted all my info, name, address, phone, DL number and even SSN. I asked why and she said it was the companies and the City of Chino hills policy. I walked out without buying anything. They don’t need this info for a few hundred rounds of 45ACP and 9MM. They have lost all my business for good.

  5. Why must someone always “bad mouth” the Cops in any discussion. Law enforcement agencies, sheriff’s departments, police departments and federal agencies DO NOT keep any weapons confiscated, impounded, taken by arrest or by court order. If a weapon is not returned by court order to the owner, it is cut up into pieces and most often taken to a smelter and melted. Very accurate records are kept of this procedure which is checked by the ATF. ALL the cops I know are avid supporters of the 2nd Amendment and gun owners. They are only trying to do the best job they can in a very hostile environment. I’m sure there are cops who do it for the money and benefits, but the ones I know are all dedicated “public servants”.

  6. This is “Free America.” (Patrick Swayze-Red Dawn) We have a Free Enterprise System here in America. I see anyone trying to tell me what I MUST sell in my business as exercising Socialistic Communism or Neo-Nazi dictatorship. What ever happened to Freedom of Choice in our great country of America???

    1. AZLE,TEXAS. Great movie, Red Dawn, with Swayze. Haven’t seen the most recent remake, but heard it bit the big one. Yes, this is “Free America”, until our ‘Commander and Liar’ signs that U.N. weapons ban treaty. Was in a Wal-Mart recently to buy some ammo, .45 ACP. this particular store still had AR-15 style weapons. Suppose they will be gone soon. If the sales person in the gun department that waited on me is any example of sales people in all of Wal-Mart’s gun dept. it no wonder gun sales are slipping. Ask for .45 ACP. His reply, ‘What’s that’? I explained, .45 Automatic Colt Pistol. Him; ‘We don’t sell Colt ammunition’. Explained that Colt didn’t make ammo, this was the caliber designation. Ammo would probably say Remington or U.M.C. . He pulled up a box of Remington, opened it, took out a round. Asked, “Does this look like it”? “Yea, I replied, It says .45 Automatic Colt Pistol on the end of the box”. “No it doesn’t”, he replied. My answer, “Right there”. Indicating the marking on the end of the box. So, perhaps if everybody has to endure this sort of ordeal just to buy ammo, what sort of crap must they endure to buy a firearm? Just saying.

    2. Not to mention having a certain time of the day ammo can be purchased and/or having to wait for God knows how long to get assistance. I said f-em a long time ago and simply by-passed Walmart and started buying bulk from other places and saved even more $$$.

    3. ROY– Like I said before. Free enterprise and freedom of choice. If you don’t like the Company, you can take your business elsewhere. Preppers may tell worried American about loss of there gun– you should have thought of that a long time.

    4. AZEL,TEXAS. This is the first time that I ever encountered such incompetence at a Wal-Mart gun dept. This man was obviously a fill in and had no business in that dept. His lack of knowledge about ammunition manufactures and calibers was appalling. Too, you are correct about freedom of choice. Wal-Mart made the choice to put this know-nothing person in that dept. Overall, Wal-Mart is an okay place to shop, with reasonable prices for the most part, but, I will no longer buy my ammo at this particular store, but will exercise my freedom of choice by purchasing ammo and gun related items elsewhere. Cheaper Than Dirt is an online merchandiser that offers better prices, even if you must pay shipping and wait 7-15 days for your purchases to arrive.

  7. Well look at the ratings on Google for Walmart they are some of the WORST for customer service in the industry. In some towns and localities there has been so many police runs at Walmarts that Mayors have declared their local Walmarts as PUBLIC Nusances!!. I hate going there unless it’s absolutely necessary.

  8. This is so much BS. No.1, their sales maybe slumping because they can’t keep anything in stock because sales of guns and ammo are increasing once more.
    No 2. like all other retailers their prices for ammo are so inflated people can’t buy them would like to.
    No 3. all shooting areas where it was legal to shoot (desert etc.) are being shut down by City, State, Federal Mostly the BLM (bureau of land management) . They switch areas all the time to catch legal shooters. And if they catch you they will take your guns, ammo, vehicle and everything in it and you’ll never see any of them (when you get out of jail. Food for thought.

    1. And the cops wonder why no one trust the cops anymore. What better way to obtain a free weapon now and then, but from the law abiding citizens. Cops laugh at you all the way to the bank, after stealing your weapon.

  9. Oh yeah, hardly anybody is buying ARs anymore—NOT! Besides, they carry so much merchandise that is made in Red, Communist, human rights abusing China they ought to be charged with treason.

  10. I’m sure that Walmart stance on a decrease in sales is true. It’s simple enough to expect that for multiple reasons:

    1 – after a spike in sales the market slows down at least somewhat

    2 – even for enthusiast – Walmarts selection is limited so if you have purchased even 3 of their ARs you’ve likely got all you are getting.

    3 – at this stage of the platform many are building their own to save a buck which was the Walmart market so just like computer building in the 90s IMO this savings will go obsolete and sales for cheaper versions will come back around and you’ll see Walmart back in the space


  11. try and buy Winchester ammo there now… they pulled it all off of the shelf Monday night after the last shooting super target and super speed are non available at the good old wall mart i try and boycott that china selling co. any way

  12. I suppose I will take my business somewhere else. I did the same thing when Dicks decided that they knew what was best for me. No product I want, no business for them.

  13. Gonna chime in here. But who buys guns at Walmart anymore??? And ammo, yeesh. Last time i priced .223 ammo or 9mm, it was 15-20cents more than getting it online and factoring in the shipping costs. Both ARs I have were built by me from online sources. Next one will be the same way.

  14. Who cares? Would you buy an AR from Walmart anyway? OK, I know they were made by Mattel for a while. but really, who buys an AR at Walmart and what AR owner buys ammunition at Walmart?

    1. This is Bull. Wally world has major contracts with the gvt. In fact DHS HAS IN FACT TAKEN POSSESSION OF 5 Of them to use as supply, marshalling and detention points along the south of the US from Ca to Fl. The gvt sez SH%$ and they say what color. Guess who is making the decision to limit modern semiautomatic rifles from being sold there!

    2. Sorry Scott but you seem to be lacking some knowledge . Mattel never mfg the AR OR Mil variant. That was a common joke, because of the high plastic content. Everyone I know buys plain vanilla FMJ range ammo from Wally World because it’s convenient and when available, it’s priced right. The ARs usually move out of the rack soon after showing up. They never to my eye, just have them laying around waiting to be sold. They stopped selling their store brand of penetrator rnds which were equiv to green tip m855 called ZQI (SS109). These were also very popular.

    3. Mr. Kushman, hate to burst you bubble, but Mattel did in fact manufacture weapons for the U.S. Military in the 60’s. It’s an easy fact check on the internet. And, the AR never contained ‘plastic’, it was a polymer-resin over fiberglass. Very BIG difference, plastic or polymer-resin over fiberglass.
      It ‘was’ a standing joke in Vietnam, where I served from 1966-67, about our rifles being made by Mattel Toys. This is even alluded to in The Green Berets, when John Wayne smashes the M-16 against the tree, if you look closely, it is a Mattel toy rifle.

    4. @ Scott,

      I could eventually see myself buying an AR from Walmart if they could ever keep them in stock long enough. Brand for brand it’s the same brand rifle you’d get anywhere else, so who cares what name is on the building as you walk in?

      If you like paying more for the same thing elsewhere, that’s your problem. Only a snob is willing to pay more to feel like they are better than everyone else.

      You asked what AR owner buys ammo at Walmart. Me! I own 6 AR platforms and I buy ammo at Walmart. They are the cheapest alternative when you plan a weekend shoot with friends and the online order didn’t make it in time.

  15. The AR style rifles have been the single greatest factor in gun sales! Outfits that never got into the “black gun” business now sell them. Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Colt….those are all main stream gun business’ and I’m sure I’ve missed some others. In case Wal-Mart didn’t get the memo….The AR is America’s rifle.

  16. How to have a “great sporting goods department!” Have an employee on duty. Train that employee to properly deal with the legal requirements of a firearms sale. Sell what your customers WANT and NEED not what you can purchase at your lowest cost. Listen to your customers.

  17. Will have to further elevate wall marts decision on the stopping of the sale of AR’s and stop buying my ammo and cut back on other purchases at Wall Mart , they do not need my money,Bill

    1. right on.
      for you who were to youngto know.
      hiro hito the japenese emperor said he would neve invade ,
      the U.S.because there was a rifle behind every blade of grass in america.
      hope it stay`s that way.

    2. You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.
      It has been declared this attribution is “unsubstantiated and almost certainly bogus, even though it has been repeated thousands of times in various Internet postings. There is no record of the commander in chief of Japan’s wartime fleet ever saying it.”, according to Brooks Jackson in “Misquoting Yamamoto” at (11 May 2009), which cites Donald M. Goldstein, sometimes called “the dean of Pearl Harbor historians”, writing “I have never seen it in writing. It has been attributed to the Prange files [the files of the late Gordon W. Prange, chief historian on the staff of Gen. Douglas MacArthur]”.

    3. Factcheck, Goldstein nor Prange don’t know either. Just because these self appointed “know-it-alls” didn’t see it doesn’t mean he didn’t say it. Only Yamamoto and God knows for sure.

    4. @ Louis,

      I laugh every time someone thinks they’ve diminished the impact of a famous quote simply by claiming its author can’t be confirmed, as if it somehow makes the quote go away. The fact remains, there has to be an original author to every quote, otherwise they would not exist. So regardless of who really said it, it was obviously impactful enough to have since been made famous over time.

      So the next question is, assuming a quote has been misattributed to begin with – will finding the actual source change the impact or impressionable meaning behind the quote? I think not. Every Japanese, Chinese, or any other country that hears this quote still garners the same message. Don’t “F” with ‘Merica because it is well armed.

  18. I don’t think McMillon is being truthful. The AR15 has been in the civilian marketplace since the early 1960s and has been the single most popular and best selling rifle on the American market for many years. McMillon seems to think the entire firearms world is sporting clays and hunting – apparently ONLY with bolt action rifles. He completely disregards simple target shooting, competition shooting and the real most important reason why people own guns – self defense. If what he wants is for WalMart to stop selling AR15s and other semi auto rifles, just tell the truth. Tell us the real reason. Of course he won’t because there WILL be blowback for the gun buying public – me among them.

    1. Of course he’s just giving in to the opinions of those that give him a hard time at the cocktail parties, including his wife I would guess. What’s he going to do, sever all ties, divorce and live in a cave? The democrats are pervasive and do not give ground, or respect the truth for that matter.

    2. I believe The Fed Gvt, through BIG $ Contact pressure, have forced then to stop selling their store version of penetrator rounds called ZQI 5.56 (ss109) as well as discontinue The Uber popular AR platforms from Colt and other popular manufacturers.

  19. Walmart has good prices, but never the best – not by a long shot. Nobody at a Walmart gun counter knows very much about guns other than the info printed on the box. It is an odd match.

  20. Not politically motivated my ass. Why then did one of my local (one of five local walmarts!!!) choose to remove AR-15s from the racks versus just letting them sell off and not order any more?

    1. This is the U. S. of A. We have a “free enterprise” system. Which Commie pinko is trying to dictate how stores should run their business and interfere with that American way??

  21. I call B/S.Walmart does not even have fire arms in our local Walmarts.To be honest they don’t have much of anything.That place is going down hill as far as usa stores go.Im supprised no one has shot up that place because of its malpractice passively abusive work environment and cheap labor and products that come from sweat shops.I worked at a DC that place has some seriously crooked politics in play and they own the law so its a game to them when the play out there human rights cases in court.

    1. I own guns and its idiots like you that shouldn’t own any, with your freedom of speech. And dumb comments of hurting anyone, you should be jailed

    1. @ Neal,

      Walmart doesn’t make the guns, they just sell them. The quality of the weapon is dictated by the brand name and not Walmart; meaning – a Colt is a Colt, a Bushmaster a Bushmaster, and an M&P is an M&P.

      If you already trust the brand name and it’s on a Walmart shelf… buy it. The rest doesn’t matter because you are pretty much assured it will be an unbeatable price given Walmart’s mass wholesale volume buying power. This enables them to lower their prices even after tax which can rarely be beat by anyone… and this even includes online purchases after their shipping and FFL fees. Plus you walk out the door with it the same day (in most states).

      As for customer service, for sure Walmart is not for the first-time gun buyer. However, for the knowledgeable purchaser Walmart is a hidden little gem when they have the guns in stock. Heck I know several licensed FFLs that jump on some of Walmart’s gun deals. If it’s good enough for an experienced FFL, it’s good enough for the rest of us.

      Lastly, I’d like to mention that in rare instances some of the larger Walmarts do retain highly experienced and knowledgeable customer service representatives dedicated just to their sporting goods section for the guns.

      Unfortunately these are the same Walmarts that are always out of ammo and the better guns because this same guy is so knowledgeable he knows how to back door the stuff and tip off buddies when the shipments get in. Hope this helps.

  22. I remember years back when Waly-World stopped selling handguns (similar political climate) and I got one heck of a deal on a new S&W Model 29 when they “liquidated” remaining store stock! Guess I’ll need to keep a watch on their gun case…

  23. Screw them. Walmart is only for saving money. Don’t expect them to be commited to anything else.
    I remember a while back, when cabella’s sent out mailers for it’s new “Tactical Dept/Section”. They started displaying AR’s and the like. I thought it was a nice gesture. But they are more commited to shooting sports than any other outdoor’ sports vendor. I lkie cabella’s but have better pickins at CTD, Brownell’s, Midway and the like, But they are tops for fishing stuff.

  24. I can’t stand how everyone is bowing to political correctness. However, it is walmarts right to sell or not to sell merchandise. What happened to the backbone of this country. All I can say is thanks Wallmart for the half price AR – 15 and accessories. I’ll purchase all my other gun and ammo needs at our local gun shop.

  25. McMillions (appropriate name huh?) is simple being a PCP .
    That comment about “if the AR’s were made in China” was freaking hilarious!
    I will buy ammo when they are too stupid to realise their “price match” policy is cutting their own throats. Otherwise 90% of my ammo is bought online from a handful of established vendors.

  26. Doug McMillon is a deceiver! You can’t hardly find an ar-10 anymore. It’s obvious that rifle, pistol and shotgun sales have gone through the roof for quite a while now. This is as silly as the high number of Walmarts that have laid off thousands of employees and shut down stores because of plumbing problems. Now they are filled up with military personnel. Walmart and Sam’s lost my business the day this move was announced! Good for me! I was really getting tired of their product policies of here one day and gone the next. You just couldn’t rely on them to carry a product for very long. They have ruined many small businesses in the 2000’s because of this policy. Oh! Made in America is not what you think it is! Only 51% of the manufacturing cost of the product has to be made in America whether it be in parts or labor. Very deceiving, don’t you think! Artist John Mayer said it best, “the world is just a lie that you rise above”!

  27. My wife works for them and her Walmart sold at least 3 semiautomatic rifles a day which she says is the about the same they sell in shotguns. Excuses will always flow from the mouths that never want to own up or make a stand against the current.

  28. Can anyone remember back in the early 1990s when Walmart pulled all there firearms and ammunition off from the shelves for decades,thats the big reason a lot of older consumers have never considered them a viable choice for those types of items,they only jump in it to make as much money as possible when the trend is strong ,and then they bail out when the political winds change direction,boycott Walmart

  29. Sounds like a perfectly sound business decision to me, if they aren’t making money selling AR rifles then let them offer other types that do sell.
    Do they sell Browning O/U?, do they sell Perazzi?, do they sell Weatherby;s, no, no and no.
    The free market means they are free to sell what they can earn a profit on, not what is politically correct.
    I own several AR rifles, none were purchased from Walmart.
    Walmart is still selling guns and ammo and sporting goods, they are not making the wrong decision like K-Mart did back in the early days that eventually killed that chain.

  30. I’ll bet if AR-15’s were manufactured in China they’d sell them.

    Are they selling semi-automatic hunting rifles and 10/22’s?

  31. Walmart has never been the place to shop for firearm’s. Their price’s are low yes, but their personel know nothing about firearms. Our Walmart can’t keep 22lr in stock. Any time you ask the clerks, say they never know what or when it’s coming in. But twice now I observed 22lr being placed in locked storage under the counter and was told it was already paid for and awaiting pickup. I’ve found that same ammo in a local gun shop not three days later for twice the price. No I’m done with Walmart, I’ll take my business elsewhere.

  32. WHEN I HEAR COMMENTS LIKE AR15s are not hunting weapons, I know they don’t know what they are talking about and they lie

    1. AR’s make terrific hunting rifles! They’ve bought into flawed logic. Actually, they’ve capitulated or simply haven’t got a clue. I don’t buy my AR’s there, so it really doesn’t matter to me on a personal level; I just think it’s sad.

  33. Why would they keep selling them. More and more people know where to find better deals or build their own. Walmart us about making money, why sell it if they ain’t making money. Oh and Walmart had always sucked.

  34. I will not shop at Walmart any longer, after their decision not to sell semiauto rifles, and I am going to cancel my pharmacy account there, too.
    I have emailed Walmart to let them know about my decision. I shopped there at least once a week, and I take 5 expensive meds daily. I know that it’s just a drop out of their corporate bucket, but if all gun aficionados did the same, Walmart would feel the hurt. The low sales of such guns are an excuse. They said that they will only sell hunting guns. Lots of hunters use semiautomatic rifles today. Walmart lied!

  35. I’ve never been able to find a Walmart employee that could accurately tell me where the camping section was, let alone the complexities of an AR-15 platform. Let’s leave it to the privately owned gun stores where you’re going to receive answers and instruction that can make all the difference both on the range, in the field, or possibly defending your home and family. Besides, we should be buying local and supporting our town and state economies, not China’s. Good bye Walmart and good riddance, you never had any business in this neck of the woods anyhow .

  36. McMillion said “we want to serve people who hunt & fish”, no Walmart in my area has had 22LR ammo for a year, and yet many of the other large chain stores do. I hunt for squirrel & other varmints using 22 Long rifle ammo. I also buy other items @ these stores while I’m there because Walmart doesn’t have the ammo I’m looking for. I therefore do not believe it is business related!

  37. Walmart is not a “gun dealer”. Their sporting goods department folks mean well, but are sadly unprepared for the gun and ammo buying public. Guns and ammo have never been a profit center for grocery stores.

    Here’s something to consider. When you buy a gun from a “gun dealer”, the form 4473 hard copy you fill out stays with the dealer. Walmart’s 4473 is computerized and is handed over to the ATF at the time of purchase. So your firearm purchase at Walmart is defacto federally registered.

    If you don’t like having the record of your gun purchase in the hands of the feds from day one, don’t buy guns at Walmart. So, who cares whether they sell AR platform rifles.

    Just sayin’.

    1. @ Mitch Rapp

      I wished I could be more polite, but you are so full of crap. Walmart never generates a copy of the 4473 to the ATF. There is not even a mechanism for ATF to accept a 4473, via PC or otherwise, even if Walmart tried to send it. The only time the ATF will even accept such information is if the FFL goes out of business or upon the 4473 becoming more than 20 years old and the FFL wishes to send them in for proper destruction. Even then the 4473s are to be sent to the Out of Business Records Center for possible matches to past crimes through the National Tracing Center (NTC) before they are permanently destroyed.

    2. @G-Man

      Agreed. No FFL sends their 4473’s to ATF except under the circumstances you listed.

  38. Too me there is 2 schools of thought about this, yes Walmart caves in to anti gunners, 2nd ‘ly By Walmart getting out of selling this type gun, makes room for more smaller retailers to take up the slack, Walmart loses sales, alienates its gun owning customers, drives them to smaller retailers, who would enjoy the sales increases, Walmart loses either way, because gun owners have long memories, example : I have not been in a Dicks Store since they were so quick to stop selling black rifles just after the Sandy Hook shooting.

  39. In Shasta County, CA, a very conservative 2nd Amendment friendly county, where I live, their are two Walmarts. Neither one sells any firearms. I don’t shop at Walmart. Walmart sux!

  40. You couldn’t have said it more succinctly.
    p-c (nver capitalize) is at the root of too many of our current social problems.

  41. I don’t know about the rest of the country but here in southeastern VA and northeastern NC between all the walmart in this area had an inventory of about 600 AR 15s . With in a 2 week period they were sold out. Seems to me there is a demand for this firearm and walmart is going to prevent further sales to consumers who want it. That’s just my opinion

  42. Walmart is in business to make money. They have no doubt decided that they will make more money being politically correct than selling AR 15’s.

    1. Looks to me like Walmart is shooting itself in the foot. Lots of American citizens buy at type rifles for hunting, shooting, and most importantly self defense. If Walmart doesn’t support all of these maybe they should close down and get out of the way.

  43. Wal-Mart has turned into nothing but a Chinese Junk Shop, they sell very little American Made Products and have systematically ruined local stores, many have which closed their doors. It doesn’t surprise me a-bit they would stop selling AR style rifles and bow down in to the political nut jobs on the left!

  44. “Our focus in terms of firearms should be hunters and people who shoot sporting clays”: CEO Douglas McMillon
    Ha Ha ! I seriously doubt there are many “sporting clay” shooters buying their guns from Walmart.

  45. I find Walmart to be fairly irrelevant in the firearms game. Very limited selection. What they do have on hand is usually very competitively priced but because of the limited selection I rarely think of them when buying a firearm.

    Cheaper Than Dirt closed their retail store in the Dallas area. I did not assume that decision was based on politics so why assume Walmart’s decision is based on politics?

  46. If Walmart stop selling them ar15 then ever body that believes in the 2 amendment stop shopping there and boycott the store but just one person can’t do it its going to take everbody to help so it losses big drop in sales .Walmart is tied in with jade helm 15 they want say it on the TV are anything FEMA camp do your research

  47. I rarely shop at Wal-Mart and now I probably will not shop there at all! I do not believe what they are trying to tell us. I suspect the real reason is the ratio of profit and perhaps, a bit of political black mail.

  48. I talked to the people at one of our local Walmarts. The sales people said they could not keep AR type firearms oin stock. They said would sell them as fast as they could get them.. It may just be the part of the country I live in but Walmart was not having trouble selling modern sporting rifles here

  49. I live in Chattanooga and it was reported that the terrorist who killed 5 of our brave military personnel here on July 16th purchased his weapon from a local Walmart. Now Walmart is discontinuing selling AR-15 type rifles. Coincidence? I think not. I think that they are running scared from the anti-gun liberals.

    1. @ Randy Johnson,

      The shooter only bought his ammo from Walmart. FBI sought out 2 other individuals for questioning that were with him at the time of purchase. The rest of his weapons were confirmed to have been purchased legally online (AR-15, AK-47, and a Saiga 12 Shotgun).

  50. The only reason for walmart to stop selling these types is because of pressure from church and all the anti gun nuts out trying to take and do away with are second amendment, thats all there is to that bull crap.

  51. Being an associate at Walmart sporting goods, I can say that after Christmas last year, we had a Colt and bushmaster in our gun case until we got the word to lower the price and both sold the same day. I feel that people have lost interest in what we were calling the Modern Sporting Rifle. We are getting in our new stock for fall and all of them are looking great. New shotguns and new brands, along with the same for the rifles.

    1. I love my bolt action .308 but you need to be able to squeeze off as many rounds as possible when you come onto a sounder of pigs. Not saying you have to sell AR15’s or 10’s but cutting out all semi-automatic sales I think will be a mistake.

  52. I buy most of my guns at Academy…they carry the brand names and are much cheaper than the gun shops…the staff at my local store are very knowledgable about what they stock…I just bought an AR M&P from them that was $250. cheaper than the gun stores…

    1. @Jaybo1

      I hope you enjoy your M&P. I love mine. I got it through CDNN a couple of years ago for an excellent price with lots of extras, and it is one sweet shooting gun. No issues, no hiccups, just pure fun. I only run good quality ammo through it, so no steel cased Wolf but the way it has worked I bet it could run anything.

      And I will check out Academy. I always shop around and go for the best deals, but I haven’t bought a gun over the counter for years. On-line is the way to go.

  53. Wally World lowered their prices on AR platform rifles and sold out in under 24 hours. Apparently Wally World over priced their AR rifle which is why they weren’t selling.

  54. Who cares what firearms Wal-Mart does or doesn’t want to sell.

    You’ll get better selection, service and support from a regular gun shop anyway. Plus you get to deal with someone who is pro-gun and 2nd amendment and knowledgable about firearms…just sayin’.

  55. I never liked wal mart after Mr Sam died now just greed stores filled with import junk there auto service dept a joke I us to buy a little from them . Well never again

  56. I think they probably stopped selling AR-pattern rifles because they’re not made in China – which means they don’t match all the other cheap imported cr@p their stores are filled with today. (I remember when WalMart ads featured “Made in USA” merchandise – I think that stopped shortly after Sam Walton passed.)

    1. Walmart really went China when the US granted PNTR to China about 15 years ago, which lifted all political trade barriers and Chinese goods flooded the market at lowest possible cost.

      There is only one Walmart near me that carries guns, at least they still did a couple years ago when I was there. They had 5 or 6 long guns, no ARs, in a locked glass case that was behind the counter so you could not even get your nose to the glass to view them, and the surly counter person who was aggravated by constant inquiries for .22LR ammo would not take them out of the case to be viewed; he would only read the tag through the glass for you.

      I bought a Ruger 10-22 and a Mossberg 590 from Walmart back in the late 90s, and I still have about 2000 rounds of value pack .22s from when Bush was president (NOT for sale). Those were fond memories, but it suits me just fine if Walmart drops guns altogether now. They seem to be best at serving the ammo flippers who are waiting in line when the truck arrives to make sure no .22LR value packs ever hit the shelf.

      Buying ammo there has become a hassle. The prices are high, and you have ask for the counter help and wait. And no .22s EVER. I’d like to see them drop ALL guns and ammo just to screw those bums who make a career out of getting all the .22s.

    2. Wal-Mart should get out of all gun and ammo business. I find them to be selling ammo at dealer cost, and guns below dealer cost, and you are 100% right about surly clerks and the line standers to buy 22 ammo.With four stores all within a 15 minute drive of my home, I abhor going in to any store because because of their selling price on guns, ammo, accessories and related gear, and 95% of the “clerks” do not know Sh#$ form Shinola (both are brown, (one stinks one is used to polish leather -and there is also a watch by that brand today too) I go into Wal Mart, and if they are selling it, I will NOT carry it in my store-example: Remington-Swiss Army brands-DPMS-Coleman because they sure do not offer any service information or directions as to use

  57. When I was a little boy we always played a mock battle of war or cowboys always trying to play shoot each other falling on the ground or ematating the sound of what we saw on television.We as kids would always make it fun and that’s what it was.Our culture and behaviour pattern has changed and we are raising idiots that have no morals and don’t respect their parents and don’t listen.Our children are the most precious priceless human beings in our life and that’s were it all should start of being a responsible adult making sure your children do the right thing so they in turn will repeat and do the right things
    Guns don’t kill people people kill people and honestly they don’t need a firearm to do it.It’s a mistake on wallmarts thinking .It’s a shame when prayer was taking out the school that’s what the church should be worried about not a firearm.And to look at it some other retailer will benefit from it and maybe that’s what wallm art wants who knows.I can say that every AR at wall mart in my home town sells quickly.The AR 15 is the American all ranch popular American semi.rifle.The Japanese were always scared of Americans during the 2nd world war not just because of armed forces but the fact nearly every household had a firearm to protect their family’s from a invasion.Stand tall America stand up for the right moral high standard we as a nation deserve god bless us all.

  58. When the ammo shortage first started, Wal mart was the first to run out of ammo.The store employees were buying the ammo as soon as the truck got in,and Wal mart did nothing to stop this practice.I won’t buy another gun from a store that won’t guaranty to sell me ammo for that gun.They can phase out their whole sporting goods department for all I care.

  59. Hey Mikial-saw an ad the other day-Ar-15s for sale lightly used like new-best offer contacr Ahmed or Valerie Jarret ——just kidding, no-just crying

  60. It appears to me that Wal Mart is following in the steps of Dick’s Sporting goods. When Dick’s refused to sell the AR 15 platform, it was shear pressure from the liberal front. For Companies that can be so easily swayed, they are not for my patronage. I no longer shop at Dick’s, and if the Wal Mart (where I bought my DPSM for $575.00) chooses that path to follow, I will no longer shop there.

  61. So after a little research I see that Walmart made a most generous $25,000 donation to Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC 2013-14, I know she was on the Walmart Board of Directors when I worked for Walmart in the early 90’s. I wonder if they are bowing to political pressure and potential of her becoming our next president

  62. When the ammo is $2 a box cheaper there than anywhere else in town, including other bix box stores,WalMarts decision wont stop me from shopping there

  63. Slumping sales?? Right. This is the same corporation that stopped selling confederate flag. This is another knee-jerk reaction to public pressure by ghetto-mart

  64. This is Wal Mart’s choice if they want to sell these firearms. It doesn’t matter if it’s political or not, they have the right not to carry these items. Just like I have the choice of where to shop. It looks like Target and KMart for me, and I’ll get my ammo and firearms at places that aren’t curtailing sales of these items. I’m pretty sure that if ALL gun owners and their families stopped shopping at Wal Mart, they might rethink their decision.

    1. @Andrew N

      Target is an officially a “No guns allowed” business. There is one 10 minutes from my home and I do not shop there. Wal Mart at least has no issue with open carry, although I carry concealed anyway. My point is, I do not shop at Target. Their policy is both offensive to me, and invites criminals.

      Can’t say about KMart, because I honestly don’t know. I would suggest you check out the on-line ammo and gun dealers. The prices are great and it’s a simple matter to find a transfer dealer to do your NICS check.

      For ammo, look at

    2. Of corse its political first they stop selling hand guns in the 1990s then recently rifle magazines now it’s the big bad AR rifles each and every time there was a major news event and a push against the 2 Amendment Walmart has become more and more liberal ever since Sam Walton died and that’s a fact they disagree with Rick Perry’s bill that gave Texas war veterans the right to obtain a hunting license for free and there reaction was to force veterans to prove there eligibility at the register no other store ask for a veterans records all that is required is a damn DL Sam Walton wouldn’t have disrespected veterans like that so now there playing to the big liberal news event again and it’s obvious

  65. “So the types of rifles we sell, the types of ammunition we sell, should be curated for those things.” Well that’s funny, the Walmart stores here in Maryland sell out of their .223 and 5.56 the minute it hit’s the shelves. So they will not continue to sell such a hot ticket item? They don’t sell pistols here either but they can’t keep the pistol ammo in stock.

  66. They would probably sell a lot more of all firearms and ammunition if there were ever anyone working in that department. I got tired of waiting 15-30 minutes for someone to show up to wait on me.

  67. I’m not a Walmart advocate or anything like that but when someone has a Colt M4 (LE 6920) for $699.00 ($747.00 out-the-door ) , I don’t care what liberal is selling it….you friggin buy it. Nobody in my town can come close to that price.

    1. Well excusssssssssse me Dave, of course it isn’t a real M4. It isn’t the M4 that I carried for so many years in a military sense. What I should have clarified is that it is a M4 rollmarked Colt LE 6920. Not the a selective fire, 14.5 inch barrel, overladen with tactical sensitive items crap such as Surefire light, PEQ15, and ACOG thing I lugged all over Fort Bragg, NC and other parts of the world. That would be the illegal or just plain stupid to have.

  68. I demand the queers flag be banned because of the queer ni99er who killed the reporters had it & he killed them for his queer agenda!

  69. Wal-Mart does away with selling the Confederate Battle Flag. Now it will no longer sell AR-15s. This is obviously a political move coming from the Nitwit himself…Obama. Note: Wal-Mart is a huge contributor to the Obama Administration. I only shop WM as a last resort.

  70. Actually, the market has been so saturated with AR15’s after the hoopla from Sandy Hook died down from so many manufacturers that wallyworld probably is losing money trying to sell them. When Colts are going for just under $700, a lot of AR manufacturers are going under.

    1. @Ed

      So true. Pick up any gun mag out there and it is sure to contain at least one article about the latest and greatest AR to hit the market. There are hundreds of manufacturers making ARs, many of which come and go without the average shooter even knowing about them. No slam on anyone who buys their guns at Wal Mart, but Wal Mart just cannot complete with the on-line dealers.

  71. Reminds me of when I got caught smoking as a kid. I said I wouldn’t throw out the rest of the pack, just smoke them until they were gone.
    The AR-15 gets bad press. Let’s start calling them Modern Sporting Rifles (MSRs). Or maybe DR-15 for Defense Rifle.
    To those wh0 always need to be on the side of political correctness, Assault Rifle sounds bad. What if, in the locations where crazies attacked without provocation, the perpetrators were subdued by lawful Defense Rifles?

  72. Stop selling semi-automatics? We want to support the hunting and fishing people! Last time I checked there were semi-automatics in; shotguns and .22 Cal. and other calibers too. Quit selling ammo for automatics/semi-automatics? Just how stupid can you be???? Remember you can’t fix stupid and that’s what is running walmart and our country right now!! “Oh by the way, yea I didn’t capitalize walmart, because they aren’t worth it.

  73. What a lofty load of liberal horse crap!

    Wal-Mart is no longer a family owned store.

    It is a heartless conglomerate which only cares about cost cutting initiatives and profit margins for the elitists who run the show.

    There are other alternatives for firearms and ammunition sales.

    One less reason to shop at Wal-Mart.

    I will not further the political agenda of those liberals who are rui1ning our country.

  74. I know Wal-Mart doesn’t sell anything but BB guns and air-soft guns in CA, but this decision is more political than economic in my opinion. Wal-Mart didn’t command the market share of AR type weapons to make much of a difference in the total sales of sporting rifles. If they want to cut out a major part of shooting sports for target shooters and competition shooters that is their decision. I am a hunter, target shooter and enter competitions locally when I have a chance. The Armorlite Rifle that was the first to introduce the sporting rifle to the public. This has been shortened to AR and the industry has taken this abbreviation and the politically correct socialist media has tagged this to mean ASSAULT RIFLE. Sorry to say how wrong they are by doing this. Armorlite should sue anyone that takes the abbreviation of their name (AR) and refers to it as a assault rifle because it is a semi-auto sport rifle.
    As far as Wal-Mart is concerned, they can quit selling whatever they want, and I can shop anywhere I want to. I just won’t set foot in Wal-Mart anymore. Thank you for making this decision for me Wal-Mart.

  75. That excuse coming from Wal-Mart is a bunch of horses@#t. They said something very similar when they stopped selling handguns. I’m thinking they are caving in to pressure from somewhere…maybe one of Bloomberg’s groups.
    Too bad for Wal-Mart, good for the local gun shops.

  76. poor service, out of stocks now a lame excuse for stopping semi auto sales I believe we heard that about handguns some time ago for
    these and other reasons I will do as little shopping at walmart as possible maybe others feel the same way?

  77. Of course their sales of AR-15’s are down. They never have any in stock to sell. Plus, I feel they support the Liberals gun control agenda, just do not want anyone to know.

  78. When I need guns or ammo, I go where I can most likely find the best selection of products. If Walmart wants to shoot self in the foot commercially, I will find another place to buy ALL my gun & ammo needs. And that includes hunting gear.

    Walmart is the only reason I have not opened my own gun store in my town. Didn’t want to compete with Walmart, but looks like I won’t have that problem soon.

  79. Between false plumbing problems, questionable construction techniques, their lousy 12v batteries with limpy warranties, inability to resupply ammo and now this lame excuse….I would say that Walmart is a retailer to keep a real suspicious eye on.

  80. Ok, best guess this is some sort of political statement saying they won’t sell those horrid “assault rifles” while continuing to sell other rifles, shotguns and ammo.

    Appease the anti gun crowd but try not to alienate your regular customers who may be pro 2nd amendment. In other words we are trying to kiss everyone’s a** without getting our lips dirty.

  81. Wake up folks! From 1986 to 1992 HILLARY CLINTON served on the board of directors of Wal Mart ! Put it this way blue socks may not sell as many as white socks but you still sell them you just stock less of them in inventory! So now we have a retailer deciding what types of guns you can buy hummmm. ….not to mention the branding of the ar as an assault rifle. .which it is not. And setting a precedent for other retailers. Also giving story line to anti 2nd amendment groups like HILLARY AND BLOOMBERG. Personally I no longer shop at walmart for anything because of their political views. Thank you. Think about it.

  82. Yeah I know ar- sales are down like all gun sale but they come pair it sale when the threat of them being band. Iam not a hunter but respect there right for the sport. But I don’t kill animals for sport but I like to goto the range and more tachical aggressive training. Looks like divide and conquer to me . I will try to avoid Walmart as much as possible the 3 % but they figured that already they have have the greatest computer system next to the military. 3% is acceptable loss as too a boycott. It’s a right and there trying to smother it out . Pretty soon we only have revolvers and muskets. Hey I heard Hilary is major stock owner in Walmart. ??? What ever you belive in help us all.

  83. DaveW, don’t know where you got your info about the AR, but Eugene Stoner and others, began developing these type rifles military use. The Army was looking for a replacement for the M-14 that had been in service since the middle 50’s. Stoner’s first attempts were rejected as being to fragile and overly complicated, this included the AR-10. Other’s efforts were also rejected. Stoner’s 15th attempt, thus AR-15 passed military trials and was adopted later as the M-16. Read Stoner’s story. It is all very interesting.

  84. Visiting Arizona (my son is stationed there), most of their Walmarts have a rather extensive gun counter and a couple of ammo and gun supply isles to boot. But the best part was seeing the addition of an end-cap gun carousel filled with ARs during the peak of Obama’s gun scare a couple of years ago.

    While I probably would never purchase a gun from Walmart, there was just something very representatively American, warm and cozy, about seeing that display at such a time. It just felt like the biggest “F-YOU” anyone could ever muster towards Obama at the time. I loved it.

    Interestingly amongst their offerings, Walmart did have some decent stock. For example they had a Colt AR15 LE6920 Magpul Edition for under $1000.

    On a humorous note, if you pay close attention to the video, this Walmart CEO was pretty slick. Quite amusing that not a single answer by the CEO really ever matched the actual question asked. She may as well have asked, “Do you shave in the mornings?” and his response is like, “I love lamp.”

  85. Wal-Mart to stop selling “assault weapons”.

    The AR-15 was sold as a small game/varmint rifle before the military tested and adopted the M-16. It has continued to be sold as a hunting rifle. The military never labeled the M-16 as an assault rifle. I still have my issued field “Care and Maintenance of the M-16 Rifle” from Vietnam. It was not until Sen Feinstein authored the Assault Weapons Ban and added it to her list of firearms she wanted to ban.

    Wal-Mart says they will continue to concentrate on “hunting rifles”.

    That gives me the impression it’s to avoid any conflict between pro and anti gun advocates, political.

  86. This is probably not a political move for the simple reason that Walmart sells and makes its money on volume and I cannot imagine that AR-15 sales even at their peak represented any significant contribution to Walmart’s bottom line at the corporate level.

    Sales of ammunition may be a different story.

  87. The two Wal Marts within a 10 – 20 minute drive from me don’t sell any kind of guns, although they carry ammo and all sorts of accessories, and frankly I’ve never bought a gun at a Wal Mart anyway. You can get better deals and selection on-line from CTD, CDNN and J&G, among many others. In fact, outside of a couple of gun show purchases, I haven’t bought a gun over the counter in a store in years.

    But having said all that, I really don’t think this is a political decision even though the media and the antis are trying to present it as one. It is a business after all, and while hunters may buy their guns over the counter, most tactical weapons enthusiasts don’t. So, most people shopping for ARs don’t get them at Wal Mart and that means lower sales.

    Wal Mart is gun friendly. Here in Virginia it is nothing unusual to see people open carrying in our local Wal Marts (open carry is legal with no permit in Virginia) and no one even looks twice. If the day ever comes when they put up “Gun Free Zone” signs like Target, then I will be upset and question their motives.

  88. Should be easy enough to check by looking at their sales records if you can get access to them. There are plenty of places where people can get all different priced AR15’s and there are plenty of gun dealers who will love the fact that Walmart has left the AR15 business as it simply means more revenue for them. We know gun sales continue at a furious pace according to the most recent FBI statistics. So whether or not this is the real reason Walmart made this decision, who cares.

  89. “Our focus in terms of firearms should be hunters and people who shoot sporting clays, and things like that,” said McMillon in June. “So the types of rifles we sell, the types of ammunition we sell, should be curated for those things.”

    So, I should expect Walmart to no longer stock paper targets? How about 22 long rile ammo (kind of a joke around here anyway.)

    Yeah, we shall see.

  90. I’d feel better about Wal-Mart’s decision, if they would release sales figures for AR’sshowing the decline in sales. What about other semi auto rifles that are used in hunting?

  91. Bull****. Evidently the CEO is ignorant of current hunting and fishing technics. Hunters in all areas of this great land are using AR15s to hunt with. He needs to get his head out of the political correctness agenda’s ass and have a talk with Ted Nugent and the NRA and then resign from his CEO job at Walmart.

    1. have you actually purchased an AR at Wallyworld? I haven’t and actually it would be the last place I would look. An AR is a customized rifle and therefore needs a customized sales entity to not only sell it but to have all the various components available. Wallyworld likes the quick and dirty sale like ammo and targets and cleaning gear they have next to nothing in terms of accessories and the last thing they want to do is to have to stock all the components of an AR

    2. @ Dr Dave

      Agreed. I would never even consider buying an AR at Wal Mart. The guy behind to counter probably also doubles in the auto parts department.

  92. Wal-Mart is not really a “go to place” for anyone buying an AR type rifle. I doubt it is politics I am betting that they sit on the shelves unless they sell them at super cheap prices. Most AR owners don’t buy completely off the shelf guns they want their configured their way and the sales staff at Wallyworld are not the best lit candles to answer the questions about what they sell in terms of details on guns. Now if they totally drop selling ammo and accessories for them that would be a political move
    Here in FL the 6 stores near me none have AR’s so I bet they are just poor sellers

  93. If Sam Walton, known for his love of the shooting sports and the Second Amendment, were still alive, he would never have allowed McMillon to be hired in the first place.

  94. Hahahahahahahaha!!! What a load of BS!! They just are trying to get out of the path of the backlash and still look ok to their customer base! Typical reinsert considering their corporate culture.

  95. I stopped going to Walmart for anything. I find with the Target CC that gives you 5% off every purchase beats Walmart pricing on almost anything plus you get a clear store with wide isles and don’t have to mingle with the WM customers.

  96. So this pastor thinks AR15’s are used in all heinous crime … What a fool. Blaming the gun for crime is the lamest excuse ever and has no basis in fact.

  97. As a customer of Walmart for many years I believe that I will find other stores to buy all products such as groceries and hunting /fishing gear. If they believe in what they are doing to their customers then I believe customers should use other stores to purchase their needs.

  98. Who cares. I’m never gonna buy a gun at Walmart anyways…….except the 1911 BB gun I bought for my grandson recently.

  99. When was the last time you guys bought a gun from walmart? I buy my guns from gun stores who need my business.I go to walmart to buy underware.The dems have a peculiar problem with labor this year.Obamoid is on a tear to destroy the Coal Industry based on his plan to destroy this country.Well the Coalminers Union has a problem with that.Hello West Virginia! anybody Home? As for walmart ,that company ,like the Koch brothers {who my wife works for } employs tens of thousands Americans and I salute them for that.

    1. Exactly I guess I don’t see why every corporate decision naturally assumes a conspiracy theory or a political background. If Wallyworld was making enough money on ARs they would have them at the front register or an end cap if need be. The largest retailer on planet earth isn’t going to stop selling a great seller because someone in DC is looking to gain momentum. The point is the guns are sold by GUN stores and the cost to stock them and the liability to protect them isn’t worth them sitting around until someone with no real knowledge of the AR wants to buy one. I just bought a gun safe from Walmart because they had the lowest price. All they did was take my money and ship the info the safe maker to ship it to me. If an AR was that simple they would do it but it is NOT as we all know very well

    2. “When was the last time you guys bought a gun from walmart?”

      Exactly this. The handful of Wal-Mart locations around here that do sell firearms only have a single display case with less than a dozen on display. The prices are reasonable, but the selection is just terrible.

      This change (and the resulting outrage here) is much ado about nothing.

  100. I don’t care whether WalMart sells AR’s or not. It’s their choice. I would hope they are making the decision purely on a financial basis, but it’s probably a mix of financial and the possible grief they will take for continuing to sell AR’s. If they only make a small percentage of their profits on AR’s and can avoid having idiot activists of all stripes not sniping at them, then I can understand the decision.

  101. I’m inclined to think this is more financial than political. The AR15 market is drowning in surplus right now. Prices on everything black-rifle related have crashed and by now everyone who ever wanted one has one.

    For a retailer like Wal-Mart guns are a hassle. Only certain employees are allowed to inventory, show and sell them. Guns have to be logged in, locked up, frequently inventoried, prospective customers cannot touch or handle them without a special employee present, sales must be carefully recorded and buyers NIC’d – I love guns, but I would never go through the hassle of being an FFL gun dealer. New guns in particular have very low profit margins and all guns subject you to the harassment of one of the worst federal agencies in existence. I have to give Wal-Mart a pass on this one.

    I hate to say it, but this last boom in guns, particularly black rifles, is going to create a bust that will see many small manufacturers and specialty retailers go bust. That will be bad for us gun lovers and the industry.

  102. Walmart is losing business to other stores. Period. Where I live three huge stores have started selling guns in the last year, higher quality guns, much larger selection-think hundreds more, and better prices. Plus better service and more knowledgeable staff. Nobody buys guns from Walmart.

  103. Walmart is a self-insured company, so any reason to stop carrying AR style rifles is strictly bottom line and good publicity related, and most likely both.

  104. I don’t believe that sales of these are down. I also don’t believe that sales are down on all semi automatics. I think they’re getting heat from left wing anti gun people to quit selling these! It is time for pro gun people to step up the pressure on everyone and let them know we won’t tolerate this any longer. Just because of a few idiots go out and commit senseless crimes they want to take away guns from millions of law abiding gun owners! Look at the facts Guns are used in crimes by 1 or 2% of gun owners. So why do you want to take our guns???

  105. While it is sad to see Walmart phasing out ‘black rifles’, I can understand, from an economic stand point. These weapons can be obtained from other dealers and often more reasonable prices than Walmart. However like so many large retailers , fearing some sort of backlash, they have kowtowed to ‘politically correct’ pressure groups. They quit selling hand gun and handgun ammunition, them with the Columbine shootings, where the perpetrators used Hi-Point carbines, they and many more quit selling, the quite useful little carbines.
    It is now, all but impossible to find useful ammunition at any Walmart,too, because, like AR style rifles, they say demand has dropped for certain calibers. Try to find a box of 7 MM or 8 MM Mauser at any Walmart location. Well, I rarely shop at any of their stores and won’t really miss the weapons and ammunition they no longer sell. Again, it is most available from other sources and usually at better prices,

  106. I doubt that is the real reason, although purchasers of AR-15’s might not be buying at WalMart—the AR-15 is an extremely popular type of rifle right now, but none of the WalMarts in my area have ever stocked them. WalMart has had some high profile lawsuits, and it may be pressure from their insurance carrier, or even pressure from elected officials. We will probably never know.

  107. Walmart has such a bad reputation and I think they are trying to suck up to anyone that will give them good press and besides, if I want to buy an AR-15, Walmart isn’t the first place to me that come to mind. I have several better options in my area who’s main business is guns.

  108. Two Possible Reason’s. FIRST, Corruption! Rumors are that someone(s) are “Cooking-the-Book’s” by redirecting funds for Store Inventory Purchases. Or, SECOND, the most plausible reason. The Current Insurance Carrier is Threatening to Stop Insuring the Company. Until some of the Most Controversial Items or Danger Items are Removed from the Store Inventory. Nothing New in Retail Unfortunately…

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