Wake up America! Who is in the Second Amendment’s Corner?

United Nations Vote

Hint – Hint — It’s not the Democrats!

How safe do you believe your gun rights to be? The Senate and House are both debating gun legislation this week and several of the more radical states are considering or have recently passed anti-Second Amendment legislation. There is a lot of rhetoric being bandied about political circles as well as social media, which make it hard for some to sort the wheat from the chaff. And while we are still reeling from the onslaught of political ads and campaigns of the 2012 election, the 2014 midterm elections are just around the corner.

Just as important as the domestic votes are the votes by officials you and I don’t get to elect. The United Nations recently voted to adopt a new global arms treaty. The pact passed with 154-3 and 23 abstentions. The United States was NOT one of the three. Our Executive branch willfully decided to oppose the Legislative Branches’ will by voting in favor of the pact.

United Nations Vote
Even though the U.S. Senate had already voted 53-46 NOT to support the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, the Executive Branch moved forward by voting in favor of it at the United Nations and President Obama has vowed to sign it in the future.

Our last line of defense was in the Senate where a ratification vote would be necessary. Fortunately, it was defeated in the Senate. To have passed the Senate it would have required a two-thirds vote (67 Senators) and did not come close, but the vote was still very telling.

The vote in the Senate actually happened before the vote. That means, knowing the Senate did not—and would not—approve the treaty, the Obama administration defied the will of the legislature—and the people—to vote in favor of the pact at the U.N. Knowing this, President Obama has also vowed to sign the treaty in the next few months. Given the administration’s history of subverting the Constitution at every turn, I am very concerned about the future of the Second Amendment and the under-handed tactics they administration may use.

Interestingly, the treaty is also subjective in its enforcement. i.e. each country can ratify the treaty and then decide if, or how, to enforce the treaty with regard to its own country. Therefore, Obama could continue to ship small arms, tanks etc. to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, while taking pistols and shotguns from the hands of citizens in the United States. This is the policy that nearly half of our current Senators support!

How the Vote Played Out

The proof is in the Congressional records. Which political party was able to muster 46 votes in favor of the United Nations over the Second Amendment?

Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) introduced an amendment that would prevent the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty in order to uphold the Second Amendment. His amendment passed on a 53-46 vote. 53-46… that means 46 Senators—almost half—preferred the United Nations pact to the principles set forth in the Bill of Rights. It should be mind boggling that there is 46 Senators willing to vote in favor of letting United Nations policy supersede our Second Amendment rights. If these 46 Senators would let the U.N. come in and dictate our rights, how do you think they would vote on a domestic law to strip us of our rights? A vote where they did not need two-thirds but rather a simple majority?

Meet Your Senators

As much as I hate to start the political cycle already, it is upon us. Politicians believe they can get away with votes such as this without penalty, but we need to show them the reality of their actions and their attempt to subvert the Bill of Rights.

I would like to introduce you to the 46 United States Senators who were willing to sign over your Second Amendment rights to the United Nations—Surprise! They are all Democrats…

  1. Baldwin (D-WI)
  2. Baucus (D-MT)
  3. Bennet (D-CO)
  4. Blumenthal (D-CT)
  5. Boxer (D-CA)
  6. Brown (D-OH)
  7. Cantwell (D-WA)
  8. Cardin (D-MD)
  9. Carper (D-DE)
  10. Casey (D-PA)
  11. Coons (D-DE)
  12. Cowan (D-MA)
  13. Durbin (D-IL)
  14. Feinstein (D-CA)
  15. Franken (D-MN)
  16. Gillibrand (D-NY)
  17. Harkin (D-IA)
  18. Hirono (D-HI)
  19. Johnson (D-SD)
  20. Kaine (D-VA)
  21. King (I-ME)
  22. Klobuchar (D-MN)
  23. Landrieu (D-LA)
  24. Leahy (D-VT)
  25. Levin (D-MI)
  26. McCaskill (D-MO)
  27. Menendez (D-NJ)
  28. Merkley (D-OR)
  29. Mikulski (D-MD)
  30. Murphy (D-CT)
  31. Murray (D-WA)
  32. Nelson (D-FL)
  33. Reed (D-RI)
  34. Reid (D-NV)
  35. Rockefeller (D-WV)
  36. Sanders (I-VT)
  37. Schatz (D-HI)
  38. Schumer (D-NY)
  39. Shaheen (D-NH)
  40. Stabenow (D-MI)
  41. Udall (D-CO)
  42. Udall (D-NM)
  43. Warner (D-VA)
  44. Warren (D-MA)
  45. Whitehouse (D-RI)
  46. Wyden (D-OR)

What do you think will be the future of the Second Amendment? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. Very dangerous talk. What if every gun owner refuses , including Police and Military . Sounds very much like Civil War.

  2. Does anyone remember George Carlin and his witticism, there is no accounting for the stupidity of large numbers of ignorant people. Paraphrased of course but still appropriate. The citizens of those states from which these anarchists are elected think they are right. Maybe old age will overtake a few, but be assured they will be replaced by equally as wrong headed youngsters. We just have to do the best we can in showing each lie and false hood up with the truth.

  3. I totally agree with Mr. Perras in comment #177, we are being sold out by the Democract Party in Power of which I firmly believe is the new Communist Party. We must all get out and VOTE these dirtbags out of Office before our Country is beyond reclaiming. Lets remove all those in both parties and put politians in that remember they work for us. God Bless America!!

  4. We are fortunate in that Mr. Rockefeller will not be around much longer. We’ll make sure we nix Manchin next term and get someone in Rockefeller’s slot to protect our base freedoms.

  5. I will REMEMBER this when ELECTIONS roll around again. I live in the USA not in the UN building! I will NOT have my SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS given away to the UN by anyone. I swore an oath when I was in the service to defend the constitution from ALL enemies FOREIGN and “DOMESTIC”! I never thought those enemies would include the Congress! I have never been so disgusted by the shenanigans that are going on recently in Washington. Simply disgraceful! What part of NO! NO! NO! a THOUSAND TIMES NO! don’t these people UNDERSTAND? THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO UPHOLD THE WHOLE CONSTITUTION! Not just the parts they personally like, the whole thing!

  6. Disarming American citizens is a great fool proof plan in light of our country being the target of internal attacks once again in Boston. How idiotic is that plan? What’s next? After trying to take the guns and ammunition from law abiding citizens and making us vulnerable, big brother can protect us all? Yes, that is another great plan, isn’t it? Ya Right, as if that could happen. I know, the lawmaker’s need to focus on making pressure cookers illegal. The use of this ordinary household convenience packed with debilitating fragments, nails, screws, ball bearings and other varying items meant to kill and seriously injure our fellow citizens is far less dangerous than a single AR-15 with an extended magazine. Again, how idiotic is this train of thought? Many of our politicians have lost touch with the citizen’s. Their life of privilege and overlapping security paid for by our tax dollars is great for them. What about the rest of us? Cowardice in the face of the enemy is a charge applied to military personnel. It should be equally applied to our Commander-In-Chief and politicians who fail to keep us safe from any threat, internal or external and place other countries or the United Nations agenda above our own Nation. Removing the right of a citizen to defend themselves is not only ignorant, it is cowardice. One reason America was not invaded by the Japanese in WWII? Behind every bush was an armed American citizen with plenty of ammunition. The same principle still applies today. Except then, America had a leader with back bone. A man who put the country first rather than playing golf, flying around the globe, being on the “boob tube” nearly every time you turn it on or vacationing on the public dime at extravagant locations. Keep your eye on the ball…support the NRA, vote out of office those opposed to supporting your rights as guaranteed under the Constitution and remember, this great experiment called America is only as great as WE THE PEOPLE allow her to be. God bless America and all those who are willing to work and fight to keep her Constitution intact!

  7. Though the most recent events in Boston were indeed tragic, it seems to be impeccably timed. There is a big push by gun enthusiasts and patriots about the votes of the senate, and a big event happens that takes up the lime light. There are too many times where this type of thing have happened. Huge events happen when there are controvercial issues going on in the government. I am just tired of seeing it over and over. I may be wrong and seeing things in a skewed point of view, but to me it seems a little fishy.

  8. Voting folks out of office may not be the answer, after all the Senate was still able to vote the UN prosposal down. It was the executive branch that took the law into it own hands and overruled the will of the people.

  9. I think its all turned into a big joke, nearly everyone that goes to washington to be a political law and bill maker has never really had to work for a living, all they know is greed and good times its all just for show to creat a voter base for their career in the big game. Its going to run its course just like it did when the british were incharge. We need a true 4 year one time draft for the politions in the future, thats right every one who is “mentally capable” and “works” will go and get $25,000 more a year than they make at what ever job they work at. Man we can save billions. Oh and outlaw the lobbyist & electoral college forever.

  10. I don’t know about you all, but I have shared this particular website with many people I know and have encouraged them to read it. I think everyone who posted or read these comments should do the same. On top of that, I believe, what I previously stated, these people should be treated like the defendants of the War Trials after WWII. Put them in solitary jail cells and try them for treason and be awarded criminal punishment.

  11. I can’t say that I have a lot more to add. There’s been a lot of good posts. I just want to say a storm is coming. I think things haven’t hit the fan yet. The only way that we keep our rights and our freedoms is to band together and keep your guns. The people willing to die for this will be the real heros of tomorrow. I only hope that enough people feel this way and will be willing to stand if it becomes necessary. I can assure you I’m going to stand right by the rest of the good folks out there who want to keeps their freedoms. No politician in Washington can take these rights away if we stand against it. Our country was founded on the words “We the people” not “The high and mighty government.” Keep your guns weather they say you can or not, stay informed on your representatives, vote to get rid of the crooked politicians, and stand for what is right.

  12. I have contacted all of my representatives at least 3 times each since this mess began after the Sandy Hook tragedy. I am HAPPY to say that none of my elected North Carolina officials appear on this list and all have responded to me personally regarding the draconian legislation proposed by the gun-grabbers, each echoing my own sentiments: “NO! NO! NO!”.

  13. Mr. Shirley – Semper Fi Marine! And NEVER forget the honor you and the rest of our brothers carried to the sandbox and other S#!tholes around the world. You served with honor Sir as that is what is in your spirit. NEVER… NEVER let the scum that has infested our LZ taint the meaning of our Constitution and the heroes like yourself that sold out to defend her. As an AFSOC Gulf War vet, I did not attend a ceremony that rescinded my oath to defend Our Constitution when I left active. Brother I will PROUDLY stand shoulder to shoulder with you and put whatever is necessary downrange to restore our great Republic. Let’s hope for the sake of our families that can simply be deterrence through strength. Nevertheless… diligence!

  14. Here’s the one I sent my Senator last week…

    Dear Senator …..,

    I’m writing to you to express my concerns with any possible ‘bartering’ with my 2nd amendment rights, along with all our other Constitutional protected freedoms. I voted for you thinking you were close to my beliefs, yet am hearing you may sidle up to those out to destroy our freedoms, point after point. Give a little and they’ll take a lot. It is time to take the stand and stop any rewriting of our Constitution at every little convenience to those covertly undermining everything we’re stood for.

    I’m so sorry for all the tragic problems coming up now where guns have been used, but it’s not the problem with the guns. YOU know that. The liberal socialists have decided to use this to advance their own agenda instead of attacking the real problems at their sources. Mental illness, gangs and gangsters, poor economics, the jobless rates… every damn thing that’s not being fixed but are being used to cause discontent and divide the people. You know that divided we will fail and fall, be it a little at a time or when they feel comfortable they’ll just take one big fascist step and make slaves and gangsters of all of us.
    In case you’re unaware, there is a civil war brewing in the shadows of this country now as many of us have spent our own time in the ranks of service to this country. We are not about giving it away a little at a time, or any of it any more for that matter.

    It’s time our lawyers and politicians decided to stand and protect us, rather than rewrite our laws. What we have is good, and has worked for the people, to keep us the best country in the world. No small feat. Those that oppose us are tearing this country apart for their own profits. At this time I’m no longer asking you to do what’s right, I’m demanding it… unless you want your own name to go down in the annals of history as one who sided with those that destroyed it. Right now, don’t be one that makes my time, my ancestors, and my children’s and grand children’s time spent in the service of this country worthless and irrelevant. We are all counting on you now to be one, be strong, to stand fast and up for ‘us’. We are holding you to your oath of promise to uphold our Constitution and freedom. We the people need you and others like you restore this country to it’s once honored place.

    WE are not interested in a One World Society where we are the ones footing the bills for those that would abuse and misuse. A world of ‘Government’ rather than freedom. Other country’s have already gotten rich on the USA’s sweats and intelligence… while we have back slidden to our lowest position in the world’s eyes. Don’t advance this trend.

    We have usually held you in high esteem (and office) as one who represents we the people, one whose ideals and forsights are similiar to ours, for the betterment. One of common sense, somewhat lost in the ruts and muck these days. If not, then at least please stand fast, for what we have is better than what we will get. Don’t let them tear anything more apart of what our ancestors and families suffered and paid for, over and over again. Thank You.

    Roger . …….
    Citizen & Veteran

  15. My fellow American Patriots. The time for “conversation” about the taking of our Gun Rights is fast approaching an end. The time for preparation and action is past due and becoming urgent. You are now going to pay more but “get that AR, buy that ammo and those rations and gear”! Find a clever hiding place for them. Get off your but and go to that rally, carry that big sign. Get that Revolutionary War costume and get in the face of those leftist democrat hacks. We must get out there in-mass. Drama that titillates and gets ratings is the only thing the socialist media and lefty, duped democrat voters will pay attention to. And if they don’t . . . it will then be time to find that Melita Group and enlist.

  16. Here is a letter I just sent to my state senator.

    I just saw that you voted in favor of the UN Arms Trade Treaty when not just a month or so ago you said to me you would not be voting for it but instead you lie or get pressured into signing it and giving away my Second Amendment rights.

    Did you forget when you took your oath of office that you placed your hand on a bible and swore to protect the Constitution of the United States of America?

    I can’t even begin to say how disappointed I am in what you and many others have done! Our forefathers are turning over in their graves for what they fought so hard for to put on paper and to defend it.

    Shame on you!!

  17. all those evil people have been and continue to ruin our country. most regular
    folks don’t have a clue of what’s been happening and continues to happen.
    they have walked on our constitution non stop so they can control all of us
    and start eliminateing people. they say the 20,000 drones are for the border
    and other bull sh##, that is a lie. they keep giving the muslims everything
    but yet we as americans we keep getting punished. they goal, destroy America.
    biden also mentioned the NWO and that’s what they are working towards.
    wake up folks, I just hope to god it’s not too late.

  18. Thats it i feel the end of the U.S.A is very near.we have a president that dosent care about our constitutional rights!i believe that its time real patriots get ready to stand up and fight if we dont this is a battle we will lose with our freedoms.STAND UP AMERICA AND FIGHT

  19. any person in government office that tampers with the constitution the rights of the people should be fired and removed from office immediately

  20. I spent over 20 years in the Marine Corps, firmly believed at that time I was doing
    my part for my courtry (not like a bunch of draft dodgers – when I enlisted), took
    great pride in wearing that uniform and am still a Marine at heart. My tenure in
    the Corps was definitely before OBAMA and there were way to many “elected politicians”
    that had their own personal agenda once they got into office. It was constantly
    stated that we were fighting for our freedom in Iraq & Afganistan, but after the take
    down of Bin Laden himself(which I supported) the rest of our involvement was so poorly
    handled that I don’t really know the words to describe it. You don’t take a knife to
    a gunfight – either do it or get off the pot. The number of men and women that have
    lost their lives and have been maimed for life surely could not have been fully aware
    of while they were putting their lives on the line there were politicians back home
    that were in their soft seated positions screwing them all the while. Just how many
    of the military personnel ever imagined that even though they carried weapons of all
    sorts to use overseas would have their rights to own a weapon in their own country
    put in jeopardy? For the past and present military, definitely including myself, can,
    or should, only have a very bad taste knowing that the Constitutional Rights they swore to protect – AS DID THE ELECTED POLITICIANS TO INCLUDE THE PRESIDENT, are only
    words on an old piece of paper without any real standing or significance, or so it would seem. My opinion, the nation (OUR NATIOM) has been flushed so many times by the
    people on the HILL that are suppose to look out for us that the septic is overflowing.

  21. i just wonder if people understand that approval of such a treaty has just as much power under the law as the second amendment. we cannot allow this to pass. at one time i would vote for what i thought was the right person for the job, but no longer. i will never vote for a democrate again, because they cannot be trusted. i will not vote for any republican that show support of any bill that violates, even the spirit, of the constitution. i want my freedom and i want all to have freedom.

  22. This is a list of 46 traitors. They took an oath, since most have been elected to office more than once, they’ve taken the oath several times to uphold the Constitution of the United States. They have voted to destroy the Constitution. Enforce the existing laws of our country, do not sell out our country to the United Nations. This is beyond the scope of the United Nations. These people want to disarm the US citizenry. then they want to tax the hell out of us, they want our money!!

  23. I don’t think anyone will come take our guns. ..At least not anytime soon. They’ll slowly erode our rights then simply start imposing massive fines for not willingly turning in the guns that you have registered.

    These days I can’t make out the democratic party. On one hand they want to disarm America in the name of saving lives and on the other they want to allow babies to be killed by calling it pro-choice.

  24. What happened? Today’s U.S. Government does not work as advertised in my Political Science class. I beleive the erosion of balance will eventually translate to collapse of the country. I hope I am wrong. Remember 1776?

  25. 1. Every federal and State Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Officer is REQUIRED to take an oath to ‘preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution’ as a PRECONDITION to being DELEGATED ANY government authority. Any public act to suborn the Constitution (by attempting to disregard limitations to government authority defined therein) necessarily repudiates the required oath. By repudiating their oath they necessarily repudiate their government authority. Without any authority they MUST BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE IMMEDIATELY.

    2. Article VI of the Constitution requires that ALL Laws and TREATIES of the US must comply with the Constitution. That means that the Senate HAS NO AUTHORITY to ratify the UN Treaty. Furthermore ANY sworn Officer that affirms an effort to suborn the Constitution MUST be removed from office.

    Either our Constitutional Republic under the rule of Law; or under tyranny. Operating in violation of the Constitution is in fact tyranny. Sovereign Citizens must force government to honor the Constitution.

  26. Every Senator on this list has taken a solemn vow and oath to defend and UPHOLD the Constitution of their State and this Country. THose people were sent to represent us as a whole and not the small piece they are bowing to now in preparations to thwart the will of the majority they represent AND the Constitutions they swore to respect! Unless they all wish to give up politics and want to become “working class stiffs” real soon then they should think long and hard before attempting to ignore their oaths in order to circumvent the Constitution of the United States. None of it will hold up in court (except perhaps the 9th district) and they are all showing their soft underbellies just shy of the 2014 elections. It’s just so fantastic and unbelievable that I hardly know how to contain my anger at these TRAITORS! Impeach Obama for bowing to the UN in spite of our Government voting NOT to go along with their plans or disarming America and let’s send a clear message to all his “Patsies” that this is America, Love it or Leave it!

  27. I for one no matter who or what the vote UN or Congress. NO ONE will take my guns i have bought built and traded for legally. NO ONE! So mister president and your band of morons come and try and take my guns. And im sure all of North Carolina hunters and collectors feel the same.

    I wonder where these politicians true loyalites & beliefs are for our countries rights & freedoms andwhere they have come from! It makes me feel as a former Army Veteran of Vietnam; a life long american hunting & sportsman,a firearm owner and member of NRA that my second amendment rights and all other freedoms that I fought for in Vietnam and saw many of my fellow veterans die for; as today many of our current service members are doing for this country’s many freedom’s. Are those freedoms now so easy to through aside on the bases of political and media hipe & sacre tactics. I believe all true americans feel for & morn for all victims of these mass shootings and would like to see effective laws passed that will be enforced by our law enforcement. And not select the lawful americians for rash actions to take the 2nd amendment rights away or ban weapons that are selectively targeted as these; assault rifles,pistols and the types of AR weapons & magizines that are now under attach.
    I would like know why are politicans and the news media do not talk about or show a number of events that have happen where citizens have either fough off attachs or came to others aid in which they used a firearm to save lives or stop violent actions.
    I also, wonder why it seems that there’s not strong information or comments of what are politicans intend to do about the real issue of gun violence that has accured in these mass shootings by individuals who have mental illness,we need to address mental illness and the effective laws & gun controls that should be put in place to stop these people from owning or having access to weapons.And to punish those who break these laws. Maybe the enforcement of mental exams or checks when any purchase of a weapon is done, it seems that we just by-pass the real issues of gun violence to get on the band wagon of hipe/to get something started fast without knowing the complete problem or find the real solutions to those issues.
    Finially, where do we start with our politicians right from the top with the “PRESIDENT” and all of our elected politicians; Congressman, Sentors, Representives of both parties we’ve elected that do not follow the wishes of the people of this nation and do the job fr which we have elected them to do? I hope the American people will soon stand up to these politicans who are tearing down our nation and taking away our rights & freedoms that our founding fathers set-up and so many American lives have been lost through these many wars we as a nation have fough for the prinicpal of Freedom!!

  29. My father was a Democrat when JFK was in Office (by coincidence My initials and my Grandfathers initials are JFK) Then he went Republican and I continue! The backlash started with the peanut farmer, then the Clinton era, now Obama!!! the nation has been on a down hill slide with the Democrats. They are ruining this country!!! The Electoral College has got ta go as it makes our votes( you and I)(ordinary Citizens)not count in the highest office of These United States of America!!! Our Vote does not count when we elect the President (what’s wrong with this picture)We are letting the government (our so called duly elected officials take our constitution and destroy it with articles that will make us the most vulnerable nation in the world, (overtime)My Great grand dad came to this nation for what it was, Not what it is!!!! People can actually make more income if they don’t work, just kick back and live all he government. It’s a no brainer, Give up your pride and live off the Govt. or keep your pride, work hard, support your family and sleep good every night knowing you have did the best you can honestly!!!! Fight for the real America!!!!

    I think we should all read post#140 thoroughly. Also if we can get permission form Mr.Saylor to send that letter in full,or partial, to our reps. I believe whole heartedly, even before joining the military, that we should have the rights that are slowly being voted out of our lives. Thank you Mr. Saylor for that very informative and insightful post.

    @Hide Behind
    I believe that if you hold the opinions you posted to be true you could just as well pass as the “Officials” that are in favor of the Constitutional Bastardization.

    The points you made of the extict bird and of the so called “rednecks” are unjust and very closed minded. I was under the impression that if you had a post that would either shed light on the situation or state some sort of fact, you should and are encouraged to post it. I recommend that your biast comments should be kept with you and your group of fellow believers.

    The statements we have are in good faith and are actually trying to enlighten others who may not know what the government and, more importantly, our ELECTED OFFICIALS are not living up to the positions that they sworn into.

    EVERYONE should have the facts and are entitled to them. There also is a law that is currently in place that one can MAKE THEIR OWN GUNS/WEAPONS AND NOT NEED TO REGISTER THEM. I suggest everyone look into that as well. It is perfectly legal to make your own gun for hunting/self-defense/home security as long as you do not sell that firearm.
    When that gun is transfered from person to person/dealer, then it needs to be registered. Look on some social media websites such as YouTube for home made guns/zip guns and look into the facts.

  31. I have read hundreds of these posts on here and have made a few of my own, and most of them are right to the point and dead on.
    The problem we have here is; Even though we are willing to stand up and defend our constitutional rights,all of these comments are from different states/county’s.
    The government has Washigton DC, and we have scattered states.
    We need to have one central location for all of us to come together. A Home office, if you will, that is actually by the people for the people and no government officals allowed and say enough is enough, we are kicking you out of office and
    impeaching/prosecuting you for treason and crimes against the American people.
    Since the 1980’s I have said more than once, that our country is headed for another civil war, and it’s not going to be for the same reason as before.
    Somebody needs to come up with a petition and have it sent around and get signatures to end these people in offices’ rain of terror.

  32. To Gene Taber #85,
    I agree with you, but the problem is even though we have enough people with guns and believe in the Constitution and the 2nd. They aren’t willing to stand up to the government, even though the constitution says we can.

  33. To Mark #130,
    Who pays for the fuel? Us taxpayers, who pays for their stay in hotels/motels, food etc? We do, taxpayers. Obama sure isn’t going to pay for all of this. You left out one other important thing; Who pays for the security of them while they are there with Obama? You got it, we do.

  34. This is very simple to correct! The “LAWMAKERS” that signed this Bill have committed “TREASON”, Crimes against the Constitution and the Citizens it protects. They can be charged with the FACT, no trial is necessary! Punishment is Exile to a country not of their choosing, “I hear Iran is lovely this time of year”, or Public Execution! This will insure that the next individual who runs for public office will think long and hard before they act. “ACCOUNTABILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS” simple.

  35. I saw a movie once where only the Police and Military had firearms:

    Its called: “Schindler’s List”

    Alvederzane America!

    I think we should all read post#140 thoroughly. Also if we can get permission form Mr.Saylor to send that letter in full,or partial, to our reps. I believe whole heartedly, even before joining the military, that we should have the rights that are slowly being voted out of our lives. Thank you Mr. Saylor for that very informative and insightful post.

    @Hide Behind
    I believe that if you hold the opinions you posted to be true you could just as well pass as the “Officials” that are in favor of the Constitutional Bastardization.

    The points you made of the extict bird and of the so called “rednecks” are unjust and very closed minded. I was under the impression that if you had a post that would either shed light on the situation or state some sort of fact, you should and are encouraged to post it. I recommend that your biast comments should be kept with you and your group of fellow believers.

    The statements we have are in good faith and are actually trying to enlighten others who may not know what the government and, more importantly, our ELECTED OFFICIALS are not living up to the positions that they sworn into.

    EVERYONE should have the facts and are entitled to them. There also is a law that is currently in place that one can MAKE THEIR OWN GUNS/WEAPONS AND NOT NEED TO REGISTER THEM. I suggest everyone look into that as well. It is perfectly legal to make your own gun for hunting/self-defense/home security as long as you do not sell that firearm.
    When that gun is transfered from person to person/dealer, then it needs to be registered. Look on some social media websites such as YouTube for home made guns/zip guns and look into the facts.

  37. What our biggest problem is, we need to defeat the Electoral College, as long as we have that group of bafoons to contend with, the popular vote will never have a voice in the election of our elected President, because he did not win by popular vote in this last election.

  38. Hold on its our leaders senators etc.Thats what they want divide and conquer then they can succeed with their anti christian agendas.Sorry. WE THE PEOPLE

  39. Please forgive me for the plagarism.

    Senator Sherrod Brown,
    I am disturbed with your thought process supporting a position that the United Nations adopt a global gun ban. The UN proposal was passed with 154 yea, 3 nay votes and 23 abstentions. The United States was NOT one of the three nays. Our Executive branch willfully decided to oppose the Legislative Branches’ will by voting in favor of the pact.
    The vote in the Senate actually happened before the UN vote. That means, knowing the Senate did not—and would not—approve the treaty, the Obama administration defied the will of the legislature, 56 nay votes, and the people, me, to vote in favor of the pact at the U.N. Despite knowing this, President Obama has also vowed to sign the treaty in the next few months knowing a two-thirds yea vote is necessary to pass the Senate. . Given the administration’s history of subverting the Constitution at every turn, I am very concerned about the future of the Second Amendment and the under-handed tactics they administration, and you, may use.
    Interestingly, the treaty is also subjective in its enforcement; i.e. each country can ratify the treaty and then decide if, or how, to enforce the treaty with regard to its own country. Therefore, the Obama Administration, and you, could continue to ship small arms, tanks etc. to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, while taking pistols and shotguns from the hands of citizens in the United States. Unfortunately, this is the policy that nearly half (46 including you) of our current Senators support!
    Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.) introduced an amendment that would prevent the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty in order to uphold the Second Amendment. His amendment passed on a 53 yea, 46 nay vote. 53-46… that means 46 Senators, almost half which included you, preferred the United Nations pact to the principles set forth in the Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights. I find it mind boggling that there are 46 Senators, including you, willing to vote in favor of letting United Nations policy, foreign policy, supersede our Second Amendment rights. If these 46 Senators, which includes you, would let the U.N. come in and dictate our rights, how will you vote on a domestic law to strip us of our rights? A vote where not two-thirds but rather a simple majority is necessary?
    As much as I hate to start the political cycle already, it is upon me to inform as many as possible, how Politicians believe they can get away with votes such as this without penalty. Though I have heard good things about your helping Veterans with disability claims, a reality check of the 46 yea, including you, voters actions to subvert the Bill of Rights must be spread among those who voted for you. That would be me. I am a Veteran of the Vietnam War. Have you served in the military? Have you experienced the death and destruction associated with war? Have you enjoyed the freedom to own a weapon of one’s choosing? Ever target practiced? Celebrated tight shot groupings? Competed against peers for who is best? Hunted?
    For one year, I hunted the best adversary on the planet: another man! Did I take joy in this? Of course not. Did I defend myself and those around me? You bet!!!! Will I continue to defend myself when threatened in my own backyard? You know the answer.
    The Second Amendment provides for my self protection. When I entered the military, I took an Oath for US Military Officers: “I, (state your name), having been appointed a (rank) in the United States (branch of service), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the office upon which I am about to enter. So help me God.”
    5 U.S.C. 7311 An individual may not accept or hold a position in the Government
    of the United States or the government of the District of Columbia
    if he –
    (1) advocates the overthrow of our constitutional form of
    (2) is a member of an organization that he knows advocates the
    overthrow of our constitutional form of government;
    (3) participates in a strike, or asserts the right to strike,
    against the Government of the United States or the government of
    the District of Columbia; or
    (4) is a member of an organization of employees of the
    Government of the United States or of individuals employed by the
    government of the District of Columbia that he knows asserts the
    right to strike against the Government of the United States or
    the government of the District of Columbia.
    18 U.S.C. 1918: Whoever violates the provision of section 7311 of title 5 that an
    individual may not accept or hold a position in the Government of
    the United States or the government of the District of Columbia if
    he –
    (1) advocates the overthrow of our constitutional form of
    (2) is a member of an organization that he knows advocates the
    overthrow of our constitutional form of government;
    (3) participates in a strike, or asserts the right to strike,
    against the Government of the United States or the government of
    the District of Columbia; or
    (4) is a member of an organization of employees of the
    Government of the United States or of individuals employed by the
    government of the District of Columbia that he knows asserts the
    right to strike against the Government of the United States or
    the government of the District of Columbia;
    shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one
    year and a day, or both.

    Advocate: To plead in favor of : defend by argument before a tribunal or the public : support or recommend publicly. Webster’s Third New International Dictionary To speak in favor of or defend by argument. To support, vindicate, or recommend publicly. Black’s Law Dictionary

    Every single member of our military as well as every Federal Judge, Naturalize Citizen, Member of Congress as well as the President and Vice President of the United States takes an oath to “support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic”. Title 5 U.S.C. 7311 describes what would constitute a violation of that Oath and Title 18 U.S.C. 1918 describes the consequences for violating that oath.
    Once the oath is taken there is not a “Sunset” Clause on that Oath, meaning once taken we are held to that Oath for the rest of our lives. Should we ever violate that Oath we are prevented by United States Law from ever holding federal office and possible prison time.
    Therefore anyone who advocates the overthrow of our constitutional form of government, is a member of an organization that he knows advocates the overthrow of our constitutional form of government, participates in a strike, or asserts the right to strike, against the Government of the United States or the government of the District of Columbia, or is a member of an organization of employees of the Government of the United States or of individuals employed by the government of the District of Columbia that he knows asserts the right to strike against the Government of the United States or the government of the District of Columbia. To advocate according to Webster’s Dictionary is to speak in favor of or defend by argument, to support, vindicate or Recommend publicly.
    One thing that is of note, especially today is that United States Law makes it illegal to have or be a member of “Public a Sector Unions”.
    Though many will view this as justification to take up arms, it is justification to beat you, with vigor, at the ballot box. Hoping that one day you, and those of your ilk, will be leally held accountable for your actions against the Constitution of the United Sates of America, your removal office by vote will suffice.
    For precedence, you need only to recall President Ronald Reagan’s use of these articles against air traffic controllers.
    I rest my case,
    Gerald B Saylor

  40. I read the same phrase regarding the “lives lost” in the Sandy Hook shooting everywhere, over and over again.I have a simple question for those who repeat the official version of those events.Based on what it was told through the controlled media chanels how do you know that history is true? One thing is for sure, that history is fatally flawed…

  41. Great comments, but you all need to wake up and look at a much wider picture. The peoples running this country have a serious agenda and are moving step by step. Why, Why, Why are we allowing this to continue? I thought America had checks and balances in place to prevent a person or group from taking over against the will of the people? It is easy to be offended and make great comments here. How strong will your resolve be when the economy is a shambles. When you will struggle to survive, and are facing an MWRAP (armored personnel carrier) with your personal weapons, what ever they be?? I’m from Texas and know many shooters, but few will stand in a fire fight. Will You? Thanks for your paintence and may there be many, many others willing to stand for what is right!

  42. One has to draw a line in the sand at some point. I am a law abiding citizen and gun owner-so if they make me a criminal by simply owning guns – then so be it. I will not list them, give them up to anyone and if they want to come and get them-they better bring there own-there will be a fight.

  43. To my Fellow Americans that may read this message.
    We as a nation must maintain our 2nd amendment rights for two main reasons.

    Reason 1. As a well armed nation we have never been attacked by any culture, country of nationality because of the fact that we are an extremely well armed society. If we allow these politicians sell us out for the sake of their greed and ego them we might as well let in every type of faction into this country to run it for us. We already have King Pinocchio as the head of our so called government and the rest is run by a greedy bunch of politicians that care nothing about us and only about their own ego.

    reason 2 As a nation of safe and properly organized gun owners we must keep telling the government that the people we must fear most are the people that turn criminals and mentally unstable people loose on us every year. Gun control does not stop criminals from getting guns whether they be legal or not because if they cant buy them they steal them. We have all forgotten Morgan Grove where they took the guns from the people and the criminals just moved in because they had no protection to guard against them.

    We need a government by the people, and of the people again. We are to care free to get ahead in life with no concern about other Americans who are not doing so well. We allow people to come here who have no real purpose in life but to suck all they can out of our society and screw everybody. My parents came here as immigrants and they came thru Ellis Island in the 1930’s and they had jobs waiting for them when they came. My mother was a chef and My Father was a commercial artist who did great work during the war. We are heading for a civil war that will make the civil war look like a cakewalk.

    For GOD’S sake Americans wake up and get back to our basic GODLY roots and make this a good place to live again.

  44. If we think back through all the more recent tragedies associated with gun violence, the elementary school in Newtown, the movie theatre in Colorado, Virginia Tech University, Gabby Gifford and the mall victims, Columbine H.S. and all the others that have taken place in this great nation, one thing rings out loud and clear. Criminals usually have a sane reason for killing, being it with a firearm or a baseball bat, which, as documented by law enforcement officials, is the preferred choice of weaponry in more acts of violence in this country than guns and knives combined. You may question my use of the word “sane” in the previous statement. Someone robs a liquor store and the un-armed clerk poses even a remote chance of preventing them from getting what they want. Cause and effect. A crack dealer shoots an under cover police officer. He can maintain his illegal behaviors without that point of interference. Cause and effect. Although not a normal thought process, if we compare it to the masses of law abiding citizens, it shows a cause and effect pattern for the actions. Maybe not rational but for the sake of arguement, lets stretch the dictionary meaning of the word sane to include the cause and effect scenarios. Randomnly firing in a college lecture hall, or worse, an elementary school shows no pattern of cause and effect. The perpetrators of such heinous acts have absolutely no logical reason for what they do. They reach a breaking point. A relative of mine visited his sons school to ask assistance from the administration to monitor teasing and bullying of his son. This young man is afflicted with Asberger’s syndrome, which I believe is the diagnosis of the young man involved in the Newtown shootings. The school pricipal, who holds a doctorate degree, answered the request by stating, “we all know that children can be cruel”. This is how we as Americans deal with mental illness. It’s like it is an irritation, to have to bend our way of thinking and our processes to help out these folks. Some have paid the ultimate price in the loss of their innocent lives. Why is it we spent millions of dollars and countless hours fighting in the halls of Congress to establish handicap access but we have no plan for the mentally handicapped. It is a handicap, but one we cannot see. We realize it exists only after someone acts out their frustration and murders innocent children. It is a societal problem that we all have to accept is real. Lets have the legislators of this nation really represent us, get off their political agendas and their high horses and do their friggin jobs. Focus on the real problems and not the ones that carry votes. I believe in the right to bear arms. I realize that we need to take a hard look at how we assess someones ability to responsibly own firearms. That should be a given to most. But the typical Democratic mindset that “if I dont believe in it, no one else should either” is so far out if touch with what rights we are guaranteed by the second ammendment. Face the real problems and not the ones that carry votes! It’s a tough job to be able to keep guns out the hands of those who shouldnt have them, while allowing the bulk of the population their constitutional rights, but thats your job and thats why you pull six figures to spend three days a week in D.C. and God only knows what you do for us the rest of the time. One percent of the debates are focusing on the mental illness involvement and the remainder on the efforts on gun regulations. That will fix nothing. It is like the doctor giving you a tissue for your sneezing, while your allergies are going crazy. Looks like the Doc is preventing the pread of germs, but thats not the real problem. Focus on fixing the real problems. Its what we pay you for!!!!!

  45. Truth be told, it’s about time people of US pay up, and the form of government you have is the type you either made or ignored how it was being implemented.
    A study of just who controls the UN and in return receives the greatest returns from UN programs it is the US.
    US military and its combination of financial state department shenanigans has let nice American military into and control the far largest capital movements in world.
    AMERICANS AS Americans have nothing except a paycheck and an indoctrination about how bad the UN is while their local politicos collect backdoor bribes.
    Virginia is known as Army of Virginia because it handles hundreds of billions of private security contracts each year.all for little wars and big profits and all need your flag waving approval.
    Well they do not need dummies. They can enlist them from any nation and do, and they use American mercenary gov private to train and pay proxies cheaper than southern red neck grunts.
    This is not 1800,s there are more people drawing pay checks and working at firms whose pay is dependent upon fed money system, no matter how fn crooked it is, than private sector workers.
    Ct has 3.6 to 1 largest # of nations on earth, 130 now part and part of US military economic movement.

  46. How about letting me use Air Force One to bring the people to the White House that are still alive – because they had a gun to protect themselves. Who pays for the fuel ?

  47. Don’t tread on me. I AM AN AMERICAN, a GOD fearing, Old Glory flying, gun toting, meat eating, veteran, and without shame (on my part)- a registered voting Democrat… Fortunately in my beloved Country I can vote for whatever candidate I chose in the General Election, and due to the complete lack of PATRIOTISM in our government from local to national levels, I will vote for a Repupublican without hesitation until a TRUE American with grit is elected as Commander In Chief. They can take my job, their taxes, and my rights, but they’ll never get my spirit. When we finally decide to vote for the hardest working candidate instead of the popular trendy candidate maybe we will stop rolling downhill like a snowball headed for Hell. I think we have all seen how our current Office Holders have used sneaky under-the-table tactics to chip away at The Constitution. I fear for our children and our childrens children, or are they going to take away our right to procreate next… Hmmm, I guess that would eliminate the problem eventually. There would be none left to vote. GO VOTE!

  48. Don’t tread on me. I AM AN AMERICAN, a GOD fearing, Old Glory flying, gun toting, meat eating, veteran, and without shame (on my part)- a registered voting Democrat… Fortunately in my beloved Country I can vote for whatever candidate I chose in the General Election, and due to the complete lack of PATRIOTISM in our government from local to national levels, I will vote for a Repupublican without hesitation until a TRUE American with grit is elected as Commander In Chief. They can take my job, their taxes, and my rights, but they’ll never get my spirit. When we finally decide to vote for the hardest working candidate instead of the popular trendy candidate maybe we will stop rolling downhill like a snowball headed for Hell. I think we have all seen how our current Office Holders have used sneaky under-the-table tactics to chip away at The Constitution. I fear for our children and our childrens children, or are they going to take away our right to procreate next… Hmmm, I guess that would eliminate the problem eventually. There would be none left to GO VOTE!

  49. Hitler was the first dictator to impose gun control.
    Then he killed as many Jews as he could.
    The 2nd amendent belongs to the people – to protect them from the government. It is not open for legislation.
    If not for a ban of armed Americans we would be under Bristish control. Check History..
    If Obama signs the UN treaty he should be put in jail and run out of office…..

  50. Thank you CTD for posting results of our Senators on how they voted for United Nations reform on gun control. After reading all the previous responses, I think your readers are on the right course to vote out the people that are not representing them. Before any violent action is taken, it is important that all gun owners know that they have the right to vote their choice. Make sure you are registered to vote and get out and vote in the next comming elections. Keep your friends informed and tell them to vote too. The Senators have shown their colors. Do not trust them again if they say they will vote differently on Capital Hill for U.S. law. I remember before the previous presidential election, both candidates said they saw no reason to change gun laws. Well, that doesn’t seem true now since the election is over. I don’t think millions of gun owners should suffer for one nut-job in Newtown, Conneticut. And I doubt any further gun controls are going to prevent criminals from what they have been doing. Our representatives in government are attacking innocent gun owners when they should be going after criminals and insane people. It is a shame that hundreds of thousands of american soldiers died since the American Revolution to protect our freedom and Constitutional Rights. Let us honor those dead by exercising our right to vote! I think there are enough gun owners in this country to change the course of action our representatives take on gun control in local, state and federal levels.

  51. Keep preparing fellow patriots… Stay vigilant and gather as much resource as possible. Prepare yourself mentally and physically as the fight is still before us. Take this opportunity with the relaxing of the covert ammo and weapons embargo to obtain whatever relevant munitions as you can afford. Remember, we must be in it for the long haul if we are to remain free. And for God’s sake… Vote those communist bastards OUT of you state’s senate offices!

  52. My family has fought for freedom since coming to America from Scotland in the mid 1600’s
    We have bled for freedom in all the major and minor wars, fought against one another in the northern war of aggression,(It was not about Slavery like the media so eagerly states).
    It seems it is time again for freedom loving Americans to shed the blood to tyrants traders and Non Americans for freedom,. I know the price will be high in Free American’s blood but the cost of doing nothing are disastrous.

  53. Quisling ring a bell…fight for are constitutional rights stand up be heard C.T.D thank you for taking a stand for are rights!!!

  54. I am repetitive when I post here on these issues but if it gets a message across, I’ll keep repeating myself. Many in government, with the current administration being the shining example, want the citizens dependent and disarmed. Obamas expanded entitlement programs (which futher spread the abuse and fraud that they has always festered within this programs) further dependency and garner democratic votes. Pending immigration “reform”, aside from making more of a mess, will garner more democratic votes. The republicans/conservatives will not swing either of these voting groups. But there are 90 – 100 million legal gun owners. 125 million total votes in the last Presidential election but again, 90+ million legal gun owners. WE easily have the votes to swing it back to a President who is interested in preserving the Constitution. WE need to commit to get to the polls and vote. WE have the vote to make the change. Register if you havent already done so, show up and vote Reublican/Conservative at every level, local, state and federal whenever there is an election, and we can change the tide. Dont take it for granted that the “experts” believe that Republicans will hold the House in 2014. All the house seats are up for election/re-election in 2014 as well as 33 Senate seats and, I believe, 36 gubernatorial elections as well as several mayoral elections. Again, it’s up to us all. We hold the voice in our votes.

  55. And when you try to contact mr. Nelson, the Florida senator (dem), he always responds, via email pretty much this way….”and when I was a boy I was raised on a ranch and I went hunting with my daddy, i had a gun, but honestly I cannot vote pro-guns………guns are bad……I dont care what my costituents say, I do whatever I feel like to do, so screw you…” mr. Nelson, I never voted for you and neber will. You’ve done squat for our state.

  56. I don’t see it being enforceable. Take Syria as an example, under the new UN treaty all of the major players arming the rebels for the last 2 years would be violating the UN treaty. If the arms suppliers have signed the treaty what is the UN going to do to them. The treaty is smoke and bull-poo, high morals from people with low morals.

  57. Not suprise to see Bill Nelson, the old democratic Florida senator voting in favor of the UN proposal. mr. Nelso, I’ll see you at the poll on 2014, if mickey mouse runs against you, I’ll vote for him you double crosser. We’ll put you to pasture mr. Nelson.

  58. Like I have aways said. Stinkin leftis Liberals.
    Every Democrat Senator that voted for the UN comited
    Treason to our Constitution. Haing the Pri-ks !

  59. I am furious about the present events and the road that the country I love is travelling down.Our founding Fathers were very clear about their visions of our Republic,so clear that they wrote them down in very specific terms,called the Constitution.Our present elected officials seem hell-bent on ignoring this document.Our founding Fathers warned us of this.I beg of everyone who hasn’t,to spend some time researching the founding Fathers and their writings.When are the citizens going to WAKE UP!!!Hopefully before its too LATE!!!

  60. well i hang my head in shame becuz i voted for 1 of those peaple becuze she helped me once but that will never hapin againi will aloso let it be know the said person should no longer be suported by enyone i previasly incuriged to vote for her becuz though she was once a freand of the peaple she is now a trader much as benidict arnalds previas heroisum could never erase his subsaqwint treasin every person who voted to back the UN agenst ther US is a trader and should be treated as such as for the UN it would be in ther best intrist to leave ower cuntry and never come back though thay wher founded to bring peace to the world thay have dun nothing but spread war and tern guvermints agenst ther own peaple it may have seemed like a good idea at the time but the united nations is an outdated and useless orginization that has pruven to be nothing but a wast of time munny and lives remember the kerian war was a UN operation as was disarming citzens in boznea and other places wher thay wher faced with geniside and if the muslums have eny valid reasins ti hate us letting the UN set up inicint men wemen and children to be slotered in the streets and never lifting a finger to help would be that resin.lets lern from the past non of us want to have to live through what the jews of germiny and the peaple of serayavo did the UN was suposed to stop geniside not facilitat it as thay have ben doing for menny years now.

  61. First I would like to Thank Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) for introducing an amendment that prevents the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty in order to uphold the Second Amendment. This was a true patriotic move and lots of work on his and his staff’s behalf. As for the list of 46 unpatriotic Senators voting in favor of letting the United Nations policy supersede our Second Amendment rights is they don’t deserve the positions they hold much less a paycheck from taxpayer’s money. They don’t represent the peoples patriotic views, they all took oath’s to the Constitution of the United States and by them being on this list is treason. They put themselves, there spouses, there kids, there grandkids, there family all in harms way for what or who. If this is truly where there heads are at they don’t deserve to live in this country much less put millions of law abiding citizens in harm’s way with there unpatriotic vote. So much time, money, and effort has been wasted on this unconstitutional move, and for what the kids? No that is not what this is all about. It’s about Government wanting control to pillage the U.S. people of whatever Government wants. Don’t underestimate We the people, Once you have sparked a fire it will be hard to put out the flames. I’m ashamed to live in a state where we don’t have just one unpatriotic Senator but Two, Kaine and Warner. Unfortunately you won’t be remembered for the good but you will be remembered for the bad. If you think your vote entitles you exempt you better think twice because your value is 10 fold average Joe’s. The Elite know that if you will dupe the U.S. Citizen you will dupe them too. Catch 22 for all 46 of you. You 46 look good short term but long term EVERYONE knows your a traitor. Good Luck You will need it. Long live the republic, In God we trust.

  62. Bottom line is our government is EPIC FAIL.
    The RIGHT is WRONG and the LEFT is STUPID.
    As a College educated, Retired US Army Vet it blows my mind at what this country has become: A financially fleeced Police state were the people have been sold out by greedy politicians.
    The problem isn’t guns!!!! Its people PERIOD.
    All the wrong people are out breeding the ones who should be breeding. Maybe we should ban Vaginas next….

  63. Not surprisingly, I note that one of our esteemed Senators from Florida is on the list (Bill Nelson). Nelson was all over the State this past election cycle expounding on his love of guns, shooting, and hunting (ala Obama’s famous “I love shooting skeets, I do it all the time” bullshit) and his profound support of the Second Amendment. Just another two-faced, hypocritical Democrat phony! Needless to say, I voted for his opponent; but, he got reelected anyway. Our only hope for survival of our Second Amendment rights is to get off our collective butts and do everything possible in 2014 to defeat every Democrat Senator up for reelection.

  64. Stop buying foreign made guns. There are plenty of fine American made guns.
    Also, the shortage of ammo has nothing to do with the government buying up all the bullets. The government always puts in their budget/plan to buy up way more bullets than they actually buy. This happened again this year. The shortage in bullets is simple supply and demand. Generally, bullet manufacturers don’t have to operate at full capacity to keep up with demand. But, since all the gun controll talks started everyone rushed out and bought up all the ammo. That rush for bullets hasn’t stopped and manufacturers can’t keep up with demand even operating at full capacity. It will take some tme before the rush subsides. But it will subside and this problem will go away. Sooner or later people will have enough stock and not need to be beating down the doors of the local bullet stores. That’s when I will stock up again.

  65. I like Robert Perman’s comment! Way to go Robert. Please everyone vote Republican.
    I am so tired of hearing nothing but lies from Democrates anyway.

  66. If I see one foreign soldier on our soil working for the UN, or anyone, that will be one less on our soil. To me that is an invasion of our country. Also, that to me makes Obama a dictator, and a communist. I do not like either one.

  67. “We learn from history that we learn nothing from history”!

    We have been in this fight for the past 50 years and the truth is you can never win a war defending something; all you do is postpone defeat.
    It’s time we went on the offence and start lawsuits against all those that out right lied when they took their oath of office to defend the Constitution; what is it that they don’t understand about shall not be infringed?

    Numerous brave individuals gave their lives defending our 2nd amendment rights; they win the wars and the politicians give it away.

    If there isn’t a civil war in this once great country of ours I’ll be very, very, surprised!

    Lit them come and take our guns but it won’t be while I’m still alive and I guarantee you my barrel will be good and hot when they finally get it! SEMPER FI

  68. When you espouse Fascism as being good and call it Americanism what do you think will run for office.
    Can’t see a diff between southern rabid nationalism and progressives rabid need for control.
    The USA is dead and gone and the time when you were playing with yourselves the ones eho played withon.
    EVERY facet of old countrified lifestyles. Are dead and gone
    Less hunting except for disesed animals and fish with more land to pay to huntand red necks in 200 hp bass boats and 1000000 nascars for rednecks to drool BbQ sauce while miillionaires drink chaml
    GET WITH THE CENTURY. Or end up extinct as the dodo birdseho just stood there andgot run over.

    deadand gone been that way since 1973 but peopledtill have heads up each others butts and sre not looking around enough.
    40% of americans will never go to work ever again. real unemployment rate of between 13-22% is and will be yhe norm until 2045

  69. I’m with Steven E.. Pass all the “laws” you want Congress, while violating my God-given rights. I’ll ignore them and you’ll face the same consequence that all dictatorial tyrants eventually have to face: the People & I.

  70. Give it up!
    The gun owners lost and they deserve every damned boo hoo hoo they cry.
    There is not a politico that will save your guns.
    Your ass belongs to the Obamatron ass grabbers and kissers and they got you by the short hairs and all you can do is cry.
    What is a Republican.
    Looking at list of vulnerable candidates on demo side compared to southern balless half baked republicans the repubs are gonna come up way fn short after qtermmid term elections.

  71. These Senators should be charged with Treason. If you see your Senator on this list write them and call them out.

    Tell them you want an answer on why they violated their oath to defend our Constitution and tell them they should be thrown in jail for TREASON!!!

    Democrats and some of the Republicans have become Tyrants!!

  72. Who are the three other freedom loving countries that voted against this UN treaty? We should join with them in fighting for freedom!

  73. @Soon to be Sargent
    Valid points. You know there would be distractors and hooligans. I feel certain a mass gathering of Patriots would find a justified remedy quickly. We The People are the largest armed force on the planet. We should have the government submit to the will of the people-not the people to the government. I think our current body of Congress has completely underestimated We The People on this one.

  74. I strongly belive if this nation is going to keep it’s Constitution in tact that the presadent should be impeached. I beleave thha he commited impeachable crimes during the Bengazi incident.

  75. Hey everybody , WAKE UP !!!! It doesn’t mater if it’s the Democruds or the Republicruds,the problem continues. If voting made a difference it would be illeagal !!
    The SCUM always rises to the top. It’s way past time to use the 2nd amemdment. Nobody want’s to be the first on the dance floor. Enjoy you’re slavery.

  76. Overall the government is out of control. This is just crazy and the beginning of more government infringement on our constitutional rights. Nothing will change until we the people unite to reduce govenment power and control. Mr Obama is right on course to destroy the country and/or lessen the influence of American in the world. He does not REALLY support America.

  77. I can almost see this going back to the Supreme Court whereby tax on ownership of guns, like that on houses, automobiles, boats etc would be upheld, similar to the tax on health care which was used to circumvent a blatantly unconstitutional bill to mandate health insurance. Chief Justice Robert’s swing opinion was so off the wall that even the proponents of gun control had failed to argue it.

    Once a tax is established on firearms, the Supreme Court will rule that in order for a tax to be levied, the guns must be registered so the government can enact the new tax.

    No registration by Second Amendment supporters means tax evasion. Now the government can place felony charges which in turn lead to confiscation. This fast tracks the ultimate goal of registration of guns purely for purposes of later confiscation.

  78. I think its time the Democrats start filling out their resumes because come election time its straight REPUBLICAN for this kid and all my relatives.And it should be for all 2nd amendment pro activists!!

  79. @ One Patriot
    The issue with the planning of putting armed citizens on round-the-clock protest is that there will always be the minority of the gun POSESSERS not responsible gun carriers and owners that would make their way into the group one way or another. Those select individuals would make some sort of commotion amongst the group and have the entire thought/idea/organization disbanded. That being said. There would almost always be that percentage of people thrown into the “wolves den”. The government has placed individuals in crowds to sway the opinion in one way or another and cause a commotion. It is in fact a good idea none-the-less.

    @ Mike Wood
    I agree that the ones that want to interpret the constitution or the Bill of Rights to favor their opinion should have a mass trial and do as they did against the war criminals of WWII. After tried the ones who are pushing to overthrow the rights and ideals set forth by our forefathers granted with capital punishment. not by lethal injection, but by the means in which they used in the previously stated trials. Firing Squad or hangings.

  80. If anyone is truly concerned about our rights in America, I would suggest taking the time to write your state senator. They deserve to know how you think and do not be polite if it is one of the 46 democrats listed here. Tell how they are screwing Americans.

  81. The Constitution of The United States of America is the Supreme Law of the Land! Any official or elected representative who violates the provisions of this Supreme Law and fails to enforce the provisions as they have sworn to when taking their respective oaths of office are guilty of treason and the punishment as outlined includes the death penalty. Why are we continiously bantering about specific rights it is clearly outlined in our, “DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE.” No where can you find the authority for one individual of our government the authority to circumvent,change, or abolish the rights we are guaranteed. The American people are not being heard we are constantly being told who, what, where, and when to do. It is the people that make up this country. Then it is incumbent of the people to take back this country. I mean Americans! If you are Illegal you are a criminal in this country and its time for you to leave period. Currently we have about 120 million registered gun owners in this country. Yes, those are the ones who filled out the BATF forms and had their back ground checks certified. We have a population of 310-15 million men, women, and children. What does that tell you about who wants what? Our elected representatives are supposed to be the voice of the people rarely do they listen to much less vote the will of their respective constituencies. Our founding fathers never envisioned a career politician. We still have the power and right to vote everyone of them out of office. I mean everyone!. Do you not think that we the people could not handle our problems? We do it everyday only on a smaller scale. Why is not one representative of our government stopping the billions of dollars in aid we send everyday to countries that are not deserving of even one dime? Let us take back our country and fire every one of them and adjust their bloated pensions to that of the senior citizens on Social Security! After over 10 years we are still fighting a war that has not been declared. No weapons of Mass Destruction were found. Usama Bin Laden is dead. Lets bring our army home.

  82. History has shown that anything the U.S. Gov. outlaws, becomes a financial windfall for those who will do anything for money. I can only assume some of the democratic senators will do just that. Just what a Democratic Senator did during Prohibition or any senator who takes money from a lobbyist for his vote. The citizens of the United States have lost much of their Freedom of Speech. What will be next after guns, probably Our Freedom to Worship. I have drawn a line in the sand. If I become a criminal because I will not surrender my right to keep and bear arms then so be it! A proud 68 year old Texan!

  83. I pray that America survives these unconstitutional attacks from her own people. Our children are depending on us to prevent unlawful politics and tyrant public servants from destroying what our beloved forefathers created. Please America, vote for the good of the U.S.A., and please contact your senators!

  84. From the UN “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”

    Article 3.
    •Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

    Sounds good.

    Article 28.
    •Everyone is entitled to a social and international order in which the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration can be fully realized.


    Article 29.
    •(1) Everyone has duties to the community in which alone the free and full development of his personality is possible.
    •(2) In the exercise of his rights and freedoms, everyone shall be subject only to such limitations as are determined by law solely for the purpose of securing due recognition and respect for the rights and freedoms of others and of meeting the just requirements of morality, public order and the general welfare in a democratic society.
    •(3) These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.

    Oh, I got it. The UN grants me my rights as long as it benefits them. NOT!

    The minor probelm with the UN’s take on human rights is is that out founding fathers were ahead of them and realized that human rights are inherent. They do not need a goverment to be granted nor can they be revokes by any government.

    Aside from 2A, bowing to the order of the UN is indeed treason in the context of our cosntitution.

  85. It’s a sad day when our RIGHTS,that where granted to us by the blood of our forefathers,are now being compromised.It’s time that our elected politicians get reminded of why they are where they are…..FOR THE PEOPLE,BY THE PEOPLE.
    The UN should not have ANY control of our arms,whether it be a BB gun or an ICBM.
    Oh,and by the way,MOVE OFF OF U.S. SOIL. Go find another place to house all your anti-American representatives. I hear there’s cheap land for sale out in Afghanistan.
    As far as our piece of garbage president goes, he’s all for the muslims. Disarming the citizens of this GREAT COUNTRY of ours would let them walk right in and take over.

  86. I’m a Veteran and a law abiding citizen in my 60’s but if push comes to shove you can bet I’ll be on the front lines to kick butt of these Liberal Commie loving crapheads!
    First lets get out and Vote the Cowards out of Office and if that does not work then we take them down by force in mass numbers.I for one refuse to give up in this Great Country,so these Radical Morons as Bloomberg, Feinstein, Lautenberg,Chuchy(Boy) Schummer and Boxer and lets not forget Blumenthal,must be removed from the Political Arena.

  87. TRAITORS, all of them ,following the guiltiest traitor of them all, Obama.They have all violated their oath of office, and need to be held accountable.

  88. I spent over 22 years in the military (U.S. Coast Guard) and I thought Congress and Senate were suppose to up hold the Constitution.
    From the vote I saw on this website (Cheaper Than Dirt) that doesn’t seem to be true

  89. Not shocked seeing my senators both on that list. The peoples republic of california is a gerrymandered state where us freedom loving, constitution loving, individuals seem to be fighting a losing battle each and every day. I hope that the rest of the states don’t become like mine and maybe we can win the fight here with the support of the rest of you. Step 1 – get the extreme leftists out of the government and keep them out. Step 2- pull out of the UN permanently, no other country should ever be able to tell us how to live, that’s why our founding fathers formed this country to begin with. Step 3 – strengthen the bill of rights with a new ammendment that forbids any type of change to the constitution without a vote from no less than 75% of every eligible voter in the country (meaning that 75.1% of eligible voters would have to ok a magazine ban, not just 75.1% of those who showed up to vote). With that in place, no future legislature or executive could ever take away our god given rights.

  90. I am now well over 60 and have been a cancer survivor now for 8 years. The young people of this country are educated from preschool not to like guns. I know my son is 19 now and was never even allowed to say the word gun. I will fight with my guns if need be, I will fight with my guns to preserve OUR FREEDOMS and the 2nd disbandment. I will do it alone if need be, I pray to God I do not stand alone, I hope there are fellow Americans who will stand by me. The time for words is over. Our politicians do not even read the bills anymore before they are passed. How can we trust them to have our interest at heart. Our government is out of control. General MacArthur in his farewell speech said it all. This great nation started its down hill slide with President Truman and Mr. Obama is putting the final nails in our nations coffin.
    God Bless and help me save America.

  91. I agree that we the people have lost any control over are Government. Many of us can see what is happening. What bothers me is young adults, including some close to me, don’t take it to heart. Many have no clue to what is going on and are not interested in the news. Too many are so wrapped in there own wants that they can’t see the big picture or care. How do you win when we seem to be only reaching the same people. The Dems. I Know Hate to cross party lines. Seems with some The unions control them a bit to much.

  92. I usually do not get upset over government issues, but I am upset that the people in Washington think they can take away our 2nd amendment rights. I am a 62 year old woman and have had guns all my life, not only for protection, but because I am also a collector. I have never hurt anyone and do not intend to unless someone tries to harm my family or property. I will never give up my guns peacefully. I will fight whoever tries and the only way they will take them is to pry them from my dead cold fingers. I love my country and it is time for us to stand up and get rid of the idiots in Washington. God helps us all.

  93. I believe these Senators are violating their oath of office. They are not supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States by voting on legislation that does not support or defend the 2nd amendment. Violating your oath and affirmation is constructive treason. I have heard the Federal Judges in the past have been charged for violating their oath and affirmation

  94. I agree with the whole idea of getting rid of the people in office that are trying to take away our rights, but why wait to vote them out???? Impeach the bastards on the grounds of Treason. And take the Country back now before its to late. There are plenty of Laws on the books right now to do just that.

  95. I am very happy to see NO ONE from our great State of Texas was on the list but that does not excuse me or any one else who has lost friends, family or anyone else who have given their all to protect OUR Constitution to sit back on our haunches and let some sneaky politicians sell us out for their self gratification.
    There was a man who climbed a mountain & at the top of it he saw a snake. The snake begged the man to carry him down the mountain so he wouldn’t freeze. He told the snake no because it would bite him but the snake PROMISED he wouldn’t so the man put the snake inside of his coat and carried it down the mountain. When they got to the bottom where it was warm the snake bit the man. Shocked, the man couldn’t believe the snake bit him and when the man complained, the snake told the man that He knew that he was a snake when he picked it up.
    The moral of the story is to not give support to any politician who you think is or might be a wolf in sheep clothing or a snake in the grass.



  97. congratulations to the 46 dem. senators that voted away our second amendment rights,guess foreign interests supercede the american peoples 2nd amendment rights,maybe you should move to one of those great democracies,wait maybe you should just move.I guess you just dont have the balls to stand up for the men and women who died protecting our rights and the 2nd amendment in particular,shame on you shame you cowards.

  98. Regarding our second amendment to the Constitution, Bennett should be called “Bend It,” and Udall renamed “Overhaul.”

  99. What happened to this country? We’ve given away our greatness, politicians have ruined this once great place. What a bunch of a**holes.

  100. I am appalled at Colorado senators supporting the United Nations Global arms treaty. Are they insane? It is time to remove Bennett and Udall from office and the state itself. They are so out of touch with patriotism that they have no right representing Colorado and the Constitution, which I doubt they have read as they certainly will not defend.

  101. Americans plain and simple America is being destroyed and disarming patriots is the first step to tyranny.
    This matter has no color , religion, or race, but a Love of the red , white and blue and America, stand together or fall .

  102. I see Harry Rieds name NV? I guess he’s not running again with that vote fron a big gun state.
    The others mostly come from our now Gay & Communist states I guess and should be awakened with impeechments.

  103. Every one of these Senators who voted with the U.N. over our own Country’s Bill of Rights/U.S. Constitution should be Recalled/Removed from office, charged with treason for violating their oath of office to protect & defend our U.S. Constitution.

  104. Lets just ask the Original Americans how that worked for them. Manifest destiny I believe they called it???

  105. I am sick and tired of the Federal Government. They hate the 2nd amendment because they know that the 2nd was set up to protect the 1st. They do not want their gravy train to be overthrown.

  106. You people in Lousiana need to wake up and realize what a liberal anti=gun anti-economy anti-anything common sense, Obama kiss-up you have in Mary Landrieu.Elect someone who has Lousiana #1 in mind not someone who votes straight democrat party lines.

  107. We should put them in JAIL for TREASON…simple…effective way to get rid of the MORONS..THIS IS TREASON TO INFRINGE ON THE CONSTITUTION!!!! PUT it to a vote for the public and see what happens!!

  108. 4,500,000 gun owners in America. 1%=45,000 armed citizens. Occupy our land all over D.C. for one week shift. Stand armed and make demands at the Capital 24/7. End of week one, brothers-in-arms relieve the first crew who has left established camps. Other citizens send food water to sustain Patriots. If demands peacefully met (including the removal of U.N. from our country and all prior treatise and financing null and void, all prior special privileges enjoyed by Congress separate and apart those enjoyed by ordinary citizens are null and void and Congress passes a bill to the fact that Congress will never be over endowed again including lifetime benefits for a duty to serve) Interrupt the flow of lobbyist to Capital Hill continuously for a sustained period. We may even help the good citizens of D.C. take back their streets while there.

    In a 52 week period we would have only used 2,340,000 gun owners. Where next? Texas / Arizona border for next years vacation? Anyone know a good event planner?

  109. This country is filled with cowards. At what point will we began to defend the constitution and stop talking about how great is was? We are the party with the guns and
    the liberals are destroying us with B.S. We are advised to write letters to our corrupt
    communist representatives. It’s a good thing it’s not 1775.
    I say to hell with the communist pigs. We need bullets not ballots for our next debate.

  110. What we need is to throw out 90% of the anti Americans we have in our so called government and start over with real Americans and it would be nice if we could get people that at least had a real job once in their life.

  111. They can try and take the the guns away, but It won’t work and now is the time that we need to stand up and speak about the matter. I stand strongly behind the 2nd amendment as well as my ar-15.

  112. i believe everyone is missing the point entirely. Obama and his cronies are merely puppets dancing to a tune we cant hear. The tune is being played by a group of someones unknown and very powerful,this goes far beyond our borders yet reaches right into our political system and corrupts it with money. Our politicians are bought and paid for. They care not a whit about anyone’s children, save their own; and that’s doubtful. I’m ashamed to admit its gone on too long now to win,in my opinion. The barbarians are through the gate and the only way to stop them is with bloodshed. It pains me greatly to have to say or even think that in AMERICA this could happen. We have been a self absorbed self centered society for too long asleep while our house burned down around us. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  113. I am ashamed of our Michigan senators, Levin and Stabenow! They didn’t get my vote last time and will NEVER get my vote!!! I thought for sure the people of this great state, having the knowledge of where these senators have voted in the past and every time a gun related issue is brought before the senate, would have voted them out of office. After their vote to let the UN start to control our lives, I will dedicate myself and everyone I can muster to help get them out of office! This has got to stop! Lord help us all to help our selfs!

  114. In the 60’s anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white countries to open their borders to non-white immigrants. Then anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face consequences for being “naziswhowantokill6millionjews.” Now anti-whites are counting down the days until ALL and ONLY white children become minorities and eventually extinct EVERYWHERE. It’s Genocide. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

  115. No votes from the Real South…. Imagine that! If and when they ever try to physically take our guns…. Come on down to these tight wound old mountains… We’ve been preppin in these parts for over three decades! Lots of highly trained vets here and we’re a little craftier that we let folks know…. Why cant the blind see what this Bastards trying to do to our country?

  116. I agree with Steven Evans. No person or organization will take away my guns. I follow our Constitution as written and will not forfeit my Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. I have never tried for a concealed weapon permit but I carry an old S&W 64 every day. In 53 years I’ve never been caught. If asked I will gladly and proudly admit I carry a gun. Nobody has asked yet. When they come to get my guns, they will have to kill me. But I’ll bet I’ll take one or two of them with me.

  117. Unfortunately i find it laughable. We all sit and say they wont take my guns, come and if they do “i will tell them to come get them over my dead body”….. Yet when cooneticut cracks down… Where is the revolt? When new york nd dc crack down against your rights… Where is the outrage and revolt? Where sre the groups pusing eduction on the media outlet? The reason we struggle is that we all talk and really dont doo anything while your rights are stripped away aninch at a time. Wven if you hide your firearms… After a generation, do you really thing your children, or great grand children, working white as professionals, will gamble felony charges to keep them around? I think not. While our senators and house members need to pull their heads from their behinds, i think we gun owners need to start taking action. Maybe i am just a lone voice….
    Complaining to one another does not help pur cause, nor does having randy red neck as out spokesman.

  118. No…not all dumocrats…in here Arizona we have a flake and another flake (McCain) that talk a good game about protecting Americans Second Amendment rights…then the scum bags vote with that vermin Reid to control guns!

  119. Reply to Sam #34 and Brantly #23, I’m with you guys 100%! I swore to defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, both foreign AND domestic, several times during my 25 years in the Navy, and now that I’m retired, I don’t intent to stop defending it, because that oath was (is) for life! Like you two, I enjoy reading all these great comments, but I don’t like not having anywhere to go to really bring like-minded, freedom-loving people like us together to stop this madness. I agree that we need an organization just for that purpose. Maybe such a group’s time has come. And I agree with what Bobby said about people who live up north (in general). I live in Georgia but I’ve lived all across the country and I call this home now. I believe the South has it right and will survive just about anything.

  120. in response to sam; its very simple really. this so called president obama got reelected by the electoral college not by the popular vote ! why do you think our so called representives refuse to do away with the electoral college in this day & age of instant communications ? because its much easier to buy those votes than actually win the popular vote.which IT did not ! check it out state by state and see for yourself.
    how else could this illegal alien be reelected president when the west coast states have counted less than 20% of the ballots cast?

  121. I remember bush banning nearly all imported assault rifles back in 89. So you cant blame everything on the democrats.
    Im not saying I dont agree with most of the posts here… Just saying.

  122. This has been planed for a long time. Why else would so many FEMA camps have been built before any of this started going on? Black Bag attacks on U.S children to get the public to want gun reform, and the ones that are against it “Patriots” are being called “terrorists”. There is no 2 party system, There all in the same bed with the globalist eliet that want a one world government. Obama is there poster boy to get the ball rolling. It really is time to wake up and smell the coffee and vote for real change. Stop voting in polliticons and vote in new people that stand behind “We The People”. This is just my humble opinion.

  123. Has anyone noticed that the NRA500 being broadcast from Texas Motor Speedway this weekend that none of the networks or sports channels are using the sponsor’s name…NRA? What kind of conspiracy is that? They don’t do that for any other sponsor of a race! Just goes to show you that guns are not something the politically correct networks want to give time to or it’s #1 organization. NRA should notice this and save their money for court fights. A few of you have made some real good observations. One being is that people like me, a 28 year military veteran has gone out and acquired guns and taken conceal carry courses since all this crap started. All the classes I’ve taken have been packed by people like me. I was glad to see that my one democrat senator’s name wasn’t on the list that signed the UN pact. But I agree with many of you OMG! Obama must go! He and his buddies are the worse threat to American Liberty in my 63 years of life. When does the revolt begin? Save your Confederate dollars…the South’s gonna rise again!

  124. Both of my senators from MI. are listed(always listed) they are as rabidly anti-gun as DiFi, da Box or any other educated misfit..

    Ms Stabenow I first saw at a NRA rally in Lansing,Mi w/thousands of member there to help prevent election of Mr. Gore. She was preaching how she was 100% behind all gun people..
    I dont want her behind me, she IS dangerous, I want her out where I & everyone can keep an eye on her..
    Two years after that rally she FLIPPED over on her back to be USED in the orgy of the GUN HATERS..Lets hope that she will be voted out in next election..

    My other senator is; Mr. Levin, the world is lucky, he is retiring next year(THANK GOD)!!! How he was voted int office & re-voted into office again & again for 20 years is no secret to anyone that knows how Obama won his second term..

    Maybe we can replace them all w/ someone that knows how to read the Constitution & believe in the oath of office that theyre sworn to defend 100%.. But honestly Ive learned NOT to hold my breath..

    I have contacted my senators & congressman for over 40+ years, when issues within the state & Federal governments arise. Like using EXCUTIVE ORDERS to circumvent & implement laws & bills of actions they couldnt pass any other way.

    Some of the politicians early on have voted with their constituents minds.. Now they only vote the way the powerful people in & out of business with BIG money behind them direct them to..

    The government politicians, are ABSOLUTELY AFRAID of us ALL. That is why the politicians live in FEAR every day of the TRUE meaning of the; 1st, 2nd, 4th & ALL other LIMITS on the powers that they think they POSSESS..

    THEY understand why the Consititution, Bill of Rights & the fact that State Laws have precedence over ALL of their political slight of hand..

    Every person in this country needs to learn that SAME insight & remember the past too.. If NOT, WE the PEOPLE will ALLOW the same past mistakes to RULE the lives of the future MASSES in this country, until those RIGHTS are gone..

    CHANGE is needed NOW!!!

    Comment by Kestrel 3 – April 13,2013 @ 15:49EST

  125. most of the comments in this column seem to be well thought out and some good ideas presented. We do need to be aware of obamas emd run. what good id any gun without ammo? the governament has been buying all calibers in massive bulk. depts. that don’t use ammo have redently purchased ammo. the irs purchased 2 million round of 223 and other hand gun ammo. Why?
    because it drives the cost up through supply and demamd. I purchased 1000 round of 223 penetrators about 8 months ago for $399,00. you can get it now from cheaper that dirt (if in stock) for over $1200.00. I cant afford it now, which is just what these 46 senators and obama want. if this keeps up, THEY WIN!!!!!!!!!

  126. I am a 64 year old native of Maryland, the so-called “Free State.” I am a veteran, college educated, and normally a law abiding citizen. I have tried various avenues to help retain our second amendment rights but it has become obvious the politicians are going to do what they want and the will of the people be damned! I believe a tipping point is coming soon and neo-patriots must take a stand for the Constitution! Never in my wildest dreams would I have previously considered rebellious action against our government but it is really no longer “Our” government! I pray violence does not come but as our liberties are stripped from us with disdain, the tipping point is rapidly approaching.


    * * * READ THIS * * *
    A free people ought not only be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them. Which would include their own government.

  128. Something is bothering me, I can find NO ammo any where. From .22 to 50 BMG. I then herd a rumor that the United Nations has purchased 17 Billion rounds threw the United States Government. There by disarming the U.S. People. This ammo is supposedly stored somewhere in Germany. Any comments.

  129. Reply to Cat… Good!
    So very very true Cat. Our freedoms have been paid for over and over again… with our blood and that of our ancestors. The big problem is that we have those in office that don ‘t know what that means, or can’t even relate to it. They are willing to barter with our rights and freedoms, and little by little they are being taken away. One day, too damn late, they will wake up and say, “How did this happen?” The problem is, most of them won’t even recognize that it was their own doing. Getting armed now is only part of making that stand for the redemption of our once held position in this now “unGodly” world. Roger

  130. I weep for my country and wish to all that is Holy, for something to stop the fool, in the White House. The people of this Nation deserve better, and I just wish I had the money to arm myself. Freedom is brought with blood, not money, and many have forgotten that. The ones in power want puppets and slaves, to do as they say, NOT as they do, they are afraid of law abiding people, why? Because, the people, who are armed will stand against them. Whether I have a gun or ammo or not, I will stand beside the ones who fight for freedom, no matter the party. We are the militia, we are the freedom defenders, we are the People, the government can not make us follow their rules, unless we decide to. Obama and the gun hater must be stopped, before ALL of our freedoms are gone.

  131. Remember, We can make a difference. we have the right to kick them all out of office and start over. You don’t have to be a Harvard Grad to know what’s going on in our Country and what we really need is a person in office that is a working man not a sorry lazy Rocks for brains.
    What we have in office now are people that can’t/couldn’t find their way out of a wet paper sack with a flashlight and directions written on the inside.

  132. To Bobby Halfacre #35,
    Thank you, but unfortunately there are 3 Southern States listed, Louisiana, Florida and 2 in Virginia. They are brain dead for sure, they think just because they are college educated that gives them the right to tell us what is good for us. Well, I went to college too, but I don’t see where that gives me the right to tell people how to live and what’s good/bad for them. The people in office, have never worked a day in their life and just sit behind desks and say “What can I come up with so I can be in charge and run everybody’s life?” They are just to da_n lazy to do any actual work. OH NO! I have to go get my manicure done before I can go to the Senate Meeting or I need to finish playing solitaire, while these people are talking.

  133. “Simple Solution Vote A Straight Republican Ticket For The Next Terms
    Comment by Johnny — April 7, 2013 @ 4:48 pm”

    Be careful who you vote for. Remember that McCain and Romney were both Democraps pretending to be Republicons, and would ban guns under the “Republican” banner. There are many Republicons that are anti-gun and there are Democraps that are pro-gun. So don’t be fooled by the political label. An informed voter is what the politicians fear most. Vote for your rights, not for a party.

  134. Thanks Darren. Thank you for the reminder Darren. I followed your lead and wrote MOs Senator McCaskill AGAIN to request that she honor the wishes of the people she’s supposed to represent, not just her political party, and to honor her oath of state. I know how far that will go. 🙁

  135. Sam , I agree completely. and if you’ll notice their aren’t any Southern states on that list of Senators. It’s all the states where all the dumba—-‘s live. I used to drive a truck over the road for a living and from a southern aspect of thing’s most of the people that live in these states are either completely brain dead or have never been taught the values of self preservation and the will to survive without help from some outside source. All I can say is that I feel really sorry for these folks. Maybe one day the will wisen up and learn to take a stand for what is right.

  136. With all of these comments posted here and other places, why have we come up with an organization to STOP all of these gun control laws and STOP the government?
    An organization of all the people, not just depending on the NRA and other gun groups, but the people themselves? Something like ” AMERICAN PEOPLE AGAINST GOVERNMENT TYRANNY”(APAGT)!! I admit I’m not much of a group organizer, but I would be willing to be one of the top people to promote it. Get enough people to join and donate to our cause/group, to make our voices heard over that of the NRA or other gun defender groups.
    Just my opinion

  137. To Brantly #23,
    I agree with you and I am and have been standing up and fighting for more years than you know, have you? I use to work in the Law Enforcement field and I am more than prepared to defend mine and my familys’ life and our constitutional rights. Not only does my stand help defend my rights, but it defend the constitution of which we should all protect. I took an oath when I was in the Army and as a deputy, to defend the constitution (NOT CHANGE IT), like our government is trying to do.
    I have said it before and I’ll say it again, we have enough people in this country to stand up for our rights, but not enough of them have the guts to do so.

  138. To Fred #27,
    The answer is they will take all of them, that’s what is next and then an invasion from terrorists and our own government.

  139. Food for thought;
    I haven’t seen any comments on what can and problably will happen should they take our 2ND AMMENDMENT away from us. 1) If they take one of our Rights, they will take them all. 2) How many people have seen the Movie(s) RED DAWN ???
    in both of them, the invaders/terrorists say, go and get all of the paperwork, so we can see who has guns and collect them.
    Well, people those may just be movies, but if you don’t wake up and stand up for our rights, that’s exactly what will happen and when you wake up them, it’s too late.

  140. To Travis Miller #28,
    It’s a known fact that knives,hands, clubs, even vehicles kill more people than guns.
    Why won’t they take them away? The government makes deals with criminals every day.
    Let’s look at it this way, if a person does not have a gun, and the criminal does who is more likely to win? If you aren’t allowed to own a gun and you have one and shoot the perp than you become the criminal and the real criminal gets away with it (if he’s still alive).
    As I stated in an earlier comment, there is not enough people that have the guts to stand up to the government, even though our constitution says we can do so. I use to work in Law Enforcement and I will tell you this, if a perp walks into my home, he will be carried out.
    This is still AMERICA and not communist Russia or any communist country at this time.
    Stand up america NOW

  141. I took advantage of the list of senators and emailed my state senator. Told them to honor their oath of office, to protect and uphold the constitution.

  142. Barry Obama, if you really believe the people want this, why not let this go to the vote of the people? Oh right you are a dictator and you want to impose your belief on the people.

    Why do people need Trucks? They are more likely to kill someone in a car accident. They are heavier than most cars and if you don’t have a job that requires them then we don’t need one. Why do people need cell phones? People don’t need them and people that text and drive are more likely to be in an accident than a drunk driver.

    Why, because our freedom to chose what we want. But owning guns is a right we have to get licensed to drive so it is a privilege and it can be revoked. Owning a cell phone is a privilege we pay for not a right. Our 2nd amendment that gives a right to bear arms can be revoked so why can’t you make sure that violent felons can’t get them? You can’t because they are criminals and a criminal will get theirs by illegal means.

    Banning certain magazines will only insure that the criminals will have them the same with firearms. You mister president think that you are removing the teeth from the wolves to protect the sheep. But what you are really doing is sheering the sheep and leaving the gate open for the wolves to prey on the sheep.

  143. Sherrod Brown has lost my vote in my state. Along with any other politicians that are challenging my rights.

  144. All these people are traitors to the country, no doubt.
    But to think they’ll be ousted with the next election is pie in the sky dreaming. It ain’t gonna happen for the same reason they’re now in office: the dimwits are electing the dimwits, and dimwits don’t change. Not even gulag chains will deter them from their dimwitted thinking. Rather, they’ll blame the ‘other’ parties: TEA party, Liberty Party, Patriot Party… We’ve gone through all but one of the ‘ballot boxes’, and it’s probably time to unleash the last ‘boxes’ contents.

  145. Lenin and Gun Control

    Gun Control is of communist oriented values dating back to the Lenin era, when the communist quest to dominate the world began.
    The gun prohibitionists are not interested in facts or logic, only gun prohibition!
    They are not interested in child and/or public safety, only government safety.
    The communists longest and last battle to dominate the world is the disarmament of United States citizens, and the battle is close to being won!
    Contrary to liberal propaganda, closing your eyes will not make the bogeyman go away.

  146. There is a lot of talk about rising up to over throw the government to protect our rights. But that’s all it is, is talk. How many of you are willing to sacrifice you jobs your homes maybe even your family to protect our rights to stand up for whats right? all these gun laws are doing is taking our right to defend our selves away. They wont stop criminals from having guns. Do drug laws stop people from trafficking and using drugs? Gun laws are just a was of money. They arnt going to stop public shootings they wont stop criminals from using them and they certainly wont protect you. Here is a question for you, if a bunch of people randomly started killing others with a knife or a baseball bat or a tire iron would they pass laws against those? The answer is NO your still be able to get them at any Wal-Mart or any other store of your choosing. if anyone would like to discuss ideas about what we can do to stop this tyrannical nonsense you can email me at this address

  147. If our votes don’t mean anything how are to change anything with a vote. The elite put who they want into office. We are stuck with poor choices every time a vote is held.

  148. Why is it that no one says what the 2nd Amendment is actually for, it’s to stop Obama in his tracks. Obama knows exactly what it means. That is why he wants to destroy the 2nd Amendment and Republicans are in full speed ahead to help him. Where in the Constitution does it say you can’t have a tank or rpg in your home. The government says you can’t. It’s WE THE PEOPLE, THE CONSTITUTION and then the NUTS in in Washington D.C. When I returned home from Vietnam I would go off Base in San Francisco, there would be these protesters, they would be high on LSD. I have to wonder, if Nancy P. Diana F. and Barbra B. where out there getting high on LSD, by their actions they must be tripping out on that stuff.

  149. Very insightful. America needs to wake up. The good times have come and gone. 9/11 was only the beginning. It is going to be a long hard road. I love my country, but I don’t love who is currently at the helm. That goes for both parties. CTD thanks for the article, and thanks for keeping us in the know.

  150. TO Bobby Halfacre,
    I totally agree with you, Scott and Jodie. However, the problem not only lies within our government, but it also lies with the people. Most people are afraid of the government and don’t have the GUTS/B_LLS to stand up for their rights, the Constitution and bill of rights gives us that power. I have all to many times heard people say “why should I get involved, their going to do what they want to anyway” and you know sometimes I stop and think they may be right! Look at whom got re-elected, but every body I had talked to said they didn’t and wouldn’t vote for him, so how did he get re-elected? Their oath of office is “I WILL DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES”, It does not say I will change it!! Kick them all out with NO PENSION/RETIREMENT and no Secret Service protection after they are out of office. What gives them the right to have protection against intruders/terrorists and not us???
    Like I said “Too many guts less people”

  151. Personally I agree with Scot and Jodie I feel like the American people need to get their heads out of their arse’s and vote all these people out of office and then try them for treason since it is their will to destroy our constitution, and take away any rights we have. I think they should be classified as traitors to the American people, tried in a court of law and sentenced to prison. Or even better yet shot as spies. Yes I think it’s time to put a stop to all the BS!!!!!!!!!

  152. I sit in awe of the number of people in the USA who do not understand the purpose of the Constitution, why it was written, and are completely ignorant of the power it represents (used to or should) in the operation of this country… our president included, with his disregard for our country’s laws and his oath of responsibility to uphold. He should be imprisioned… not many years ago something of consequence would have happened. With the pansy a–ed government we have now, it makes one wonder if they aren’t just as crooked and guilty (as we know they are), therefore making it impossible to turn against the guilty parties. Welcome to the 21st Century and the blackness sweeping over this country and the world. Even the honest statesmen are mushy takers and just want to hear themselves talk… doing nothing in actions. One thing is positive, that they are absolutely bipartisan in their corrective action… None.
    This link says it better than I’ve ever heard it said to date… I don’t usually leave links so I don’t know if it will even work, or if the forum will accept it. Maybe you will have to copy and paste into your address bar.
    I wished that this was actual and not virtual… or would it make any difference. Thank you for the informative eye opening blog Dave. Roger

  153. It figures Senator Dick DUHrbin would sell out the Constitution to the UN treaty. I would not expect any better from a socialist senator in the Socialist state of ILLINOIS. With a socialist Governor who does everything the city of Chicago wishes. Whenever the mayor farts the Governor is there sniffing.

  154. Everyone go to your favorite gun selling website and put in an ad similar to those selling items and state some of your opinions on there as well. Right now people that were not staunch gun owners are visiting these sites looking for weapons for the “just in case” scenarios that may come later. These people can be persuaded to vote for their rights, now that they see them slowly slipping away. The Democrat Party of today is nothing like those of the JFK days….I know, I was a Democrat back then and mourn the loss of my party to “progressive socialist” that have infiltrated it. The ballot box is the only immediate solution!!

  155. Scott,
    I misread the the title. My sincere apologies for offending you so badly. Haha. Maybe one less sip of coffee is in order for you this morning. I think we’re all on the same side here. If my mistake and your subsequent lambasting makes for a brighter day in your world then I’m happy to be of service. I’m sure you’re a pleasure and it’s just too early on the weekend. Have a great one.

  156. Problem is, we have to many people like Bloomberg trying to tell us what we need and how to live our lives, when most of them can’t even run their own lives. I really feel for the people in Conn. who lost their children. Some of the people who lost their children in Conn. who didn’t want to loose their guns or rights, but their voice didn’t matter.

    Let’s see, the gun killed my child, so let’s attack the 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS of the people and take their guns from them.

    O.K., My brother/Sister/Mom/Dad/Cousin was killed by a vehicle, so I want the vehicles taken away from the people.

    By the way (FBI Stats), more people have been killed with hands/clubs/knives then with guns, so let take them away form everybody too.

    Everybody is always trying to sue other people for some stupid thing like spilling hot coffee on themself and suing the restaurant, because it was to hot.

    The people who stand behind our “2ND AMENDMENT RIGHT & ALL OF OUR RIGHTS” 100%, band together, find attorneys who stand with our 2nd Amendment and sue these individuals for infringing on our Rights. NRA and several others are suing the States/ Government that have passed these unconstitutional laws, so as individuals we have the right to do so too.

  157. The enjoyment of constitutional rights may not be a right or left issue, but to claim that gun control isn’t a polarizing issue is naive at best. It strikes to the core of left and right sided ideology. The left wants a larger, more powerful, government to fix society’s ills and the right wants a smaller, less powerful, government to let society freely self regulate. The gun control debate is the enforcement part of the power struggle. Taxes are the purse string argument, and all the agencies tend to matters of freedom. The only real question is, “Who should have the power?” If you believe that the government should rule the citizenry then you are a democrat in modern America. If you believe the citizenry should rule the government, then you are a Republican today. All other parties are a distraction with no real influence, and the issues themselves are only the real world implications of the original question: “Who should have the power?”

  158. @Jodie, The title says “Who’s in the 2nd amendment’s corner?” Hint, Hint it’s not the Democrats. So, did you even read or understand why he listed the democrats? Hmm??? It says right in the heading that these are the Democrats who are trying to take your rights away. There is nothing self defeating here except your lack of understanding. You need to go back and take another look or go drink your coffee and wake up because it’s spelled out perfectly.

  159. This is a very simple problem to solve, my fellow law-abiding, responsible gun owners. The first thing you have to do is register to vote if you’re not already, and get all of your like-minded friends and family members to do the same. Secondly, and this is the most important, GET OUT AND VOTE ON ELECTION DAY!!! Do not fail in this!! For those of you that own guns in Colorado, New York, Connecticut, and California and thought that your vote didn’t matter probably have a different opinion of your lack of concern regarding that poorly chosen decision on election day. We as gun owners are always going to be a thorn in the side of Democrats. They know that they cannot gain complete control over an armed populace. As long as we can fight back, they can`t get us completely under the heel of their boot.

    So, starting in the next election this coming November [2013] VOTE EVERY SINGLE DEMOCRAT OUT OF OFFICE! I am talking everyone from your local small town mayor all the way up to President. We have to drive home the point that we have had enough of their poor decision making, tax increases, Obamacare, over spending and continued attacks on our Constitutional rights. They continue to trample the Constitution on a daily basis, and we continue to let them. It is time to make this political party one of a bad, bad memory. We must get them out of office at all levels of government, State, Local and Federal. That is the only way to restore common sense leadership to our great country. Men and women have fought and died to preserve our freedoms, it’s high time we get off our asses and show those patriots some respect and send a message to Washington that will be loud and clear that we have had enough of this bullshit!

  160. Your essay, though well written, is self defeating in that you start by saying “it’s not the democrats,” then list 46 democrats and liberal “independents” who have voted to strip American rights in favor of the UN. Not to mention the meat of the article is focused on the Obama (leader of the democratic party) administration is trying to single handedly strip away gun rights. Hint, hint: it’s obviously the democrats!

    1. Jodie, Thank you for the comments and for reading. In several of my past posts, I have stated that the Second Amendment and gun rights are not a right or left issue (the people). Our Second Amendment rights and freedoms are enjoyed by Republicans and Democrats equally. That is what I meant by “it’s not the Democrats.” However, while there are a few Democrat lawmakers supporting the Second Amendment, I felt it was also important to note that when discussing the recent assaults to the Second Amendment, it was certainly the vast majority of Democrats — in fact almost exclusively Democrats and votes along party lines — proposing and forcing, or attempting to force, these draconian laws down our throats. ~ Dave Dolbee

  161. Only a complete airhead would think you can take away a Constitutional Right with a law. To take a Constitutional Right, you have to have a army to kill or subjugate the people who have the rights. That’s why the Second Amendment exists… to resist being killed or subjugated. Let’s make sure none of these people survive the next vote to stay in office! But if that fails we have a Constitutional Right to resist, regardless of what laws these morons legislate!

  162. I for one am very concerned about the 2nd Amendment. I have written my congressmen expressing this concern. I do not see their names on this list. I also expressed my concern with how the President can sign these executive orders whenever he wants to and that this needs to be stopped. The executive order should ONLY be used in the case of a National emergency period. We the people I do not think will give up their guns willingly. The power is in the vote and the Democrats have all but demoralized the power of the vote. I am concerned.

  163. McCaskill…..ughh… if it wasn’t for K.C and STL she wouldn’t be there and Akin could have stepped down but either way… I doubt she gets reelected again unless the repubs run a wet noodle again!

  164. To all of you shooters who have “always been a democrat” because “my family has always voted democrat” — now is the time to wake up. These senators would rather vote for non-sensical “feel good” legislation than face the truth. Prepare yourself now, tell all your friends, get ready for election 2014. The time has come to elect intelligent people who support and defend the Constitution.

    If you haven’t read or don’t want to read the many NRA-ILA articles on this issue, try going to Wikipedia and look up Arms Trade Treaty. Just reading the language in that treaty makes you want to ask, “Did educated adults *really* think this was a good idea and would work?” It’s straight out of Alice in Wonderland. The exporting country can get “end-user” information from the importing country. This means mandatory registration! This means that, if you buy a gun made in China, the Chinese can have a record of your name, address, and personal information. Is this what you want? Is this a good idea? Well, 46 democrat senators think it’s just dandy!

  165. The blood in my veins is not red, but red, white and blue, with 50 stars mixed in. They can pass all the laws that they want, I will not obey any law that is illegal. Everybody dies, it’s just a matter of when. So Obama send DHS and have at it. Even at my age the task will not be easy.

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