Video: Winchester Repeating Arms’ Model 1873 Sporter Octagon Color Case Hardened Lever Action

Shooters who like historical firearms will want to check out the new Winchester Repeating Arms’ Model 1873 Sporter Octagon Color Case Hardened Lever Action Rifle. But you better do it fast. Production is limited to only 250 rifles, according to Winchester.

The Model 1873 is world-renowned as “The Gun that Won the West,” and this 2015 version is a genuine Model 1873 lever action made by the iconic Winchester Repeating Arms.

Two versions will be offered: The Grade III No. 534217137 accommodates both .38 Special and .357 Magnum rounds, and the Grade III No. 534217140 chambered in .44-40 Winchester. Suggested retail for both is right at $1740.

This new Model 1873 includes a walnut straight-grip stock with satin-oil finish. The Classic forearm has a color-case-hardened cap, and the crescent buttplate slips right into your shoulder.

The octagonal 24-inch barrel has a full-length magazine tube. The tube holds 13 rounds of 357 Magnum or 14 rounds of .38 Special ammunition or .44-40 Winchester. A steel loading gate provides smooth loading of full-power rounds.

Sights are a semi-buckhorn rear sight with a Marble Arms gold-bead front sight. Also, the receiver’s rear tang is drilled and tapped for an optional tang-mounted rear sight for a more precise sight picture.

Click the video window below to see more about Winchester’s Model 1873 Sporter Octagon.

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Comments (11)

  1. Don’t buy it! sent mine back breaking 357 shell casings. full refund and they said they’ll be recalling all 1873s

  2. in 1967 just after the introduction of the win Canadian centennial I bought the rifle and the carbine in what I was told grade 5 engraving. the were in sequenced serial numbers. I think I paid just a little over $150 each. I don’t think the were factory engraved tho. hex barrels and definitely grade 5 wood. I bought em at coles sporting goods in Inglewood Ca. wish I still had them. they were 94 but never had the cache of the 73 and 92. they were beautiful guns.

  3. I have Rossi, 24″ octagon barrel chambered for the 357 & 38. Fun, fun to shoot the, smooth as glass action. I love it for just a pinking gun at 50 yards not bad at 100 either. Its a lot less expensive then the Japanese 73. I have a 92 Winchester 30-30 but just for shooting fun you can’t beet the Rossi.

  4. To whom it mat concern:

    I’m very interested in owning one of the Winchester Model 1873 Lever Action Sporter rifles. Please tell me how I can get one.

    Thank you.
    Troyce Duke.

  5. You know a well used original ’73 starts at 1,500. The new gun is made of better steel – the old ones were iron for the most part-and the new gun is very feed reliable. I would want an 1892 for war but the ’73 is actually a bit smoother for cowboy action. As for Japanese guns Miroku is very, very good. If you want an original by all means get one, but it you want a shooter this is a great gun.

  6. Pro2Aguy, Winchester ’73, is a great movie. This new offering, according to the article will go for $1,740.00. Well past my ability to buy one, but it doesn’t keep me from dreaming.
    Carried a ’94 carbine, in Winchester .30 Center fire, for deer hunting for years. Never failed to put meat in the freezer. Have seen original ’73 s for sale at various times and places. All were going for over $3,000.00.
    Now, Winchester, since you’re bring back historic weapons, how about a ’94 rifle. Probably couldn’t afford it either, just be nice to see this old timer back in action.

  7. Very nice. I have a Winchester 92 and Colt SAA, original guns, but this 1873 is very interesting.

  8. Limited run of an American Legendary Classic (literally just had the classic “Winchester 73” movie on last night). I would be all over it if funds allowed as I’m sure this model will sell for a premium (I can see a lot of collectors alone buying one just to mount it for display).

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