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Epic Fail: U.N. Arms Trade Treaty Fizzles Out

The Conference on the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (U.N. ATT) has broken down and will not report a draft treaty to the member nations. This is a big victory for American gun owners, and the NRA is being widely credited for killing the U.N. ATT. NRA worked with pro-gun allies in the U.S. Congress and successfully assembled strong bipartisan opposition to any treaty that adversely impacts the Second Amendment. On two occasions NRA was successful in convincing a majority of the U.S. Senate to sign letters to President Obama that made it clear that any treaty that included civilian arms was not going to be ratified by the U.S. Senate.

On July 26, Sen. Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) gathered the signatures of 51 Senators on a letter to President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton opposing any treaty that infringes on domestic gun rights. The letter stated, “As the treaty process continues, we strongly encourage your administration not only to uphold our country’s constitutional protections of civilian firearms ownership, but to ensure — if necessary, by breaking consensus at the July conference — that the treaty will explicitly recognize the legitimacy of lawful activities associated with firearms, including but not limited to the right of self-defense. As members of the United States Senate, we will oppose the ratification of any Arms Trade Treaty that falls short of this standard.” During the week leading up to the impasse, it became increasingly possible that the Conference would fail to come to an agreement on draft language. On Thursday, the Conference President produced yet another draft of the ATT in an effort to salvage the process. The new draft, like previous ones, was wholly incompatible with Second Amendment rights protected by the Constitution.

Details of the Composite ‘Working Document’ were released on July 24. The draft barred weapons transfers to “non-state actors” – which, by definition, include private citizens. A U.S. delegate argued against the provisions during closed-door talks Friday. Also, proponents said the first draft of the U.N. treaty had “more holes than a leaky bucket.”

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  1. What irks me is the United States governmrnt allows the American hateing United Nations to headquarter on our soil mostly at our exspense. Throw them out

  2. This comment is coming in way after the heat and celebration of the moment, but I feel that this fight is far from over. Sen. Rand Paul, one of my personal favorites in that less than favorable city,seems to be of the firm belief that they are still hard at it in the UN. There seems to be something going on that the UN, Hillary, and BO are of the impression that they can skip the treaty process and that troublesome U.S. Senate approval thing. Anyone still browsing through here might check out the National Ass. for Gun Rights. this fellow, Dudley Brown, is either trying to make a living off of “chip ins”, or he believes there is still trouble in that big box of corruption and U.S. distain in NYC. I am of the opinion it is the latter of the two. If anyone is still checking out this once followed story, you might want to turn over another rock and see what you think it is under neath, BO told the Brady bunch, “we’re working behind the scenes”. Just saying…

  3. I was actually at the first UN conference on this issue in 2001 in New York. John Bolton and Don McConnell deserve special recognition for the amazingly strong stand they took, as the US delegation, in not allowing the UN assembly to reach consensus. An agreement failed then too because of the USA resistance. But at the end of the conference, Secretary General Kofi Annan said, “We may not have gotten what we wanted this time, but it’s just the beginning.” In other words, they were going to keep at it until they are able to ban most private ownership of small arms worldwide. We may have a short reprieve right now, but it is going to be a constant battle that we must keep winning over and over again. We can never give up! It is our God-given, natural, fundamental, unalienable right to keep and bear arms… not something granted to us by the Constitution or an international body. Therefore, this right can never be taken away except by force, which won’t happen in the USA… ever!

  4. In reference to comment #104 from justincase…you are right. Michael Bloomberg is currently an Independent. However, he ran as a Republican from 2001 to 2007. My point was to reiterate that we cannot blindly follow someone based on their party affiliation. He ran as a Republican and then ran away from his party platform.

  5. Hitler had a dream of an unarmed nation and we all know how that went. The only thing that keeps this nation ” free ” is the fact that there are far more armed citizens than military or police. They may have better weapons but that didn’t help the Russians in Afghanistan. I , for one , am willing to defend my rights through the voice of sustained and accurate gunfire if needed. That I would need to do this is a nightmare I do not wish to lose sleep over and I pray that I never do , but we as a people must recognize the real possibility that it could come to that. Our government is only as righteous as we ” the people ” force them to be. I fear we have failed at this on many things and it’s time we got back on the path that this country was founded on or the millions of lives lost in its defense were for nought.

  6. Bottom line: If the US government or the U.N. or any entity passed a law requiring you to throw your neighbor off a cliff, would you comply? I think not. It doesn’t matter what they decide in Washington DC or what they decide on the floor of the U.N., if they want me to comply with ANY law that violates the US Constitution or our God given rights as human beings, I will simply refuse to comply and I hope you would too, regardless of the cost. I believe the American Spirit is still alive and well in most of this country’s citizens. We the people are still the government of this nation, and as long as we stick together, refrain from fighting amongst ourselves, and refuse to go along with the insanity of the minority of power mongers, we will be victorious.

  7. Bab Bam paniced. Realized that it was highly unlikely he could get re-elected if the proposal was adopted. GUN OWNERS HAVE NOTHING TO CELEBRATE. He mad it clear that it would come up again in his second term(???)! He hinted that he didn’t think NEW LAWS were needed, just some “common Sense” changes to existing law. Let me ask a question? If a law is adopted in one year, but changed in a subsequent year, IS IT A NEW LAW…………………DAMN STRAIGHT! Alreadt, Shumer has a bill in the Senate to slash Mags (again)

    Do you really know what our damn problem is folks??? I MEAN THE HONEST TO GOD TRUTH? We have too many chiefs and not enough indians. There ARE TOO MANY GROUPS AND/OR PEOPLE CLAIMING TO REPRESENT GUN OWNERS!!!!!

    It is that dam simple folks? how many pro gun emails do you get per day????????????????????????? Can you set aside your whole day to interactions with folks supposidly on the SAME TEAM!

    IF YOU WANT THE STRENGTH TO WIN THERE MUST BE ONE GROUP ONLY. Since there is so much turf guarding going on, we will NEVER form a FOCUSED COALITION!

    BELIEVE IT & TAKE IT TO THE BANK. I’m dying so I will not witness the end result! I can, however, tell you that if entities begin to consolidate, I can predict the outcome.

    The problem is not that their are too many interest groups, ie..Handguns, Shotguns, Rifles, Tactical, Deer Hunting, Wild Fowl hunting, Pig Hunting, etc, etc., WE LACK ONE ENTITY TO REPRESENT OUR COMMON SINGULAR ISSUE THAT WE ALL AGREE UPON – “THE 2ND AMENDMENT!”


    God Bless you Brothers and Sisters

  8. Let’s give some credit to the GOA. They make the NRA look like liberals. My money goes to the real fighters for my 2ndtongue amendment rights. GOA

  9. A lot of you guys sound like idiot crack pots. Liberal this democrat that, get over it already. I am not left nor right. Just an American that loves his guns.

  10. Obama will do ANYTHING to be re-elected, he has already issued and signed an EO that gives him control over all assets in the U.S. EVEN in peacetime, we need to vote this dirt-bag out in November,or at the very least gain enough seats in the Senate to over ride the Liberals, and maintain the number in the House.

  11. I had already made up my mind that I was going to live by the constitution of the United States as I have for the last 60 years and was not going to participate in any treaty from the un or anywhere else. I have had just about enough of this crap being pushed on the LEGAL, BORN IN AMERICA, WITH A LEGAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE, American people!!!
    They may take them by force but it will be a little while for the barrels to cool before they can pick them up!

  12. Quote from J Todd Watkins above. “Republican Mayor Michael Bloomberg spends his own personal fortune to disarm U.S. Citizens” Last time I checked Bloomberg was an independent.

  13. First….clear your mind of preconceived notions.

    Now…..what do YOU think THEY thought, all those many years ago when the phrase was composed “….against all enemies; foreign AND domestic.” It’s ALL smoke and mirrors, kiddies….like a Las Vegas magic act. Redirect the “audiences” attention elsewhere so that they won’t pay attention to what is REALLY going on. Surely, there must be SOME of you out there that thought it was just a BIT peculiar that John Kerry AND George W. Bush attended the same school and belonged to the same secret society(Skull & Bones)

    It’s not ABOUT Democrats vs. Republicans, and it never really has been. I respect Jesse Ventura, a former Navy SEAL, who is quite knowledgeable in explosives. EVERYONE needs to view the “Loose Change” documentaries before coming to ANY conclusions.
    I also don’t believe in co-incidence. When “whatever” it was hit into the Pentagon Bldg on 9/11, how was it that agents of the Federal Gov’t knew WHERE to go…EVERY location…that had surveillance equipment which had a view of the Pentagon Bldg., and retreived those surveillance tapes within hours, unless……they had a list of ALL those locations BEFOREHAND! And WHY would they POSSIBLY have such information BEFORE these events took place? Like someone else had posted here earlier, regadless of the 2nd Amendment, or U.N. Treaties, certain groups of people can and WILL do WHAT they want whenever they choose to do so, and THIS is where the “all enemies foreign AND domestic” part comes into play. You have to make up your mind NOW, before that day happens, whether you will meekly hand over your firearms, or… prepared to use them against individuals who are BREAKING the law and ILLEGALLY entering your domicile and attempting to seize your personal property!
    If you are one of the individuals who is ordered to COMMIT these illegal acts, please consider the fact that these are law-abiding American citizens just like you….remember the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989? Did the tank commander order his crew to run over the one EXTREMELY brave guy who blocked their progress with a couple of shopping bags? No, they didn’t, and when the Russian tanks were ordered out in Moscow, did they start shooting down THEIR own countrymen….nope, not there either, and we’re talking about the two LARGEST Communists states here on this planet. What will AMERICAN troops do when THEY are called upon to use deadly force against THEIR fellow countrymen, when ALL these people are doing is exercising their constitutionally-guaranteed rights to “keep and bear arms”?

  14. Comment #89 from Skip is very true. Until we have State leaders stand up and say “ENOUGH”, nothing is going to happen. I spent my entire life as a helicopter pilot in the U.S. Army. I am now in a Ph.D. program in International Conflict Management. Beyond question the disarmament of the civilian population is a primary goal of the U.N. and the current administration. However, don’t think this issue is one-sided. Republican Mayor Michael Bloomberg spends his own personal fortune to disarm U.S. Citizens. I have issued instructions that no one in any of my companies is allowed to do business with any company owned by Michael Bloomberg. Be very careful who you vote for in EVERY election. Be literate, Be intelligent, Make a good argument to your neighbors, friends, families, and Representatives. And, most important, be prepared to personally defend the U.S. Constitution and watch for a leader to emerge and offer a “Call to Arms!” to defend our country. The enemy lives among us and their greatest achievement of all is to convince everyone they really love this country. They don’t.

  15. For those commenting on a treaty trumping the 2nd Amendment, please remember our most famous Father’s Quote, “The beauty of the 2nd Amendment is that it will only be needed if the government attempts to get rid of it.” I would say this is pretty clear.

  16. For those commenting on a treaty trumping the 2nd Amendment, please remember our most famous Father’s Quote, “The beauty of the 2nd Amendment is that it will only be need if the government attempts to get rid of it.” I would say this is pretty clear.

  17. I’ve seen questions like Who would enforce the Att? Are any of you bloggers aware of the increase in recruitment of Homeland Security Police officers from the ranks of our military? Does this and the fact that the government is purchasing large amounts of .40 caliber ammo worry anyone? It worries me folks, Be prepared!!!!

  18. The Best thing about 2 Amendment you wont need it till the try and take from

    NOBODY WANTS TO COME AND TAKE THEM FROM YOU THE DONT THE BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  20. They can pry them from my cold dead hands… I see a blue helmet, I consider it an act of aggression by a foreign invader… I agree Ray… time to take out the trash.

  21. I’m BEYOND sick and tired of voting for The Lesser of Two Evils.
    Oblahblah and Romneybot are BOTH lower than whale shyte…
    but,while Romneybot in just another NWO Zionist dogboy (witness his craven performance in Israel if you have any doubt) that will hasten the decline of this troubled nation…
    Oblahblah, and his vile minions like Holder,Napolitano,Chertoff,the Clinton smears,the Lake Shore Drive millionaires that originally floated that turd and their fellow toxic scums ARE A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER that needs to be dealt with NOW!
    It’s a great display of restraint to wait for the election in November to unload that commie PoS.
    I’d love to see him and his fellow co-conspirators Mubarrack’d or Kaddafi’d or Hussein’d after they’re deposed.
    Time to Take Out The Trash.

  22. Read these remarks and weep at what has become of the American citizenry. They are un-educated nitwits who know NOTHING of the Constitution. All you get from it is a musket and the right to muster with a militia in your home town! You are the end of society and the beginning of the end of civilization,

  23. The real reasons for the pullout from the U.N. agreement by Obama was the advisors inputs and poll results showing that 79% of AMERICANS (which Zippy is not wanting to be part of)will not tolerate more firearms controls, and not from the United Nations……..HE WANTS VOTES VOTES VOTES and notice Hillary delagated the announcement to a underling as she does not want to be tainted by it.

  24. C’mon people. Everyone talks big, but the truth is we have lost control of our government years ago. If they want this passed, then it shall be so. Why? Because no one is willing to do what might become necessary to defy its passing. Bottom line…unless every American stands up against this gross abuse of power, we are at their mercy. This means every State needs to stand up and tell our Administration that their actions are in breach of the contract known as the US Constitution, and if they do not cease these actions the States will be forced to succeed from the union and re-implement a government that is for the people. Of course this will never happen, because the American people have become so government dependent that they mindlessly follow whatever they are TOLD to do.

  25. Watch what President Obama does, not what he says. The Constitution is an inconvenience to him, as well as, the 2nd Amendment. He has an end run plan for his hidden agendas, which won’t be unleashed until after the election. Then we’ll see him uncoil his self described “coil of rage” against the white race.

    How convenient for Obama to pospone a decision to study the UN Arms Treaty, when it’s been available for review. He’s studying alright. How to get over on the 2nd Amendment then the Constitution.

    Now whatever happened to Obama’s CHANGE that amounted to nothing but more campaign lies.

  26. Treaty or no treaty. Come try and take my god given rights and there will be a fight to the bitter end. If I win good, but if I dont, then they can pry my gun from my cold dead hand.

  27. The abject stupidity and ignorance on this blog is astounding. You people have been fed lies and conspiracies for so long by right wingers that anything that you dont understand becomes some evil plot by ”socialists”. Do you evem know what that means? Or did you hear it on rush limbaugh? You claim to be true americans and patriots, but you are actually just idiot sheep who have been duped into ignorance. Enjoy your fear and anger while the rest of the world passes you by to a better, non racist future.

  28. I see it this way. If guns are outlawed or banned. Then what will become of the ATF. They would cease to exist cause i highly doubt alcohol and tobacco is the bread and butter of their agency. No guns means no atf. They need us!

  29. I read it 4 times and unless I’m missing it I didn’t see anything about a revisit of this matter in 6 months again I might be missing it but at any rate if it failed this time it will fail again.

  30. Ann Sandlin,
    “Honestly….has anyone tried to come and get your guns yet? No…and they’re not going to.”
    Gun confiscation has already happened in America -during Katrina. People were raped by police on record, there guns taken, and State Police shot people trying to escape. Get a clue. I would not give a dime to the NRA, Gun Owners of America, yes, but not the NRA.

    Take care.

  31. Mention anything about guns and the gut reaction is to whine like the witch in the Wizard of Oz when they threw water on her. Honestly….has anyone tried to come and get your guns yet? No…and they’re not going to. Fear is a great motivator to get people to join the NRA and give them your money. Come on folks. There is no grand conspiracy to dis-arm anyone.

  32. Freedom From War
    The United States Program
    for General and Complete
    Disarmament in a Peaceful World

    Disarmament Series 5
    Released September 1961


    “The revolutionary development of modern weapons within a world divided by serious ideological differences has produced a crisis in human history. In order to overcome the danger of nuclear war now confronting mankind, the United States has introduced at the Sixteenth General Assembly of the United Nations a Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World.

    This new program provides for the progressive reduction of the war-making capabilities of nations and the simultaneous strengthening of international institutions to settle disputes and maintain the peace. It sets forth a series of comprehensive measures which can and should be taken in order to bring about a world in which there will be freedom from war and security for all states. It is based on three principles deemed essential to the achievement of practical progress in the disarmament field:”

    The John Birch Society made this go viral around 30 years ago. I just thought it should be posted again. I suggest to everyone that they print it.

  33. This didn’t fizzle out!! It was postponed until September when they resume talks. The obama administration asked that it be postponed because it was hurting the president’s polling numbers (as if putting it off is going to help him).

    The worst – and most surprising, last minute – provision of the final draft of this treaty is the ability to change it, at any time in the future.

    According to Article 20 of the final draft, this treaty can be amended by a vote of the signers of the treaty… any time in the future, with amendments proposed by any country!

    That means that if the U.S. Senate ratifies this current treaty but opposes future changes, it is still bound by the future changes!!!

    This is the perfect end-run around the U.S. Senate ratification of unpalatable gun controls. This is a bad treaty now and will always be a bad treaty for American who support the 2nd Amendment.

  34. Seriously, who writes these half assed researched articles? It’s not “dead” it’s only in the process of being renamed and pushed through at a later date much the same as the rest of the U.N. New World Order ZioNazi nonsense. While I’m at it, you can thank the NRA for helping with this matter for participating in the original Assault Weapons ban to begin with!





  36. ” A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.”
    George Washington



  37. Don’t be fooled. Delay is for election. The two party paradigm is together on disarming everyone.

    The Cybersecurity Bill has legislation to ban semi-auto. It could pass.
    If lame duck obama has four more years to wreak havoc, then kiss your butts goodbye.

    The LOST treaty (Law of the Sea) is another one that will destroy America. If you think you’re winning you are sorely mistaken. Forget the NRA and stick with CORKBA.

    The Government hos purchased ammo for a seven year war and have requisitioned 7,000 plus drones over the next five years. How many do you think are for US airspace?

    Aurora shooter was a mind contolled Psyop for the second amendment. Fast & Furious as well. Americans are under the control as well if they think they are not under attack as we speak.

  38. You need to be keenly aware that the un is controlled by the papacy and since America is about individual freedoms the papacy and the un
    have to destroy the USA as we know it to institute their one world order. As usual it is the same, tyrannical elitist dictators who will do
    anything to have absolute power. Historically europeans are experts in genocide and blood shed.

  39. The US has ignored the treaty of 1792 with America’s first people. Why don’t the Congress ignore this Treaty. It just opens the hole for more conquers to come here. Then the rest of you can cry for 300 years!

  40. I’m not an alarmist. I am a realist. They are going to try and take our guns. PERIOD This out today, from the trader “Scalia” while on the other side of the same coin (Fox News channel, corporate corporate whore lamestream media.

    There is also this, is you missed it. “Democratic senators offer gun control amendment for cybersecurity bill”

    And one might want to read this article:


  41. This abomination will not go gently into that good night. A delay of six months will allow some of the furor generated by Wayne Wayne LaPierre’s address to the U. N. Arms Trade Treaty participants to die down in the mind of the American people. The American people have a short memory when it comes to matters political. We need to be on guard against the next iteration of this treaty.

  42. The only “RIGHTS” you have are the ones you are willing to fight for. Also, if you don’t know your “RIGHTS” you don’t have any.

  43. How about giving some credit to the Gun Owners of America (GOA). I far prefer them to the NRA which is becoming more of a self-serving plotical entity.

  44. I agree Mark. Quick!!! EVERYONE PANIC!!!! People dont focus when they panic and thats what they want. Just look at the patriot act. That was a good one. Talking about screwing the over the American people. Like good Ol’ C.H. said “From my cold dead hands!” The proof is in the pudding So good luck U.N. you’re gonna need it!

  45. Wow. Based on these commenters grasp of spelling and the English language, I would highly suspect their understanding of constitutional rights and politics. I support the 2nd amendment, but as someone said earlier, it’s embarrassing when the morons are the loudest in the argument. Good luck.


  47. For months we’ve been told the UN was coming to take our firearms. Hillary Clinton “signed a UN treaty.” It was always a case of “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” The only thing that’s falling are the fools who keep falling for this cry wolf nonsense. We’re constantly being told our rights are being stolen, or have been stolen, or will be stolen. I live in a state that is supposedly one of the most restrictive for 2nd Amendment rights yet I’ve legally bought more firearms in the last year than in my previous fifty. I go to the range every week and have seen no restrictions on my rights. So why are we being bombarded with a constant stream of Chicken Little emails? Hmmm… The price of ammo has been insane for four years now, all because gun owners are panic stricken. As long as we’re in an irrational frenzy about our 2nd Amendment rights, the demand will drive prices irrationally high. I spoke with my gun dealer recently and while he can’t stand President Obama, he confided “But he sure has been good for business.” Four years ago they told us “Don’t vote for Obama, he’ll confiscate your guns.” It didn’t happen, so now the new sky is falling cry is “Don’t give Obama four more years, he’ll confiscate your guns.”

  48. Re:…… The mere suggestion that any politican or representative would consider or be involved in talks to deny us our second admendment right is a low ,vile traitorous act & that person is in violation of the oath they took in defending the constituion & needs to be removed from office certainly Mrs Bill Clinton & Obozo qualify for impeachment.

    Comment by gutz22 — July 29, 2012 @ 6:00 am

    Well said” , FLAT Truth” , Nothing else to be said” Now Let`s get on with it , and don`t leave HOLDER out of this picture either , He`s the 3 rd. leg IN” the picture !

  49. If one freedom can be approgated by a treaty, can others, like freedom of speech or of the press, be far behind. It is something we should remind our liberal brethern of! God bless the USA!

  50. I’m all for my rights as an American citizen and the U.N. can kiss my American ass I will fight for my constitutional rights at all cost!!!

  51. “Also, proponents said the first draft of the U.N. treaty had “more holes than a leaky bucket.” ”

    Translated: It wouldn’t really have done anything to stop illegal international small arms trafficking as sdvertised, but it would have placed severe constraints on the legal intrastate firearms trafficking to and between private citizens of those states (nations)…

  52. The Socialist minded robots will always try to take away our freedoms because they are to ignorant to see the light of a God given day. Personally I feel we as True America should pull out and should have pulled out long ago of the U.N. If we aren’t real careful, all our rights of the protection of the Constitution will be taken away, the Blue Hats of the U.N. army will move in, and God forbid what will happen to the human beings of America. You think Aurora was appalling, then wait until the socialists take over. There will be mass murders nation wide until God fearing persons are erraticated to the number they fear no more. I detest the ones that carry out these mass shooting around the country but they are a drop in the bucket as to what will happen under a Socialist Government. Gun control is just a first step to help eliminate their fear of resistance. Get out of office, Obama and all of his constituents. The only way we the people have a chance. Even then, we do not want to let our guard down for a moment.

  53. Lots of funny stuff guys! Randall, your a Liberal Obama lover,I doubt you even own a good gun..150 million people hate guns and noone will change how they feel, ever. I’d say it’s all going down the drain from here. What’s everyone’s take on that?

  54. This is a good thing, but I don’t think it’s over yet. I’m sure that some folks will still try to get this pushed through. Hopefully it will get beat down again.

  55. Bottom line is Osama Obama should never have been elected. Through PDD (Presidential Decision Directives) and Executive Orders and political bullying (Chicago Politics) he pushed through Obama care and quite a few other disgusting socialist ideas. At one of his pre-election speeches he extolled the virtues of “Take from those who have and give to those who have not….the redistribution of wealth.” That is straight from Marx & Engles’ “Communist Manifesto,” my friends. Like other famous socialists down through history he will attempt to do things legally through congress and when that fails he will find some way around the law. Let’s see – donate memorial funds from a loved one’s death to his campaign instead of flowers, Dinner with Barack, tell him Happy Birthday, tell him you’re joining his cause, etc! Get real people! Whatever person who claims to be of Presidential stature has ever, would ever, stoop that low? He and the Clintons and (unfortunately) many others in power want to take our guns, either semi-legally through international law or, failing that, some other illegal means. November is coming, Thank God! We need to speak through the ballot while we still can.

  56. The Obama administration realized it could not handle another controvertial assault against gun ownership until after the election. This has not gone away.

  57. This is just a ruse so Obama would not loose votes.. If the idiot is re-elected you will see it coming back up…….

  58. @Emancipator,
    Apperently you are not aware of, or educated to the many illegal acts that our Government has been, and are now involved in. I`ll give you one perfect example… fast & furious. Did you not know that under the supervision of Eric Holder our Attorney General OUR government passed over to the Mexican drug cartels over 2000 auto and semi-auto firearms in an attempt to send in ATF agents to make a “BUST” to show the American public how irresponsible the american arms manufacturers were in allowing the cartels to “purchase” American assault weapons? They got caught, Eric holder being held in “contempt of congress” instead of going to jail for the subsiquent murders of a border agent and hundreds of Mexican citizens gets help from guess who? Obama, that`s right, Obama. He decides to pull executive privilage on 80 thousand documents, documents which would show exactly WHO knew before hand and WHO is responsible for this GOVERNMENTAL CLUSTERF—!So now, tell me about ILLEGAL arms purchases and trades!

  59. Re: Dales comment
    How perfectly put! What else needs to be said, other than… “Thank you, NRA! Great job!” For all those who think the U.N. ATT had nothing to do with the United States of Americas personal rights to own and possess firearms well think of it like this… someone knocks at your door and you slightly open it when somebody sticks thier foot in the doorway not allowing you to close it. There still not inside, however; thier intentions are CLEAR! Don`t be fooled. The one thing that every occupied country has in common is, they gave up thier right to possess firearms.

  60. First off, in Reid v. covert, the decision that, “constitutional law would supersede international treaties,” was made by the U.S. Supreme Court; therefore it would apply in the U.S. Second, there would be no embargo or fines on U.S. ‘LEGAL’ arms purchases and trade. The reason being is that the U.N. treaty is to fight the ‘ILLICIT’ trade of ‘INTERNATIONAL’ arms. In other words, this treaty is designed to combat black market weapons. Third, there will be no “appeasing of political winds.” All treaties signed by the U.S. need two thirds vote majority from the senate before they are considered binding. Fourth there is no way around banning the second amendment because it falls into the first ten amendments there by making it a “natural” or “God given” (for those that are religious) right. No change or appeal can be made on the first ten amendments. The senate nor the Supreme court would allow it. Unless any one state is prepared to succeed from the union the laws of the Constitution will ultimately prevail over the states.

  61. This teaty is nothing new. Bill clinton was instrumwental in helping draft the original at the UN while he was in his first term of office. It does not olnly peertain to civilian forearsm and trading them internationally but restrict firearms ownership by any citizen of a mamber nation. It also restricts control of arms inside the borders of member nations by their own Armed Forces. If passed it would take control of armories of the Armed forces and oput them in control of another body such as DHS in the USA. All it takes is to be signed onto by the member nation (ie. Sec of State Clinton) and in the case of the USA a ratification by a simple majority of the Senate, now under control of Obamites. Not only is the UN disarmament treay a problem with the 2nd amendment but the ObamaCare bill itself has numerous articles included on gun control and ownership, in a health care bill. Pediatricians will be required to quize children, without their parents or guardians present, about firearms in the home, Just as some VA doctors and medical personel are indirectly/covertly quizing VA patients about firearms in the home. As to SCOTUS following Constitutional mandates, what about the ruling on property ownership in Rhode Island? The lady lost her property by SCOTUS ruling some 11 years ago and now that same property has been destroyed but the land has remained vacant and usused for those 11 years. Just a bug scar in the earth where once stood homes and buildings dating back to the early 1800’s. It was supposed by be a huge area of businesses and dwellings that would bring a large tax base to the city, “for the common good”, and now they get nothing whatsoever. This treaty is not dead, and unless we as intelligent observant citizens continue to keep abreast of UN finagling and the same with our own elected “public servants”, we and our armed forces AT HOME would be disarmed and then become the “Slaves To The State” that the socialist have working toward for many decades. Even a 1800’s Brit by the name of Orwell saw it coming with the advent of Socialism, Marxism, and Bolshevism. Relaxing the responsibilities of personal freedom and liberty for the comfort of the irresponsibility of Slavery To The State.

  62. Thank you, NRA! Great job! Way to go, Wayne and company!! I am proud to be a member! Let us now withdraw from the UN and kick it completely out of our free country, and convert the building to condo’s, with the first floor an NRA office. So long, Obama, you jackass!

  63. Reid v. Covert wouldn’t necessarily apply here as there is a lot of grey area in the Second Amendment surrounding gun registration and the types of firearms “non-state actors” can transfer and possess (ie – you and me). Gun grabbers would use this treaty to “clarify” these areas of contention, and many swing voters would find these interpretations to be ‘reasonable’ (much as they did in Canada, the UK, Australia, etc).

    As well, in Reid v. Covert the matters discussed were activities that took place on foreign soil and it was a case of the US Government denying the rights of a US citizen in a matter in which the British Government had total authority (murder committed by a US citizen on British soil) and had deferred to the US due to this treaty. So the treaty itself was actually followed in letting the US retain jurisdiction in this case, and the woman’s rights were then violated by not having a trial by jury.

    Now if I could make a plausible case that Reid v. Covert wouldn’t necessarily apply here, just off-the-cuff using a dicey interpenetration of the SCOTUS opinion, what could a determined Justice Department lawyer do with it? The SCOTUS finding on Reid v. Covert did not violated the terms of that treaty in any way, it was solely an internal US matter and ’International treaties do not supersede constitutional law’ has not been tested in the way it’ll be tested by this treaty!

    And we haven’t even discussed the enforcement of the treaty by other nations who signed it as well! What happens when we get an embargo or fines or such because the Second Amendment prevents major provisions of the treaty from being enforced in the US? We WOULD be in violation of the treaty and subject to any remedies we agreed to when it was signed and ratified! How would that case be handled by the SCOTUS.

    So our gun rights COULD, and most likely WOULD, get tramped on while this wound it’s way thru our courts and similar to the Obamacare decision, surprise – no more Second Amendment!! Worse yet, even if the Second Amendment were upheld, registration and confiscation to comply with the treaty while it was tied up in the courts would have taken it’s toll already and the victory would be hollow.

    We may think of our laws and rules as immutable (a necessary viewpoint if we are to have the rule of law and not of men), but our opposition on the left does not see it that way. How often has SCOTUS case law been overturned by the SCOTUS to support and appease the prevailing political winds?

    This treaty would only weaken, if not totally eliminate, our Second Amendment protections. Even if Romney becomes POTUS and leaves this treaty to languish, who’s to say the next POTUS or the one after that won’t pick it up, dust if off and sign it, then never send it to the Senate to ratify and unilaterally implement it’s provisions via Executive Order (Obama’s current plan)?

    The NRA did well to kill it before it ever saw the light of day…


  64. Wow no wonder gun rights are under constant attack… because it’s supporters are a bunch of morons, “you all.” Everyone is saying, “This is unconstitutional and treason,” does anyone know what this treaty does? You are all worrying about a false tale, because none of you care to educate yourselves about your ideals. Even if the U.N. Arms treaty was intended to attack constitutional rights it wouldn’t supersede the second amendment. I support this right heavily but when fellow supporters are dumb, it’s just embarrassing. Oh yeah, I support my comment. Reid v. Covert-‘International treaties do not supersede constitutional law.’

  65. Treason, for this? Does anybody remember the NDAA, DHS, or the TSA. All Uncanstitutional, and all TREASON!!! And yes I include this treaty as well.
    Anybody getting busted for it? No! because we have a criminal government, that does what it wants, when it wants, and the people are too ignorent, or asleep to to care enough to do anything about it. Throw out the UN, and the criminal government, then start over. It’s time for the people to take the’re country back!!

    BTW nice try Randell Take your co-intelpro and pedal it somewhere else.

  66. @Randall re:it would not affect our rights as citizens…If that is what you truely believe, then you may as well hand your weapons over to Holder to give to the cartells! Wake up and smell the coffee guy. This was just a SMALL step towards a one world govt. That`s how they work. And if you think Obama deserves another term, well…your just on the wrong website!

  67. Treason, for this? Does anybody remember the NDAA, DHS, or the TSA. All Uncanstitutional, and all TREASON!!! And yes I include this treaty as well.
    Anybody getting busted for it? No! because we have a criminal government, that does what it wants, when it wants, and the people are too ignorent, or asleep to to care enough to do anything about it. Throw out the UN, and the criminal government, then start over. It’s time for the people to take the’re country back!!

    BTW nice try Randell Take your intel-copro and pedal it somewhere else.

  68. Let’s say the treaty was signed. How would they enforce it? You have a somewhat heavily armed citizenry that does not wish to be disarmed.

  69. Treason, for this? Does anybody remember the NDAA, DHS, or the TSA. All Uncanstitutional, and all TREASON!!!
    Anybody getting busted for it? No! because we have a criminal government, that does what it wants, when it wants, and the people are too ignorent, or asleep to to care enough to do anything about it. Throw out the UN, and the criminal government, then start over. It’s time for the people to take the’re country back!!

    BTW nice try Randell Take your intel-co-pro and pedal it somewhere else.

  70. Today we are one very small step from Obama’s civil war, his army is on the streets today, the only thing keeping them at bay is the same thing that stopped the japs from ever considering a invasion of the lower 48
    during ww2.

  71. Treason, for this? Does anybody remember the NDAA, DHS, or the TSA. All Uncanstitutional, and all TREASON!!!
    Anybody getting busted for it? No! because we have a criminal government, that does what it wants, when it wants, and the people are too ignorent, or asleep to to care enough to do anything about it. Throw out the UN, and the criminal government, then start over. It’s time for the people to take the’re country back!!

  72. Reguarding comment by Joe Brooks…what needs to be done is simple, people whom are threatened relief of thier weapons by local OR federal law enforcement MUST be willing to stand up and FIGHT, and if neccessary DIE to keep thier weapons and thier 2nd amendment priviliges. Then, and ONLY then will government entities stop to think twice about ignoring the CONSTITUTION! I am willing to DIE for my grandchildren and children….are you?

  73. This is so silly. If this treaty were ever ratified, it would only affect international arms transfers. It would in no way affect our rights as citizens. Some of you really come across as a nut case and you don’t help our cause. Eg. Stan and his “illegal president” and “treason” comments. Get a grip people, please! You are shooting us in the proverbial foot with some of your comments.

  74. The U.N WANTS to become the world government. The ATT is a effort to act like a world government. The U.N. will NOT let this go away.

  75. The legal right to posses firearms was instantly taken away from lawful individuals in the aftermath of Katrina. Lawful gun owners had their weapons seized by government authorities at gun point. I have heard many first hand accounts of how individuals were treated like criminals by local and federal agents just because they lawfully possessed firearms.

    Also, the case of the 5 NOPD officers who were just found guilty of murder for their actions during Katrina points out that members of the organizations that are supposed to be protecting us are not beyond reproach when given free reign over a defenseless population.

    Regardless of what happens with the UN treaty it appears that our right to be armed and to defend ourselves and our constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic is merely an illusion. It is quite clear that our government entities have no problem with disarming the population when they see fit.

    A bill in the Georgia legislature that stripped the governor’s power to disarm the population in cases of emergency died in session just this year.

    Unless there is something amended in the constitution or some legislation that expressly states that government entities can not disarm legal gun owners during times of emergency we are all just fooling ourselves about our right to own firearms.

  76. As a member of the NRA, i’m proud that they’re doing everything possible to ensure our gun rights. We can write/call our congress members, but the NRA is needed for dealing with the politicians on a major level. It’s up to the rest of us to affect the masses though, as the more anti-gun poison that hits youth, the worse this situation gets and makes us close to a minority losing its gun rights. Hollywood scares the ignorant into thinking every gun is used for mayhem, not protection. These ignorant never consider that our nation’s armed citizens are a HUGE deterrent from foreign attacks. My book and screenplay (though liberal hollywood would probably never make it), my talks to high schools/groups, videos, facebook pages all subliminally show a good citizen that just carries a gun for protection using safe, responsible behavior. Those of us already know, the far left is a lost cause, but we need to capture those thinkers in the middle with common sense.

  77. The 2nd Amendment is NOT for “cultural activities” shooting and hunting.

    When the People are afraid of the Government………..that’s Tyranny

    When the Government is afraid of the People…….That’s FREEDOM

    No Re Election for 0Bozo

  78. This is real simple Obozo is assuming he gets another term in order to finish us off as a Nation.Folks the Consitituion no longer protects our rights because it is not being enforced this man ignores & defies the rule of law anytime it doesn’t suit him.The mere suggestion that any politican or representative would consider or be involved in talks to deny us our second admendment right is a low ,vile traitorous act & that person is in violation of the oath they took in defending the constituion & needs to be removed from office certainly Mrs Bill Clinton & Obozo qualify for impeachment.

  79. I will give up everything that I have worked m whole life for to protect my second ammendment rights. I’m not a member of the oath keepers but would certainly stand behind what they believe.

  80. liberal democrats that think they know what is safety and security for the public without consent from that public are the biggest danger to our 2nd amendment. and all foreign and domestic enemies of the public are keenly aware of what is what and where is where in the matter of America’s personal liberty and security.

  81. I have spent many years “not” doing what people told me that
    I “have” to do, or that I “can’t do” something I want to do and am not about to listen if anyone says that I have to
    register my gun or that I have to do anything else. I am a
    WW11 woman veteran and member of the “OATH KEEPERS”.

  82. To those that think that garbage UN Arms Trade Treaty holds power over our US Constitution, you all should be thrown in prison never to be let out. You are hereby labeled as traitors and will be treated as such. Go get stuck in your new UN Blue Helmet.

  83. The SCOTUS already ruled a few years ago that the UN Treaties DO NOT hold power over the US Constitution. They have no power whatsoever.

  84. The UN has turned into the most assinine organization on the face of the planet .IT was originally under wilsons idea to intervein diplomatically to help settle arguments between nations and to help prevent armed conflict.

    Over the past 50 years however by being supported by our tax money it has become a totalitarial corrupt dictatorial world control medium with its own standing army .I guess this is why GEORGE ORWELLS 1984 is and was recommended and in some cases required reading in the schools and colleges of this nation ,THIS BOOK WAS WRITEN AS FICTION PEOPLE AND just like your beliefe in the lies of the BIBLE you damn fools are allowing fiction to rule the world .



  85. Ever wonder why there were so many “holes” in the att? Just another way for the slippery snakes to find loop holes to take even more rights and freedoms away

  86. Ref Comment by Henry Smallwood. I beg to differ, Mr Smallwood. The last draft version, Art 6. General Implementation, para 3 & para 7; Art 8. Import; and Art 11. Reporting, Recordkeeping & Transparency, in it’s entirety all would have impinged upon the Constitutional protections afforded by the 2d Amendment. Nice try; but, no cigar Smallwood. You can try to put lipstick on that pig all day long…but, it’s still a pig. The tin-horn dictators and America-hating bureaucrats that run the UN have been trying for years to subvert our soverignty. It’s patriots like the members of the NRA (of which I am proudly one) that have held them off. So, peddle your twat somewhere else, you’re not going to get any takers here.

  87. And when the guns our gone and violence sky rockets, the free world moves one inch closer towards a socialist government, the government feels safer that gun toting america is nothing more then a harmless once was checks and balance? What will go next? Which amendment will be stepped on soon after the guns go? Will we be suddenly invaded by foreign enemies? I think this needs to go further then tapping on some jackass’s shoulder saying were just going to harass you with phone calls and reteric… in the days when what I believe our citizens actually cared for this countries safety people would actually arm up a militia and go straight for the white house and make there protest there (actual check and balance) maybe a threat to senate should be more a warning that we will turn on any traitor of our amendments because once one goes the rest will fall with it. Just my strongly exressed opinion, and I’ll be damned if my kid grows up in some generic communist country

  88. Amendments Have been changed over and over again. There are 100 different ways to do it. The legislature votes on hundreds of amendments with different small acts in them. It would amaze most people to know the number of times the original constitution has been changed by small acts.

  89. Stories like this can give a false sense of security. This was expected by the Obama administration. Even though the treaty has to be ratified by the senate the administration is still free to sign the treaty. While the treaty is waiting to be ratified the executive branch is allowed to begin implementing the treaty in anticipation of its ratification. The plan is for Harry Reid to shelf the treaty creating a scenario where Obama is free to put it into affect without it being ratified. Basically, the Dems are going to sign the treaty now, implement it, and then try to get it ratified at a later more politically advantageous date. Expect for the Secretary of State to sign this treat and expect the Obama administration in second term to mandate nation registration of your firearms. This is the first step toward disarmament. That is, the Federal Government taking an accurate inventory of every gun in America. The only way to avoid this is to kick Obama out of the White House this year. The country and even Cheaper than Dirty are sleeping on this one.

  90. our duty. get everyone you know that owns a gun and want to be free to start calling the congressmen and senitors. They dont like to be voted out of office and they dont like phone calls or emails.

  91. That’s funny, because anyone who reads the proposed agreement sees that it expressly prohibits interference with the sovereignty and laws of any nation signatory to the agreement. But reality never got in the way of a good NRA scare tactic. Great job winning a battle that never was there to fight.

  92. Look what is going on in the world today! The 2nd ammendment was design to protect ourselves against all threats foreign and domestic! Amendment II

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

  93. Unfortunately a treaty does trump an amendment. I believe our current presidency to be an illegal presidency because I dont believe he is a U.S. citizen. Hopefully he will be beaten in the election and then tried and convicted of treason. That is at minimum life in prison or deportation if you are a foriegn national. I dont feel that the UN needs to be in control of any aspect of american life. This has been a free country since the revolution. I intend for my small corner of it to stay that way with the help of the NRA.

  94. I have read the U.S. Constitution and by no means is any treaty tantamount to an amendment. An amendment must be ratified by the States. Look up “Nullification.” Barring that, anything that contradicts the Constitution is illegal and anyone that supports an illegal act is a traitor.

    Nice try “JamesB” but you’ll have to take your socialist agenda somewhere else. Not everyone is gullible enough to buy your B.S.


  96. Yes, get rid of Obama because if not, six months from now Obama will be pushing this treaty and we will have a fight on our hands! Please wake up America, Romney may not be a great choice for president but, he is the only other choose you have! Do you really want another 4 years of Obama? GOD, I hope not!

  97. A six month delay is one reason it’s important to deny a second term to our current President. If you’ve read your Constitution then you have seen that for all intents and purposes a treaty has the force of a Constitutional Amendment and can redefine Amendments earlier to it’s ratification. A gun ban by treaty does trump the Second Amendment, unfortunately…

  98. Six months from now is not only after the election, it is after President Romney will have been sworn in.

  99. It is my understanding the US Government asked for a delay of six months to “further study” the ATT which would conveniently put off that decision until after the election. It would be foolish to think this issue has gone away.

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